Coroner's Inquest Records


1850 - 1932

Please Note:  The names below are not all spelled correctly, but were typed as
they appeared in original records.  The names in brackets were not in original record,
but were added by us as "suggested" alternative spellings for benefit of search engine.

Name of the Deceased

Date of death

Cause of death

Acuff, Katie 1916 Vehicle Accident / auto
Acuff, Susan 1906 Hit By Train / possible Suicide
Adams, John 1922 Mine Accident / crushed/ working
On Top Of Cage
Adams, W. R. 1928 Mine Accident / electric Shock
Addor, Louis 1886 Hit By Train
Aeger, Sandy 1874 Smothered / intoxicated?
Aket, Henry 1850 Exposure / intoxication
Albaugh, Raymond 1919 Shot By Ed Smith
Albert, Thomas 1886 Gunshot/accident/self
Alivord, William C. 1926 Natural Cause
Ames, William 1927 Natural Cause / old Age
Anderson, John 1894 Disease / unknown
Anderson, William 1903 Fees Only
Andres, William 1882 Mine Accident / fall Into Tank
Near Slag Furnace
Andrews, Gilbert 1926 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Anige, Ben 1908 Hit By Train
Ansic, John 1905 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Arman, Wilis 1857  
Armon, Peter 1914 Disease/heart
Arnett, R. G. 1920 Mine Accident / hit By Mine Car
Arnz, John
[Arenz ?]
1920 Gunshot /accident/ George Calvert
Aubuchon, Basil 1926 Natural Cause
Aubushon, John F. 1921 Natural Cause
Austin, Ira 1908 Mine Accident / crushed By Shaft Cage
Babal, John 1924 Fall / carrying Railroad Tie
Baker, Elmer 1907 Shot By Harrison Canter
Baker, James E. 1930 Mine Accident / crushed By Cars
Baker, Joe 1910 Hit By Train
Baker, John 1863 Shot By James Penley / argument
Over Blanket
Baker, Rufus, C. 1924 Disease/heart
Baker, Simon 1909 Exposure / froze To Death
Baldwin, Claud 1919 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Ballard, John 1916 Unknown Cause / injuries To Head /
auto-Buggy Accident?
Ballard, Narcissis J. 1914 Burns/smoke/house Fire
Banester, George H.
[Bannister ?]
1920 Electric Shock / accident
Bangert, John 1902 Fees Only
Banks, David J. 1920 Natural Cause/unknown
Barchus, J. R. 1917 Hit By Train
Barks, Lucinda 1920 Suicide/hanging/stocking
Barnes, Lem 1901 Fees Only
Barnett, Emma 1908 Visitation Of God
Barron, Ida Mae 1916 Unknown Cause
Bartch, Mollie 1911 Disease/heart
Barton, 1884 Suicide/sharp-Edged Instrument
Baumgardner, H. J. 1917 Exposure / pneumonia
Beaudin, Walter 1905 Gunshot / accident
Beckner, James 1911 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Beers, Thomas 1903 Fees Only
Belkin, Frank 1888 Suicide/hanging
Bell, Robert 1911 Mine Accident/falling Scaffold
Bellmer, Isaac 1922 Mine Accident/crushed / working
On Top Of Cage
Benard, Ben 1921 Mine Accident/hit By Engine
Benham, John 1931 Hit By Auto
Bennett, James Francis 1923 Mine Accident / electric Shock
Benni, Andrew 1869 Hit By Train
Bequette, Dave 1912 Mine Accident - Blow To Head By
Bequette, Floyd 1924 Suicide / strychnine
Bess, Alexander 1911 Unknown Cause
Bess, Indie 1887 Shot By Robert Stockwell / murder
Bickson, Mike 1903 Fees Only
Biebl, Antone
[Bible ?]
1920 Mine Accident / mine Plant / fall From
Biley, John 1913 Infant Death/unknown
Birchall, James 1921 Shot By Unknown / murder/ traveling
Claytown Road To Irondale
Bishop, J. H. 1910 Fall / bed / neck Injury
Black, Cordelia 1890 Exposure / disease/ ill Treatment
By Husband, William Black
Black, David 1912 Unknown Cause
Blemmel Andrew J. 1923 Drowning
Bloom, Louis 1905 Jumped From Moving Train
Bloom, Martha A. 1926 Infant Death /neglect / pneumonia
Blunt, James 1908 Shot By Webb Huett
Bobic, George 1882 Shot By Unknown
Bocheringer, Adam 1910 Hit By Train/caboose
Bohannon, Richard 1919 Mine Accident / explosion
Bone, William 1886 Shot By Ben F. Riggs
Boring, Kpjn T. 1921 Disease / heart
Bose, Thomas 1855  
Boss, Lisette 1919 Hit By Train
Boswell, Louis 1932 Struck By Ray Taugey
Botinski, Walter 1932 Natural Cause
Boto, John 1911 Mine Accident / knocked Off
Car And Run Over
Boulch, L. S. 1925 Natural Cause/old Age
Bourgeois, Felix 1918 Disease/heart
Bowers, William 1920 Natural Cause/unknown
Boyd, A. C. 1923 Gunshot/accident/self
Boyd, Charles 1910 Drowning
Boyd, Harold 1923 Drowning
Boyd, J. H. 1926 Disease/epilepsy
Boyd, James P. 1917 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Boyd, Jasper P. 1921 Disease/heart
Boyer, Charles 1918 Unknown Cause
Boyer, E. F. 1912 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Boyer, Joseph 1906 Hit By Train
Boyer, Tofield 1883 Hit By Train
Bradford, Rachel 1925 Disease/heart
Brand, George W. 1922 Suicide / gunshot
Brim, Edward 1921 Gunshot /accident / John Kanard/
Sam Highley's Bar, Crystal City
Brim, George 1929 Suicide / carbolic Acid
Brim, James 1880 Stabbed By R.D. Ruddick / Self-Defense
Brimm, Frank 1894 Mine Accident / fall Down Shaft
