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Legend of St. Francois County
Sam Hildebrand's Confession

(as given by him in 1870)


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Roots ... In Search of Sam

Hildebrand Heard From

Hildebrand Appears In New Role

Hildebrand Killed

Hildebrand Still Among Living?

After-Death Sightings of Sam Hildebrand (1905)

Man Who Killed Hildebrand Dies

Hildebrand Seen Again
(April 1875)

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Tombstone of Sam Hildebrand at Hampton Cemetery, Elvins, MO (n/k/a Park Hills, MO)

Daguerreotype Photograph of Sam Hildebrand in Gold Frame

Grand Jury Indictment Against Samuel Hildebrand and William Pigg (1865)

Ten Thousand Dollar Reward Offered for Head of Hildebrand (NY Times, July 3, 1869) -- Contributed by J. Hite, descendant of Sam Hildebrand, who has original newspaper

Miscellaneous Hildebrand Articles at Carroll's Corner Website

Facts About Sam Hildebrand Given by his Daughter, Rebecca Forchee (1936)

Photograph of Margaret Anne/Annie (Hildebrand) Williams, d/o Sam  Hildebrand, w/o Abraham Williams (Contributed by Gene Valle)

Photograph of Henry Hildebrand, Son of Sam Hildebrand (Contributed by J. Hite)

Mortuary Certificate of Margaret Ann "Annie" (Hildebrand) Williams -  provided by Chemigo Williams

Hildebrand names listed in 1850 census for St. Francois County, Missouri

The Hildebrand Exchange - Genealogical Information Database

Bushwhacker Hildebrand Still Bugs Me - Column written by Jean Bell Mosley for Southeast Missourian Newspaper of Cape Girardeau, Missouri (6/23/02)
Sam Hildebrand's Daughter, Nancy, Killed by Husband, William Reeder, in Desloge - 1897 (.pdf file)

Misc. Photos of Sam Hildebrand Descendants - (Hildebrand/Forchee/Dotson line)

Remembering Sam Hildebrand - Graveside Memorial Service (1993)

Farmington Native Evault Boswell Writes Book About Hildebrand (2002)

Tribute to Sam Hildebrand Written by Jim Yount and Sung by Jim's nephew at Sam's gravesite (2009)

Kevin Culton Brings Sam Hildebrand Back to Bonne Terre (2011)

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(Attendants charged in death which occurred April 3, 1911)


Feud Erupts in Shoot-Out at Doe Run Picnic - Post-Dispatch, Aug. 19, 1900.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Dooley - Harris Preliminary Hearing, Democrat-Register, Aug. 17, 1900.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) John Dooley Near Death,  St. Francois Herald, Jan. 8, 1902.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) John Dooley Death Announcement & Obituary, 1902.
The Dooley-Harris Feud - Written by Henry Thompson
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) The Feud On Again - Will Harris Meets Instant Death at the Hands of Will Dooley,
       St. Francois Herald, Wednesday, July 16, 1902.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Article concerning erroneous report that Bill Dooley had been killed by Frank Harris,
        St. Francois County Herald, July 30, 1902.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Frank Harris Badly Wounded (Shoots James Stout Who In Turn Shoots Harris With Shotgun),   
       Bonne Terre Democrat-Register, Sept. 25, 1903.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) James Harris Kills Daniel Sparks, Farmington Times, Jan. 20, 1905.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Bill Dooley Escapes State Hospital No. 4, Bonne Terre Register, Sept. 22, 1905. 
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Bill Dooley Dying, Bonne Terre Register, May 3, 1907.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Jim Harris Gets His, Bonne Terre Register, May 24, 1907.
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Frank Harris Dead, Bonne Terre Register, April 9, 1909.

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The Life & Times of Constable Sam Doss

whiteball.gif (916 bytes)Murder in the Night .... the 1926 Slaying of Constable Sam Doss
        (and other articles related to life and death of Sam Doss)

