(Group #-01-Letters published in the 1980s by Edna Drexler)

Group #-01-Letters
published in the 1980s
by Edna Drexler

After my aunt, Ruth Komis, died in the fall of 2002, I found that she had collected and pasted so now very faded news clippings from the The Jimplicute, Scott City, MO, and pasted them on pages which she was keeping writings of her mother, Edna Drexler.
These documents are very difficult to read because they are so faded.
However, I have been retyping them into documents and making them available to other family members by posting them on this Internet page.
Many include memories from the very early 1900s of Scott City.
Submitted by Donald L Williams Poster-#-25-

Group #-01-Letters published in the 1980s by Edna Drexler

  • Letter to the Editor

    The Jimplicute, Scott City, MO 63754

    Thursday, December 29, 1983


    Dear Editor:

    It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring but a small mouse. This is the time delightful to the hearts of children. It was Santa Claus time.

    A strange thing happened on Christmas Eve when I was looking forward to a visit from Santa Claus. It was just a the break of day, my father was up and stirring the fire in the stove so the room would be cozy for all the Christmas joy. A loud knock came at the front door. I was wide awake and wondered who could be there at that time in the morning. I thought it could be Santa. I listened. I heard a voice coming through the darkness. “Please may I come in?” he said, “ I am so cold and hungry. I have climbed these icy hills all through the night. My father said, “Come and warm yourself by the fire.”

    My brother and I were in the greatest awe of this mysterious stranger. We wondered, “Could this be the Santa Claus?” Would we get up and see him? I looked and looked at the man. I turned to my brother and said, “If that is Santa, he has no pack.”

    The stranger came into the room and chose the big chair by the chair to sit down, and then I saw he had sat on a bag of candy. I knew it was candy meant for me. I was disturbed about that.

    Soon breakfast was ready and mother invited the man to eat with us. She had been busy for some time before preparing sausages and hot cakes for our Christmas breakfast. The strange became happy when he saw the good mean set before him. He was jolly and began to talk. “I saw the Christmas tree in your back window and decided this would be the place to get help.” My mother said, “The children wanted the Christmas tree in the back window so the animals of the barnyard would see it. However, I am curious how you could see it from the front of our house.” He seemed a little embarrassed but answered, “I guess I saw it through your front windows or maybe I was just walking around the house looking in. I don’t remember.”

    My father said, “You don’t seem to have your story straight.” The man said no more, but really enjoyed the meal.

    After breakfast and some more talking, he said it was time for him to go. My mother gave him a lunch to take on his journey. We bid him goodby and as he went down the lane, he turned and waved and said, “Merry Christmas.”

    Later that Christmas morning the family attended the Christmas service that was held at the church near our home.

    The visit of the mysterious stranger that came to our home on Christmas morning hungry and cold and needing help will always remain a strange happening in my life.





    Letter to the Editor

    The Jimplicute

    Scott City, MO 63754


    Dear Editor,

    It may interest your readers, especially those who remember Ruth Drexler Komis as a teacher in Scott City and in Sikeston, in the letter she received awarding a special honor to her daughter, Ann Komis (Rohrbacher).

    The letter congratulated Ruth and Jim Komis for the election of Ann as an outstanding young woman of America for the year 1983.

    The purpose of the organization, Oustanding Young Women of America, is to give recognition to the many young people like Ann who give their time, talent, and unselfish service to enrich the quality of American life. The Board of Advisors (George Washington University, Daughters of American Revolution, General Federation of Women’s Clubs, University of American Women, National Federation of Business and Professional Women and others) selected Ann from thousands of nominations by respected business and civic leaders throughout the country.

    The Outstanding Young Women of America are selected each year. In the 1983 edition of the young women chosen there will be a biographical sketch of Ann. Ann is a CBS news anchor person on WEHT, Channel 25 Television Station, Evansville, Indiana.

    Sincerely yours,

    Edna Drexler


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