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ADAMS/DANIELS/FIFER A obituary notice in Augusta County, Virginia, shows that my gg-grandmother, Elizabeth DANIELS ADAMS, died in Scotland County on 16 Sep 1851 of Cholera. It listed her age as 39. She was the wife of Ezekiel ADAMS. We assumed she was also buried in Scotland County. The same obituary notice in Augusta County, Virginia, shows that Mary DANIELS FIFER, died on 20 Dec 1851 of Cholera in Scotland County. It listed her age as 44. She was the sister of Elizabeth DANIELS ADAMS and the wife of John FIFER. We assumed she was also buried in Scotland County. I am interested in finding more information (cemetery, land deeds, etc.) on these two sisters, and their families.
Joe Adams
March 12, 1999

I am searching for the parents of Scott ALFREY. On Feb 5, 1873 a Thomas ALFREY married Mary Ann SHANNON in Scotland County, MO. Scott ALFREY married Dora BEERMAN on Dec 3, 1884 in Mississippi County, MO. Scott ALFREY lived in Perry County, MO in 1900. Since ALFREY is not a common name, I am checking every possible lead. I thought that maybe Thomas might be Scott's brother. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Brenda Manion
October 17, 1998

I am looking for information on Leona Maria Armknecht and Hermina Johanna Armknecht, both born in Franklin, Iowa, both died in Memphis, Missouri.
John Armknecht
March 12, 1999

I am interested in finding people with information regarding Andrew ARNETT who was born in NC ca 1793. Was in IL around 1824-1827 where his sons John and Thomas L. were born. He was found on the 1850 Census of Scotland County, Mo.
Julianna Ockert-Chilton
25 Mar 97

Late 19th Century Newspapermen and Methodist Preachers JENNINGS Newspapers usually ended with name Democrat. GGrandfather George Jennings born Ohio 1830 d. 1885. My grandfather Oscar Jackson Jennings married pioneer suffragette Edna Mae KERBY (1875-1947) who attended Central Methodist College and Stephens College where she also worked in registrar's office. My families in Missouri counties of Boone, Callaway, Carroll, Howard, Howell, Scotland and Ste. Genevieve are BAILEY, JENNINGS, KERBY, MILLER Thanks and have a GREAT day.
Ed Jennings
March 12, 1999

Looking for Samuel BAKER, b 1792, Smith county Tennessee. He married Nancy Akens/EAKINS in Nashville TN. Samuel died in Memphis, Scotland, MO in Oct of 1872. One of his sons, Samuel Dave also died in Scotland MO. I am interested in lodcating any info on his parents, siblings, or his children. I have good info on Jackson Edmondson BAKER, and Samule Dave BAKER, but need info on daughter Ann and son Egbert BAKER.
Pam Peterson
October 17, 1998

Seeking information on the background of the Barker brothers, Thomas Holeman BARKER, William G. BARKER, John H. BARKER, and Daniel Joseph BARKER who asettled in Scotland County in 1858. Particularly interested in their background in Kentucky and before. They were the sons of Leonard BARKER and Elizabeth HOLEMAN.
24 Mar 97

Researching the Barnett and Walker families who lived in Scotland county in the late 1800s. Any help will be appreciated.
Clarence Earnhart
October 17, 1998

William Arthur Barnett born 10-31- 1877 in Scotland County, Mo. died 7-24-1961, buried in Randolph County, Mo, William Arthur Barnett married Mae Omega Mitchell Settle born 5-9-1880 in Montana, died 10-14-1972 in Randolph County. Mo. Their children were Virgil Owenings. Leslie Lee, Ellen Maurine, Marvin Lyle and Roy Alfred.

William Arthur Barnett was the son of John D. Barnett born 1-25-1850 Scotland Co, Mo, married 9-14-1871 in Schulyer Co, Mo to Mary Ellen Ketchum born 9-1-1854 in Boone Co, Mo. Mary Ellen Ketchum was the daughter Of George Ketchum Sr. and LouisaGreen. John D and Mary Ellen Barnett's other children born between 1872 and 1896 were Jasper N, Sterling J, Henry C, Robert Lee, Pearly M, Marvin T, John T. and Lou Veria Barnett.

John D. Barnett was the son of John W. Barnett and Margaret A ?. Would appreciate any help on this line. Thanks
Nancy Kessler
October 17, 1998

I'm looking for any information on Henry Bass & Mamie Whitton. They lived in Scotland County in 1900. Their son Ray Lionell Bass was born in Memphis, Scotland County on September 24, 1898. As Mamie was only 17 in the 1900 census, I'm thinking she was probably born/from Scotland county. Any info on their marriage date, parents names, etc. would be appreciated. Mamie's birthdate is April 1883. Henry's birthdate is October 1872. Thanks for your help.
Cindy Bass
March 12, 1999

In researching James Comley I found his second daughter Elizina Comley married a John T. Billup in Scotland Co. 1852. Does anyone have any information on this family ? maybe they would have the name of her mother. Which is what I am particularly looking for. Thanks,
Susan Scott.
October 17, 1998

I am searching for information on George Blaine who was born at Webster Grove, Missouri about 1861. He married Elizabeth Ralph, born near Memphis, Missouri in about 1862, in Scotland County and had children there. The family moved to Appanoose County, Iowa, but several of the boys returned to Scotland County and MAY have been buried there. From their marriage license (3/18/1883), George had a guardian. I know nothing about his parents. Her parents were James Ralph (from Delaware) and Nancy Justice (from Indiana).Thanks!
John Bowen
October 17, 1998

My great-grandparents names were Mr. and Mrs. John Bolter and they resided in Etna (which no longer exists) in the late 1800's. Their daughter, my grandmother, was Anna Wilhelmina (Minnie) Mohr and she was born August 19, 1885. She married Edward Lorentz Mohr on September 26, 1906. Edward Lorentz Mohr was born in Scotland County on October 25, 1877. Together they had six children - my mother was Opal Mae Mohr born in 1918. I am looking for is further information on the John Bolter family from Etna. I would also like to know who Edward Lorentz Mohr's parents were (my great-grandparents).
All of my indications tell me that both families were life-long farmers of Scotland County. All were members of the Etna Methodist Church and I believe they were all buried in the Etna Cemetery in Wyaconda.
Thank you.
Wanda D. Ward
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
(630)716-6511 T/L 660-6511
May 11, 1998

Would like inf. on the Austin Morris family listed in the 1860 census and  also the Thomas Bonner family of Bible Grove. Thanks.
Pat Hutcherson
6 Mar 98