Brinley, Fred 1931 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Britten, Charles 1905 Drowning
Brown, Alexander 1922 Natural Cause
Brown, Frank 1911 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Brown, Harry 1921 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Brown, Marvin Oscar 1932 Shot By Loyd Mayberry (age 17) / felony
Brown, Mary 1885 Body Exhumed At Iron Mountain
Grave Yard
Brown, R. D. 1912 Suicide /gunshot /shot  At His Wife Polly
Wright Brown
Brown, Thomas 1915 Drowning/boat Accident
Bruce, Nick 1907 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Bruce, Olen V. 1926 Disease/pneumonia
Bruce, Paul B. 1920 Infant Death/strangled/accident
Bryan, George L. 1932 Alcoholism
Bryan, William 1903 Fees Only
Bryan, William H. 1920 Hit By Train/tried To Jump On
Brymia, John 1913 Mine Accident/struck By Underground Car
Buchannon, Augustus 1912 Disease/heart
Buchorn, Norman 1909 Shot By William Black
Buckhannon, Frank 1918 Natural Cause
Buckner, T. J. 1911 Gunshot/unknown Cause
Bulba, Mike 1918 Suicide/drowning
Burkley, Cornelious 1925 Exposure
Burlbach, Mathew 1891 Unknown Cause
Burnette, Genevieve 1914 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Burns, Margie 1920 Infant Death/disease/unknown
Busher, Frank 1926 Vehicle Accident/auto/drowning, Car
Turned Over
Buxton, Elmer 1915 Gunshot/accident/self
Buxton, Laura J. 1917 Shot By William Buxton
Byrd, Richard D. 1923 Suicide/gunshot/left Note
Byrons, Hardy 1920 Mine Accident/hit By Car
Campbell, Joe 1900 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Campbell, Joseph 1919 Mine Accident/crushed Between Cars
Campbell, W. E. 1926 Shot By I.e. Campbell, His Son
Canter, Harrison B. 1908 Shot By A.B. Young
Cape, William 1872 Mine Accident/fall Into Mine Shaft
Carney, Charles 1901 Shot By George Kirkpatrick
Carriker, Annie M. 1928 Fall From Auto
Cartee, John 1911 Shot By Frank Byington
Carter, Lewis 1909 Suicide/hanging
Casebolt, John 1908 Mine Accident/crushed Between Timber
And Cage
Casey, John 1873 Shot By J.P. Bowman
Cayce, Elija 1914 Shot By Tyne Murphy
Cayce, John 1917 Disease/apoplexy
Cebriski, Kasper 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Center, James 1907 Suffocation By Chat Dump
Chamberlain, Lee T. 1921 Suicide/carbolic Acid/left Note
Chandler, Fred M. 1932 Disease/epilepsy
Chandler, T. B. 1932 Suicide/gunshot
Cheek, Charles C. 1924 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Cheek, Henry 1917 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Childers, Albert 1908 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Chittenden, Blanche 1932 Vehicle Accident/auto
Christopher, James 1875 Stabbed By Charles Readferin
Christopher, Sylvester 1920 Mine Accident / Hit By Cars That
Jumped Track
Clapots, Joe 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Clark, Chester 1928 Drowning
Clarkins, Eli 1888  
Clay, Eleazar 1863 Disease/apoplexy
Clemens, Thomas M. 1878 Fall From Train/brakeman
Clemons, Ed 1917 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Clemons, George 1922 Disease/epilepsy
Clifton, Edward 1929 Natural Cause
Clubb, John 1930 Shot By Golda Heinrichs / Justified
Coachie, John 1882 Mine Accident / fall Off Handcar
Cohan, Joseph 1885 Shot By William Rongey
Cole, Josephine 1913 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Cole, S. J. 1911 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Collier, Gilbert 1930 Electric Shock
Conley, Bert 1919 Disease/pneumonia/influenza
Conner, William 1869 Shot By F.l.g. Jones
Conrad, Charles 1910 Mine Accident/explosion/gas Plant
Conway, Andrew 1917 Disease/croup
Conway, Oral 1930 Shot By Night Watchman, Charles L. Hillman / attempted Robbery
Conway, William P. 1929 Shot By Unknown
Cook, James 1915 Mine Accident/cave-In
Cooksey, George 1882 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Cooksey, George 1882 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Cooley, John 1880 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Cooper, Charles 1909 Mine Accident/explosion
Cooper, John 1859 Stabbed By Jonus Finks
Counts, Roy 1908 Mine Accident/explosion
Counts, Roy 1908 Mine Accident/explosion
Courman, Ira 1931 Natural Cause
Covat, Pete 1911 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Coyn, Michael 1886 Gunshot/accident/self
Crabtree, Levington 1866  
Craig, Steve 1919 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Craig, Steve 1919 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Crawford, Claude 1911 Unknown Cause
Crawford, Isaac 1870 Suicide/hanging
Crocker, George 1927 Heat Stroke/sun Stroke
Cromwell, Samuel 1932 Burns/accident
Crump, Joseph 1916 Shot By John Pitts
Cubits, Infant 1916 Infanticide / exposure
Cunningham, Addison 1862 Shot By Sam Hildebrand
Cunningham, Malisa 1919 Natural Cause
Cunningham, Ostil 1923 Mine Accident/explosion
