Harris Cemetery


Located in field at corner of OO Highway & Old Jackson Road,
south of Farmington in St. Francois County, Missouri.
Visited by B. Warner & S. Hackworth on Saturday, July 23, 2005.
Re-Visited by B. Warner & Z. Martin on Saturday, Nov. 13, 2005.

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Harris Cemetery is located within this grove of trees in a field at the corner of
OO Highway and Old Jackson Road.
(See below for additional views of this cemetery)

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COZZENS, Gracie, daughter of Dr. E. P. & Dema
FERGUSON, Infant Daughter of Dr. J. H. & Sarah E. Ferguson - View #2
FERGUSON, Sarah - Wife of Dr. J. H. Ferguson, 16 yrs. old, daughter of William C. & Elizabeth Williams (nee Bennett) - View #2
FLEMING, Nicholas L. Jr.

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HARRIS, Elizabeth - wife of S. P. [Samuel P.] Harris -- View #2
HARRIS, Elizabeth Frances (nee Blanks), wife of Josephus Harris, born in Kentucky.   Additional Information:  According to obituary published in St. Francois Herald on July 9, 1902, she died at the home of her son, Mr. Andrew K. Harris in Farmington, Missouri.  Funeral services were held at the Christian Church in Libertyville and then she was laid to rest beside her husband who had preceded her in death in 1894.  Mrs. Harris, with her husband, were among the early settlers of St. Francois County.     Close-up of dates on tombstone.
E. H. Footstone - misplaced, but believe it belongs to Elizabeth, wife of S. P.
HARRIS, Josephus F. "Joe", born in Richmond, Kentucky of Virginian ancestry, husband of Elizabeth Frances.  View #2   --- According to biographical sketch dated 1888 which was published in Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri, Josephus and Elizabeth F. (Blanks) Harris were the parents of Andrew K. Harris, a successful and enterprising farmer of Liberty Township, St. Francois County, who was born in that township September 13, 1844.  Josephus was but a few years of age when the family came to Missouri and located in Cook Settlement where his father entered land.  Josephus was reared to manhood in St. Francois County, and, unaided and unassisted, he was obliged to make his way in life.  He always made St. Francois County his home.  He chose Miss Elizabeth Blanks for his companion in life, and to their union were born two children, Martha (deceased) and Andrew K. Harris.   Josephus Harris and his wife were among the early members of the Christian Church, and were much respected citizens.  Andrew K. Harris married Amanda Caruthers, a native of Missouri and the daughter of Solomon D. & Mary Jane (Harris) Caruthers.   As of 1888, they had one child, a daughter named Edith. 
HARRIS, Martin V. B.
HARRIS, Samuel P.  (1790-1863) - View #2
HARRIS, Thomas M., aged 61 years.  
HARRIS, Weston Morris (1851-1855)

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LEFTWICH, Franklin A., grandson of W. C. & Elizabeth H. Williams.  View #2  - This tombstone was erected by his grandmother( see inscription on stone). 
PRATT, Mary (possibly 1811-1861).  We haven't found tombstone for her yet.  We did find footstone with initials M.C.P. on it.  This footstone was in direct line with a concrete base from which tomstone had been broken off.  Click HERE to view photo of base and footstone.
SEBASTIAN, Cora - daughter of T. B. & Bettie Sebastian.
SEBASTIAN, Frances J. - daughter of William C. & Elizabeth (Bennett) Williams, wife of George.  View #2 / View #3
SEBASTIAN, Loomis N., son of G. W. & F. J. Sebastian.  View #2
SEBASTIAN, Pearl - daughter of G. W. & F. J. Sebastian. 

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SMITH, Hattie - wife of J. K. Smith; daughter of G. W. & F. J. Sebastian.  View #2
UNKNOWN STONE #1 - This partially buried stone looked like it could possibly be a Modern Woodsmen of America stone. It was located near stone of Elizabeth H. Williams.  We will try to check this stone out further on our next trip to this cemetery.
UNKNOWN STONE #2 - No markings at all.
UNKNOWN STONE #3 - No markings at all.
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth H. - wife of William Carroll Williams; maiden name "Bennett". 
WILLIAMS (Infant), child of J. C. & Ella B. Williams 
WILLIAMS (Infants), children of J.C. & E. B. Williams
WILLIAMS (Infant), daughter of W. C. & Elizabeth Williams
WILLIAMS, Tiney (1873-1875) - Infant daughter of W. C. & Elizabeth Williams

