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     This old cemetery is located approx. 1-1/2 miles south on Highway 67 from Highway 32 and Highway 8 Intersection (at Desloge).  Go East on Conway Road, 3 miles.  Cemetery located on South side of Conway Road in wooded lot between two houses.  There has been controversy in past over the exact name of this cemetery since it is located on property previously owned by both the Highley family and the McHenry family.  It has been known as the McHenry Cemetery (but shouldn't be confused with McHenry Cemetery at end of Doss Road).   At time of transcription in 1979, the property was owned by the Highley Family.   The basic transcription for this cemetery was submitted by family of the late Floriece (Flo) Horn LaBare who transcribed the cemetery in 1979 in connection with her personal genealogy research.  We've added additional information to her transcription based on photographs which were taken by us in May 2005.   This cemetery is not maintained.  It is very overgrown, some stones are sunken and have fallen over, and there are numerous unmarked graves.  There is another Highley Cemetery located at Leadington, Missouri.  That Cemetery will be listed separately. 

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Cemetery is hidden from view within this grove of trees on Conway Road.

NOTE: Information between brackets ( "[......]") below did not appear in Mrs. LaBare's original transcription.  This information was added from other sources. 

** Elam McHENRY, age 76, b. 20 Sept. 1795, died 19 Aug. 1872, aged 76 yrs., 10 months, 29 days,  husband of Nancy W. (POSTON) McHENRY.  [Additional Information:  Elam was a son of Archibald McHenry and his first wife, Jane (STEVENS) McHENRY. After death of Jane, Elam's father, Archibald,  married Sarah CAMPBELL in 1829.]  Another Photo of Tombstone.

** Nancy W. McHENRY [nee POSTON], b. 28 Sept. 1807, died 8 Apr. 1883, aged 75 yrs., 6 months, 10 days.  Another Photo of Tombstone.

Elizabeth McHENRY, died 16 Oct. 1870, aged 34 yrs., 11 months, 19 days., wife of S. S. McHENRY [Silas S. McHENRY?].  This tombstone was found in broken into three pieces on the ground and had to be put together for photo.  [Note: Research prepared by Flo and published in Robert McHenry's book indicates that Silas was married to Sarah FINICKLE.  Her date of death does not match Elizabeth's date of death.  Sarah died in 1863.  Could this be a second wife of Silas?]

Mary C.,  died 5 Nov. 1903, aged 69, 3 months, 22 days, daughter of Elam & Nancy W. McHENRY.  [Note:  Mary Caroline McHenry married Alfred Charles CANNON on July 17, 1853.]   Close-up of Inscription.

Silas S. McHENRY, age 73 yrs., 3 months, 25 days, died 28 Feb. 1901. [St. Francois County Missouri Cemeteries Book has his wife listed as Sarah (Finickle) McHenry, and Flo also has her name listed as Sarah. 

Mary T. NOLTKAMPER., born 29 Mar. 1867, died 9 Aug. 1909, wife of Edward H. NOLTKAMPER. [Please e-mail me if you know what her connection is to either the McHenry family or Highley family.]

Henry L. McHENRY, age 12 years, 3 months, born 19 May 1845, died 1 Sept. 1857 [son of Elam & Nancy?]

John S. McHENRY, age 1, b. 29 Aug. 1853, died 26 Aug. 1855, son of Elam & Nancy W. (POSTON) McHENRY.  [ Note:  I didn't find this tombstone.  I'm going to have to go back to cemetery and look for it.]

Eddie L. HIGHLEY, b. 24 Jan. 1869, died 27 Feb. 1869, son of J. W. & E. A. HIGHLEY. [Note:  I didn't find this tombstone either.]

* Eliza A., HIGHLEY, born 23 Mar. 1836, died 2 March 1892, wife of J. W. HIGHLEY, daughter of Elam & Nancy McHENRY.

Larry W. HIGHLEY, b. 18 Dec. 1898, died 13 Apr. 1899, son of Samuel G. & Katherine M.

Samuel G. HIGHLEY, b. 3 Aug. 1872, died 3 Jan. 1924.  [Husband of Katherine M. Highley]. 

Katherine M. HIGHLEY, born Nov. 29, 1876; died July 13, 1899; wife of S. G. Highley.

Harry Lester CLAY, 26 Sept. 1912 (born & died same date?),   Infant son of Harry & Ella CLAY. 

Beatrice CROOK, born 13 Apr. 1913, died 26 July 1913, Daughter of L. G. & J. M. CROOK

Albert MARLER, born 2 May 1877, died 19 May 1909 [Note:  Flo mistakenly had his person identified as Audrey Miller on her transcription.]

Lucy CENTER [nee Campbell], b. 23 Feb. 1863, d. May 12, 1914 [Husband of Ferdinand "Ferd" Kennett Center.  Cemetery books indicates that her first name is Hannah.]

Ferd CENTER, born 1859, died 1954.  [Full Name:  Ferdinand Kennett Center; husband of Lucy (Campbell) Center.  According to SFC Cemetery Books, he was born March 5, 1859 and died Dec. 1, 1954.].

William H. CREPPS, b. Oct. 6, 1870, died 23 Apr. 1944 [husb. of Clara M. (Highley) Crepps; married Dec. 10, 1893;  son of Alexander and Minerva Jane (Tabor) Crepps.]   View Obituary.

Clara M. CREPPS, b. Sept. 10, 1872, died Nov. 10, 1948 [wife of William H. Crepps; daughter of Thomas A. & Sara Highley]   View Obituary.

*  Great-grandparents of Mrs. LaBare
** Great-great-grandparents of Mrs. LaBare

The following individuals are listed in the Cemeteries of St. Francois County Missouri books as being buried in this cemetery, but are not included in Mrs. LaBare's transcription above:

Burta V. HIGHLEY, d. Sept. 14, 1884, 9y, 10m, 2d., d/o T.M. & S. A. (???).

Jeremiah P. McHENRY, died Mar. 13, 1864, 21y, 5d - son of Elam & Nancy.      

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This is another view of the grove of trees where cemetery is located.

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