Cunningham, Robert 1913 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Cunningham, Warner 1923 Mine Accident - Broken Neck
Curtin, Mrs. John 1891 Lightening
Curtis, E. M. 1917 Shot By Unknown
Dale, Charles 1904 Vehicle Accident/wagon/runaway Team
Dalton, Jesse 1911 Mine Accident/fall Under Cars
Dalton, William 1914 Disease/asthmatic Attack / working
Danage, Alex 1911 Mine Accident/electric Shock
Daniely, Ella M. 1917 Burns
David, H. A. 1925 Mine Accident / fall From Gallis Frame
Davidson, Daniel 1891 Disease/heart
Davis, Sam 1918 Natural Cause
Dawers, Theodore 1924 Drowning
Dees, William 1913 Shot By Edward Harris / justified
Degonia, Bertha 1911 Unknown Cause
Degonia, Dorothy 1925 Natural Cause
Delcour, Charles 1932 Natural Cause
Demovich, Tony 1916 Shot By Spurgeon Ditch
Denny, James 1907 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Der, Tony 1912 Unknown Cause
Dickey, Willard F. 1921 Suicide/gunshot
Dillinger, William 1908 Mine Accident /hit By Splice In Belt
At Mill
Dipper, Valentine 1915 Unknown Cause
Dixon, Martha 1920 Hit By Train
Dodson, James R. 1903 Fees Only
Doe, John 1915 Shot By John Michich (claimed Doe Killed
Father, Old Country War)
Doggett, John 1877 Self-Defense - Blow To Head By John Hise
Doloschinsky, Louis 1911 Suicide/alcohol
Donly, Rhoda 1916 Disease / heart
Doss, Sam 1926 Shot By Unknown
Doss, Sol 1905 Mine Accident / crushed Between 2
Ore Cars
Douglas, Henry 1927 Mine Accident/conveyor Belt
Douglas, Louis 1929 Unknown Cause
Downs, Earl 1927 Mine Accident/broken Pole
Dumler, James R. 1926 Mine Accident/explosion
Duncan, Homer 1913 Gunshot/accident/john Degonia
Duncan, Infant 1916 Infanticide/drowning
Dunn, Lucinda 1924 Vehicle Accident/auto
Dyer, John 1859 Hit By Train
Eaman, Jacob 1857 Drowning
East, Henderson 1925 Natural Cause
Eaton, Charles W. 1908 Mine Accident/explosion
Eaton, Glenda Iola 1921 Disease/pneumonia/whoopin Cough
Eaton, Margaret 1931 Natural Cause
Ebrecht, Henry 1912 Suicide/gunshot
Edwards, Otto 1917 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Edwards, William 1911 Unknown Cause
Edwards, William J. 1910 Mine Accident/hit By Ore Car And Dragged
Elvins, Ralph 1904 Fees Only
Emily, David L. 1881 Hit By Train
Emmart, E. M. 1911 Hit By Train/used Ties As Pillow
Erickson, Anna 1923 Natural Cause
Erickson, Erick 1923 Natural Cause
Estes, Lilly 1908 Struck By James Estes/hammer
Evans, John 1908 Shot By William Holly
Evans, Mac 1904 Fees Only
Factor, Omar 1905 Train Accident/between 2 Cars
Farrell, Arthur 1928 Drowning
Featherstone, Andrew 1884 Blow To Head By Unknown/club
Fedlock, Mike 1915 Mine Accident/explosion
Fedlock, Tony 1915 Mine Accident/explosion
Ferenck, John 1917 Stabbed By Joe Cincek
Ferguson, Robert 1879 Hung By Charles Hardin  / murder /
[Hardein] was Hung At Courthouse
Ferling, Ida 1905 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Fitzwater, John 1916 Mine Accident/explosion
Floyd, William 1883 Hit By Train
Ford, Charles 1920 Natural Cause
Forshee, Mary 1908 Disease/heart
Forster, Elsie 1922 Vehicle Accident/auto
Forsythe, Jess 1922 Mine Accident/hit By Loaded Car
Fortner, Henry 1909 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Fox, Ethel M. 1925 Natural Cause
Frank, Emit/ernst 1888 Suicide/gunshot
Frazier, Pres 1905 Hit By Train/intoxicated
Fredenberg, William 1913 Unknown Cause
Freeman, Edward 1915 Disease/heart
Frey, H. L. 1905 Train Accident/between Two Draw Heads
Frothangham, Thomas 1922 Shot By Henry Mcdowell
Fry, Marion 1922 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Fulton, Leslie Mckinley 1920 Shot By Lora Robinson/gate Of
George Robinson Residence
Furic, Felix 1911 Mine Accident/electric Shock
Furry, Amon 1930 Suicide/gunshot
Gallagher, Arthur 1928 Unknown Cause/broken Keck
Galvan, Delmo [Delno] 1914 Fall / knocked Off Scaffold By Swinging
Gann, Mary 1921 Natural Cause
Gann, William 1893 Hit By Train/M.R.& B.T.
Gannon, Michael 1881 Hit By Train
Gartland, Thomas 1878 Heat Stroke
Gash, N. A. 1929 Unknown Cause
George, Rose 1915 Shot By Steve George
(see Also: Politte, Ferd)
Gibson, Gent 1912 Shot By James Schrum/hall By James And Harvey Schrum
Gibson, Gent 1912 Shot By James And Harvey Schrum;
Gibson By James Schrum
Gibson, Iven 1917 Mine Accident/thrown From Car Into Chute
Gidley, Fred 1926 Suicide / gunshot/ left Note
Gilbert, I. R. 1915 Hit By Train
Gilbert, J. Coke 1917 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Gilliam, Everett 1916 Blow To Head By Unknown
Glore, Roy L. 1926 Mine Accident / explosion
Godfrey, Charles 1870 Burns / smoke / fire
Goeltz, Byron 1932 Shot Lynch, Gus
Goez, Caroline 1923 Suicide/hanging
Goforth, George 1923 Vehicle Accident / auto
Going, Elihu 1902 Vehicle Accident / wagon
Golden, Fredie T. 1896 Gunshot / accident / Frank
Yarberry [Yawberry ?]