I am looking for an obit, census record, or any data I can find - my great great grandfather, James Robert BROOKHART, b. 4 Feb 1822, PA, d. 3 Oct 1895, 'somewhere' in MO. Info I've gotten so far points to Scotland, MO - I don't know yet if that is the town or Scotland Co. He died in a nursing home - that's the extent of information I've received from a much older relative who can't remember any details.
Julia Conkey
March 12, 1999

I am trying to find any information about my husband's great-great-grandfather, Nicholas Bryan, who lived in near Azen in the middle 1800's and died in 1904 there and is buried in the Prairieview Cemetery by the Methodist church.
Patti Bryan
October 17, 1998

My ancestors Nicholas Bryan and his son Grandson passed through Scotland County, MO. Did they leave any tracks? They are in Scotland County in 1870 per census. Nicholas married Leonora Davisson. Grandson, Hammond Thomas, married Margaret Susan Thomas 2/16/1870 in Scotland County. Moved shortly thereafter to Neosho County, KS. Unknown if Nicholas and Leonora remained in Scotland County. Could have moved back to Van Buren County, IA. Grandson Hammond Thomas married Margaret Susan Thomas 2/16/1870 in Scotland County, MO. Grandson is son of Nicholas Bryan and Leonora Davisson Bryan fron Randolph County WV via Van Buren County, IA. Seek parentage of Margaret.
October 17, 1998

Can anyone check Scotland Co. cemeteries for surname CARBERRY. Thanks.
Ken Kothe
October 17, 1998

Would like to find someone to look up some obits. for me on the Cathell family.  Will also exchange info with anyone working on this family.
Marilyn Ainsworth
27 Apr 98

Looking for the cemetary that a Thomas Caywood and Mary Caywood are buried in Dowing Missouri on January 11, 1838 died August 7, 1928. Mary was born October 9 1838 and died October 11,1908. Both are buried somewhere in Dowing Missouri.
10 Mar 97

Looking for information on the Childers in Scotland county Missouri. There are 18 listed in the 1850 census. Robert Childers seem to be the oldest at 52 born in Kentucky. William Childers in 31 born in Kentucky, James P is 29, David 27, and Thomas 26 all born in Kentucky. Their wives were born in Kentucky, Virginia , Ohio and Missouri. James P moved to Union County Oregon in 1865. I think that several other families went with him. Anyone having any information as to where in Kentucky that they may of come from would be deeply appreciated.
Sharon Cheney
31 July 2007

I am interested in finding the parents of James Clark, born abt 1799 and died 1867 in Memphis, Scotland Co., Mo. His wife's name was Harriet Dunlap b 1807 in Oswego N.Y. and died in Memphis, Scotland Co., Mo in 1867. They had at least four children - Emily, Emeline, James and Harriet Adeline.
Terrill Erb
23 Nov 96

These families all lived in Scotland and Schuyler Co. Missouri. Some are buried in Bible Grove Cemetery. They lived around Memphis, Mo. Looking for any information on these surnames. Clemens is suppose to be related to Samuel Clemens and I need his family tree information.
Glenda Suit
1 Feb 97

I'm interested in information about JOHN WALKER PATRICK and wife, FRANCES A. COFFEY. According to my Grandmother, ADA JULIET DANIEL BROWN, one of their three daughters was named BUENA VISTA PATRICK (Named for Buena Vista Twnshp, Jasper Co.?). Another daughter CORILLA PATRICK, married WILLIAM BURR DANIEL in Dent Co. I think the third daughter's name was LIZETTE PATRICK. J. W. PATRICK went up the Missouri River to Montana in 1836, possibly for the American Fur Company. The daughters were left with their mother's people. Later, grown and married they also went to Montana. Any information verifying any of this would be appreciated, and I will share what documentation I have. Scotlamd Springs was mentioned as birthplace for one of the above forebears.
Joey Blair
23 Nov 96

I am researching ancestors that lived in Memphis, Scotland County from about 1858 until about 1885. The family name is Collins.
Terry Hardgrave
October 17, 1998

Researching my great grandfather William Harrison COMLEY, he married Nancy Amanda BUFORD, a resident of Rutledge, Scotland County, had a child, France COMLEY, then moved to Montana about 1890-95. I have no other info on him.
William Deuel
15914 Ada St.
Canyon Country, Ca. 91351
17 Mar 97

I am researching James Comley who is listed in the 1850 & 1860 census. He is my GGG grandfather. He was born in KY somewhere, late 1790's migrated to IN. with 1 child (my great grandmother Lucinda, who married Stephen T. Morris in Scotland Co.) He had 4 other children in IN. I can not find a mother for Lucinda or the other children. Although I think he later married 2 other women in Scotland Co. I would like to find out when and where he died. Would you please add the Comley name to the list, maybe someone will have some info. I sure would like to find out Lucinda's mother.She was 19 in 1850. I thought maybe it would be easier through her sister Elizinia Morrow Comley who married a John F. Bullips in Scotland Co.Mo.Oct.10,1852. Would there have been any notice in a paper or somewhere of this marriage.
Susan Scott.
May 22,1998

Looking for information regarding Lula Couchman. Lula married John Bishop in December 1976. They lived in Bible Grove Missouri. Born son Joseph January 1979. Lula died September-October 1979. I think John Bishop met her in Clark County Missouri but I know for certain they were married in Scotland County, Missouri. She was supposed to have been born in Kentucky. Her family came from Kentucky. John Bishop's father was Nelson Bishop. John Bishop's mother was Tempy Bishop Does anyone know were Lula is buried?
John Bishop
20 Jan 97

I am searching for marriage record for e.d.(egder) courtney married marthy memphis,mo. on 2/20/1887.he had a brother named ben courtney.marthy's parents were george and nancy hall thanks in advance
charles mills
March 12, 1999

Looking for information on COX, WALKER, and KERFOOT in Scotland county. William Russell Cox, born circa 1895-1900, married Verda Ann Walker, daughter of Emmett Pearl Walker and Myrtle B. Kerfoot. Myrtle had brother named William Kerfoot. William Russell Cox's father and mother were Charles Cox and ?? Flannigan. There was also girl named Julia Cox, sister of either Charles or William.
Gerald Cox
22 Feb 97

Looking for information on Thomas Harryman CRANDALL, B-June 9, 1858 in Scotland Co., andD- May 10, 1942 in Bent Co., Colorado where he had homesteaded.  He was married to Charlena Grant CRANDALL (his first cousin)  who was b. December 20, 1881 in Scotland Co.   They had a daughter, Lola Lydia CRANDALL, b. December 20, 1881 in Scotland Co., D-April 13, 1942 also in Scotland Co..  She married Raymond Pearl.  They were my grandparents.
Sue Cobb
9 Apr 98

I am searching for CRAWFORD family. They came to Scotland County in 1864 and homesteaded what is now Crawford. I am also searching for RODGERS family. They where in Scotland County. The earliest I can find is 1858. James Rodgers is one of the ones I got stopped on. He killed John Luke in a fight over a horse.
October 17, 1998

Looking for info about Emily "Jane" NAYLOR who married H. Jasper THOMAS, 1859 Fleming Co KY. According to family tradition Jane lived with her daughter Effa T. Thomas CROWDER in Arbela, MO. Effa THOMAS married Elzy L. CROWDER in 1896 in Menard Co., IL. Any information on any of these families would be appreciated.
15 Feb 97


I am researching the Cunningham and Davis names.

