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This cemetery is located on the "Old Andrews Farm", Rural Route, Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, Missouri.  As of 1979, the farm was owned by Orville Mund.  This transcription was submitted by family of the late Floriece (Flo) Horn LaBare who transcribed the cemetery in 1979 in connection with her personal genealogy research and subsequently published by the Mo. State Genealogical Association in their Fall 1985 Journal.   

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Robert F. ANDREWS age 28 died 27 Feb. 1867, son of William & Eliza (Pershall) ANDREWS.

Cary Eveline PINKSTON, age 5, died July 1866, daughter of J. B. & M. E. Pinkston.

Only two above markers were found at this cemetery when visited Sept. 1979 by R. L. & Floriece Horn LaBare and C. W. Horn.  Mrs. Mund said when she moved onto farm in 1930's the cemetery was fenced in and a cedar tree stood at the head of each grave.  Through the years, the fence was destroyed, cattle knocked over stones, and trees have been sawed down (many stumps remain). 

Those believed to have been buried in this family cemetery:

** William H. ANDREWS, died 23 Sept. 1852, m. May 7, 1827 MO
** Eliza Pershall ANDREWS

Robert ANDREWS (stone remains)


Joseph Benjamin PINKSTON

Gary Evaline PINKSTON (stone remains)

Joseph Hugh PINKSTON

*William Ross ANDREWS, b. 26 May 1832 MO, d. 16 Dec. 1864, m. Elizabeth McHENRY 10 Dec. 1856.  Military record from National Archives shows Williiam Ross ANDREWS died of congestive chills at Benton Barracks Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, 16 Dec.1864, while serving in Civil War.

  * Great-grandparents of Mrs. LaBare
** Great-great-grandparents of Mrs. LaBare

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