Golden, George 1910 Fall From Train
Golden, Mary 1925 Disease/heart
Goldsmith, Frank 1916 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Goodson, David 1923 Natural Cause
Gorda, John 1906 Mine Accident/explosion
Graff, Gussie 1926 Shot By Henry Graff, Her Husband
Green, Daniel R. 1892 Train Wreck
Green, Walter 1911 Unknown Cause
Gregorich, Mike 1912 Unknown Cause
Griffard, Charles 1931 Electric Shock
Griffis, Sherrill 1860 Hit By Train
Grisham, Frank 1926 Disease/heart
Grochto, Peter 1914 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Gudynorvitch, Mike 1909 Mine Accident/fall From Cage
Gulesky/gilitia, Joe 1917 Shot By Mike Guchanio (italian)
Hahn, Everett 1923 Natural Cause
Hall, Andrew 1885 Hit By Train
Hall, Charles 1927 Vehicle Accident/auto
Hall, Lilliam 1916 Suicide/gunshot
Hall, Mont 1912 Shot By James And Harvey Schrum;
Gibson By James Schrum
Hallatonvitch, Jacob 1911 Shot By Unknown
Haman, E. 1914 Unknown Cause/possibly Powder Gas
Hammack, Martha 1924 Natural Cause
Hammer/hammers, 1852 Drowning
Hammock, Albert 1908 Mine Accident/explosion
Hammock, George 1927 Disease/heart
Hansell, John H. 1918 Mine Accident/fall From Tub
Hardin, Infant Son Of Lucinda Hardin 1870 Infant Death/stillborn
Harper, Raymond 1924 Drowning
Harrielle, Lucy 1903 Fees Only
Harris, Charles A. 1902 Fees Only
Harris, Henry 1912 Shot By Roy Larkin;
Aided By Ida Harris, Wife Of Deceased
Harris, James 1912 Mine Accident/electric Shock
Harris, Martha A. 1920 Natural Cause
Harris, William 1914 Exposure/froze To Death
Harrison, T. D. 1927 Natural Cause
Hart, Harry L. 1905 Infant Death/unknown
Hart, S. B. 1921 Train - Auto Accident
Hartnett, John 1870 Burns/fire/section House (boarding House)
Hartzell, Albert 1917 Mine Accident / fall Into Coal Bin
And Smothered
Hartzell, Amanda P. 1921 Suicide/gunshot
Hartzell, Woodrow Wilson 1919 Natural Cause / unknown
Haug, John 1892 Overexertion / dragging Dead Hogs
Haverstick, William 1926 Vehicle Accident / truck Overturned
Hawkins, Milton 1912 Disease / heart
Hawkins, Wanda 1922 Natural Cause
Hawn, Frank P. 1886 Mine Accident / explosion
Heck, Toby 1917 Hit By Train
Hedge, James 1906 Hit By Train
Hedrick, Elizabeth 1875 Disease / heart
Helms Pearl E. 1924 Vehicle Accident / auto
Helms, Henry J. 1920 Burns
Henderson, George 1912 Shot By Charles Lewis
Herrick, E. P. 1924 Hit By Train
Herrington, Morris 1870 Stabbed By Evriet Gardner
Hesse, Henry 1876 Disease
Hewett, William 1919 Mine Accident / explosion
Hewett, William 1919 Mine Accident / explosion
Hickey, Daniel 1880 Hit By Train
Highley, R. B. 1918 Disease / Bright's Disease
Hilderbrand, James Frank 1862 Hung By Unknown
Hillman, Lola Grace 1930 No Verdict
Hinkle, Clyde 1922 Gunshot /accident /self
Hobaugh, Lenard S. 1914 Infant Death / strangled
Hoerst, Bernard 1873 Fall/ stairs
Hogg, Charles 1920 Unknown Cause
Holdman, Elmira 1921 Disease/heart
Holdman, James 1920 Mine Accident/crushed Between Cars
Holt, P. C. 1905 Unknown Cause
Hopson, Thomas A. 1918 Drowning
Horn, George 1915 Disease/heart
Horn, Henry 1888 Suicide / gunshot
Horn, Thomas N. 1893 Suicide / gunshot
Horne, J. R. 1931 Shot By Unknown / possible Suicide
Horton, Stella 1924 Natural Cause
House, Floyd 1918 Mine Accident / fall Off Cage
House, William A. 1919 Unknown Cause
Hovis, Leslie O. 1923 Natural Cause
Hovis, Thurman 1930 Fall From Train / tried To Catch
Howard, V. C. 1930 Hit By Train/trying To Disembark
Howard, W. L. 1924 Natural Cause
Howerton, James 1863 Shot By Unknown
Howlett, Nathaniel 1931 Vehicle Accident / auto
Hratko, Mike 1916 Mine Accident / fall Into Hole
Huddleston, William D. 1893 Fall / knocked Off Horse By Limb
Hudson, Jennie 1877 Suicide / poison
Huett, Otto [Huitt] 1915 Shot By Sam Doss
Huff, Arthur 1930 Shot By R.A. Gillette
Huff, Clarence 1913 Drowning
Hugh, Evert W. 1926 Disease / apoplexy
Hughes, Ella 1932 Vehicle Accident / auto-Truck Of Robert Humphrey/negligence
Hughes, John 1909 Shot Each Other
Hughes, John 1909 Shot Ketcherside, George
Hughes, Thomas 1914 Exposure/froze To Death
Huls, Richard B. 1908 Shot By Bud Bay
Humphrey, Oliver 1931 Suicide/gunshot
Hunt, Louis W. 1911 Infant Death / unknown Cause
Hurley, James 1928 Disease / stroke
Hurst, Esther B. 1925 Natural Cause
Hurst, Eugene C. 1923 Natural Cause
Hurt, Willie 1922 Hit By Train / walking Track
Hutchings, George 1925 Suicide ?
Hutchinson, James 1881 Hit By Train
Iahn, William 1911 Shot By William Mittner, Jr.
Jackson, Myrtle 1919 Unknown / poison/ Bichloride Of Mercury
Jackson, Thomas A. 1922 Natural Cause
James, Charles 1923 Lightening
Janisow, Nicolo 1915 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Jarbrow, Lizzie 1917 Infant Death / disease / acute Indigestion
Jasko, John 1916 Drowning
Jennings, Brad 1925 Natural Cause / heart Disease ?