Patti Guptill
Beaverton, OR
May 11, 1998

I am seeking any information you can find about the following people: Mr. Alexander Cross and Miss Clarisa J. Daniels. I believe they were married on Dec. 25, 1883 by justice of the peace in Scotland County, Mo. These people are my great grandparents and I would greatly appreciate any and all information.
Darrell (Mike) Cross
March 12, 1999

My name is Jimmy Curtis and Joel Curtis was my great grandfather. I do know that he lived in Scotland County from about 1854 till he died. I am told that he is buried in the Curtis Cemetary along with Mary E. Duggar Curtis. I would appreciate any help in getting all the information available on this family. William H. Curtis, my grandfather, was born in Scotland County and married twice there. My grandmother was Mary Stice Bradley Curtis.
Jimmy Curtis aka The Texarkana Baby
March 12, 1999

I am starting a search for my wife's family. We know that her grandmother, Clara M. Dalton, was born in Memphis, MO. on Feb. 10,1897. We also know that Clara had a brother, Charles T. Dalton, born in Greensburg, MO March 1, 1892. Any help that you might be able to give us concerning their parents would be helpful Mark Davis
October 17, 1998

Abram Reuben Damon was listed in the Civil War as was his younger brother, Francis Marion Daman. A Re Damon had a son b. in Mt.. Pleasant, MO. 1878-9 named Hiram Bliss Damon. m. Ruby May ELLIS. They had a daughter, Lilith L. Damon b. in CA about 1914. A. R. Damon is listed on the US Census for Scotland, MO 1880. He had a daughter, Anna which was also listed on the 1880 census in her Uncle Francis' household in Greensburg, KNOX, MO. I am looking for more information on Abram Reuben Damon and his descendants and any information concerning AR Damon and Francis Daman's mother's burial place.
Martha DAMAN Wade
October 17, 1998

I would like to obtain a complete transcript of the 1850 Scotland County Missouri Census. It is known my ancestors migrated to northeastern Missouri before the year of 1849. The multiple spelling of the family's surname was DARNIEL, DARNIELLE, DARNELL, DARNALL, maybe others. Surnames of other related family members were Hon. The HON and DARNIEL, etc. families are known to have migrated directly to Missouri from Montgomery County Kentucky. The older DARNIEL'S place of birth was likely Virginia or Maryland. Will you please advise as to the cost of such documents and to whom payment should be forwarded. If written documents of this census does not exit. Will you please advise as to who I might contact to provide a complete record search. Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.
Sara Lee Honn
March 12, 1999

Seeking information on the following: Corwin Marwin Davidson, born Nov 1840 in Illinois. He Married Alice Burthena Irwin Dec 23 1866 in Scotland Co. MO. Alice Burthena Irwin is the Daughter of David Iwrin and Rebecca Thomas. Children: Laura Luella b: Jan 29 1872 in Granger MO, m: David Walter Johnson Feb 15 1899; Hester R: b: 1878 in MO John D. b: apr 1875 in MO; Jamie E. b: Nov 1887 in MO Lived in Scotland Co. at least until 1900.

David and Rebecca Irwin came to Scotland Co. around 1860. Children: Helen M. b:1836 in KY; Ruth I. b: 1839 in KY; Margaret Ann b: 1839, d:1870 in Scotland Co, MO, m: John Johnson Dec 13, 1869 in MO; Mary A. b: 1845 in KY; Alice Burthena b: May 1850 in KY, M: Corwin Davidson Dec 23 1869.
Thank you for your help
Ellmar Johnson
7 Apr 98

Looking for info on the following born in Scotland County, MO: Eliza M.DeHart-Born 1830; Hiram DeHart-Born 1830; Eliza and Hiram may be twins; David DeHart-Born 1842; America DeHart-Born 1845; Oliver DeHart-Born 1857; Sarah L.DeHart-Born 1859. The parents of the above: Father:Elijah DeHart; Mother:Levina Knapp DeHart. Thanks
Gerald R.DeHart
October 17, 1998

Looking for information on the family of Oscar Deshler who was listed on the 1880 census of Scotland county, Memphis town, Missouri. He was listed as a preacher. I am trying to find a Benj. Q Deshler whom I beleive is a son of Oscar. Does anyone know of this family?
Rose Mary Davis Lawson
September 11, 2006

My husbands' great, great grandparents were Andrew HERIFORD and Frances DONALDSON. We have information that shows Andrew was born in Hartford, Missouri. We also have information showing Frances to have been born in Memphis, Missouri. We know they had at least one daughter, Nancy Ann HERIFORD, born August 2, 1854, in Hartford, Missouri. Nancy Ann Heriford married James Andrew BRANAMAN on August 4, 1867 in Hartford, Missouri. We would like information on Andrew Heriford's parents and Frances Donaldson's parents if anyone out there are descendants of this family. We would appreciate any contacts. Thanks! Mary Sue
John Branaman
16 Apr 97

I am looking for a Downing family cem. in Scotland Co.--mainly, I am trying to verify that my great-great grandparents (Edward Jr., and Harriet Downing Smoot) are buried there. And, if so, I would like the directions to reach the cem. My great-grandfather, Samuel Christopher Smoot was born in Scotland Co. and migrated with his family in the late 1890's to the Oklahoma Terr. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Sincerely,
Mary Linenschmidt
Dallas, Texas
October 17, 1998

Looking for info on family of Collins DUNBAR (ca. 1834-22 Apr 1880), killed in explosion of his sawmill in Jefferson Twp., Scotland County.  Widow Elizabeth remarried to John Mendenhall.  Children included Nancy (md. Marion ST. CLAIR); James B.; Ellen C. (married Gideon ALEXANDER); William; John W.; Missouri M; and Thomas H.  Any info appreciated.
Especially looking for cemetery records, info on descendants.  I have info on Collins' ancestry.
John Burdick

I am researching Ella Ewing, who lived near Gorin, Missouri. My grandparents knew her. If anyone has any clues as to where I may look for information on her, please write me.
Kathy Jenkins
March 12, 1999

