Delassus Cemetery



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Delassus, Missouri
St. Francois County

Visited and Photographed May 29, 2005
B. Warner & M. Rickmar


Note:  Cemetery is neglected and unkept.   Some of these tombstones were hard to find and, because of high weeds and thick ground cover, there may have been other tombstones we missed although we made a diligent search.   The tombstones we did find were spread out over a large area with many sunken, unmarked graves in between.  There are far more unmarked graves in the cemetery, than marked graves.  If anyone has family members buried here which are not on the list, please E-MAIL us.  If you can send us an obituary or death certificate indicating this cemetery as place of burial, we'll add them to the list. 

JAMES M. DUFF - Stone is off its base: VIEW #1  / VIEW #2 / VIEW #3 / VIEW #4
IRA P. FORSEE  - [Surname might also be found spelled as either Forshee or Foshee.]

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EMMA ROSALIE FREEMAN - Wife of William T. Freeman; daughter of the "late" Dr. Joseph  Bourgeat of Point Coupee, Louisiana; 1847-1872 (oldest tombstone we found in this cemetery); Inscription: "Sacred to the Memory of That Angel Wife and Mother, Whose Mission of Earth Was Fulfilled With Purity, Grace and Devoted Piety."   Another View of Tombstone.
LOUISA GRAHAM - Wife of J. R. Graham
WINNIFRED HENRY - Wife of Eli Henry; mother of Mrs. John Townsley.   According to obituary of Eli Henry (a Civil War Veteran), he was also buried at Delassus, but we didn't find a tombstone for him.  Click HERE to view Obituary of Eli Henry. 

Robert S. HOLEMAN, husband of Eva Holeman.  No tombstone found for Eva.

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HENRY P. HUNT - Husb. of Rebecca M. (nee Welch)
REBECCA MALINDA HUNT (nee Welch) - Wife of Henry P. Hunt  - VIEW OBITUARY
HUTCHINSON, Joseph R., 1859-1933, husb. of Martha (Stone), married 1879, buried at Delassus Cemetery per Obituary published in Lead Belt News of Flat River, Missouri, on May 12, 1933. No tombstone found.    Also, believe his son, Harrison Hutchinson who died in 1915 is buried here too.
JOHNSON INFANT - Daughter of James P. & S. E. Johnson
ROSE MARCUM, died April 7, 1949, in St. Louis.  Burial at Delassus Cemetery per obituary published in Lead Belt News on Apr. 15, 1949.  Survived by six children:  Louis, William, Mary, Rosie, Dave and Elmer.  No tombstone found.   
JOHN CALVIN McCALISTER, b. March 18, 1862, at Pilot Knob.  Died Nov. 5 1933, at Farmington. Husband of Nancy Charlotte (Luster) McCalister who died Aug. 1919.    No tombstone was found for him at Delassus.  Obituary of John Calvin McCalister.   Click HERE to view obituary of his son, William  McCalister.    His grandson, William F. "Bill" McCalister, Jr.,  son of William F. McCalister, Sr. and Jesse Mae (Womack) McCalister, was the first man from St. Francois County to be killed in World War II, and is one of two men in whose honor Farmington American Legion Post #416 is named.  More articles on death of William F. McCalister, Jr.
ELIZABETH MEADOWS, wife of Job Meadows - Inscription on Back of Tombstone
JOB MEADOWS, husband of Elizabeth Meadows
JOHN R. MEADOWS - Tombstone has Jan. 20, 1854-Feb. 7, 1932, but obit published on Feb. 12, 1932, in Lead Belt News, has that he was 54 years old?
VIEW OF MEADOWS PLOT (L to R: John, Elizabeth, Job)
STONE MARKED WITH INITIALS J.M. - Although this stone was located a distance from the Meadows family plot, I believe this may be the footstone belonging to grave of Job Meadows.
MIKE SMITH POFF, born Apr. 6, 1870, at Mount Vernon, Illinois; died Feb. 4, 1947; husband of Etta; buried at Delassus. Cemetery per obituary.  No tombstone found.   VIEW OBITUARY
SUSAN C. RICKUS, daughter of E. T. & Martha White
THOMAS RICKUS, son of  E. (?) H. & S. C. Rickus   - VIEW INSCRIPTION
HATTIE RISLEY, wife of E. B. Risley
FLORENCE STEELE - Died Jan. 4, 1969, left no surviving relatives.   Birthdate of January 28, 1877 is engraved on tombstone, but date of death is not.    VIEW OBITUARY .  This is the most recent burial we found in Delassus Cemetery.
ADA M. TOWNSLEY, daughter of J. M. & Nancy Townsley.
FLORENCE TOWNSLEY, daughter of J. M. & Nancy Townsley
LOUIS WELCH, 1865-1943, husb. of Mary (Bray) Welch.  Interment Delassus Cemetery per Obituary published in Lead Belt News, May 21, 1943.   
UNKNOWN (Partial Stone) - Died Aug. 1900, aged 39 years, 13 days (approx. year of birth 1861)
UNKNOWN (fallen stone - face down)
UNKNOWN FAMILY PLOT - This plot has an ornate iron fence around it.   There was no gate and it was too high to climb over.  No stones could be seen from outside looking in.  Will try to go back later with long-handled rake and see if any stones can be uncovered.  The Hunt stones listed above were very near this plot.   Another View of Plot.


Sarah ALBERT, died, Nov. 19, 1885, born TN, aged 32 years;

Georgia BULLINGER, died Sept. 18, 1889, 2 yrs., 8 months, died Sept. 18, 1889, born Bollinger County, Mo.;

E. L. CRENGE, b. 1874, died 1878;

Mary Ellen DAY, d. May 2, 1903, wife of Henry Day;

George W. HARRILL/HARRELL/HARRILD, b. Apr. 25, 1866, died Feb. 2, 1901, husb. of Lucy (nee MAYS),  married Oct. 28, 1886;

ISAAC SNELSON, d. February 1927, aged 80 years.


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