Mitchell Cemetery


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Located near Leadwood, Mo., off of Mitchell Cemetery Road
Last Visited:  July 16, 2005

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   NOTE:  There are many, many unmarked graves in this cemetery as well as graves with unreadable markers.   The listing below is mostly comprised of burials for which tombstones or markers were found which could be photographed.  Click on names to view photograph of tombstone or marker.  From time to time, we will be adding names from other sources as we come across them in obituaries or other sources of information.  In the meantime, if you have family members that you know are buried in this cemetery which are not listed below, please e-mail us a scan of their obituary or death certificate to substantiate burial here and we'll add their name(s) to the list.   

If you have questions or have problems reading dates on any of the stones or have corrections, additional information to add, or come across any broken links, please click HERE to e-mail us.    

     A big THANK YOU goes out to Larry & Sharon Hackworth for volunteering their time to record and photograph this very important cemetery for us.   

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Abney, Emily D. - stillborn daughter of Patrick & Alice (Barlow) Abney
Abney, John Fitzgerald - View Obituary
Aubuchon, Joseph B., husband of Mary L. AuBuchon (nee Hoffman)


Bannister, Marvin L.
Bannister, Wanda Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bannister.  
     No stone found - View Obituary
Barron, Saphronia Josephine (nee Watts), daughter of Issac Newton & Anna Caroline Lunsford Watts; no stone found - View Obituary.
Barron, James Henry, wife of Josephine (Watts), son of William & Causby (Miller) Barron.  No stone found - View Obituary
Barton, Amber Renea - daughter of Timothy & Kimberly (Richards) Barton
Barton, Ashley Lynn - daughter of Timothy & Kimberly (Richards) Barton
Barton, Grover  - husband of Nancy Barton
Barton, Lonnie C.  View 2 - son of Grover & Nancy Barton
Barton, Lucy
Barton, Michael L.
Barton, Nancy  - wife of Grover Barton
Barton, Timothy Austin - son of Timothy & Kimberly (Richards) Barton
Barton, Willard R. - son of Lonnie & Lavada (nee Reese) Barton
Bates, Jane - possibly wife of Jerry Bates
Bates, Jerry - possibly husband of Jane Bates
Beckett, Nathan - View 2 - Military Stone: CO F 47 Regt. MO INF. - husband of Julia (Newby) Beckett
Belknap, Margaret, wife of Quincy
Billingsbly, Matilda  View 2 - wife of George W. Billingsby
Blaylock, Helen (nee Prather), wife of George Blaylock  - See Helen Prather (below)
Boen, Carson - son of Val & Sarah
Boen, Celia - (nee Robinson; wife of Isaac Boen)    View Death Certificate
Boen, Ruby - daughter of Val & Sarah
Boen, Val. C. and Sarah [nee Gentry] - Valentine Carson Boen son of Isaac & Celia (Robinson)
Bone, W. O.
Brannam, Arizona B. and Charles W.  [spelled Branham in obit - view obit for Arizona
Brewer, Lindell O. - son of William
Briley, Freddie Leon, Jr. - View Obituary
Briley, Baby (funeral home marker)
Briley, Ruby M.
Briley, Thormanetta, married to Vernon Dix, d/o Jesse Briley.  View Obituary
Briley, William H. and Joyce A.


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Calvert, Evelyn Lee, wife of John Calvert; d/o of Dewey & Christine Jennings.  View Obituary
Campbell, William W. - son of John & Rosie (nee Powell) Campbell
Cartee, Harry E., husband of S. L. Cartee
Cartee, Horace G., son of H. E. & S. L. Cartee
Christopher, Robert J. and Fannie J (nee Crump). - View Obituary
Christopher, Robert M. and Minnie M (nee Sago).  - View Obituary
Christopher, Sylvester - killed in mining accident (1920)
Christopher, Theodore R. "Ted" - son of Robert & Fannie Jane (nee Crump)
Compton, Woodrow - possibly child of Daniel M. Compton
Cowen, John , husband of Mary
Cowen, Mary, wife of John
Craig, Danny L. -
Craig, Earl - son of Wm. and Mattie
Craig, John - son of Wm. and Mattie
Craig, Mattie  - View Obituary
Craig, Mattie - same person as above - photo of original homemade stone
Craig, Myrtle A., daughter of S. L. & M. A. Craig
Craig, William, husband of Mattie Frances (Williams).   View Obituary.
Cummins, Mona Lesa


