Zolman Cemetery

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Zolman Cemetery
Turley Mill Road, Near Farmington, Missouri
St. Francois County
Photographed by B. Warner and S. Hackworth - 2005

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Baker, John E. d. Sept. 23, 1930 (no photo available)
Baker, Olive D. (Haynes) "Sis" "Peace at Last"
Bannister, Eugene B. (Sr.) h/o Patrechia; son of Richard and Ruby (Zolman) Bannister - View Obituary - #1 - #2
Bannister, Lynn Zolman S1 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Bannister, Patrechia J. w/o Eugene B. Bannister, Sr.
August 31, 1939 - July 18, 2012
See Eugene B. Bannister, Sr.'s tombstone
Bannister, Richard William (Sr.) h/o Ruby (Zolman); son of Edward and Josephine (Skaggs) Bannister - View Obituary
Bannister, Ruby (Zolman) w/o Richard W.; daughter of J. P. and Mary (Level) Zolman - View Obituary
Bentley, John A. h/o Sarah A.
Bentley, Sarah A. w/o John A.
Bosen, Anna Mae w/o Charles A.
Bosen, Charles A. .
Boyer, Francis O. h/o Martha (no date of death on stone)
Boyer, Gary     Stone #2 s/o Francis & Martha
Boyer, Martha w/o Francis (no date of death on stone); daughter of   Jacob and Ethel Etta (Byington) Haynes 
Casteel Baby Boy .
Cochran, Brenda Kay Taylor FHM
Cochran, Leota M. w/o Louis E. Cochran; daughter of Daniel and Lena (Zolman) Ebrecht - View Obituary
Cochran, Louis E. h/o Leota M. (Ebrecht) Cochran; son of Charles and Elvirda Cochran; 1st wife: Leota; 2nd wife: Mary Lou (Loesch) Cochran; 3rd wife: Bernice Roux Flanery Cochran - View Obit of Louis Cochran
Doss, H. M. .
Ebrecht, Lena Z. nee Zolman
Engelhardt, Deborah Ann (Carbaugh) .
Feezor, Jesse T. husband of Barbara (Hawn)
Feezor, Ruth Gretchen daughter of Jesse and Barbara (Hawn) Freezor
Green, Maggie May  d/o William Newton & Addie (Moore) Green
Hale, David A. h/o Margaret L.
Hale, Margaret L. w/o David A. (no date of death on stone)
Harles, Robbie L. daughter of J. W. and Daisy (Miller) Zolman
Hawkins, Eileen M. (Zolman) "Mother" - daughter of J. W. and Daisy (Miller) Zolman - View Obituary
Hawn, Mr. and Mrs. ? Need to retake this photo as it had too bad of a glare on it. 
Hawn (?) Baby Graves There are at least 7 markers near a Hawn stone which just say "Baby". Not positive whether these belong to Hawn family or not.
Haynes, Abe .
Haynes, Angeline (nee Zolman) 1861-1938; w/o Howard
Haynes Baby boy and Baby girl .
Haynes Baby girl .
Haynes, Edward Kossuth. h/o Ruth G. (Cleve) Haynes; son of John and Mary (Horn) Haynes - View Obituary
Haynes, George C. h/o Helen M. (Cleve) Haynes  - son of John and Mary (Horn) Haynes
Haynes, Harold "Bud"    View Military Stone CPL US ARMY KOREA - h/o Thelma Louise "Trammell" (Palmer) Haynes; son of Jacob and Ethel Etta (Byington) Haynes   - View Obituary
Haynes, Helen M. (nee Cleve) w/o George C. Haynes; daughter of George C. and Theresa (Miller) Cleve
Haynes, Howard 1862-1925; h/o Angeline
Haynes, Howard F. "Buster" 1923-1930; s/o Marion and Nellie (Byington) Haynes
Haynes, Katherine Lawanda (Stanton) No date of death on stone; w/o William M.
Haynes, Marion MISSOURI PVT 3 BN 164 DEPOT
BRIGADE WORLD WAR 1 - Son of Howard and Angeline (Zolman) Haynes; husband of Nellie (Byington) Haynes - View Obituary
Haynes, Nellie M. (nee Byington) w/o Marion
Haynes, Ruth Georgia w/o Edward K. Haynes; daughter of George A. and Theresa (Miller) Cleve - View Obituary
Haynes, Thelma w/o Harold "Bud" - no date of death on stone
Haynes, William Maurice No date of death on stone; h/o Katherine
Lawanda (Stanton) - son of John and Mary (Horn) Haynes
Horn, James Cave h/o Lucy J. (Zolman)
Horn, Walter H. s/o  James C. & Lucy J. (Zolman) Horn
Hull, Dennis Michael "Bo" Son of Dennis Ray and Latisha Hull.  Grandson of Olive (Hull) (Haynes) Baker; great-grandson of Marion and Nellie (Byington) Haynes
Hull, Holly Ni'chole (Infant) "Angel Unaware" - Daughter of Vernon J. and Rebecca Hull; granddaughter of Olive (Hull) (Haynes) Baker; great-granddaughter of Marion and Nellie (Byington) Haynes
Kenney, Charles F. h/o Margaret (Zolman)
Kenney, Kenneth C. shares stone w/Charles & Margaret
Kenney, Margaret (nee Zolman) w/o Charles F. Kenney; daughter of J. W. and Daisy (Miller) Zolman
Kessinger, Bernette R. daughter of Walter O. and Minnie (Trapp / Trappe) Bremer - View Obituary 
Lober, Edward T. h/o Lucy (Haynes) Lober; son of Joseph and Mary (Wimsett) Lober - View Obituary #1 - #2
