Whaley McIntyre Cemetery


Whaley Cemetery a/k/a McIntyre Cemetery
Washington County, Missouri
Photographed by B. Warner and S. Hackworth - January 2006
(See below for directions)

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NOTE:   Listing below is not complete.  It's obvious that there are many unmarked graves in this cemetery.  There are also many graves which are marked with only rocks.   Older portion of cemetery is overgrown and not well maintained.   

COBB, Jno. [John or Jonathan]   - Civil War -   Co. C. 31st. MO INF.  - View #2
GREGORY, M. E.  wife of J. W. Gregory

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HANCOCK, Charles L., son of F. S. & Bell Hancock
HANCOCK, Frederick R., son of F. S. & Bell Hancock
HARDIE, Robert (Jr.), son of Robert & Leathy Ann Hardie (1876-1893)
HARDIE, Robert (Sr.)
HELMS, David  - Civil War - Co. E. 50 MO. INF   - View #2
HELMS, Donald L.
HELMS, Elizabeth  - View #2
HELMS, George E.  son of J. H. & E. E.  - View #2
HELMS, Lettie Whaley 
HELMS, Manuel W. and Rhoda E.
HELMS, Marie
HELMS, Sarah  -  View #2
HORTON, Lucy  w/o L. E. Horton - View #2
LORE, Chester E. and Julia E. - children of H. C. and S. A. Lore   - Stone #2
LORE, George F., son of H. C. and S. A. Lore  -- Stone #2
LORE, Henry G.
LORE, John A. (1831-1863) - Born in Washington [County] Mo.
LORE, John H., son of H. C. and S. A. Lore  -  Stone #2
LORE, Susan Self     View 2 
McINTYRE, Leona E., Edith I. and Willard E. - No date of death on stone for Edith I.

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PARKS, Charlotte C.  wife of  J. W. Parks, aged 54y. 8m. 10d.
PARKS, Dasa L.  aged 9y. 11m. and 14d.
PARKS, Nellie P.   aged 2y. 9 m and 5d.
PARKS, Viola Virgilene
PARKS, William W.  son of Enoch & Elizabeth Parks
PARKS, William W.   Aged 1m. And 23d.
PRATHER, Curtis E. and Rosella Fae (nee Helms) - no date of death for Curtis E.

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ROBINSON, Irene - daughter of A. P. & L. A. Robinson   View #2   -  View #3
ROBINSON, Lucybeloved wife of A. P. Robinson  - View #2  - View Inscription
UNKNOWN  - Five graves with concrete walls around them; appear to be graves of young children; They are located in front of M. E. Gregory's stone which has the same wall around grave.
UNKNOWN, Metal cross in fenced in area
UNKNOWN - Unmarked Plot next to McIntyre graves

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WHALEY, Cintly Ann  w/o W. S. Whaley
WHALEY, Eliza Alice and Charlotte Jane
WHALEY, Elvia May  d/o N. B. and M. E. Whaley
WHALEY, Emmely  w/o James Whaley  aged 19 yrs, 11ms and 25 ds.
WHALEY, J. P.   Civil War - Co. E. 50th MO. INF. - View #2
WHALEY, Joel - Civil War - Co. E  50th MO. INF.  
WHALEY, Permelia Elmanzia
WHALEY, Raymond A.   Military Stone   - Illinois Cook 124 FA 33 Division WWI
WHALEY, William S.  View 2    h/o Cynthia A. Whaley
WIGGER, Children of J. H. & J. A.  View #2    -----  View of second side Infant  -- View #2
WIGGER, Isabella  w/o George F. Wigger  View #2  View 3
WIGGER, Nellie
WISHON, Ammer Walter  (1872 - 1877)  View #2 View 3

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Driving Directions from St. Francois County:  Take Highway 8 West from Park Hills/Desloge toward Potosi.  About a mile or so after crossing into Washington County, turn left on Stoney Point Road, right on Old Highway 8, then left on Green Acres Road (across from Stoney Point Church).  Continue on Green Acres Road for a mile or two and you will see cemetery on hillside on left-hand side of road just after road take a sharp curve to the left. Cemetery overlooks a beautiful valley.