Kenner Family Cemetery, St. Francois County, Missouri

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Kenner Family Graveyard Formerly located in Elvins, Mo.
Moved to Woodlawn Cemetery, Leadington,
Missouri  (1920)

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Published by the LEAD BELT NEWS, Flat River, St. Francois Co. MO,
"Elvins News" column, Fri. April 23, 1920.

F. P. Kenner [a/k/a Frank P. Kenner] has recently employed our local undertaker, Joe Diemer, to disinter the remains of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Beverly Kenner and re-inter them in Woodlawn Cemetery. The elder Kenners were among the pioneer citizens of this county, and lived on a farm where a portion of Elvins now stands. They were buried in the Kenner Graveyard, near the new Doe Run mill. It became evident that the chat dump would eventually cover the spot.

Mr. Kenner had been buried 44 years; his wife had been buried 14 years. Two small children of Honsand Kenner, a brother of F. P. Kenner were also disinterred and removed to Woodlawn. They had been dead something near 40 years. The remains of Abe Cowan, who had been buried 21 years ago in the Layne Graveyard were removed this week, to Woodlawn. He was a brother-in-law to F. P. Kenner. His aged widow still lives here, but is quite seriously ill.

The following information pertaining to the Kenner plot was obtained from the record book for Woodlawn Cemetery.  As of 2003, no stones could be located at Woodlawn Cemetery for any of these graves.

The Kenner plot is located in Section E and contains ten grave sites.

Lot 1:  Contains Emily R. Kenner and Beverly S. Kenner.  The stone is not readable.

Lot 2:  Barbara C. Cowan, wife of Abraham, died July 28, 1920 (nee Kenner), aged 78 yrs, 3 ms., 19 days.

Lot 3:  Abraham Cowan, husband of Barbara C. Cowen, b. March 12, 1830, in Rosa County, NC, died January 10, 1897, aged 66 years, 10 months and 1 day. 

Lot 4:  Elizabeth Albert:  Born March 25, 1854, Died August 15, 1923

Lot 5:  Empty

Lot 6:  Dennis Kenner (Son of Frank P. Kenner) Stone, no name--from Cemetery Plot Book

Lot 7:  Empty

Lot 8:  Empty

Lot 9:  Henry Delaney April 1, 1946  --no stone from Cemetery Plot Book Records

Lot 10:  Two children of John H. [Honsand] Kenner.  No Stone

(Layout of 10 Graves In Section E)
(Road Runs Next to #1 and #6

Dennis Kenner 
(Base Only) 

Beverly S. & Emily R. Kenner
(no names or dates on stone)
Back View of Stone


Barbara C. Cowan


Abraham Cowan

Henry Delaney
(no marker)

Elizabeth A. Albert
(a/k/a Elizabeth A. Bowen) nee Kenner

John H. Kenner children 
(no marker)


Plots 1-5 are on the west side of the plot, and 6-10 are on the east side.

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