Note:  Joseph Lober was a Spanish American War Veteran and his wife, Mary (Wimsett) Lober is thought to be the last surviving Spanish American War Widow.  They are both buried at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery near St. Louis, Mo.
Lober, Lucy (nee Haynes) w/o Edward T. - no date of death on stone
London, Clyde E. h/o Zoe (Haynes) London - s/o William E. London and Leona (or Leora) London (nee Evans)
View Obituary
London, M. Ruth [Marion Ruth] d/o Clyde & Zoe/Zoa (Haynes) London
London, Zoe/Zoa (nee Haynes) w/o Clyde E. London; daughter of Howard Haynes and Angeline/Angie (Zolman) Haynes
View Obituary: #1 - #2
Maus, Margaret S. daughter of J. W. and Daisy Mae (Miller) Zolman; first husband was Charles Francis Kenney who preceded her in death; second husband was Carl Maus who survived her.  View Obituary
McCarthy, Hannah (nee Bentley) w/o J. W. McCarthy; d/o John & Sarah
Bentley; sister of John Bentley - View Obituary 
Mills, Henry A. husband of Mary Ann "Mollie" (Moore) Mills.
Mills, Mary A. wife of Henry A. Mills; daughter of Alexander and Margaret (Zolman) Moore
Montgomery, Leroy L. h/o Mabel V.
Montgomery, Mabel V. w/o Leroy L.
Moore, Alexander   View #2 h/o Margaret
Moore, Margaret   View #2 w/o Alexander; daughter of Joel & Louisa Zolman - View Obituary
Munger, Harrie L. s/o M.M. & E.L. Munger
Murphy, John W. husband of Millie (Gossett) Murphy
Murphy, Millie nee Gossett; wife of John W. Murphy; b. March 29, 1840; died Thurs. May 17, 1917  - View Obit
Noltkamper, Baby boy This may be infant son of Harry and Edith Alice (Zolman) Noltkamper - See obituary of
Clyde Noltkamper  
Parks, Archie C. and Alma L. Archie was son of Milton and Amanda (Ritter) Parks and step-father of Alma (Mrs. Milton) Peek.  View Obits for Archie: #1 - #2 - Alma Lavada Parks was daughter of Henry and Mary Ann (Moore) Mills; 1st husband: James Oscar Ratley; 2nd husband: Archie Parks.  View Obits for Alma: #1  - #2
Peek, Milton L. and Alma G. "Gerri" As of 2005, there are no dates of death on these stones so assume they may still be living;  Milton L. Peek is native of Alabama; Alma G. (Mrs. Milton) Peek (known as "Gerri") is daughter of James Oscar Ratley and Alma L. (nee Mills) (Ratley) Parks and step-daughter of Archie Parks.
Perkins, Edward H. h/o Rachel M.
Perkins, Rachel M. w/o Edward H.
Ransom, Lawrence W. and Dora L. Dora was daughter of Henry and Mary Ann "Mollie" (Moore) Mills/granddaughter of Alexander and Margaret (Zolman) Moore
Reddick, Betty J. .
Smith, Margaret .
Stone, Helen Grace w/o Maurice Stone; daughter of John and Mary Eugenia (Horn) Haynes - View Obituary
Stone, Maurice A. h/o Helen Stone; son of Joseph and Lizzie Francis Stone - View Obituary
Straughan, Faye E. and Elliott H. "Red" Elliott Hicks "Red" Straughan was son of Russell and Pearle Hicks Straughan; husband of Faye Elizabeth (Maples) Straughan.  Faye's Obit / Elliott's Obit
Walters, Frank E. and Lolita M. (nee Zolman) Lolita is daughter of J. W. and Daisy (Miller) Zolman - View Lolita's Obituary
Zolman, Addie Hughes wife of J. P. Zolman
Zolman, Clinton Edgar and Jewel L. 
Clinton Edgar is son of J. W. and Daisy Mae (Miller) Zolman; husband of Jewel (Chits) Zolman - View Obit
Zolman, Edward  E.        View #2
MWA Bismarck Camp No. 3669 Symbol
son of C. B. and Sarah E. Zolman
Zolman, J. Willard s/o J. P. Zolman and Addie Hughes Zolman; husband of Daisy (Miller) Zolman; step-son of Mrs. Mamie Mitchell - View Obituary
Zolman, Joel husband of Louisa (Murphy) Zolman
Zolman, Joel W. [William ?] Died March 27, 1862, aged 11 months, 11 days; son of Joel and Louisa
Zolman, John M. and Beulah V. (nee McGraw) John M. Zolman is son of Basil [Bazil] and Nora (Parks) Zolman* - View John's Obituary.  Beulah was born in Bollinger County to James Franklin and Barbara Elizabeth (Mungle) McGraw; first husband - William Luther Crites.  View Beulah's Obituary
Zolman, John Phillip Son of Joel and Louisa (Murphy) Zolman; Justice of Peace for 23 years, St. Francois Twp.  - performed 1,312 marriage ceremonies - known as "Marrying Justice" - View Obituary
Zolman, Louisa   Wife of Joel Zolman
Zolman, Mary E (nee Sloss) wife of Roscoe Zolman; daughter of Leonard and Hattie (Kemper) Sloss - View Obituary
Zolman, Myrtle Orena Infant daughter of JW (John Willard) and Daisy (Miller) Zolman.  
Zolman, Roscoe A. son of J. P. Zolman
Zolman, Sarah E.   - View #2 w/o C. B. Zolman - no date of death on stone
*Bazil (Basil) and Nora (Parks) Zolman are buried at Glenda Cemetery near Farmington, MO


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