Justice of the Peace (Scott Co MO)

Justice of the Peace (Scott Co MO)
A A Harrisons

As a young girl that book was in a bookcase in our living room and I would sit and read it many times over never dreaming that someday it would be on something called the internet. Don't know what will come after the internet but I hope it will always be out there in whatever form replaces the internet. It sure should make documenting families a lot easier when there are things on the internet.

This is the same A. A. Harrison that was Justice of the Peace in Sikeston. For some reason we were taught great reverance for A. A and some how that reverance turned into love. that is what he went by, my dad's middle name was Absolom, maybe that is why I guess he did remember him but being at the end of a big family I don't remember him ever saying so.

I wish more people would share their family momentos for one thing sharing insures it will survive longer I think. The Ronald Harrison, transcriber of this page is my older brother.

This is the book in its entirety.
Submitted by Robert Riggs (Jerry) Poster-#-134-

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