WILLIAMS, William Carroll - husband of Elizabeth H.; may be son of David & Elizabeth (Van Hooser) Williams.   One of the displaced W.W. footstones listed below probably went with his grave. According to a biographical sketch dated 1888 which was published in Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri, William Carroll Williams, who died in 1886, was one of the prominent men of St. Francois County.  He was born in Smith County, Tenn., at a point near Nashville, December 23, 1827, and was the son of David and Elizabeth (Van Hooser) Williams.  He was reared to manhood in his native county, and April 2, 1850, he married Miss Elizabeth H. Bennett, who was also a native of Smith County, Tenn., and the daughter of William and Jane (Van Natty) Bennett.  In June, 1850, they started for Missouri, and located in St. Francois County, where Mr. Williams purchased forty acres on the Farmington and Jackson Road.  He remained there about two years, and then bought 200 acres of land about three miles from Libertyville.   While his family lived on the farm, he went to an island in the Mississippi River and, by industry and hard work, in six years, accumulated enough to buy the place where his family then  lived at a cost of $10,500.00.  He also bought the mill property at Libertyville and, tearing out the old machinery, replaced it with new.   The mill business, as of 1888, was in the hands of his son and was a prosperous institution.  William Carroll Williams died August 30, 1886, at the age of fifty-eight.  His death was a violent one, having been killed by a bull.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and was steward of the Wesley Chapel congregation.  He was a Democrat in politics, and was one of the most successful farmers that ever came into St. Francois County.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams were the parents of twelve children, namely:  1) Didema, b. 1845, married Dr. Edward Cozzens; 2) Mary T., b. 1852, twin of Harriett; 3) Harriett, b. 1852, married first William Webb and second James Leftwich and had one son, Franklin Leftwich, b. 1875; 4) William, b. 1855, died 1856; 5) John H. b. 1856, d. 1867; 6) Frances Jane, b. 1858, married George Whitley Sebastian, Jr., son of George W. & Elizabeth Townsend (they had 10 children); 7) Joseph Carroll, b. 1859, married first Jennie Price Watts, married second Ella Black; 8) Unnamed infant daughter b & d 1862; 9) Sarah Elizabeth, married Dr. John H. Ferguson, died in childbirth in 1881 at age 16; 10) Eliza, b. 1866; 11) Laura, b. 1868; and, 12) Nancy Lillian, married Frank Lee.    His son, Joseph C. Williams, proprietor of the Libertyville Mills as of 1888, was born November 24, 1859, and always made his home in Liberty Township, receiving his schooling at Libertyville.   He operated the mill for his father, together with managing the farm.  Joseph C. Williams was married October 6, 1885, to Miss Jennie Price Watts, a native of St. Francois County, and the daughter of Rev. H. S. Watts of Farmington.  As of 1888, they had one child:  Marvin Carroll Williams.  Joseph Williams was a member of the Masonic fraternity and was its secretary.  He was also a member of the I.O.O.F. and a member of the Wesley Chapel congregation of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.    William Carroll was said to have built the house on OO Highway, nine miles sourth of Farmington, pictured below, with slave labor. 

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Old Williams Home Near Libertyville Which Was Built By Slaves

W. W. Footstone #1
W. W. Footstone #2



FLEMING, Claude (son of S. P. & E. N.), possibly died 1875
WILLIAMS, Mary, died 1855, age 3yrs. (d/o William & Elizabeth H.)
WILLIAMS, William (1855-56), s/o William & Elizabeth H.  - one of the above displaced W.W. footstones listed above probably went with his grave.

The following graves were contained in an early listing for this cemetery contributed by Julie W. Buscher which was prepared by Mrs. J. Paul Cayce, Regent. for the John Forster Chapter, Daughters of the American Colonists of Farmington, Missouri (date unknown).   No tombstones were found for these individuals which were on her listing:

BLANKS,  Zeno (1804-1846)
FARMER, J. Sam (1844 - 1869)
FARMER, Elizabeth H. (1809-1862) -  wife of J. C. Farmer
SAMUELS, Nancy (1800-1862) - wife of John Samuels
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (1790-1860) - wife of David Williams



Note:  As you can see, the cemetery is in very sad shape.   Harris Cemetery is located in a cow pasture.  It was apparently not fenced in for many years and was at the mercy of the grazing cattle.   The current owner has installed a fence around the cemetery to protect it, but it is still very overgrown.   Many tombstones were knocked over. There still may be tomstones which we missed because they are broken and the earth has swallowed them up or they were covered with thick foilage.  Hopefully, we'll be able to locate more on a subsequent visit to this cemetery.  

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