Nash Cemetery



Located North of Bonne Terre, off of Primrose Road,
in St. Francois County, Missouri.  See below for 
detailed directions to this cemetery.  
Visited by B. Warner, Jan Scott & Steve Topping on February 15, 2005 

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This old cemetery contains many unmarked graves, graves marked only with plain field rocks, and stones with very little identifying information.    Please E-MAIL US if you have any information concerning any of the individuals buried here, or if you have information concerning others who are buried here but who are not listed below, or you feel there are any corrections which need to be made.   We wish to thank Joyce Wafford, a Nash descendent, for her assistance in providing much of the information set forth below.   We also want to thank Steve Topping, great-grandson of Jacob Topping, for being our guide to the cemetery.  We probably never would have found it without his assistance.

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CHOTROW, Rosa Belle - This stone was discovered  by Jeremy Heath.  It was photographed July 2, 2008, by Charles "Charlie" Chotrow, II and his girlfriend, Sharon Pinson.  Charlie is the grandson of Rosa Belle (Stinnett) Chotrow.  Rosa Belle (Stinnett) was the daughter of Dollie Ann (Nash) and James M. Stinnett.  She was born August 17, 1915 and died March 23, 1956.  She was the first wife of Vernon William Chotrow and the mother of four children.  She specifically asked her family to bury her beside her mother, Dollie Ann (Nash) Stinnett, when she died.  To date, she is probably the last one to be buried in the Nash Cemetery.    CLICK HERE to view death certificate.  Joyce Wafford would appreciate it if anyone with additional information on Rosa Belle Chotrow would e-mail her.    Here are additional photos of her grave:  Photo #2 - Photo #3 .
E. N.   It is believed that this may be the marker for grave of Elijah Nash.  If not Elijah, it may be Elizabeth Nash who was married to Thomas Nash as other members of her family are buried here.  Elizabeth was daughter of Claiborne "Clabe" and Amanda Nash.   
L. - This is probably the grave of Marvin "Lee" Nash, who always went by name of Lee.  His wife, Georgeann (Doggett) Nash,  is buried here which is why it is believed that he is too.   Marvin Lee Nash was born 1861 and probably died between 1900 - 1910 per census records.  He married Georgeann Doggett November 22, 1882, in Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri.  They were the parents of three children, to-wit: a son (exact name unknown) who is listed on the 1900 census who died at a very young age; Lillie Nash who married Jacob Topping; and, LuAnn Nash.     

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Very steep logging road/path up hillside from Primrose Road to Nash Cemetery

NASH, Georgeann  (nee Doggett) - Wife of Marvin Lee Nash.  Born 1865 and died March 13, 1923, per her tombstone.
R.R.N. - It is thought that this may be the grave of Robert Nash.  No further information is available on him at this time.  It was first thought by Joyce that this might be the grave of William "Riley" Nash who went by the name of "Riley".   He was born about 1856 and died at Leadwood in May of 1930.  However, she was told by a cousin, who is a grandchild of Riley, that William Riley Nash and his wife, Martha (Stinnett) Nash, are buried in another Nash Family Cemetery located north of Valles Mines, Missouri. 

STINNETT, Dolly Ann (Nash) Stinnett - Born 1886, Died 1929; daughter of Claiborne "Clabe" and Amanda Nash; married James Stinnett on June 15, 1901, Bonne Terre, Missouri; mother of Pearl Stinnett, Bertha "Dollie" Stinnett, and Rosey Stinnett. 

TOPPING, Jacob (1893 - Dec. 17, 1918) - Husband of Lillie Nash; daughter of Marvin Lee and Georgeann (Doggett) Nash.  Lillie is listed as being buried in the Germania Cemetery in Bonne Terre.  According to that listing, she was born Sept. 14, 1889 and died Aug. 3, 1969.  No tombstone was found for her. 

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Steve Topping (our guide to the cemetery), along with
Jan Scott, visit the grave of Steve's great-grandfather, Jacob Topping


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Jan and Steve trying to dodge mud holes on their way down steep hillside
after visiting Nash Cemetery.


Joyce believes that the following individuals may also be buried in this cemetery. 
If anyone can confirm burial here or has knowledge of them being buried elsewhere,
please E-MAIL US or E-MAIL JOYCE.   Thank you!