Jobe, W. A., Jr. 1914 Hit By Train / fall From RR Car
Johnson, Caleb 1911 Unknown Cause
Johnson, Elza 1916 Disease / heart
Johnson, J. L. 1916 Blow To Head By Unknown / at Carnival
Johnson, Luke 1913 Gunshot
Jones, Ellis J. 1932 Natural Cause
Jones, George A. 1926 Gunshot / accident / self
Jones, J. P. 1928 Disease / heart
Jones, John 1910 Disease/heart
Jones, Moses B 1918 Disease / pneumonia
Jones, Toni 1928 Natural Cause
Jurkin, Joe 1918 Shot By W.K. Holley
Kasban, Steve 1931 Vehicle Accident / auto
Kasmar, Lypstak 1911 Mine Accident / hit By Runaway Car
Kassabaum, Charles 1929 Shot By Sheriff's Dept. (see Also: London, William, Sheriff)
Kelly, R. N. 1918 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Kenedey, J. H. 1927 Accident / broken Neck
Kennedy, Josiah 1852  
Kennon, Harry 1919 Gunshot / accident / self
Ketcherside, George 1909 Shot Hughes, John
Kidd, John 1882 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Kidd, Lester L. 1920 Suicide / gunshot / left Note
King, Berddie [Berdie] 1927 Shot By Son
Kinney, Matthew 1871 Shot By John Williams / back Of Head
Kirk, Francis 1879 Alcoholism / heart Disease
Kirkpatrick, James D. 1901 Fees Only
Kitto, Margaret M. 1922 Infant Death / natural Cause
Klausmeyer, Fred 1910 Hit By Train / electric Train Car
Koboryn, Petter 1917 Burns / entered Burning Building
Kulesa, Walter 1917 Drowning
Labrot, Joseph 1920 Mine Accident / falling Ice
Lacomb, William 1910 Shot By Samuel Rader
Lalamondiere, Delia 1923 Natural Cause
Landolt, Louis T. 1919 Gunshot/accident/self
Langley, Thomas 1917 Hit By Train/caboose
Laplant, George 1931 Shot By Silas B. Redmond / justified
Laplant, Myrtle 1924 Disease / blood Poisoning / septicaemia
Laramore, Ellen 1917 Burns/ explosion Of Auto Gas Tank
Larkin, Samuel 1922 Hit By Train
Larose, Earl G. 1923 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Lawrence, John N. 1864 Natural Cause
Laws, Everett 1927 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Lawson, Sterling 1924 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Legrand, Myrtle 1925 Natural Cause
Leigh, John 1931 Hit By Auto/lawrence Johnson
Lesser, J. J. 1921 Suicide/ gunshot/ left Note
Libby, Charles 1892 No Verdict
Lindsey, Harold W. 1929 Drowning / aiding Female Companion
Liner, Katherine 1918 Suicide / gunshot
Link, John 1925 Mine Accident / explosion
Linnville, David E. 1907 Suicide/gunshot
Lobler, Leona 1915 Suicide / hanging
Logan, Lena 1924 Natural Cause
London, William 1929 Shot By Charles Kassabaum (see Also: Kassabaum, Charles)
Lorance, Phillip J. 1925 Natural Cause
Lore, John 1912 Stabbed By Ernest Barnes
Loyd, Charles 1931 Shot By Austin Woods
(see Also: Woods, Austin)
Lozrovich, Wassel 1912 Unknown Cause
Lynch, Gus 1932 Shot Each Other
Lynch, Gus 1932 Shot Goeltz, Byron
Lyons, Joseph B. 1921 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Maberry, Raymond 1921 Hit By Train/sleeping Near Tracks
Mackley, Hilda M. 1930 Vehicle Accident/auto
Madison, Ernest 1923 Drowning
Mahoney, John 1877 Hit By Train
Major, Lizzie 1914 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Manus, William 1921 Fall/broken Neck/clearing Wood
Marberry, F. W. 1920 Fall From Train
Marberry, James 1923 Drowning/boat Accident
Marchinko, Andrew 1923 Alcoholism
Marler, William 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Marlow, Patrick 1915 Disease/heart
Marshall, Albert, Dr. 1929 Disease/heart
Masorvic, Antonie 1915 Struck By Joe Dubowinsky / shovel To Head
Masterson, Charles 1914 Exposure / intoxication
Matkins, Belle 1919 Natural Cause
Matthews, Edward E. 1930 Fees Only
Maukus, John 1910 Fees Only
Mayberry, Jonathan 1882 Vehicle Accident/wagon
Mayberry, Ollie 1920 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Mayhee, Michael 1873 Train Wreck
Mccain, James 1903 Fees Only
Mccarney, J. W. 1921 Natural Cause
Mccaron, Patrick 1918 Exposure/intoxication
Mcclain, Lester 1932 Hit By Auto/accident
McDonald, James Augustus 1907 Drowning
McDowell, Firman 1917 Hit By Auto / Thomas Sizemore
McDowell, Harry 1901 Fees Only
McDowell, Robert 1919 Mine Accident/falling Rock
McDowell, Sarah S. 1927 Hit By Auto
Mcfarland, Edward 1913 Mine Accident/falling Rock
McFarland, Sam 1863 Shot By Captain Nash /accused Him
Of Being A Rebel
McGinnis, E.E., Dr. 1925 Natural Cause
McLaughlin, Daniel 1873 Train Wreck
McLaughlin, James 1923 Mine Accident/falling Rock
McLean, James 1869 Shot By Sam Hildebrand
McWorthy, Raymond 1921 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Meadows, Charles 1922 Mine Accident/explosion
Medlock, Wassie 1915 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Meeker, James 1911 Blow To Head By Ellis Bostwick/hammer
Meeker, Ruth T. 1925 Hit By Train
Memmier, Joseph 1870 Hit By Train
Meredith, Nellie 1919 Infant Death/unknown
Merritt, C. E. 1913 Mine Accident /fall  Through Chute To
Concrete Floor
Metolich, Mike 1907 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Meyer, Lewis 1923 Natural Cause
Meyers, Arthur 1910 Chocked/piece Of Beef
Mickel, Mike 1911 Fall/stairs
Mihalchak, John 1890 Mine Accident
Miller, Frank 1916 Unknown/fractured Skull
Miller, John 1902 Fees Only
Miller, John 1915 Stabbed By N. Dixon
Millner, Edward 1917 Unknown Cause
Mills, James 1894 Mine Accident/fall/working In Shaft
Misenhimer, 1888 No Verdict
Mitchell, Adline 1920 Disease/convulsions
Mitchell, Coke 1907 Mine Accident/careless Operation Of Head Cross
Mitchell, Coke 1907 Mine Accident/careless Operation Of Head Cross
Mitchell, Kossuth 1914 Mine Accident/fall Off Cage
Mofield, Vevil 1931 Shot By Herman Mofield, Her Husband
Mogab, David 1925 Unknown Cause
Montgomery, Frank 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Montgonery, John 1912 Mine Accident/electric Shock
Moon, Walter L. 1919 Natural Cause/unknown
Moore, J. W. 1917 Disease/heart
Moore, William 1905 Struck By G. Bown / club Or Chair
Morris, Charles E. 1925 Shot By Elmer Fox
Morris, Everett 1924 Natural Cause
Morris, James G. 1929 Gunshot / accident / self
Morris, Mary L. 1910 Disease / heart
Morrison, F. W. 1929 Vehicle Accident / auto
Moss, Lucy B. 1907 Suicide / gunshot
Mottley, Harry 1914 Mine Accident/caught Between Lever
And Car
Mowry, Melchoir 1877 Disease/chills And Cramps
Murphy, George 1883 Mine Accident/explosion/#4 Boiler
Murphy, John 1858 Struck By Bartholemy Cushing / whiskey
Bottle / murder
Murrill, Ruth 1930 Natural Cause
Nance, Iva 1917 Vehicle Accident/auto
Nance, John 1900 Hit By Train
Nash, Charlie 1907 Train - Auto Accident
Nash, Stonewall J. 1932 Suicide/gunshot
Neeley, A. F. 1922 Shot By Elmer Tucker / justified
Neely, Bertice 1921 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Neighber, Donald E.