I am looking for information on my grandfather ? His name is David Roy Finley born Sandhill in Scotland County 1881-1923 .Any information at all would be fantastic .Kind Regards
Rob Finley
March 12, 1999

My grandmothers maiden name was Forquer. Her name is Martha Ann Forquer Stone Brown. Her Fathers name was Eugene I think. They lived around Greenberg about 1910 til ? My mother was born in Greenberg in 1926 Anna Mae Stone. Any information is welcome. Thank you,
Linda Gower
March 12, 1999

I am seeking material on the Frogge Family. John Frogge was in Scotland County in the 1800s. There is a Frogge Cemetery, and I understand a Frogge Church during his time. Do you have any books on the subject that includes the Frogge Family? Any information you could give me is appreciated.
Brenda L. Frogge
May 11, 1998

I'm seeking any information abuot my grandparents Everett Roy (Bud) Fryrear born 10/8/1885 and Margeret Florence Kirkland. They were married Nov.30,1910. I think that thay lived most of their lives in and around Memphis.I think Bud's death was around 1968(?) in Memphis,I'm not sure of Margerets.My mother was their youngest Doris Imogene Fryrear Smith. I would appreciate any information. Thank You.
Kathy Smith Edwards
March 12, 1999

Looking for GEORGE, John M. b 1-22-1827; m 10-20-1850; d ??; Spouse was HILLIS, Mary b 8-23-1823 d 1-15-1892. Their son was GEORGE, Edmond Hillis b 10-8-1851; m 4-12-1876; d 10-28-1923. Who was married to McINTYRE, Blanche b 1-1-1857; d October, 1926. Any information on these residents of Memphis, Mo. would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Wentroth
Ponca City, Okla.
March 12, 1999

Interested in any and all Gilhousens! Lots of info to share.
Patti Gilhousen Guptill
March 12, 1999

Will be most happy to share and exchange information on the above three names, James W. Gray was my great grand father, being born in Virginia, his wife was Sareptha Hathaway....The Frogge family married into the Gray family. Sareptha Hathaway Gray and her two youngest sons, Chester Lee and Solomon Saul) Gray moved to Lincoln Co. I.T. ca 1900. Chester Lee Gray was my maternal grand-father. He married Lillie Duggan, dau of R(obert) C(ampbell) Duggan and Lucinda Jane Richmond who migrated to Douglas Co. Mo. from Bradley Co, Tenn. and then Robert moved to I.T. Okla. after his wife, Lucinda Richmond Duggan died.
Carline Harp Doyle
March 12, 1999

I am trying to find out more about my family that all arrived in Scotland County in the 1840's and 1850's. My ancestors were Jacob and Elizabeth A.D. Hall Gray. Jacob was on of the original trustees of Memphis when it was 1st incorporated. One of their daughters, Catherine Gray, married Levi Wagner. Levi Wagner was an early settler of Memphis, and was in the Missouri Legislature from there. He did not fight in the Civil War, but was a northern supporter. Another daughter of Jacob Gray was Livinia Gray who married John B. Sanders, who fought for the South in the Civil War. Another side of my family goes back to Alfred Sanford Myers, who came to Memphis from Pendleton County, Ky. He was married to Catherine Brann. They had several children born in Memphis. I would really like to exchange information.
Stephanie Mather
October 17, 1998

Looking for any information on Marshall Gregory, who lived in Scotland County in the late1800's to ? He was born in 1839 and moved to Scotland County after 1860. Unfortunately that is all the information I have him at this time other than wife's name was possibly Elija.
Jerry Gregory
March 12, 1999

William Guthrie lived in Memphis Scotland County Mo in the late 1850 to 1860's Had a very large family. Wife's name was Agnes Brooks. He was born in Kentucky in 1799. He had his last son Vincent Ben Guthrie at the age of 61 in Memphis, Mo. Any info would be appreciated.
Mark Osweiler
October 17, 1998

I am the 2nd ggson of A. Endimyon Hall (1801-1884). He died at and is buried at Kilwinning, Missouri, near Downing and the Iowa border. I was there a few years ago. What I am now researching is, his daughter, Lydia Ellen Hall, born about 1847 in Scotland Co. Missouri, who married Zenus William Saunders 28 Aug. 1866 in Scotland Co. He was the son of Job T. Saunders and Nancy Jane Wolgamott. She is the daug. of A. Endimyon Hall and Sarah Hale. Zenus and Lydia had at least 5 children, one of which died in just a few months (StellaG. Saunders--27 Feb. 1870 -13 Sep 1870)--buried Union Town Cem, Kilwinning. I did not go to this cemetery when I was there. I did locate Hall graveyeard, Hall school house and Endimyon's house and obituary. I am trying to determine where Zenus and Lydia Saunders died or anything about what happened to Lydia . I assume they must have moved out of state somewhere.They had children: Don C. Saunders, born about 1869, Stella G. prev. mentioned, Louis H. born about 1873 Scotland Co. Mo., Robert R., born about 1876 Scotland Co. Missouri and Hettie B. Saunders, born about 1879 in Scotland Co. Missouri. I lose this famiy after 1880 census. Could not locate them in 1900 nor 1920 census.I am trying to locate descendants of Zenus Wm Saunders and Lydia Ellen Hall Saunders. So if you haveknowledge of the marriages of any of their children, Don C., Louis H., Robert R. or Hettie B. Saunders, that would be extremely helpful to me.
Steven Martin. Children's marriages, I am interested in are: Don C. Saunders, born about 1869, Louis H. born about 1873, Robert R. born about 1876 and Hettie B. Saunders, born about 1879 all born in Scotland Co. Missouri.
March 12, 1999

Seeking info on Samuel Blanchard NORTH (1839 KY); Sarah Jane HAMBLETON (1839 OH) who were married in Scotland/Schuyler Counties 15 Jul 1860; also their daughter Mary Ann NORTH married Henry MARCH 30 Jun 1878 in Schuyler County. (more children below)

Mary Ann (North); Henry MARCH had: Mary Belle, born 1887, Alma born 1890 (married STOKES), James born 1892; Calvin born 1895. The two families were living in Gove County, KS in 1900 on a farm owned by Samuel Blanchard North.

