The Franklin Clay Cemetery, Frankclay, Missouri


(a/k/a Franklin Clay Cemetery) 
Near Frankclay, Missouri
(Located off of Wortham Road near Highway M & Adams Cemetery)

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Photos of Cemetery taken by Sharon Hackworth

The following biographical sketch of Franklin Eleaser Clay is set forth in Nedra Queen's book Early Days of Leadwood published in 2000:

    "The town of Frankclay is located less than a mile west of Leadwood, and was first called Claytown.  The Postal Department said it was too much like Clayton, Mo., so therefore the name was changed to Frankclay, Mo.  Franklin Eleaser Clay, who once owned the land, founded the town.  As early as 1861 Franklin was farming on this section of land.  He was born in 1833 and was the son of James and Polly (Spradling) Clay.  His first marriage was to Mary Jane Breckenridge of Washington County in 1849.  To this union ten children were born.   His [first] wife died in 1879, and in 1881 he married Lucy Brooks of Potosi, Missouri.  Lucy died in 1902, and his third marriage was to Elizabeth J. Culberson of Indiana, who died around 1915.  No children were born to either of the latter two wives.  In the St. Francois County, Missouri Cemeteries book, it shows six children of the first marriage being buried in the Clay Cemetery at Frankclay, Missouri.   Franklin Clay taught school for several years in his early manhood, afterwards and for the greater part of his life he devoted himself to farming.  Franklin E. Clay died in 1917 and is also buried in the Clay Cemetery. " 

Clay, Alice L., dau. of F. E. & Mary J. Clay; d. July 12, 1895, aged 26y, 9m, 24d.
Clay, Elbert W. - 1861-1862; son of Franklin E. and Mary J. Clay. Only footstone found.       
Clay, Emma J. - 1883 - 1916 (nee Simmons)
         George R. 1875 - 1916
Clay, Franklin E. - b. Feb. 14, 1833 - d. Dec. 20, 1917 "Asleep In Jesus"; son of James & Polly (Spradling) Clay.  (Note:  St. Francois County Cemeteries book indicates that he was a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.  I spoke with someone today who indicated that when tombstone was standing the letters K.K.K. were on back of stone.  The tombstone is now laying face-up on ground and is too heavy to move.)  View Top of Tombstone.      
Clay, George E. - b. Nov. 20, 1896; d. Dec. 3, 1896, son of M.F. & M.A. Clay.  (Note:  This is probably a son of Marvin F.  and Annie Clay.  Marvin F. Clay, son of Franklin E. Clay, was born about 1872. )
Clay, James P. - son of F. E. & Mary J. Clay - d. Dec. 15, 1886; aged 21y, 9m, 11d
Clay, Lucy A. - wife of Franklin E. Clay; d. June 6, 1902, aged 57 yrs. 21 days  (nee Brooks)
Clay, Mary Jane (nee Breckenridge) - first wife of Franklin E. Clay; b. June 25, 1837; d.  Oct. 9, 1879, aged 42y, 3m, 14 days.   Note: As you can see, Mary Jane's stone is in pieces.    It is laying partially under the stone of Franklin's second wife, Lucy, which has fallen on top of it.   View 2 / View 3 / Footstone
Clay, Vernon E. -  son of R. L. & M.E. Clay; Born & Died Oct. 12, 1909.  Full name of parents would be Robert Lewis Clay and Martha Evelyn "Mattie" (Harden) Clay.  This would be a twin brother of Virgil E. Clay who was born the same day. 
Clay, Mary A. - 1860-1861, dau. of Franklin E. & Mary J. Clay.  No stone found as yet.
Clay, Nancy Jane, d. 1915, aged 62y.  No stone found as yet.
Moore, Franklin L. - son of W. E. & J. C. Moore; b. Aug. 15, 1894; d. Feb. 21, 1896
Moore, William Elisha - b. Dec. 1, 1861; d. July 24, 1925; son-in-law of Franklin E. Clay
   (Ku Klux Klan initials on stone.)   Click HERE   to view obit.
Moore, Juetta Catherine - No stone found; dau. of Franklin E. Clay; wife of Wm. E. Moore  It is "assumed" that she is buried here with her husband since her obit indicates that she is.  Her husband's stone has fallen over and is too heavy to move.  It could be her name is on the backside of his stone.  Click HERE to view her obit.  
Unknowns:   Stone which reads "Eugene S. 1907 - 1913"
                      Stone which reads "Zuma 1913 - 1913
Update:   I've been advised that these two are children of George Robert Clay and Emma J. Clay (nee Simmons).  View arrangement of stones.   


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