Fortune Teller Predicts Death of Elvins Citizen



THE LEAD BELT NEWS, Flat River, Missouri, 
Published Friday, August 13, 1920.


Prosecuting Attorney Takes a Hand in the Affair 
and Has Caused the Arrest of the "Seer".  
Trial to be Held in Elvins Today (Friday) 

     Looking straight into the eyes of A. Archambo, an elderly citizen of Elvins, DeLynn Bowman, who has been doing a rather flourishing business as a clairvoyant and fortune teller in Flat River, exclaimed: "Say man, you haven't got long to live.  Your days are numbered and your death will probably occur between the 1st and 28th of October".  Bowman elaborated on this statement by describing minutely the physical appearance of the man who would be responsible for Archambo's death. 

      Archambo and his family became greatly worried over this prophesy and Mrs. Archambo finally decided she would discuss the question with the prosecuting attorney and perhaps something could be done to prevent this terrible misfortune breaking up the family circle.  The Prosecuting Attorney has taken a hand in the affair.  On information furnished by Mrs. Archambo, he had a warrant issued for the arrest of the fortune teller because telling fortunes and receiving money for same is against the law in such cases made and provided.  Bowman was summoned before Justice Vance at Elvins last Saturday.  He gave bond for his appearance for trial today (Friday). When asked by the prosecuting attorney what he meant by predicting Archambo's death, he said "Well, his sign indicates that he will die at that time."  When asked what sign, he replied: "Why the sign of the zodiac".  

     The prediction of death was not the first experience the Archambo family has had with the fortune teller.  Recently $184 disappeared in a mysterious manner from the Archambo home.  They went to the "Seer".  He told them it had been stolen and hidden in the garden at their home, and that they would find it hanging from a thick cluster of tomato vines.  A thorough search of the tomato patch was made.  The vines were so thick that in order to make a thorough search, every other row of vines were pulled up and carefully examined.  The result was that a perfectly good patch of tomatoes were ruined, but no trace of the money was found.  

Note:  If the above article refers to Ambrose Archambo, he died March 31, 1939, at age 87.