Daily, E. (Note:  This may be Daily E. Furry since stone is situated right next to Furry stones)
Davis, Arte M., wife of J. S. Davis
Davis, George, husband of Lorraine Kitchell; son of Daniel and Hattie (Bates) Davis. No stone seen - View Obituary.
Davis, Hattie (nee Bates)
Davis, Luke - husband of Rachel
Davis, Rachel, wife of Luke
Day, Elizabeth Ann
Day, George
Day, George W.
Day, James F. 
Day, James F., husband of Jenetta Day
Day, James W.
Day, John C.
Day, Sarah
Day, Sarah Ann
Day, Thos. G.  View 2
Delashmit, Ruby D.
Delashmit, William E. - View Obituary
Delauny, John B.
Delauny, Sarah Ann
Delauny, Wm. H.
Delonay, Eliza
Delonay, George L. - [Also spelled Deloney]  This stone marked G.L.D. was found away from grave of George L. Delonay, but it could possibly be misplaced footstone which goes with his grave.
Delonay, J. B. 
Delonay, John B.
Delonay, Laura E.
Delonay, Nancy
Delonay, Robert E.
Deloney, Abraham - View Obituary
Deloney, Lillie - No stone found - View Obituary.
Deloney, Lutisha - wife of John B. - daughter of Beverly Kenner - View Obituary
DePaul, Stella Jean (nee Christopher), daughter of Robert & Fannie (Crump) Christopher; married 1st to Edward Scott; married 2nd to Marion DePaul.   No stone found - View Obituary
Dix, Thormanetta (nee Briley), wife of Vernon Dix, d/o Jesse J. Briley.  View Obituary.
Dixon, Clarence Lee
Dixon, Lucy M.
Dixon, Minnie G. - wife of Clarence Dixon.  Click HERE to view two unmarked graves next to tombstone of Minnie Dixon.
Dixon, Norman (Buddy) - Click HERE to view blank Gum & Sons Funeral Home marker which is situated next to grave of Norman (Buddy) Dixon.
Dixon, Roy E.


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EATON, Annie (nee Bean), wife of James W. Eaton - No stone found - View Obituary
Eaton, Jesse N. , husband of Mary Jane (Fields) - View Obituary
Eaton, Jesse T., son of J. N. & M. Eaton
Eaton, Lena V., daughter of J. W. & A. L. Eaton
Eaton, Mary, wife of Jesse N. Eaton, daughter of John & Mary Fields
Eaton, Mary J., wife of M. S. Eaton [Marion Smith Eaton]
Eaton, Stella, daughter of M. J. & M. S. Eaton
Ellegood, Cassie
Enloe, Marion [Alice Enloe may be buried here too.]


Faulkerson, Fred - Click HERE to view unmarked stone marker situated next to grave of Fred Faulkerson.  Click HERE to view unmarked stone marker on other side of grave of Fred Faulkerson.  Both graves appear to have been decorated by same person who decorated his grave. 
View Obituary.
Fields, Ester P.  View 2, wife of Charles Fields
Fields, Glenwood
Fields, Isaiah, husband of Julia A. Fields (nee Hoffman)
Fields, Isaiah and Julia - Julia's maiden name is Hoffman or Hoffmann.  Click HERE to view obituary of Julia Ann Fields.
Fields, James Elbert, son of Isaiah and Julia Fields
Fields, James H., husband of Mary J. Fields
Fields, John A. - son of J. & M. Fields (James & Mary?)
Forshee, Geo. [George] - no dates on stone
Fox, Charles Martin and Dollie Ann
Fox, Charlie, Missouri, PFC MD, World War I
Fox, Dollie Ann (nee Sago), wife of Charles Martin Fox,  daughter of Joseph and Mae (Clanin) Sago.  No stone was found - View Obituary.
Fullium, Faith
Furry, Daily E. -Born & Died July 14, 1912
Furry, John H. & Nettie V. [Possibly] - Stone is face down.  According to SFC Cemetery book, John was born Oct. 1, 1878 and died June 19, 1929; Nettie was born Feb. 4, 1891 and died Aug. 24, 1941.  She was d/o James & Elizabeth Day.  John and Nettie were married Jan. 1, 1899.  There are footstones which match this fallen tombstone which read H.F. & N.F.  Possibly Helen Furry's name could have been represented on this stone as well.  According to SFC Cemetery book, she was born Oct. 13, 1904 and died Dec. 30, 1918.  View Obituary of John Furry.
Furry, Nettie M - Daughter of John H. & Nettie V. (Day) Furry