Elijah Nash - No further Information

Robert Nash - No further Information (may be his stone listed as R.R.N. above)

Male Nash
Name cannot be made out on Census Record for 1900, but he was
17 years old at that time - Possibly a "Frank"  Nash
Son of:  Marvin "Lee" and GeorgeAnn (Doggett) Nash
Born:  About 1883
Died:  Before 1910
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri

Claiborne "Clabe" Nash
Born:  1835 - Illinois
Died:   Between  1900-1910 - Froze to death on his
wagon during a snowstorm.
Big River Twp., St. Francois Co., Mo.
Husband of:  Amanda "Mandy" Nash
Father of:  Dolly Ann (Nash) Stinnett

Amanda "Mandy" Nash
Born:  December 3, 1846
Died:  December 16, 1928
Iron County, Missouri - Body was brought back to Bonne Terre, St. Francois
County, Missouri, for burial on December 18, 1928
Husband:  Claiborne "Clabe" Nash
Daughter of:  John W. "Jackson or Jack" and Hannah Nash
Mother of:  Dolly Ann (Nash) Stinnett

Alfred Nash
Born:  1871
Died:  After 1880
Son of:  Claiborne "Clabe" and Amanda "Mandy" Nash

Elizabeth "Eliza" Nash
Born:  1872
Died:  Unknown
Daughter of:Claiborne "Clabe" and Amanda "Mandy" Nash
Wife of:   Thomas Nash

Thomas Nash
Born:  About 1871
Died:  Unknown
Parents:  Unknown
Husband of:  Elizabeth "Eliza" Nash
Son In Law: Claiborne "Clabe" and Amanda "Mandy" Nash

John W. "Jackson or Jack" Nash
Born: About 1815 - Kentucky
Died:  Between 1870 - 1880
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri
Husband of:  Hannah Nash (Maiden Name Unknown)
Father of:  Amanda "Mandy" Nash and Marvin "Lee" Nash

Hannah Nash (Maiden Name Unknown)
Born:  About 1808 - Virginia
Died:  Between 1880 - 1900
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri
Wife of:  John W. "Jackson or Jack" Nash
Mother of:  Amanda "Mandy" Nash and Marvin "Lee" Nash

Daniel Nash
Born:  1838
Died:  July 1850
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri
Son of:  John W. "Jackson or Jack" and Hannah Nash

Henry Hiram Nash
Born:  1802 - North Carolina
Died:  Before 1890
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri
Husband of:  Margaret Jane "Aunt Peggy" (Moses) Nash

Thomas "Tom" Nash
Born:  1846
Died:  Before 1900
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri
Husband of:  F. Francis "Fannie" Nash (Maiden Name Unknown)
Son of:  John W. "Jackson or Jack" and Hannah Nash

F. Francis "Fannie" Nash
Born:  1848 - Kentucky
Died:  Unknown
Wife of:  Thomas "Tom" Nash

James Stinnett
Born:  1873 - Missouri
Died:  After 1910
Big River Twp., St. Francois County, Missouri
Husband of:  Dolly Ann (Nash) Stinnett
Father of:  Pearl, Bertha, and Rosey Stinnett
Son In Law: Claiborne "Clabe" and Amanda "Mandy" Nash

Please e-mail Joyce Wafford if you wish to exchange information 
concerning any of the above individuals or wish to contribute to the upkeep of the Nash Cemetery.   


     Take Berry Road (a/k/a old U.S. Hwy. 67) north from Bonne Terre several miles until you come to Primrose Road (which will be on left hand side of road North of Big River).  If you get to C.B. Joe's Restaurant, you've went too far and missed the road.  You will then drive along Primrose Road (up and down a few hills and round a sharp right-hand curve in road) until you come to small low-water type bridge which crosses over Bee-Run Creek.  Don't cross over bridge.  We parked in area just before you get to the bridge.  Across the road (to your right), you'll see an old logging road or pathway that goes up the hillside.  Just climb up that road/path which veers at first to the left and then veers to the right until you get to "the top of the mountain".  There is a large flat clearing at the top.    Take pathway that leads off to the right of that clearing.  As you walk along that trail, keep looking to your left.  You'll eventually see the cemetery a short distance off of the trail in a wooded area.  The cemetery has partial fencing around it, but most of it is down.  I believe the property might be located on land owned by St.  Francois Estates, LLC. When we were there in February, there was a lot of logging and clearing going on so property may look entirely different  now than it did then.