Harris and Dooley Feud No.4



(Democrat-Register, Bonne Terre, Mo., Aug. 17, 1900)

        The preliminary hearing in the case of State of Missouri vs. William, Joe and Leslie Dooley, for the shooting affray that took place at the Doe Run picnic on August 4, was called before Squire R. C. Tucker Monday.  The defense filed an application for change of venue and the case was taken to Squire J. D. Turner's Court.

        The case was called before Judge Turner promptly at one o'clock Monday afternoon.  The court room was crowded with spectators and all the sessions of the court have been largely attended.

        Prosecuting Attorney Walter L. Hensley, on the part of the state, is being assisted by B. H. Marbury, D. L. Rivers and Mont Highly (sic Highley), while the defense is represented by Judge J. S. Gossom.

        All of Monday and Tuesday were consumed in examining witnesses for the state. The defense proposes to present some strong testimony today (Wednesday).  The case will probably not be finished before Thursday.

        Frank Harris, the first states' witness examined, testified in substance to the following:  Witness was riding on steam swing.  Old man Dooley and Jack Matkins were standing near talking.  Wes and James Harris approached and exchanged greetings with Matkins.  Wes Harris asked Matkin if he was "catching many foxes."  Matkin replied that he was not.   Wes Harris in a sarcastic manner said:  "He's like the Harrises - not worth a d---m."  Some works were then exchanged between them, old man Dooley shaking his fist in Wes Harris' face and saying, "you can't run over me and my boys."  Wes Harris told him to keep his hands to himself.  Old man Dooley picked up a club, pushed Harris back.  Bill Dooley drew first weapon; Joe and Leslie Dooley fired first shots at Wes Harris, then Leslie, Wm., Joe, John and old man Dooley also fired at Wes Harris.  When first shot was fired Wes Harris was unwrapping his revolver from handkerchief.  He then also fired.  Bill Dooley shot James Harris twice in the back while he was stooping for a piece of wood and followed him some distance shooting.  Leslie Dooley got a winchester from wagon and fired at James Harris, who was unarmed to knowledge of witness.  Jim Harris ran to grand stand where he fell.   At this time, Wes Harris was still defending himself.  When firing ceased, Wes Harris was lying dead within 20 feet of place where firing commenced. Leslie Dooley fired last shot at Wes Harris with winchester.  On cross examination witness states:   Wes Harris shot at old man Dooley; old man was pulling gun at the time; Wes was the only Harris armed. Witness took no part, but was shot by Joe Dooley.

    The testimony of Mrs. Harris testified that Will Dooley shot at her husband and then at her.

    Ellis Dillion, third witness for the state said that one of the Dooley's shot and stamped Wes Harris in the face after his death.

    Mrs. Amanda Harris stated that she heard Will Dooley declare after shooting Wes Harris:  "He killed my father; I'll kill the last one before I stop."  She also said that Wes Harris always carried a revolver and used it when necessary. ---Herald. 

    LATER: -- The preliminary hearing was conducted Wednesday and the Dooley boys bound over in the sum of $8,000 each, to appear at the next term of circuit court.


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