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Gentry, James - Broken stone/no dates - son of  Andrew Jackson & Mary (Williams) Gentry


Hagemeyer, Addie Franis [ Francis or Frances ?] - 1st husband - Oliver Perry; 2nd husband - Harry Hagenmeyer, d/o Harmon & Katherine Montgomery
Hahn, Lena B.
Ida M. Hamm (nee Russell), wife of John Hamm.  No stone found - View Obituary.
Olaf G. Hamm, daughter of John Hamm - No stone found - View Obituary
Hardie, Bethany A. 
Hardin, Mary Laura. , wife of L. Morgan Hardin, daughter of Dr. Charles & Mary Hoffman. 
View Obituary.  First husband was Joseph Aubuchon.  
Harrington, Myrtle May (nee Drummonds)
Hartman, Ethel "Mother"
Heller, Junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Heller.  No stone found - View Obituary.
Hill, Ilene M.
Hill, William (Jack)
Hoffman, Adelia R. - Daughter of C. G. & Ruth
Hoffmann, Dr. Chas. View I. View 2  View 3 [Note: Dr. Hoffmann's wife, Caroline (Hodge) (Hoffmann) Lalumondier is supposedly buried next to Dr. Hoffmann, but she has no stone and her name is not on his stone.   She married Augusta Lalumondier after death of Dr. Hoffmann.  She died Apr. 1922.]   
Hoffman, Susie G. - Daughter of C. G. & Ruth
Howell, Scotty Wayne II
Hudspeth, Sarah Hart
Hudspath, Wilbur - No stone found - View Obituary
Hughes, Edna P., daughter of J. H. & E. Hughes
Hughes, Howard
Hulsey, William A. and Mary E. (daughter of Marion Smith & Mary Jane (nee Kennedy) Eaton).  
View Obituary of Mary E. Hulsey


J. W. husband of M. W. 
Jackson, Norman
Jaco, Doyle E. - funeral home marker. Infant son of Stanley and Nancy (White) Jaco
Janis, Lucy (nee Eaton) - No stone found - View Obit.
Janis, Myrtle B.  - daughter of F. [Fred] & Lucy Janis - Lucy R. Janis is supposedly buried here too.  She was d/o Jesse Eaton and was born Aug. 5, 1877 and died Jun 20, 1949, according to SFC Cemetery books.  Don't know if Fred is buried here or not.
Jones, Donald E. - PFC U.S. Army
Jones, Patricia M.


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Kemp, Jesse Edward
King, Birdie
King, Charles J. and Elvia M.
King, Gladys F. - Funeral Home Marker
King, Harry  (1/25/01-1/25/36) - buried in unmarked grave beside his mother, Rose (King) McCarver
King, Russell (Infant) - no dates
King, Kasandra Kay - funeral home marker
King, Lawrence G. and Maud C.
King, Paul E. - son of Lawrence & Maud King
Kitchell, Hazel Dixie (nee Moran), wife of Eugene Kitchell.  No stone found - View Obituary.
Kitchell, John Edward - Pvt. U.S. Army WW1
Kondrad, Harry H.  - husband of Louise (McClain); son of Frank & Barbara (Note: Name may possibly be misspelled on stone.  Correct spelling "may" be Konrad instead.  


LaChance, Pearl - wife of Ivan LaChance; d/o Thomas Slinkard; adopted by General Jack Ratty (1899-1985) and his wife, Elvira Katherine Chamberlain (1899-1961). 
Laporte, Muriel F., daughter of E. & M. LaPorte
Lee, Thomas Jefferson - Married Annie (Williams)
Legrand, Herce
Legrand, Johny H.
Legrand, Murlin
Leitz, Charles
Ligue, John Buford (also spelled League), husband of Beverly; son of Buford & Dixie (Cash)
Link, Charolette, daughter of Festel & Glena Link
Link, Jaunita, daughter of John and Cora [Shelton] Link
Link, John C. - Obit indicates that KKK was in charge of funeral services.
Link, J. Price - husb. of Mary (Hughes); son of William & Louisa J. (Foster) Link
Loyd, Robert L.


