Workmens Cemetery


Workmens Cemetery
(a/k/a Workman's Cemetery or A.O.U.W. Cemetery)
Park Hills, St. Francois County, Mo

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Workmens Cemetery, located on Countryside Lane, is one of six cemeteries located
immediately  behind the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Park
Hills (formerly Flat River), Missouri.  The Immaculate Conception Catholic
Church  is located at the intersection of West Main Street and Highway 8.    
Countryside Lane is a connecting street that runs between Highway 8 and
West Main Street.  You can reach all cemeteries from Countryside Lane. 

~~~ Photographed by L. & S. Hackworth Oct 28, 2005 ~~

NOTE:  This is NOT a complete listing!   We believe that there are many unmarked graves in this cemetery. Please e-mail us if you have family member which you believe should be added.


Bailey, Delores Effie .
Bailey, Lydia Jane .
Bailey, Marie I. w/o William H.
Bailey, William H. h/o Marie I.
Bamberger, Elsie F. w/o Willam F.
Bamberger, William F. h/o Elsie F.
Bates, Corby E. h/o Esther
Bates, Emma L. .
Bates, Esther w/o Corby E.
Bates, Harlen C. .
Bell, Della F. w/o Henry F.
Bell, Henry F. h/o Della F.
Bell, William .
Bock, Jane N. .
Bock, Leo C. .
Boren, Carroll J. w/o Harry S.
Boren, Harry S. h/o Carroll J.
Branham, Marie w/o William A.
Branham, Melinda A. .
Branham, Unknown .
Branham, William A. h/o Marie 
Butler, Heather Michelle .
Buxton, Alta Wilma .
Buxton, Bobby .
Buxton, Dessie F. .
Buxton, James Edgar .
Buxton, Richard Thomas SP4 US Army
Buxton, Toney E, .
Copeland, Mary .
Coppedge, Leolan s/o W. E. & H. L. Coppedge
Cortor, Davie J. (Jene) Military Stone PFC US Army
Cortor, Isabelle .
Cortor, Leonard G. .
Cortor, Mona C. .
Cortor, William J. .
Degonia, Harold R. .
Delcoure, Charles  A. h/o Florence R.
Delcoure, Florence R. w/o Charles A.
Dillard, Carmen .
Dowd, Ruth Hope .
Dush, Pearl J. .
Edwards, Carl W. s/o Frank and Irene Edwards
Edwards, Clell S. s/o Frank and Irene Edwards
Edwards, Ronald F. s/o Frank and Irene Edwards
Field, Agnes d/o Wm. & S. M. Field
Field, wife of Wm.  View 2 w/o Wm. Field
Fowler, Sandra (Hawkins) .
Gamblin, Eva .
Gillette, Ruth  View 2 .
Hammock, Walter S.   View 2 h/o Ethel J. Hammock
Hardy, Alfred h/o Elizabeth
Hardy, Elizabeth w/o Alfred
Harrington, Walter E.  Military Stone h/o Loretta M.CPL US Army Korea
Harrington, Loretta M. w/o Walter E.
Harris, Howard R. .
Harris, Carrie L. w/o John R.
Harris, John R. h/o Carrie L.
Hood, John Thomas s/o John H. and Lucetta Hood
Hughes, Carolyn Ann .
Hulsey, Lytle C. .
Hulsey, Virla C. .
Hurst, Edwin D. .
Hurst, Lula Elizbeth .
Inman, Delbert J.  (J. R.)  Military Stone SGT. US Army Korea
Jenkerson, Ernest .
Jenkerson, Sarah .
Jenkerson, Sherlock .
Jenkins, Stephen B. .
Kindle, Irvin .
Leatherman, James Charles h/o Rose F.
Leatherman, Lelia .
Leatherman, Rose F. w/o James Charles
Leatherman, William C. .
Lee, Jennie w/o Richard
Lee, Richard h/o Jennie
Link, James A. .
Link, Julius N. Jr. .