[Nabor ?]
1928 Natural Cause
Neilon, Thomas 1925 Exposure
Nelson, George 1905 Shot By Clarance Marlow
Nero, Ralph 1918 Shot By Ralph Conley (age 17)
Newman, Richard 1916 Mine Accident/explosion
Newman, William 1880 Hit By Train
Noble, Nora 1921 Fall/2nd Floor Veranda
Nolan, Thomas 1870 Hit By Train
Nolte, Henry 1888 Suicide
Obannon, Thomas 1930 Suicide/gunshot
Obrien, Thomas B.
Oestricker, Charles 1895 Suicide / hanging
Oestricker, Frederick 1885 Disease / heart
Ofalki, John 1909 Fees Only
Okowskki, Mike 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Okowskki, Mike 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Olavaco, Thomas 1915 Shot By Unknown/probably Shot
Andrew Kono, Then Himself
Ortloff, Otto 1923 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Osia, Fannie 1922 Natural Cause
Osterhaun, William 1874 Shot By Unknown
Osterley, Frederick 1888 Train Accident
Overstreet, Ella 1912 Disease/heart ?
Overstreet, James C. 1918 Infant Death/colic
Overstreet, Samuel 1907 Hit By Train
Owens, J. C. 1911 Hit By Train/used Ties As Pillow
Owens, James 1928 Natural Cause
Papin, Theodore 1913 Unknown Cause/probably Heart Disease
Paraszcriak, Wasil 1911 Mine Accident/explosion
Parmeley, Clark 1912 Hit By Ceiling/tornado
Parolsikoweze, Leon 1911 Disease/heart/alcoholism
Parsons, Lillie 1921 Shot By Laueta [Luetta] Parsons,
Patrick, Steve 1916 Shot By Deso Kease
Patrock, Mary 1910 Poisoning/canned Milk Left Open 9 Days
Patterson, L. B. 1932 Suicide/gunshot
Pattrick, William 1903 Fees Only
Payne, John 1916 Mine Accident /falling Rock / neglect
Pennybaker, William 1905 Hit By Train / trying To Catch Ride
Perkins, Buck 1864 Shot By Reubin Laseter/
bushwackers From Il
Perry, H. O. 1889 Mine Accident/fall?
Perry, Joseph 1916 Suicide/dynamite
Perry, Mrs. C. E. 1923 Natural Cause
Peterson, Leander 1887 Fall / derrick At Quarry
Petrovitch, Mike 1908 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Piazzo, Harry 1922 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Pierson, Bessie 1923 Train - Auto Accident
Pierson, Roberta 1923 Train - Auto Accident
Pigg, Frank 1913 Drowning/ice Skating
Pigg, Henry 1891 Stabbed By Jim [James] Byington
Pinkley, Andrew 1924 Train - Auto Accident
Pitts (Infant Of Tom Pitts) 1904 Infant Death / fees Only
Pitts, Mon 1928 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Pleykon, Mike 1913 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Politte, Ferd 1915 Shot By Steve George (see also:
George, Rose)
Politte, Gilbert 1920 Mine Accident/hit By Motor Belt
Pollock/Petlock, Andy 1909 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Porter, John 1928 Fees Only
Porter, Mary L. 1922 Suicide / hanging
Potts, Fountain 1868 Disease / strangulated Hernia
Pouchuck, Mike 1915 Alcoholism
Powers, J. C. 1919 Hit By Train
Powocko, John 1909 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Price, R. M. 1875 Hit By Train
Priest, R. E. 1916 Unknown Cause
Pritchett, John 1913 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Propst, Jessie 1925 Hit By Train
Pucket [Puckett], Daniel 1908 Mine Accident/explosion
Puellman, Louis H. 1930 Suicide / hanging
Pullen, Fred 1913 Shot By James "Preacher" Lawrence
Pullin, William 1914 Disease/heart
Pust, George [Bust ?] 1906 No Verdict
Pyatte, Lena Elva
[Pyatt or Pyaett ?]
1915 Infant Death/natural Cause
Qualls, John 1930 Drowning
Radford, Jerome 1914 Shot By Ed Culton
Ramsey, James 1919 Hit By Train/stepped In Front
Ransom, Oscar 1926 Shot By Albert Pratt/justified
Rapp, Harry 1908 Unknown Cause
Rashle, Joseph 1879 Mine Accident/explosion
Ratko, Mike 1893 Hit By Train/run Over By Car
Ratley. D. L. 1912 Fall / RR Trestle
Rauth, L. E. [Roth ?] 1930 Smoke Inhalation / burning Bed
Ray, Edward 1913 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Reece, Grant 1923 Drowning /fall From Wagon
Reed, James 1914 Unknown Cause
Reed, James Albert 1905 Fall/platform/head Hit Concrete
Reeder, Nancy
[daug. of Sam Hildebrand]
1897 Violence/supposed By James Reeder,
Rhodes, James W. 1926 Natural Cause
Richardson, Frank 1919 Mine Accident/explosion
Richardson, John 1890 Shot By William J. Richardson
Richardson, Shelton E. 1928 Hit By Truck
Rickus, George 1926 Natural Cause
Rinewelt, Genevieve H.