Miscellaneous Misbehaving, Shootings, Killings & Crime-Related Articles

whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Fatal Stabbing of George W. Simms - The Murderer (Thomas E. Wortham)   at Large (1867)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) An Affray Between the Wortham Brothers (1870)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Homicide at Delassus (1870)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Bigamist Husband of Pauline Smith (1905)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Charles Marler Jailed for Making False Civil War Pension Application (1905)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Serious Fight at Masquerade Ball (1906)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Morris Hunt Escapes from State Hospital No. 4 (1906)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Robert Black Shoots Deputy Marshal Justice of Elvins (1907)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) John Taylor & Henry Harris Involved In Fight at Davis Crossing (1908)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Mrs. Minor Morris Escapes from State Hospital for Insane (1908)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Steals a Horse and Gets In Jail (abt. 1909-1910)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Beat, Cut & Shot on Hungarian Hill (1912) 
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Paddy Patterson, Jr. Runs Amuck in Bonne Terre (1912)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Woman Thief Has Cave in Mountains (1914)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Hot Times in the Old Towns of Elvins & Bonne Terre (1916)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Murder of Laura Jane Buxton in Elvins (1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Sons of Italy Fight Duel (1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Frank Powell Paroled (LBN, Feb. 22, 1918)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Elvins Citizen Forced to Salute Old Glory on Streets Saturday (LBN, July 12, 1918) 
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Gypsies Run Foul of Law at the County Seat (1919)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Foreigner Who Stole Liberty Bonds at St. Francois Is Attested (LBN, Aug. 8, 1919)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Fortune Teller Predicts Death of Elvins Citizen (LBN, Aug. 13, 1920)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) "Child Bride of the Ozarks" Charged With Murdering Step-Daughter With Shotgun (1921)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Gunman Holds Up Kroger Store Manager at Bismarck (LBN, Feb. 15, 1922)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Alleged Auto Thief Wounded In Battle With Officers (LBN July 13, 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Clarence Griffith and Carl Jones Arrested on Robbery Charge (LBN 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Stegall and Bequette Escape from Jail (LBN 1925)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Robbers Shoot Leadwood Man (1925)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Desloge Woman Charged With Homicide After Performing Illegal Operation (1926)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Six Prisoners Break Out of County Jail (1928)

whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Double Murder at Bismarck, Missouri (1932)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Faulkner Brothers Killed by Flat River City Marshall Schwent (1935)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Ice Pick Murder (1935)  
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Crown Loan Co. Held Up and Robbed by James Koonce (1943)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Six Prisoners Escape from Farmington Jail (LBN Oct. 22,1948)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Highway Patrol Praised by Holdup Victim (1949)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Two Cantwell Men Found Shot To Death (1955)

Hangings & Lynchings in St. Francois County

hangmanwee.gif The 1880 Public Hanging of Charles Hardin,
        (St. Francois County's Only Legal Hanging)

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Moonshining, Bootlegging & Gambling in St. Francois County

whiteball.gif (916 bytes) John Barleycorn Gets a Victim in Farmington (1916)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Officers Raid Craps Game Sunday Morning, Lead Belt News, March 16, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Bootleggers Given Heavy Fines and Terms in Jail (Lead Belt News, March 23, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Andrew Tyrpak's Cider Loaded With Alcohol (Lead Belt News, Apr. 6, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Flat River Fruit Store Charged With Selling Spiked Cider (Lead Belt News, Apr. 13, 1917) 
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Fined $300.00 for Selling Spiked Cider (Lead Belt News, Apr. 20, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Leadwood Booze Joints Visited by Officers (Lead Belt News, May 25, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Wm. Crabdree Charged With Selling Intoxicating Liquor & Assault (Lead Belt New, Nov. 9, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Elvins City Marshal Arrested (Lead Belt News, Nov. 16, 1917)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Bootleggers' Release Vigorously Protested (Lead Belt News, Apr. 19, 1918)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Injunction Sought In Whiskey Fight (Lead Belt News, May 17, 1918)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Bootleggers "Stool Pigeons" Arrested (Lead Belt News, June 13, 1919)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) "Moonshine" Outfit Discovered On Farm On Old Summit Road (Lead Belt News, Sept. 10, 1920)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Gus O. Nations Visited Bonne Terre Bootleggers (Lead Belt News, July 28, 1922)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) White Mule Causes Trouble for Men Caught Peddling it at Elvins (Lead Belt News, Dec. 15, 1922)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Officers Raid Frank Vallo's Place in Bonne Terre (Lead Belt News, July 13, 1923) 
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Vallos of Bonne Terre Arrested for Bootlegging (Lead Belt News, Aug. 31, 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Vallo Place at East Bonne Terre Closed (Lead Belt News, Sept. 7, 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Booze Joints and Gambling Dens Raided This Week (Lead Belt News, September 21, 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Officers Made 2 Raids in Bonne Terre Sunday Afternoon (Lead Belt News, Sept. 28, 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) Long Sought Bootlegger Bagged (Lead Belt News, Nov. 30, 1923)
whiteball.gif (916 bytes) John Thomas Forshee/Forchee - Legendary St. Francois County Bootlegger

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