Harris and Dooley Feud No.6




(St. Francois Herald, January 15, 1902)

John H. Dooley died at the home of Mrs. John Hunt in Farmington Tuesday evening of this week, aged 28 years.  

Funeral services were conducted from the M. E. Church today (Wednesday) thence to the Doe Run Cemetery. 

Mr. Dooley is a vicuim [sic victim]  of the Dooley - Harris shooting at the Doe Run picnic, August 4, 1900, in which his father and one of the Harris boys were killed outright, and John received wounds that have finally proved fatal. 



John Henry Dooley was born in Kentucky, August 16, 1875, and died in Farmington, Mo., January 14, 1902.  He came with his parents to Missouri fifteen years ago and settled two miles south of Doe Run.  Here he grew up to manhood working on his father's farm and going to school.

    He was for the best part of four years a student of the Baptist College where he was known as a very industrious and worthy student; highly honored by the faculty and brother students.  He taught school; and in this way earned the money to pay his way.  In one of these school he had trouble and had a fight with one of the patrons.  This he always regretted, but after he was wounded, the man came to him and asked his pardon.  He spent some time in attendance upon a business college in St. Louis, where he would have soon graduated.

    His death was caused by a wound received in a fight at Doe Run.  Unexpected by him, it was thought at first by the attending physicians that his wounds were mortal and that he would die.  His friends and relatives did not lose hope, but employed Dr. Elliott, an Osteopath physician of Farmington, who made a heroic fight to save his life.  The bullet was removed and he gradually and steadily improved till he could walk across the room by being assisted.   Stomach trouble developed, and the skill of the physician could not control the disease. 

    He bore his long and severe suffering with heroism and fortitude.  Some months before his death, he professed faith in God and gave the brightest evidence that he was saved.  Some time before his death he said, "I have made many mistakes, the greatest one was when I killed the man that killed by father; but God, I feel has forgiven me for it."

    He was asked the question, "Do you forgive everyone - even those who have injured you the most?"  He answered after a long and thoughtful pause, "Yes, yes, I forgive them all, as God has forgiven me."   He was not a member of any church, but was very happy and ready to go.

    He leaves a mother, one sister, and we believe two brothers.  He felt so grateful to those of this friends who were so king to him. But his tenderest love went out for the dear brother who stayed with him to the last; willing if need to die for him.  And surely "they shall not loose their reward."  His young life is ended, his work on earth is done; and he is with that God who does all things well.  He desired to say to all his old and dear friends and associates "good bye, a long and happy good bye, till we meet in that bright realm where the waters of life roll down the golden sands, where death never comes, and where we shall clasp hands and be forever with the Lord. A FRIEND.

[St. Francois Herald, February  17, 1902]


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