Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Park Hills, MO



Located Behind Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Countryside Lane, Park Hills, St. Francois County, MO

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The Knights of Pythias Cemetery, located on Countryside Lane, is one of six cemeteries
located immediately  behind the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Park
Hills (formerly Flat River), Missouri.  The Immaculate Conception Catholic
Church  is located at the intersection of West Main Street and Highway 8.    
Countryside Lane is a connecting street that runs between Highway 8 and
West Main Street.  You can reach all cemeteries from Countryside Lane. 

~~~ Photographed by B. Warner ~~

NOTE:  This is NOT a complete listing!   We believe that there are many unmarked graves in this cemetery.
Please e-mail us if you have family member which you believe should be added.

A_______, T_______ Misplaced footstone bearing initials T. A. (possibly Adams?)
ABBOTT, Ruby Dickens .
ADAMS, Bertha .
ADAMS, Frances L. .
ADAMS, Fred .
ALDRICH, Elizabeth J. w/o Homer
ALDRICH, Homer C. w/o Elizabeth
ALDRICH, John L. .
ALDRICH, Marvin .
ARCHAMBO, J. Lewis .
ASBRIDGE, A. A. Civil War Marker - Co. I  17 KY CAV.
ASBRIDGE, Arthur "In Memory"
ASBRIDGE, Eddie Ray See listing below for " Ray, Eddie "
ASBRIDGE, Lila Lee "Our Darling"
BATTEN, Ruth .
BECK, William J. .
BLOOM, Ettalena nee Schmidt; w/o Harry G. 
BLOOM, Harry G. h/o Ettalena (Schmidt)
BONE, Billie J. .
BONE, E. Rastus Aged 32 yrs.
BONE, Elmer B. .
BONE, Evan E. & Grace A. .
BONE, Stella      View Inscription d/o E. E. & G. A. Bone
BRADLEY, Edward J.
  Military Stone - WW1
h/o Roma (Dalton)
BRADLEY, Roma E. w/o Edward J. Bradley - (nee Dalton)
BUCKLEY, Miriam d/o H. W. & F. Buckley
BUSH, J. L. .
BUXTON, Clara Marie  (no stone found) d. 1927, age 13; daug. of Laura Jane & William Buxton
BUXTON, Harold Benson b. Dec. 8, 1901, d. Dec. 4, 1973; son of Wm. & Jane Buxton; husband of Kathleen (Waters)
BUXTON, Kathleen (nee Waters) b. Feb. 9, 1909; d. Dec. 2, 2000; wife of Harold B. Buxton; daughter of William and Myrtle (Angle) Waters.
BUXTON, Laura Jane  (no stone found) b. August  17, 1885; d.  January 18, 1917; daughter of John Swanguarim and Sarah (Singleton).  For additional information on Laura Jane Buxton's death, click HERE.  
BYE, Ed .
CAGLE, Cletus Aged 1 year 2 months and 10 days, died Sept. 17, 1920, at home of foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Huff.   No stone found.  Info. from Obit. 
. .


CHAMBERLAIN, Infant d/o S. N. & Pearl Chamberlain
CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel N. & Pearl No date of death for Samuel on stone so he may or may not be buried here.  
CLARK, Connie S. "Beloved Mother"
COFFMAN, Virginia Alice "Mother"
COOPER, Virgil Alvin Hood Funeral Home Marker
D_______, N. J.  Misplaced Footstone - Possibly belongs to 
Nancy J. Dosing
DAWSON, Jennifer Christine .
DEGONIA, Helen .
DEGONIA, Melvin, Robert, Ralph Children of Thomas and Mattie DeGonia; all
killed in  Sulphur Springs Train Wreck 
DEGONIA, Melvin .
DEGONIA, Norma Gene .
DEGONIA, Ralph .
DEGONIA, Robert .
DEGONIA, Thomas J. & Mattie No date of death given for Mattie
DICKENS, Harold R. Sgt. US Army World War II
DICKENS, Virginia Pierson w/o Harold
DICKENS, William W. July 1, 1879 - Dec. 4, 1952
DICKENS, William No date of death on stone
DICKENS, Zora E. 1887 -1911
DOSING, John J. .
DOSING, John & Nancy J. Click HERE to view article and photos
relating to Nancy & John Dosing
DOWNS, Alice a/k/a Alice Mullins
DOWNS, Linn .
DOWNS, Robert .
DYLE, Cynthia    (nee Nicholson ?) w/o Simon P.
DYLE, Glen Allen .