Other children of Samuel and Sarah: William Thomas born 1865 Scotland County; James Asberry born 1867 Dorony, Mississippi County; Samuel Jr.; John Francis born 1894 Schuyler County.
Beth Gatewood
7 Apr 97

I am searching for info on my Great Grand Parents on both side of my family that settled and some are buried in or around Scotland County ( Queen City or Bible Grove area.My Great Grandfathers' names were Isaac Newton Hayes-1843-1911 and Smith HAYS (dates unknown) . My Great Grandmothers names were Martha Gower Hayes and Susan Rachel Humphrey Hays. I am trying to trace my family tree from the early 1900's back as far as I can. Thank You!
Keith Hayes
March 12, 1999

I am looking for decendents of Robert HENDRICKS and Elizabeth MCNARY. Here are the facts that I have found so far.
(see below)
Roger O. Brick
10 Jan 97

Robert HENDRICKS was born about 1812 in Kentucky. He came to Scotland County, Missouri in 1839-1840 from Sangamon County, Illinois. He was married to Elizabeth MCNARY (daughter of John MCNARY and Mary) between 1829 and 1834. Elizabeth MCNARY was born on 30 Sep 1813 in Kentucky. Robert HENDRICKS and Elizabeth MCNARY had the following children:

Attempting to find the dates of death and burial location of James and Mary/Polly HICKS. They owned land in the extreme SE corner of Scotland Co. He probably died in 1856 and she in the early 1860's.
Jerry Hicks
28 Dec 96

My Hendricks family has been in Scotland County since about 1837. they came from Madison and Estill Cos.,KY. Starting with John Hendricks m Francis Harris ca 1819 in Ky. They had the following children: James A. m Sarah Barnett, Jphn H. m. Sarah Connor, Nancy Ann m. Samuel Barnett. Presley F. m. 1.Pricilla Clarkson 2. Mary Ida Witt Lackey, Rosseanne Margaret m. L.H. Conklin,Elizabeth Francis m. ?, Rebecca Jane m. Samuel Isaacs. What I need help with is John Samuel son of James and Sarah. He m. Mary Francis Harris March 1861 in Scotland County . He was my GGFather. Their children were Etta Hendricks m. 1. Hugh Wheeler 2. Michael Sowders. She is buried in Grays Harbor, WA. Josephine m. William Karnes and they lived in Kansas. Alice b.1861 m M. Jerden Harvey and think they lived in Iowa.. David m Berniece ?. Sarah Ellen m. Samuel F. Kenoyer 4 or 5 children. Ellsworth D. my Grandfatherr. Minnie m a Mr Streeter. Maude m !. Billy Conn 2. Samuel F. Kenoyer. They were born between 1861 to 1874. Somehow I figured I could get back to these people and now it is too late. Can anyone help me out? Will gladly exchange info
Peggy Hendricks Mackey
October 17, 1998

I am having a problem locating my ancestor's graves. My gr-gr-grandparents, James and Mary Hicks, were among the first settlers of Scotland County, arriving there on March 11, 1834. I can't seem to locate their graves though. They owned land in the southeast corner of the county is all I know. He died in 1856, and she died after 1860. Any help would be appreciated.
Jerry Hicks
Muleshoe, Texas
March 12, 1999

I am trying to find info on my GGrandfather Bert or Burt Hill who was married to Stella Randall. He was born 1879 I think in Scotland Co and him and Stella had two sons Bert and Wert Born 1913 in Scotland or Adair Co . Would like any help I can get. Thanks,
Jeff Hill
March 12, 1999

I am looking for any information on Leon Hines and Helen Hohimer. He married Helen June 4, 1935 in Scotland County. This is my grandmother. She married Earl Hohimer in Paris MO (can't find a divorce record!). My mother was Ester Hohimer. I need any info: did they stay in Scotland County? Are they buried there, if so what cemetery? Where did they live? etc... Thanks,
Meta Gunn
October 17, 1998

My grandfather, Robert M. Holcomb was from Memphis Mo. His father James D. was married to Luvenia Campbell. They are buried in Hitt Cemetary.
March 12, 1999

I'm looking for any family listings of Hogue's originally from the Springfield Missouri area. My Grandfather's name was Hubbard Hogue he had to of been born sometime in the 1890's he had a younger brother John Hogue and a sister Maude.
Clint Hogue
March 12, 1999

William Fisher Huffman b. 4 Jul. 1832, VA, d. ca 1893, Van Buren Co., IA md. 22 Jan. 1856, Memphis, Scotland Co., MO by James Heain, J.P. (v1p118) to Tacy Ann Hyde b. 18 Feb. 1835, Laurens Co., VA, d. 4 May 1918, Keosauqua, Van Buren Co., IA. Seeking descendants! I suspect that William Fisher Huffman may be related to either Elizabeth Huffman b. 16 Feb. 1798, d. 18 Jul. 1881, Scotland Co., MO and/or Ann Huffman b. 16 Nov. 1801, d. 12 Mar. 1870, Scotland Co., MO. Both ladies are buried in Scotland Co., MO. Desire to know name of cemetery where they are buried. Thanks!
Bob Orr
March 12, 1999

Am searching for information on Zacariah Hufford and family in Scotland Co. around 1851. I have Zachariah -d. 4/11/1905 at 86 yrs. of age. He is buried in Cooper Co. He owned land in Scotland Co. in 1851. Any information would be appriciated. Thank you
Nelson Hufford
March 12, 1999

Looking for any info on Hunt family in Scotland Co,Mo Will be happy to share. Benjamin F. Hunt had the following children: Amos Nelson Hunt born abt 1824 married Berthia Kendall in 1851 he died 1879. Silas Hunt born abt 1927. Wesley Hunt no info. Andrew Hunt married Sarah Winer no other info. William Jesse Hunt born abt 1837. In 1860 Jefferson Co,Mo census showed a Benjamin F. Hunt living at High Ridge Post office with the following children (probably grandchildren) Is this the same. Benjamin as stated above???? Benjamin F. Hunt age 82. Elozabeth age 82. John Hunt age 09. Amos I. Hunt age 07. Nelson Hunt age 05. Mary J. Hunt age 03. James Hunt age 6 months.
Thanks for any help
October 17, 1998

I am searching for infromation on siblings of William Jacobs and Elizabeth Johnston Jacobs. I do know they settled in Schuyler County on the Road between the two counites of Schuyler and Scotland. They had 8 children who lived around the area. I am looking for siblings of either of these two. I have heard that both had a sister living in the area. I am also searching for information on Richard Redding and Nancy White Redding. Nancy passed away at early age and daughter Hester was raised in the area by her Aunt Theodosia and Martin Loe. I do know that Theodosia had other sisters living in the area. Richard's parents are unknown but son's settled around Lancaster and Bible Grove, Missouri.
Dennis Jacobs
March 12, 1999

I am looking for an obit on Minnie Frances KIGAR or at least a death date. She was born Minnie Frances BRYANT on 1-Jan-1864 in Hancock County, IL the daughter of Peter & Lucretia WRIGHT. She married John Daniel KIGAR on 22-Nov-1881 in Scotland County. She died after 1934 and is buried in the Greensburg Cemetery in Knox County.
Ron Bryant
8 May 97