1920 Natural Cause
Roberts, Albert 1915 Mine Accident/explosion
Robinson, Ed [Edward] 1908 Shot By Emmitt Bond
Robinson, Floyd 1914 Disease / heart
Robinson, Lillie E. 1923 Train - Auto Accident
Robinson, S. W. 1923 Train - Auto Accident
Rodgers, Asa 1925 Mine Accident/crushed Between
Car And Track
Rodgers, William E. 1926 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Roe, Peter 1875 Mine Accident/explosion
Roethiel, John 1883 Mine Accident/fall Down Shaft
Roheork, Ed [Edward]
[Roark ?]
1909 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Rohs, Francis 1912 Shot By Unknown Person
Ross, Jess 1903 Shot By Tobe Francis
Rouggly, Jules 1907 Suicide / gunshot
Rouse, Henry 1921 Hit By Train
Rowden, Edward 1898 Suicide/gunshot
Rubles, Walter L. 1930 Poison/whiskey Of Questionable Quality
Rudy, Walter 1924 Natural Cause
Rupert, Otto W. 1926 Suicide/gunshot
Rust, Gay 1924 Natural Cause
Ryne, James 1881 Hit By Train
Saberansky, Joe 1907 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Sandburg, Charles 1915 Disease/heart
Santoyo, Junior D. 1924 Natural Cause
Schaefer, Marie L. 1924 Disease/scarlet Fever
Scheriber, Edwin 1925 Disease/heart
Schramm, Margarte
C. R.   [Margaret ?]
1925 Disease/typhoid Fever
Schroeder, Dr. W. H. 1923 Suicide / gunshot
Schrum, Arthur 1912 Hit By Train/f all From And Run Over
Schultz/Schulz, Charles 1870 Suicide/hanging
Schwaebe, Wilemena 1910 Fall / concussion
Scoby, Sam 1925 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Scoby/Scobey, Sam 1926 Mine Accident/fees Only
Scott, M. L. 1915 Mine Accident/crushed Between Cars
Scott, Samuel C. 1931 Shot By James Dawes (age 56, Uncle Of Victim)
Scott, William T. 1925 Natural Cause
Seal, Abrahan 1867  
Sebastin, W. S. 1926 Natural Cause
Sech, George 1907 Blow To Head By Unknown
Senisky, Peter 1913 Mine Accident/caught Under Cage
Shaff, John 1858 Suicide/hanging
Shea, Jerry 1886 Shot By Wiley Cox
Sheer, William 1919 Unknown/possible Heart Disease
Shoeman, Fred 1874 Suicide/gunshot
Shuler, George 1920 Mine Accident / electric Shock
Sides, Daniel L. 1930 Shot By John Coffel / justified
Siefert, George
[Seifert ?]
1917 Mine Accident / fall From Scaffold
Silby, Darrell M.
[Silsby ?]
1919 Natural  Cause / unknown
Simpson, Frank 1909 Unknown Cause
Simpson, George F. 1925 Suicide/gunshot
Simpson, William 1928 Shot By Ada Lee Biggs
Since, Tony 1915 Mine Accident/explosion
Since, Tony 1915 Mine Accident/explosion
Sippy, William Henry 1921 Infant Death/natural Cause
Skyles, Benjamin 1923 Mine Accident/hit By Falling Car
Slade, Henry 1912 Suicide/carbolic Acid
Smallen, Lon 1932 Vehicle Accident/auto
Smith, Annie May 1928 Unknown Cause
Smith, Frank 1897 Hit By Train/playing On Track
Smith, James 1903 Fees Only
Smith, John, Alias 1915 Shot By Unknown / probably Shot Andrew
Kono [Bono ?], Then Himself
Smith, Joseph E. 1925 Natural Cause
Smith, Robert 1908 Shot By Bert Thurman
Smith, S. B. 1883 Suicide / gunshot
Smith, W. N. 1929 Vehicle Accident / freight Truck
Snowdell, Infant 1910 Infanticide
Snyder, Lizzie 1911 Vehicle Accident / buggy Runaway
Soberansky, Joe 1907 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Souard, Alfie 1913 Unknown Cause
Sparks, Thomas 1883 Blow To Head By Unknown
Spray, William 1918 Mine Accident/ chat Belt/ negligence
St. Gemme, William 1921 Drowning
Stegall, Benjamin 1887 Disease / rupture Of Blood Vessell In Leg
Stegall, Chris 1917 Shot By Unknown
Stephens, Mrs. Bank 1889 Drowning/well
Stephontic, Steve 1910 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Sterrett, Jack 1910 Disease / heart
Stevenson, Charles O. 1913 Shot By Unknown
Stogsdill, Lucy 1913 Disease/unknown
Stotler, Minnie 1910 Suicide/poison
Stringer, Pete 1922 Shot By City Marshal,
J.D. Byington / justified
Stroup, Bessie 1922 Abortion /induced / Dr. Shindler
Suliven, Daly
[Sullivan ?]
1908 Hit By Train / walking Track /siezures
Sullivan, William 1916 Suicide / gunshot
Summers, Charles 1911 Disease / heart
Sumpter, Arthur 1918 Shot By Unknown (soldier ?) At Carnival
Sutton, Fred S. 1924 Hit By Train / St. Joe Lead Co.
Swenney, Patrick 1869 Vehicle Accident / wagon / green Nall
Swinford, Infant 1920 Infant Death / stillborn
Talent, A. R. 1917 Shot By Charley [Charles] Harris
Talleson, Thomas R.
[Tolleson ?]