DYLE, S. P.    [ Simon Peter ] h/o Cynthia
EVANS, Dennis E. & Katherine No date of death on stone for Katherine
EVANS, Roy Horace T. Sgt. U.S. Army World War II


FARNEY, Harriet d/o J. P. & M. L. Farney
FERGUSON, Hilda May d/o Robert & Bessie Ferguson
FERGUSON, Randall C. s/o Haskell & Laura Ferguson
FERGUSON, Robert A. h/o Bessie
FINCH, J. M. this may be James, husband of Sarah
FINCH, Sarah Ann 1862-1931 - hard to read funeral home marker
nee Vaughn (?)
FLEIG, Mary Justice .
FREEMAN, Edward Monroe h/o [Mary] Belle Freeman
FREEMAN, Mary Belle .
GLENN, Ida M. and William M. .
GLENN, Marvin s/o W. M. and Ida M. Glenn
GLENN, Maxine d/o W. M. and Ida M. Glenn
GLENN, Norma d/o W. M. and Ida M. Glenn
GLORE, Bertie L. .
GLORE, R. L. .
GLORE, Rose E. w/o R. L. Glore; nee Redfern
GORDON, Clide Cecil s/o Charles & Mary E. Gordon
GRIFFARD, Fay Marcetis (or Margetis) .
GRIFFARD. Glenden J. .
GRIFFARD, James W. .
GRIFFITH, Susan w/o Earnest Griffith; nee Whaley
GUITAR, James W. .
. .


HARRIS, Inez L. (Glenn) .
HARRIS, Jas. S.   (James or Jason ?) Civil War Marker - Co. E 45 KY. MTD. INF.
HARRIS, Lucille Caldwell Funeral Home Marker
HEDDESHEIMER, Mary d/o H. & R. - 1892 - ? 1900 or 1906
HEDDESHEIMER, Rosie a/k/a Rosie Whaley
HEDDESHEIMER, Willie s/o Henry & Rose
HOGG, Clarence Owen  Died Nov. 7, 1920, aged 1 year, 5 months, 18 days; son of Frank and Cora (Weston) Hogg (information taken from death certificate, no stone found)   
HOWLETT, Dana Brian .
HOWLETT, Eunice E. "Precious Memories"   (nee Griffard)
HUGHES, Ella R. .
HUGHES, Lettie Gertrude "Sweeter Than the Flowers"
HULSEY, Clyde .
HULSEY, Grace L. 1918 - 1997 - w/o Vollie
HULSEY, Herbert twin of Hubert?
HULSEY, Hubert twin of Herbert?
HULSEY, James L. .
HULSEY, John H. h/o Nettie E.
HULSEY, Maude .
HULSEY, Nettie E. w/o of John H.
HULSEY, Vernon Glen Stillborn
HULSEY, Vol & Eva Note:  There is a heart-shaped stone with no
markings at foot of their grave.
HULSEY, Vollie L. & Grace "They Gave Their Today for Our Tomorrow"
HULSEY, Vollie D. (Jr.) .
JONES, James Calvin .
KANE, Ida Belle .
KANE, Lenora w/o John J.
"Mother Thou has from us flown
To the regions far above.
We to thee erect this stone
Consecrated by our love."
KELLEY, Elizabeth w/o J. H. Kelley
KELLEY, John H. w/o Elizabeth
KELTNER, James A. View Inscription
KENNON, Anna M. wife of Homer
KENNON, Homer W. husband of Anna
KENNON, Mary Frances wife of Murrill - no date of death
KENNON, Murrill Wilburn husband of Mary
KERNAN, Ethel M. .
KERNAN, Walter J. "Husband and Father"
KITE, Drury R. s/o Jofrey A. & Sarah C. Kite
KNOBELOCH, Thomas (Jr.) .
LAPORT, Benjamin F. MO Pvt. 1 CI 340 Guard & Fire QMC
(will try to get better pic of this one soon)
LAPORTE, Nellee Angel .
LARAMORE, Harley M.   -- Military Marker US ARMY VIETNAM
LARAMORE, Harley M. & Sylvia  
LARAMORE, Sylvia no date of death
LAWS, Martha E. .
LAWS, R. M. .
LAWSON, Esther  
LEE, Edith Note:  This could be Edith Lee Maness
LEE, Nettie May .
LEWIS, Minnie w/o Elliot
LEWIS, R. J. h/o Treasie Lewis
LEWIS, Treasie w/o R. J.
LINCOLN, Cecil Herold .
LINCOLN, Virgil G. .


MANESS, Clifford .
MANESS, S. Orene ( Tojo) Can't tell from his stone what last name is.  This person is  buried with Maness family.  Tojo may be a nickname.
MANESS, William & Amy E. "FATHER"   "MOTHER"
MARION, Baby .