Link, Juluis N. h/o Louise H.
Link, Louise H. w/o Juluis N.
Lutman, Mary H. .
Mann, Eliza J. w/o W. B.
Mann, John Balch .
Mann, W. B. h/o Eliza J.
Maples, Annie .
Maples, Columbus C. .
Marbery, Emma E. .
Marbery, James A. .
Marbery, James A. h/o Emma E.
Marbery, Emma E. w/o James A.
Marbery, William F. .
Marler, Elbert S. .
Marler, Emma D. w/o Sam W.
Marler, Raymond G. .
Marler, Sam W. h/o Emma D.
Marshall, James S. .
Masterson, James h/o Mary
Masterson, Mary w/o James
McClintock, Henry E. .
McClintock, Louisa T. .
McClintock, Thomas F. .
Motley, Carl .
Motley, John F. h/o Pearl S.
Motley, Pearl S. w/o John F.
Moyer, Julia Ann w/o Samuel V.
Moyer, Samuel V. h/o Julia Ann
Moyer, Bruce .
Oelsen, Anise V. w/o Henry A.
Oelsen, Henry A. h/o Anise V.
Parks, Danny Russell .
Parks, Lena M. w/o Russell M.
Parks, Russell M. h/o Lena M.
Parks, Sherdell .
Patterson, Dorathy Irene .
Patterson, Enos A. h/o Erna C.
Patterson, Erna C. w/o Enos A.
Pirtle, Amanda J. E. .
Pirtle, Edward L. .
Pirtle, Nora E. .
Pirtle, Ollie P. .
Pratte, Eli L. h/o Elsie B.
Pratte, Elsie B. w/o Eli L..
Pratte, Gary .
Pratte, Georgia .
Pratte, Lynn E. .
Pratte, Vinnie C. .
Pritchett, Charles N. .
Pritchett, Charles "Nick" h/o Glenda L.
Pritchett, Glenda L. w/o Charles "Nick"
Pryor, Charlotte w/o Raymond E
Pryor, James C. h/o Lillie M.
Pryor, Lillie M. w/o James C.
Pryor, Norman H. h/o T. Marie
Pryor, Raymond E. h/o Charlotte
Pryor, T. Marie w/o Norman H.
Pulliam, Joseph L. Jr. .
Qualls, Marion .
Qualls, Wilson .
Randolph, Robert   View 2 .
Rasnic, Ruby Fay .
Reeves, Benjamin Franklin .
Rhodes, Donald Lee Missouri HT 2 US Navy Vietnam
Riley, F. F. .
Robinson, Henry Age 56y. 3m. 7d.
Rowe, Katie Hazel d/o James and Emma Rowe
Serini, Serina Anna .
Setzer, Arch h/o Lula
Setzer Bobby G. .
Setzer, Lula w/o Arch
Short, Delmon h/o Mickey
Short, Mickey w/o Delmon
Skaggs, Altha M. .
Skaggs, Burnell N. .
Skaggs, Esther .
Skaggs, Newton .
Skaggs, William F. .
Smith, F. .
Smith, J. R. .
Strickland, Jessie Ruth .
Strickland, Martha .
Thomure, Arthur s/o Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Thomure
Thomure, Christy M. d/o Geo. W. & N. Thomure
Thomure, Eva Lea marker broken apart and laying on ground
Thomure, Infant d/o J. E. and  B. E. Thomure
Thomure, Zelda d/o Jasper and Bessie Thomure
Thornton, Minnie .
Unknown .
Unknown .
Unknown .
Unknown .
Unknown .
Wallace, Mason G. s/o Wm. M. and Nellie L. Wallace
Waller, J. H. .
Weitzel, Glenwood .
Wescoat, Walter W.  View 2 .
Williams, Charles F. h/o Myrtle M.
Williams, Myrtle M. w/o Charles F.
Wise, Laura .
Woody, Jewel Auburn US Navy WWII
Woody, John H. SGT. US Army Korea
Woody, Elizabeth .
Woody, Violet J. .