I am researching the family of my grandfather, Jesse Kimble, born in Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri, Sept 16, 1895. His father was John Kimble, and his mother was Minerva Koontz Kimble. The dates for all would be 1840-1900, Aaron Kimble and Nancy Snodgrass Kimble arrived in Scotland County in 1841. Aaron died in 1845, and is buried in Clark Cemetery. Nancy's brother John Snodgrass and his wife, Mary Kimble Snodgrass, are also buried in Clark Cemetery. I have more info on these families and I am most willing to share.
Judith Oldham
8 Mar 1998

Who was George Kincheloe's first wife, and when and where did they marry? I know that in 1854 he bourght 40 acres in Scotland Co., he would have been 20 yrs. old at this time. In 1860 he followed his brother Archibald to Dallas County, Missouri. In the 1860 Census, a William Kincheloe is in the H/H of George's brother John. The 1860 Census show a Missouri Kincheloe in the H/H of George's mother, Minerva Slavin b) Mo. 1857/58. In 1868 he married my great-grandmother, in Kaufman Co. Tx. In 1870 Census show him in Farmersville, Collin Co. Tx. in his H/H is a William Kincheloe b) Mo. 1855/56 I have been told by many relatives that George was married before coming to Texas. Also that he had two children. My grandfather used to have a picture on the wall and he told his children that this was his half brother and sister. I have come up with the following names of Billy, William for the boy and Betty, Elizabeth, Missouri for the girl. Any info on these children would also be helpful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thelma Kincheloe
March 12, 1999

I am a descendant of John Scott Kirkland who came to Schuyler and Scotland Counties around 1856. His wife was Sarah Hocker. They and other Hockers came from Lincoln Co.,KY. John and Sarah had the following children: Minnie who married Jim Curtis; Margarite who married John Green (part Cherokee); Thomas who married Bell Green; Susan who married William Clarkston; and Charles Hamilton Kirkland who married Martha Ellen Green (Part Cherokee). The latter couple had the following children: Minnie (1878)who married Ed Ross in 1903; Clarence who married Lea Betts; Millard Green (1883) who married Delora Rife (1887-whose father was Francis Rife and mother was Marilla Slavin); John Henry; William Marcus; Franklin Porter; and Hazel Kirkland who married A.M.Winters. Millard and Delora were my grandparents. They lived in Downing and moved to Centerville, IA. and later to Indiana.

Jack Kirkland
May 11, 1998

 Looking for any information on  Mathew KIRKPATRICK m. Fanney(PHAMEY) NEAL on 25 Jan 1865.  Mathew was a brick maker by trade.  They had 10 children, in the 1900 census only 6 of those 10 children were still living.  Sarah KIRKPATRICK m. Norman HAMBLETON 13 May 1860.  Margaret KIRKPATRICK m. John GOLLIKER(GOLLIHER) 4 July 1865, John was also a brick maker by trade.  They all lived in Memphis, Jefferson TWP, Scotland Co.  My gggrandfather Col. Thomas A. KIRKPATRICK and wife Rachel (PORTER) moved to Scotland Co. in aprox. 1882 from
Johnson CO., KS, he was also a brick maker.  Any information would be greatly appreciatedon these surnames and on the brick making in this area.  Thank you in advance for you time.
Becky Sievers
24 Feb 98

I am trying to find out where my great great grandmother Margaret Ann (Keller) Knowlton is buried. I do know that she died April 17, 1884 in Scotland County, Missouri. She was married to Ozias Leonard Knowlton and had 5 children: Nettie, Sadie, Mary, Ira, and Hillary or Harry.
Paul Weber
March 12, 1999

I am looking for any information regarding my grandmother, Martha Ellen LONGTON, who was born around November 26, 1886 in Lewis County, MO (which is now Scotland County). Her father's name was Jeremiah LONGTON and her mother was Lulu MILLER. She also had three brothers: Vincent, Bert, and Charles LONGTON. She was born and went to school in Lewis County, and married Henry Nauman Joshua PRIEBE on September 12, 1904 in Memphis, MO. They lived there until around 1905, when they moved to Davenport, IA.
Any help or information would be appreciated!
Patricia Louise Priebe
March 12, 1999

Looking for information on Simeon MARTIN b. 7 Feb 1827 in Columbus, OH., d. 10 Oct 1908 in Memphis, MO., and his sister Sarah Rebecca MARTIN b. 17 Mar 1829 in Ohio, d. 21 Mar 1902 in Memphis, MO., m. 16 May 1861 William J. WILLIAMS.
Bill Marsh
18 May 97

I am searching for genealogy information on John Randolph (d.9 Dec 1884) and Eveline Bish (d.24 Jun 1893) Martin who came to Scotland County, MO prior to 1850 from Mount Vernon, IL. They were married in VA prior to moving to IL and subsequently to Scotland County, MO. In the 1850 Federal Census for Scotland County the family consists of John Randolph Martin (father) and Eveline Bish Martin (mother). The children were Mary Ann Martin (Abernathy), Malinda Martin, Henry C. Martin, Anna Martin, Joseph B. Martin, William Martin, Susan Martin (Gleason), John J. Martin. In the 1860 Census there is a Sarah S. Martin (Becraft), Angeline Martin (Trebilcock) and Franklin Marion Martin. Also seeking information on a George W. (born about 1794) and Susan Bish (born about 1800) who also came to Scotland County, MO prior to 1850 from IL and prior to that from VA. The 1850 Federal Census shows family members in addition to George W. (father) and Susan (mother)as Mary Bish, John Bish, James Bish, Elizabeth Bish, and Mary E Bish. Any pertinent information would be very welcomed.
Evelyn Milner Hunt
March 12, 1999

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Washington M. Mathes, b 10-19-1833. d 1876. Think he lived around the Kilwinning area of Scotland County. He married Elizabeth Caroline Prime Feb 13 1859 in Scotland County. He died 1876 not sure where. He is buried in Downing Cementary. One of his sons my Grandfather Mountraville Mathes was born Oct 9, 1867 in Scotland, Co. He marries Sarah Jeanette Gristy Nov 1, 1894 in Memphis. Appreciate any information you can give me or tell me where I might go to look. My winter address. 7223 E. Arbor Ave. Mesa, AZ. 85208
Ralph Mathes.
March 12, 1999