MARION, Homer .
MARION, Susie .
MARLER, Alice .
MARLER, Rosella .
McBRIDE, Florence d/o E. G*. & Grace
McBRIDE, Marvin s/o E. G*. & Grace
McBRIDE, Wonneta d/o E. G*. & Grace
* This may be C instead of G
McCARRON, Wanetta  Beloved Mother
McCLENAHAN, Howard s/o James & Louise
McCLENAHAN, James A. & Louise H. .
McDOWELL, Firman .
McDOWELL, George .
McDOWELL, Kate .
McDOWELL, Margaret .
McDOWELL, Mary  .
McHENRY, Elizabeth .
McHENRY, Loren C. PFC US Army World War I
MECEY, Lena E. nee McClanahan
MEDCALF, James E. (Sr.)  .
MEDCALF, Peggy J.  .
MEDLOCK, Hariett w/o James Medlock
METCALF, Geraldine G.  .
MEYER, Anna M.  wife of J. Lansford
MEYER, J. Lansford husband of Anna M. 
MILLER, Benjamin H. Funeral Home Marker
MILLER, Charles Edward husband of Laura Ellen 
MILLER CHILDREN (?) - Johnny, Calbert, Mildred, Scharma   No dates on tombstone
MILLER, Denise .
MILLER, Jesse Harold .
MILLER, John R. .
MILLER, Laura Ellen wife of Charles Edward
MILLER, Lillie (funeral home marker) Tombstone Picture
MONTGOMERY, Forrest A.  husband of Frieda
MONTGOMERY, Frieda wife of Forrest
MOORE, Infant Died 1915
MOORE, J. Perry & Ida .
MOORE, Otto K. Infant son of J. Perry & Ida M. Moore
MORRIS, Leroy Lamborn .
MORRIS, Frank husband of Louisa
MORRIS, Louisa wife of Frank
MOTLEY, Floyd H. son of W. C. & M. Motley
MOTLEY, Harry J. .
MOTLEY, Lucy A. & Robert B. .
MOTLEY, Mollie M. M. M. M. Footstone - Mollie's stone has fallen over since picture was taken as can be seen in this picture of footstone which is all that remains that is readable since her tombstone is very heavy and would probably take special equipment to raise it.  
MOTLEY, William C. .
MURRAY, Sarah J.  .
MURRY, Cecil L. .
MURRY, Iris & John .
. .
. .


NEWHOUSE, Barbara "Beloved Sister"
NEWHOUSE, Georgie P. .
NEWHOUSE, John W. Husband of Virginia A. Newhouse
NEWHOUSE, Virginia A. Husband of John W. Newhouse
NOYES, J. W.     Dates
NOYES, Martha .
O'NEILL, Norma Berneice daughter of Mrs. B. T. O'Neill
PATT, Christian .
PATT, Ewell C. .
PATT, Henry T. .
PATT, Leona .
PATT, Nancy Ann .
PATT, Rena .
PENROSE, Hubert F. .
PENROSE, Lorene .
PENROSE, Sybel .
PHILLIPS, Alberta .
PHILLIPS, Alma shares stone with Nora Phillips
PHILLIPS, John Albert .
PHILLIPS, Marcus .
PHILLIPS, Nora M. w/o J. Phillips
PHILLIPS, William and Jennie .
PILGRIM, Charles E. h/o Dorothy
PILGRIM, Dorothy E. w/o Charles
PLEASANT, John T. and Martha A. no date of death for John T. on stone
POWELL, B. Marie "Aunt Ree"
POWELL, Gary Dean and Michael .
POWELL, J. Elick .
POWELL, John .
POWELL, Lizzie "Mom"
POWELL, Lucinda .
PRATHER, Elizabeth w/o A. L. Prather
PROPST, Janette M. nee Hyndman
RABADUEX, John Jr. s/o John and Grace
RADER, Virginia G. d/o Charles & Elba Rader
RAY, Eddie Note:  This tombstone is located among the Asbridge graves so even though stone just says Eddie Ray, actual name may be Eddie Ray Asbridge.
REEVES, Harold Sherrill .
RICHARDSON, Ethel wife of C.D. or G.D. Richardson
RITTER, A. Eliza & Jacob A. a/k/a Anna Elizabeth Ritter
RITTER, Jessie Floyd .
ROBERTS, Sarhoda .
ROBINSON, Jessie E. .
ROEGNER, Oscar .
ROLENS, Elbert .
ROLENS, Howard S. .
ROLENS, Lillie .
ROLENS, Mary J.   -  Photo #2 .
ROLENS, Melvin Elmo s/o Mrs. J. C. Sodders
ROLENS, Otto .