1929 Natural Cause
Taylor, John L. 1891 Hit By Falling Tree
Taylor, Odus 1928 Disease/heart
Taylor, William 1922 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Taylor, Zelpha 1882 Disease/heart
Tedder, Stewart 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Tedder, Stewert 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Tetley, Paul 1932 Natural Cause
Thomas, Cecil 1925 Vehicle Accident/auto
Thomas, Holy 1892 Hit By Train/#93
Thomason, Bryan 1915 Hit By Train/intoxicated/under Car
Thomlinson, Frank 1920 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Thornton, James T. 1921 Fall From Truck
Thruman, French 1918 Disease/bright's Disease
Trail, Roy 1921 Unknown Cause
Triplet, Frank 1922 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Tripp, Claude 1923 Mine Accident/crushed Between Engine
And Rock Pillar
Trollinger, Minnie 1884 Visitation Of God
Tucker, Dora M. 1891 Infant Death/strangled/accident
Tucker, James C. 1924 Natural Cause
Tucker, Martha 1864 Suicide/hanging
Tucker, William 1910 Unknown Cause
Tullock, Pearl 1918 Natural Cause
Turley, Graff 1894 Hit By Train/
Turley, Herbert 1922 Vehicle Accident/auto
Turnbull, William 1912 Mine Accident/unknown Accident
Turner, J. E. 1917 Disease/heart/caused By Mine Gas
Turner, James 1914 Stabbed By Earl House At Blue Goose
Saloon / murder
Tyler, Edward 1932 Vehicle Accident/auto
Tyler, Infant 1863 Infant Death/unknown
Umfleet, Gus 1926 Mine Accident/explosion
Underkifler, W. E. 1921 Disease/heart/appoplexy
Unknown Infant 1926 Infanticide/hidden By George Andrew,
"black George"
Unknown Infant 1880 Infanticide
Unknown Infant 1911 Infanticide
Unknown Infant 1912 Infanticide
Unknown Male 1882 Drowning/slough
Unknown Male 1888 No Verdict
Unknown Male 1877 Natural Cause/intoxication
Unknown Male 1891 Unknown Cause
Unknown Male 1897 Hit By Train/walking Track
Unknown Male 1898 Unknown Cause
Unknown Male 1899 Fall From Train
Unknown Male 1903 Fees Only
Unknown Male 1910 Lightening
Unknown Male 1916 Hit By Train/fall
Unknown Male 1917 Exposure/old Age
Unknown Male 1923 Hit By Train
Unknown Male 1926 Exposure
Unknown Male 1927 Hit By Train
Unknown Male 1926 Hit By Train
Unknown Male 1892 Hit By Train/#93
Unknown Males 1900 One Found Dead On RR Track /
one, Suicide In Jail
Unknown Negro 1907 Drowning/possibly
Valley, C. B. 1920 Mine Accident/fall Down Shaft
Varisuck, John 1912 Mine Accident/wreck Of Underground Car
Vasko, Nick 1916 Shot By Unknown
Vaughn, Grover 1925 Mine Accident/hit By Motor Car
Veach, William 1915 Mine Accident/crushed Between Cars
Veteto, Charles 1921 Natural Cause
Voges, Henry 1865 Hung/by Sam Hilderbrand?
Wajwicz, Stach 1907 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Walko, Pete 1911 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Wallace, Andrew 1916 Suicide/gunshot
Walter, Nicholas 1873 Burns
Wampler, Gussie May 1921 Natural Cause
Wampler, John 1918 No Verdict/natural Causes
Wanecke, Henry 1921 Natural Cause/unknown
Wankus, John 1910 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Ward, John 1908 Unknown Cause
Warnick, Helen 1927 Hit By Auto
Washinsky, Pete 1912 Mine Accident/wreck Of Underground Car
Watson, James L. 1922 Natural Cause
Watson, John W. 1923 Natural Cause
Weatherington, Frank 1928 Vehicle Accident/auto
Webb, Chester E. 1920 Infant Death/unknown
Webb, William 1913 Mine Accident / electric Shock
Weber, William 1910 Fees Only
Wellemier, Alphonse 1873 Exposure/intoxication/fall
Wells, Henry 1924 Mine Accident/crushed Between Car And Chute
Wesley, Albert 1887 Mine Accident/hit By Car Of Rock
Whaley, Amos 1924 Mine Accident/explosion
Whaley, Joseph 1886 Exposure/intoxication
Whaling James 1873 Hit By Train
Wickham, William 1887 Unknown/found Dead
Wigger, Bert 1907 Mine Accident/careless Operation Of Head Cross
Wilborn, Roy 1925 Mine Accident/electric Shock/trolly Wire
Wilbourne, Pete 1913 Disease / tuberculosis
(aided By Board Of Carities)
Wilfong, Martin 1920 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Wilkerson, Elmer 1921 Mine Accident/fall From Ladder
Wilkerson, Major 1906 Hit By Train/dragged
Wilkerson, Samuel 1874 Stabbed By James Tucker
Wilkerson, Vivian 1910 Drowning/rain Barrell
Wilkinson, Wash 1916 Unknown Cause
Williams, Ancy 1917 Disease/heart/old Age
Williams, Daniel 1885 Drowning/apoplectic Fit
Williams, Price 1890 Gunshot/accident
Williams, Richard 1930 Suicide/razor
Wilson, James 1895 Suicide/gunshot
Wintson, Dave 1917 Mine Accident/explosion
Wise, Laura 1918 Suicide/gunshot/left Note
Wishon, Robert 1920 Mine Accident - Broken Neck
Wofford, Infant 1914 Infant Death/natural Cause
Womick, Roy 1925 Hit By Auto
Wood, Leslie 1909 Mine Accident/suffocated/fall Into Ore Bin
Wood, T. E. 1908 Hit By Bridge/riding On Top Of RR Car
Woodard, Levi 1910 Suicide/gunshot
Woodcox, Perry 1907 Natural Cause
Woods, Austin 1931 Shot By Charles Loyd
(see also: Loyd, Charles)
Woods, Charles 1911 Mine Accident/falling Rock
Woolem, Jake 1904 Fees Only
Woolridge, W. B.
1919 Unknown Cause
Wright, Edward 1910 Shot By James Wells
Wright, Lulia K. 1918 Electric Shock / electric Iron
Yamisson, Nyh 1915 Mine Accident / falling Rock
Yancey, Lillie May 1922 Infant Death / natural Cause
Yancy, Harvey 1917 Hit By Train / fall
Yeates, William 1903 Fees Only
Yocum, F. H. 1886 Hit By Train
Young, Alexander B. 1924 Natural Cause
Young, Oscar 1918 Gunshot/accident
Zepperel, Frank 1927 Unknown Cause
Zimmer, John 1865 Hung/ by Sam Hilderbrand [Hildebrand]?
Zimmer, John 1865 Hung / by Sam Hilderbrand [Hildebrand]?
Zovanday, Andrew 1921 Mine Accident / fall From Bluff