My g-g-g-g-grandfather, Joseph Scott Matlick (1782-1864) is said to have migrated from Preston County, Virginia (now W. Va.) to Scotland County, Mo., in 1850. With him were his wife, Sarah Ervin Matlick, and a number of sons, including Samuel, Josiah, Joseph, Zachariah and Elijah. A number of his grandsons were said to have fought in the Civil War. I don't know when or where Joseph or Sarah died, other than a year (1864) for Joseph. This information from a 1914 county history of Preston County, W. Va., where another son, John (my ancestor) stayed. Joseph was born in New Jersey, came to Pennsylvania around 1798, then to Preston, then to Missouri. Would like to prove his and his wife's parentage, and find out when they died. Any information or knowledge of this family is appreciated. Are there death records in Scotland county that might give parents' names or birthplaces? Has the 1860 census been transcribed? Did Joseph or Sarah have a will or other estate record? Are there any cemetery indexes or newspaper obituary files that might shed light on this? Thank you!
Todd Brownfield,
132 Iron Run Road,
Bethel Park, PA 15102,
March 12, 1999

I am searching for info on my great-grandfather. His name is: Charles Mason McDaniel b.April 1860 in Iowa. He moved to Memphis, MO. where he married Yuba Grace ODELL. His 2nd wife was Emma McDaniel. b.1868 d.1919 All three of them died in Memphis,MO. I beleive my great-grandfather died in 1937. He had a farm in Scotland, CO. Is there any way to find marriage licences and or Death certificates. Thanks,
Maxine (McDaniel) Bender
October 17, 1998

I am researching my family genealogy. My GGF George Washington Mckee and his wife Mary Jane (Polly Orman Mckee lived in Scotland Co. from about 1857 to1861 their first three children were born in Scotland co. Amanda Bell 6/16/58, William Elliot 9/23/59 and John David 4/23/61. I know they were born before records were kept, but are there any school or land ownership records from that time? Thank you for any help you can give.
Dave McKee
March 12, 1999, updated 31 July 2007

Stephen and Louisa McKinney moved to Memphis 1836 from IL. They remained until 1848 when they left Council Bluffs for the Oregon Trail. Interested in any land records, etc.
Eunice M. Young
24 Nov 96

I am interested in finding information on my gggrandparents, William & Hannah McKinney, who moved to Scotland County in the mid 1860's with their son John. According to census info, William was born about 1800 in KY, Hannah about 1818 in NC and John about 1855 in MO. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Brenda Schnurrer
October 17, 1998

 My great grandfather, William Henry Harrison Miller was born 7/27/42 in Lee County, Iowa and moved with his parents to the "valley of the South Faby" as they referred to the Fabious River. The 1850 U.S. census shows them living in Miller Township per roll #158. They moved to Adair County, Mo in 1854 to escape the malaria that prevailed in Scotland County. His parents were Samuel Miller, born in Ohio in 1813 and Frances Large, born in KY in 1821.  Any information you could give about them would be appreciated..  Thanks.
John L. Miller
8 Mar 1998

William Colombus Moore married Martha Ann Makemson 1847 in Ky.  They moved to Rutledge, Mo. a few miles from Memphis.  William was killed by bushwhackers. Martha was left with 8 children.  Names of children: Wm. R., John, James
Thomas, Charles Michael, Judson, Lewis, Benjamin F., Nannie Catherine.
Also have a Hicks family that was in Memphis, Mo.  Need their background.
Joseph D. Hicks married Nancy Makemson 1897 in Memphis.  They later moved to
Neosho Co., Mo.  Who were his parents.
Ann Baughman
14 Mar 1998
Would like inf. on the Austin Morris family listed in the 1860 census and also the Thomas Bonner family of Bible Grove. Thanks.
Pat Hutcherson
6 Mar 98

Newton Neal Born 1842 Goran Mo
Father: William Neal Born 1788 Tennessee
Mother: Rachel Born 1821 Ohio
Brothers, Sisters : Joseph, Sarah, Abagail, Amanda, James, Eliza and Jeptha
My name is Peggy Hammond and Newton Neal was my Ggrandfather. I would like to find his birth certificate to know more about his parents. Looking for information on WILLIAM NEAL listed in the 1850 census (Mount Pleasant Township, Scotland County) as age 62 born in Tennessee. His wife was RACHEL listed in the 1850 census as age 29, born in Ohio. The children are JOSEPH born 1840, NEWTON born 1842, SARAH E. born 1844, ABAGAIL born 1846, AMANDA born 1848, JAMES born 1850.In the 1860 census (Jefferson Township, Memphis, Scotland County) William is not listed and additional childern ELIZA B. born 1853 and JEPTHA born 1856 are listed. This family was still living in Memphis at the turn of the century.
Peggy Hammnond
18 Mar 97

Seeking imfo on Martha ( )NORTH b. abt 1815 KY, she bought land in Jefferson twp., Scotland Co, 1860 lists Martha age 45, & son Samuel age 20. I Her son Samuel married Sarah Jane HAMBLETON 15 Jul 1860 in Scotland Co. I would like to know what Martha's maiden name is, & who her husband was? Is she buried in Scotland Co., or elsewhere?
Beth Gatewood
May 22, 1998

I am looking for information on Sarah Ann Forster, possibly nee Sarah Ann Myers, who married William B. Snell in Edina, Knox County MO in 1863. Census records indicate that she was married twice, and had one child, possibly Henrietta? Census records also indicate that the families might have lived near the Scotland County line.
Nancy Prince
March 12, 1999

I am looking for any information on the family of Henry Andrew Owen born on September 14, 1867 in Memphis, Missouri. That is what his obit notice says anyway.
Lucy DeMoss
October 17, 1998

I am looking for any information about the following: James Jackson Pettit B-abt1817 died aft1860 moved to missouri from Kentucky abt1845. Several of his family members followed: John McCargo Pettit B-1823 and his wife Delia Myers Pettit b-1828. Lucy Pettit Pusey b-1826 and her husband William Pusey born-1825. George King Pettit born 1829 and his wife Elizabeth Thompson Pettit born 1832. Margaret Ann Pettit Wells born-1840 and husband Thomas Jefferson Wells born 8Dec1842. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Jerry Pettit
29 Mar 97

According to an obituary in the MEMPHIS REVILLE, 11 Feb 1909, Mary Ann Phelps was born in Monroe Co, MO on March 2, 1832. Who were her parents and siblings. Obit says she was the oldest of nine children. Mary Ann Phelps 1st marr Thomas Standard in 1849, where? They had seven children, three living at time of her death, need their names and info.She 2nd marr Barney Pearce on 14 July 1867 in Scotland Co MO. They had one daughter. need her name and info. Mary Ann 3rd marr Benjamin Power on 20 May 1875 in Scotland Co MO. They had one daughter, Georgeanne C. Power, Mary Ann's obit says Georgeanna died in 1883. Any help appreciated.
Gloria Bogart Carter or
March 12, 1999