McCarver, Infant of Oliver & Rose L. McCarver - age 9 months; no stone; supposedly fifth child they had lost.
McCarver, Oliver H. - husband of Rose Lee (King); son of John Barney & Ann (Payton) McCarver
McCarver, Rose L. - (nee King) -wife of 1)Elmer Payne; 2) Oliver McCarver - View Obituary
Additional InformationJimmie McCarver advises that the grave of Harry King (1/25/01-1/25/36) is beside his mother, Rose L. McCarver, and Oliver Hazard McCarver.   Oliver H. McCarver's mother name was Casander Payton, not Graf, and there are also two children buried beside Oliver & Rose McCarver, one of which is Ovie Ernest McCarver (3/1/20-3/20/20).  There are supposedly two other children (names unknown) buried there too.  Rose and Oliver lost a total of five children. 
McClain, Clinton EView 2 - Military Stone - PFC 14 Infantry W.W. II PH
McClain, Darrell W.
McClain E. [Edward] - Funeral Home Marker
McClain, Edward H. and Pearl F.
McClain, Floyd A.
McClain, Fred E. - Funeral Home Marker
McClain, Jackie Ken - son of Mae McClain
McClain, John M. (Bud) and Florence
McClain, John Madison - Pvt. U.S. Army, W.W.I - View Obituary.
McClain, Junior Rex - son of Mae McClain
McClain, Matt and Melvina
McClain, Pearl F. - Funeral Home Marker
McClain, Susie B. - Funeral Home Marker
McClain, Tine B.
McClenahan, Ottis
Middleton, Carlos Ray, stillborn son of Lemion & Alberta (Briley) Middleton.  View Obituary
Miller, Clifford W.
Miller, Walter H.
Minker, Mildred G.
Mitchell, Elva - daughter of John L. & Nora Mitchell
Mitchell, Francis G. - Daughter of J. Q. & Catherine Mitchell.  Click HERE to view plain stone marker which is situated next to grave of Francis G. Mitchell. 
Mitchell, Iva - Infant of John L. & Nora Mitchell
Mitchell, Jimmy R. and Betty J.
Mitchell, John LView 2 - Husband of Nora Mitchell
Mitchell, Lulu   View 2 - Wife of R. E. [or F] Mitchell
Mitchell, Mary  - wife of Thomas G. Mitchell     View 2
Mitchell, Myrtle Christine
Mitchell, Nancy - wife of Thomas Mitchell
Mitchell, Sarah A. - daughter of J. Q. & Catherine Mitchell
Mitchell, Thomas - Died in 1844 [one of oldest stones in cemetery]
Moore, Rosie, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Moore.  No stone found - View Obituary.
Murphy, Azlee Levonne


unknown_stone_marker1.jpg (46745 bytes)
Someone put a lot of loving work into this marker made of stone and marbles, but sadly the name plate has disappeared.  Anyone know who this stone belongs to?   It's situated among some King graves.


Newberger, Roscoe W. & Mildred L.


Penberthy, Goldman I.
Perry, Alford E.
Perry, Dempsey
Perry, William Oliver
Perry, Wm. H.
Pierce, John
Pierce, M. C. Infant - son of Mr. and Mrs. John Pierce
Pierce, Sally
Polk, Charles P.
Prather, A. - Metal Marker/no dates
Prather, Helen M. - View Obituary
Prather, Hubert Dale  - View Obituary
Prather, Jess P. and Elsie L (nee Lovvorn).   Military Stone View 2 (Jess) - WWI;
View Obituary of Jess Prather 
Prather, Larry Wayne
Prather, Perry and Maggie - View Maggie's Obituary
Prather, Wade H.  - son of William & Annie (Williams) Prather. View Obituary.  Note: Annie's 1st husband was Charles Ritter; 2nd husband was William Henry Prather; d/o Alfred & Mary A. Williams.
Prather, Wayne Ray - son of Perry & Maggie (Bailey) Prather
Prather, William Henry - No stone found - View Obituary
Pulliam, Everett 
Pulliam, Myrtle
Pulliam, Octavia, wife of David Pulliam; daughter of Peace and Mary (Davenport) Childers.  
View Obituary.
Pyeatt, Margaret  (nee Sullivan) - No stone found - View Obituary.
Pyeatt, Mikel A. - View Obituary
Pyeatt, R. Etta
Note:  There is also supposedly a Margaret Pyeatt buried here who was born Apr. 28, 1917; died Oct. 9, 1969, wife of James/d/o Henry & Mable Jane (Eaton) Sullivan.  She may be one of the unmarked graves in the vicinity of the Sullivan & Pyeatt graves.


