(Group #-04-Letters published in the 1980s by Edna Drexler)

Group #-04-Letters
published in the 1980s
by Edna Drexler

After my aunt, Ruth Komis, died in the fall of 2002, I found that she had collected and pasted so now very faded news clippings from the The Jimplicute, Scott City, MO, and pasted them on pages which she was keeping writings of her mother, Edna Drexler.
These documents are very difficult to read because they are so faded.
However, I have been retyping them into documents and making them available to other family members by posting them on this Internet page.
Many include memories from the very early 1900s of Scott City.
Submitted by Donald L Williams Poster-#-25-

Group #-04-Letters published in the 1980s by Edna Drexler

  • Letter to the Editor

    The Jimplicute, Scott City, MO 63754


    Dear Editor,


    It was a dream come true and the pride of its people. I remember when the Broadway Methodist Church was built. The new church was built in a location downtown where it was easier for the people to come to the service. It was a beautiful new brick church. There were nice accommodations for the Sunday School Classes and the Bible Classes. All around the area the people came to admire the architecture of the building. Some came and looked at the church and built their new church building like it.

    It was Rev. Eaker who was the minister at the time of the church building. He was a solemn and dignified man. It was said at the time that Rev. Eaker was a church builder. It seemed that wherever he was sent a church was being built. In this situation he had to preach on the little white frame church on the hill. He seemed to like the challenge and was often seen at the excavations with a wheel barrow hauling out the dirt. Soon after the building was completed, Rev. Eaker was transferred to Oran.

    In the early days of the Broadway Church some of the teachers of the Sunday School Classes were Miss Dana Schriefer and Miss Lois Williams. The Bible Classes were taught by different persons. Julia Spradling Sharp, Bert Sharp, Mr. And Mrs. James Finch, and Mr. Steve Barton were some of the people who were active in the church at that time.

    The Broadway Methodist Church today is still the pride of its congregation. It is a beautiful church with many more additions to meet the need of the people.


    Edna Drexler



    Letter to the Editor

    The Jimplicute, Scott City, MO 63754


    Dear Editor,


    My memories go back to the early days of our town (Fornfelt). The year was 1907. Sunday School Classes were held on a little white frame building on a hillside east of the home of William Dunger, senior.

    The weather was beautiful this Easter 1907. It seemed that everyone celebrated Easter services then than now. Larger numbers of young people attended the Sunday School Class. As I recall a Mr. Rogers taught the class. Those persons attending the class were Jack Estes, Oscar Estes, Nannie McGaugh, Emma McGaugh, Eva Smith, Lillian Vasterling, Clara Ferguson, and Lois Smith.

    Years passed and the little white building on the hillside was either moved or torn away. The Broadway Methodist Church was built on Broadway and Lincoln Streets in Scott City.


    Edna Drexler

    Woman Hunter

    To the Editor of the Evansville Courier:


    In reference to the Ginger Eades in last Friday’s Courier that Tri-State women prove hunting no long a masculine domain – it must be that some women back in the earlier days must have done quite a bit of hunting.

    Back in the years of about 1910 to 1920 I enjoyed my new 20 gauge shotgun, my hunting boots, and a beret for my blonde hair) quite a lot. My husband was quite a hunter – a sure shot. As he was gone so much I asked to accompany him on his hunting trip so he agreed and bought me the complete hunting outfit, also hunting license. So really there is nothing new.




    Thursday, April 1, 1982

    A Scott City Resident


    Letter to the Editor

    The Jimplicute, Scott City, MO 63754


    Dear Editor,


    I would like to share with your readers an experience I had a long time ago. It happened at Easter time at the little Macedonia Church on the Commerce Road.

    It was a memorable Easter for a group of young people who attended Sunday School and church at the Macedonia Church back in the days of the year 1903 or 1904. We had a basket dinner on the banks of the Mississippi River.

    Twice a month a visiting minister came to the Macedonia Church to preach. It was a good time for the people of the Macedonia community when church was held. Large crowds of friends and neighbors came to enjoy visiting each other and to hear the sermon. There was Sunday School and many young people came to the class.

    This particular Sunday, Easter Sunday, was especially important. The minister gave a fine sermon and everyone enjoyed the music recital. However, the joy among the young people was the big picnic trip to Graysboro. Everyone was talking about the new time and the big railroad bridge just completed over the Mississippi River.

    There were two wagons ready to take the young people and the basket dinner to the picnic spot. The wagon 1 Edna Williams road in had the following people: Jim Greer, Sid Rochelle, Charles Baldridge. Others were Maggie Baldridge, Julia Spradling, Grace Spradling, Belle Matthews, and Lois Williams. It was a joyful trip.… It was on Easter I could not forget.

    Years have gone by and few of the person who took that trip are alive today. Perhaps some of the families living in the old Macedonia community remember other events that took place at that church.


    Yours Sincerely,

    Edna Drexler

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