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Clymer Cemetery
Scott County [Missouri]
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In letter: ROGERS, John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
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Clymer Cemetery
Scott County Missouri

SUBMITTED BY: Don Williams Poster-#-25-
Name **** Date of Birth **** Date of Death **** Notes
Anderson, Unknown
~~b:1882 ~~d:11/28/1885
Climer, Eveline
~~b: n/date~~d: 6/12/1872
32 yr 2 mo 18 days
wife of JD Climer,
Clymer, Mahala
~~b: 4/7/1830 ~~d: 5/2/1913
wife of GR Clymer
Finley, Little Sadie
~~b: 11/1882 ~~d:11/23/1884~~ 2 yr 8 days
dau of GH & C Finley
Finley, Nina Josephine
~~b: 8/27/1881 ~~d:10/27/1882
dau of Thomas & Lizzie
Finley, Elizabeth
~~b:3/5/1800 ~~d: 11/10/1865
Finley, Grancy
~~b:n/date ~~d: 3/29/1880
dau/son of JS & Lucy
Finley, Idell
~~b: 8/22/1881 ~~d:n/date~~ 7 yr
Holmes, Ida May
~~b:n/date ~~d: 12/13/1861 ~~ 10 mo 14 days
dau of EF & MA Holmes
Riggs, Allice
~~b: 11/11/1868 ~~d:8/11/1871
Unknown, JC
~~b: 4/29/188? ~~d: 7/25/1889
Unknown, Unknown
~~b: 11/16/1845 ~~d: 6/25/1882
Williams, Thalian
~~b: 11/26/1868 ~~d:8/25/1875

Clymer Cemetery
20 graves, a lot of tombstones were leaning against a tree
NOTE: My cousin Arlie Smith and I stumbled across the Clymer Cemetery in our travels.
The stones were highly weathered and hard to read.
Contributed by: Don Williams, October, 2000
Contributed by: Don Williams Poster-#-25-

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