Rasnick, baby son and daughter Lorene
Rasnick, Hazel Alta - daughter of J. H. & Laura   View 2
Rider, Arelia Roll, daughter of Edward & Sarah Roll
Rider, Joseph D.
Rider, Wesley, son of Rev. John Rider.  View Obituary.
Ritter, Fred - No stone found - View Obituary
Rock, Mary Sue
Roney, Edith Myrtle
Roney, Frank
Ross, Hilda B., wife of W. W. Ross
Ross, Linda Leo


Saffell, Vernon "Baby" - Grave marked with stone next to grave of Baby Vernon Saffell.
Sago, Emily A., wife of Felix
Sago, Felix H.   
Sago, Ida Mae
Sago, Joseph H. and May
Sago, Martha (nee Clanin), wife of Joseph Sago - No stone found - View Obit.
Sago, Mary A., wife of Felix
Sago, Samuel Levy
Sago, Temperance - wife of Lewis Sago
Sago, William W. son of W. C. & E. Sago
Sago, Wm. C.  - View Obituary
Saunchgrow, Firman A.
Saunchgrow, Leutische
Saunchgrow, Mary A.
Saunchgrow, Minnie M.
Saunchgrow, Percy F.
Scott, Edward and Elsie and Stella
Scott, Herbert E.
Scott, Winfred F. - U.S. Army, World War I
Shaner, Lucinda M.
Shaner, Wm. W.
Sherrill, Raymond (son of George & Hattie)
Sippy, William H.
Smith, Lester Gene, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith.  View Obituary.
Stewart, David L. and America E. Hunt   View 2
Stewart, Nancy A and Thomas W.
Stillman, Flora B.
Stogsdill, Richard, husband of Lucy Ann Stogsdill - View 2
Stokes, Nicole L.
Stokes, William H and Dora Lou
Story, Julia
Story, Katherine
Stroup, James and Josie
Sullivan, Wm. Henry and Joyce Mable   View 2   View 3
Summers, Michael Lee Barton - No stone found - View obituary.
Summers, Ricky Lee Jr.
Sumpter, Greenberry & Family
Sumpter, John H.
Sumpter, Lula M.
Sutton, Effie M., daughter of H. P. & N. A. Sutton  
Sutton, James H., son of H. P. & N.A. Sutton
Sutton, James K. P. 
Sutton, Ogar L. R.
Sutton, Samuel - Has KKK emblem on tombstone


Taylor, Mary E.