RUSSELL, Myrtle Fae d/o George and Lola Russell
SATTERFIELD, Laura A. Sparks Funeral Home Marker
SCHMIDT, Ben h/o Ida
SCHMIDT, Ida w/o Ben
SCHNURR, Myrtle C. .
SHARP, Trevor Lee Born & Died July 20, 2011.  Son of David Sharp & Ashley Marie Gibson (Note: Buried at grave of great-uncle, Truman Lee Smith)
SHEETS, Joseph H. .
SHEETS, Lenora O. .
SHELLEY, L. Rose and Alonzo V. L. Rose is daughter of John and Lucinda Emaline Shelley Powell
SHY, Robert G. son of Robert & Edna (Hughes)
SHY, William son of William and Sally (Powell)
SIMMS, Toni .

sikes_wells_tinsley_plot.jpg (47760 bytes)
Sikes / Wells / Tinsley Family Plot

SIKES, George W. husband of Sarah Amanda (Wells) Sikes
SIKES, Sarah Amanda (nee Wells) wife of George W. Sikes; daughter of David and Amanda (Beck) Wells
SIRCLUM, Floyd .
SIRCLUM, Frederick I. Sparks Funeral Home Marker
SIRCLUM, Orville James Stillborn son of  Pete and Virgie Sirclum
SIRCLUM, Stella G. Wife of Peter Sirclum
SITZES, Charles F. husband of Minnie
SITZES, Minnie B. (1893-1963) wife of Charles
SMITH, Ada .
SMITH, Loma wife of William
SMITH, Marion (1917-1949) S. Sgt. 93 AAF Bomb GP WWII AM & # OLC
SMITH, Thelma Mae .
SMITH, Truman Lee    Back of Stone
Served in U.S. Marines/Veteran of Operation
Desert Storm
Son of Truman and Jeanette (nee Nickelson)
View Obituary - View Newspaper Account of Death
Photo #1 -- Photo #2
View Video of Military Funeral
View Tribute Video
SMITH, Truman and Jeanette   Back of Stone No dates of death on stone
SMITH, William M. husband of Loma
STANGE, Rose M. & Harry C. .
SUMPTER, Mable .
SUMPTER, Mildred I. .
SUMPTER, Robert Lee .
SUMPTER, Wilburn and Carrie      View #2 .
. .


TAYLOR, Nora Propst wife of Rev. Oscar Taylor; nee Beard
TAYLOR, O. S.  (Rev.)    Baptist Minister 63 years
THOMASSON, J. G. "Sadly Missed By Wife and Children"
THOMASSON, Jennettie .
THOMURE, Thomas M.
TINSLEY, Joseph S. husband of Lucinda (Wells) Tinsley; son of Joseph and Louiza [Louisa] Tinsley
TINSLEY, Lucinda wife of Joseph S. Tinsley; daughter of David and Amanda (Beck) Wells
TOWNS, Patty "Dear Father"
TUCKER, Anna Homemade Stone
TUCKER, William Homemade Stone
TURNBULL, William No stone found.  Husband of Emma (Moore); son of David and Martha (Bradley) Turnbull.  From Death Certificate: born Dec. 23, 1875; died Aug. 6, 1912 (killed in mining accident).  
VanSICKLE, Estella Esselene "Mama How We Miss You"
VanSICKLE, K. W. .
WARREN, Adam R. h/o Maude
WARREN, Eva A. probably d/o Adam & Maude
WARREN, Lester F. son of Adam & Maude (Hill)
WARREN, Maude 1885-1963; w/o Adam R.
WELLS, Arthur L Infant of William & Susan (Garrett) Wells
WELLS, [William] Eli June 16, 1893 - Feb. 17, 1925 - killed in mines; husband of Susan Armenta (Garrett); son of David & Amanda (Beck) Wells.
WELLS, Lawrence A. Child of William & Susan (Garrett) Wells
WELLS, Loyd A. Child of William & Susan (Garrett) Wells
WERCHAN, Malvin Son of Ferd and Bertha Werchan
WHALEY, Arseany Ann w/o Pinkney Whaley
WHALEY, Edward s/o Arseany & Pinkney
WHALEY, George B. s/o Arseany & Pinkney
WHALEY, Georgia F. .
WHALEY, Pinkney h/o Arseany Ann (Campbell); Trecy (Williams);
Emma (Adams)
WHALEY, Samuel .
WHALEY, Trecy L. w/o Pinkney
WILLIAMS, Ida May w/o Charles E. Williams
ZOLMAN, Daisy (nee Miller) .


UNKNOWN, Mary L. .