Picture from Kathleen White Miles book "Bitter Ground"


From Wilbur Zink book, "A Tornado Started It All":

There is a large pre-Civil War house between Osceola and Vista that is still standing, as of 2003. It was built by Edwin C. Harris in 1854. The rear section was built of logs and later covered by clapboard. Dr. Harris served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and died before reaching home at the end of the war.

Dr. Pleasant M. Cox later owned this famous old house. There is a small cemetery used for the burial of slaves.


From Kathleen White Miles book, "Bitter Ground":

General Sterling Price had Christmas dinner in this old St. Clair County home in 1861. It was built in the 1830's by Colonel Harris and has all the original floors and fireplaces. The rear part is the original 1830 home and the front was added by the time of the Mexican War.

Submitted by Mary Zeiler