Unknown1 - Partial broken stones situated in older part of cemetery in vicinity of Eaton, Day, and Mitchell graves. 
Unknown 2 - Very weathered and unreadable stone marker set in concrete base.  Stone may be broken in half.
Unknown 3 - broken stone marker
Unknown 4 - Bert Boyer & Sons Funeral Home Marker situated next to grave of Willard Barton
Unknown 5 - Bert Boyer & Sons Funeral Home Marker decorated with bouquet of flowers. Situated behind Dixon graves
Unknown 6 - upright stone marker decorated with flowers
Unknown 7 - white concrete/stone marker - no readable inscription
Unknown 8 - plain stone marker which appears to have been decorated by same person who decorated Unknown 9 grave.
Unknown 9 - plain stone marker decorated with roses and daisies.
Unknown 10 - upright stone marker situated on same row as Baby Vernon Saffell & William & Joyce Sullivan.
Unknown 11 - - small stone marker deocrated with flowers. Located in group of 3 unmarked graves which are situated between tombstone of Mabel Joyce & William Sullivan and tombstone of Baby Vernon Saffel. 
Unknown 12 - plain rectangular stone marker decorated with flowers.  Located in
group of 3 unmarked graves which are situated between tombstone of Mabel Joyce & William Sullivan and tombstone of Baby Vernon Saffel. 
Unknown 13 - rectangular concrete base which appears to have been recently poured.  No names are on marker at present time.  Floral archway has been installed above concrete base.  This may be marking 2 or more graves.
Unknown 14 - plain rectangular stone marker decorated with roses.  Located in
group of 3 unmarked graves which are situated between tombstone of Mabel Joyce & William Sullivan and tombstone of Baby Vernon Saffel. 
Unknown 15 - stone base with blank metal plate - decorated with flowers. 
Unknown 16 - Grave is marked with wooden sticks decorated with flowers - situated between graves of Floyd McClain and John E. Kitchell.
Unknown 17 - Unreadable funeral home marker next to grave of John E. Kitchell.  Perhaps his wife Gertrude?  Someone has recently decorated this grave so someone knows who is there. 
Unknown 18 - funeral home marker which appears to have dates Aug. 22, 1918 - Feb. 18, 1926 - situated 2 graves away from John E. Kitchell
Unknown 19 - plain wooden cross in back of cemetery with funeral home marker which appears to have been in contact with lawn mower.
Unknown 20 - stone made out of pretty river rocks with marbles embedded - situated next to stone of Paul E. King and two stones away from Lawrence & Maud King (in same row).
Unknown 21 - Base says "Mother" - situated next to Lawrence King & Maud King stone
Unknown 22 - unreadable stone marker
Unknown 23 - unreadable stone marker
Unknown 24 - plain cross made out of white metal pipes - not far from Christopher graves and McCarver graves
Unknown 25 - field rock sitting on base
Unknown 26 - (Funeral Home Marker) Identified - Oscar J. Watson
Unknown 27 - Agnus (?) Barton - Situated next to grave of Lucy Barton
Unknown 28 - Bert Boyer Funeral Home Marker broken in 2 pieces with pole marking grave
Unknown 29 - Long white metal plate - no names - situated behind LaPorte graves and in front of Link graves.
Unknown 30 - "rough" concrete or stone marker
Unknown 31 - wooden pole & flower (w/square base) next to grave of Donnie Walker
Unknown 32 - 2 pipes with flowers - same row as Pearl LaChance, Esther Valley, and Donnie Walker.  Click HERE for view of entire row. 
Unknown 33 - 2 wooden crosses situated beside Harry Kondrad [Konrad] grave
Unknown 34 - wooden cross w/blank metal plate on other side of Harry Kondrad [Konrad] grave
Unknown 35 - Broken stone - Appears to say "Daniel M."
Unknown 36 - rounded rock embedded in trunk of tree (near Mitchell, Day, and Deloney graves)
Unknown 37 - plain white cross located inside of fenced plot with Charles & Arizona Brannan, Flora Stillman, and Mary Sue Rock.  Possibly Gerald Stillman, b&d 1964??
Unknown 38 - A tree has taken over this grave plot which is situated next to grave of Murial LaPorte.
Unknown 39 - Blank Caldwell's Funeral Home marker near grave of Myrtle Pulliam.
Unknown 40 - Bottom half of broken stone.  Died Dec. 27 (year unknown), aged 82Ys. 2Ms. 17Ds
Unknown 41 - Partial tombstone - [born?] March 25, 1830 -  Died Aug. 31, 1857


Valley, Esther M.
Vinyard, John J.


Walker, Donnie (Baby) - son of Bruce & Dorothy (Valle) Walker
J. W. husband of M. W. 
Watson, Oscar J. - 1892-1954 - Funeral Home Marker
Watson, Wilton A.
Whitter, James Edward
Whitter, William A. Sr.
Wilkerson, Beulah Oneda - daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wilkerson
Wilkerson, Infant sons of L. W. and P.
Wilkerson, Harry R.
Williams, John P. and Sophie [a/k/a Sophia]  - View obit for Sophia [Crawford] Williams
Williams, Mary E.