I am looking for any information regarding my grandfather, Henry Nauman Joshua PRIEBE, who was born in 1876 in Missouri - most of my information indicates near the Etna or Memphis area. His father's name was William, not sure of mother's name. He was married September 12, 1904 in Memphis, MO to Martha Ellen Longton, and moved to IA shortly afterwards.
Any help or information would be appreciated!
Patricia Louise Priebe
March 12, 1999

Looking for any information on John W. POOLE--who was B- August 26, 1853, D.- Jan. 20, 1940 in Downing, Mo.On December 22, 1875 he Married Mary Catherine MUNSEL in Schuyler Co. She was born December 15, 1853 and D. March 13, 1938--all in Schuyler Co.  They had a daughter Annie Margaret POOLE--by Feb. 2, 1878 in Schuyler Co. She died at a hospital in Kirksville.  She was married to Lee Bartlett Pryor.
Sue Cobb
9 Apr 98

 Want information about the descendants of Gasper POPE. Was from Lawrence county, Indiana. Married Nancy Standard in 1849.
George McKee
24 Feb 98

Benjamin POWER was born 03 Aug 1807 died 12 Feb 1883 and buried at Hickory Grove Cemetery in Scotland Co MO.  He married on 24 April 1828 in Rush Co IN to Phebe EWICK born 27 April 1807     died 02 April 1874 also buried Hickory Grove Cemetery.  Scotland Co MO marriage Records lists a marriage on 20 May 1875 for Benjamin POWER and Mary
Ann PEARCE .  They had a daughter, George Annie C. POWER born 17 Feb 1876.
Who did GeorgeAnnie C. POWER marry?
What become of Mary Ann PEARCE POWER after Benjamin POWER died?
Any information on these families greatly appreciated.
Gloria Bogart Carter
14 Mar 1998

I am researching the family of Richard & Mary Ann Turner POWER who lived on a farm at Scotland County, Arbela, Missouri. They had a family cemetery behind the farm house. I am attempting to find information on William Haught & Olive Power family. He is the son of James Power and grandson of Richard power. I believe they lived in Jefferson Township, Monroe,Missouri.
Carman D. Merritt
September 11, 2006

Charles Willey PRYOR--B. June 5, 1884, D-October 11, 1911 in Scotland Co. He married Julie Ann MC INTIRE, B. Dec. 7, 1852 and D. Dec. 15, 1926 in Scotland Co..  They had a son, Lee Bartlett PRYOR who was B- May 6, 1877 in
Scotland Co. and also died there on Nov. 18, 1962. My grandmother Pryor has Schuyler Co. roots going back even futher.  Her Grandfather was Ward Lee MUNSEL, B- 1828, D. 1878, and her Grandmother was Margaret Jane LOGAN--B. 1838 and D-1878, all in Schuyler Co.  Margaret Jane's father was Addison LOGAN who died in Scotland Co on Dec. 4, 1894,
but was born in Ky. in 1807.  He was married to Catherine HOPE who was born in 1818 and D December 21, 1888, probably in Scotland Co., but I don't have that record.
Sue Cobb
9 Apr 98

RAINE family of Clark Co, MO. I am interested in information on the William G. RAINE family who arrived in Clark CO., MO in March of 1851 from KY. There were several other RAINE families that preceded William RAINE's family to MO. William's Wife was Nancy PAWLEY. They had 4 children, Laura Ann, James Pawley, Joseph Shelton, and John Wesley. William died in May of 1852. His wife remarried by April of 1853. She married a man by the name of Henry Dickenson TULL. He was a widower with 10 children. I just came into possesion of copies of letters from Nancy to her family in KY, they span from 1851 to 1871. I am interested in any information on this family, as Nancy had a hard life. In late 1854 there were letters that stated that Nancy's children were having a difficult time with their new family and by August of 1856, they had been separated and were living with other families. The boys were all with members of the RAINE family and Laura Ann was with a family by the name of DALE (Dail?).
My main inquiry is -- What bacame of Laura Ann. The letter of August 13, 1865, says that she had married a fine man, (no name listed) moved to Memphis and had 2 daughters by the names of Nancy Elizabeth and Margaret Ann. The final letter dated, July 1871 says she had moved to Nevada. My Great-Grandfather Joseph Shelton and his brother James Pawley are buried less the 50 miles from my home. I'd really like to figure out who Laura Ann married and if she really ended up in Northern Nevada, as I have no record of her. Note: Other RAINE family members in MO, Joseph Shelton RAINE (William's father), Philip RAINE (William's cousin), George &38; James RAINE (William's brother's, I believe). I'd appreciate any assistance you might be able to offer. Thank you very much for any help you might offer.
Becky Raine
22 Mar 97

I am researching James RAYBURN. I don't have his birth and death dates, but I know that he married Rebecca WELLS, and that on April 28, 1843, in Scotland County, Missouri, they had a baby girl named Mary Jane RAYBURN. Mary later married Lester Dockum in Clark county where she lived the rest of her life and died on September 17, 1923. Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks in advance.
Garrett Johnson
March 12, 1999

I would like to correspond/share information with those who research the RHODES name...pioneers of Scotland County. My association to the RHODES names is through the marriage of one Robert W. RHODES b 1827-1828 MO/TN. I believe he might be the son of George W. and Nancy RHODES who are interred in Campground Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Vest Twp, Scotland co., MO.

Robert married 11 Apr 1852 one Harriet PRIME b 1832 Eng d ca Jul 1860. Harriet is buried in the PRIME row of Downing City Cemetery, Downing, Schuyler Co., MO. They had four sons prior to Harriet's death, viz., Samuel b Dec 1855 MO, George H(enry) b 1855-1856 MO, James b 1857-1858 MO, and J. S. RHODES (perhaps John) b 1859-1860.

I think I have followed Samuel to Clark Co., WA, and James from Vernon Co., MO, to Multnomah Co., OR, to Clark Co., WA; with James's son Revard Michael RHODES b 10 Aug 1913 MO, d 31 Jul 1988 Nehalem, Tillamook Co., OR.

I wonder if the young J. S./John is one and the same John Thomas RHODES who married Dovey Etta LAWS and Elizabeth SLAVIN. Or is it two different men?

I am eager to correspond with RHODES distant cousin. The abovementioned Harriet PRIME is the eldest sibling of my great-great-grandfather Henry PRIME, son and grandson of pioneering English immigrants, Henry and James, respectively, who are part of Downing, Missouri's, early history.
Thanks for reading.

Gene Bruner
Downing, MO 

Looking for any data for George Rifenbery who was living in Scotland County in 7/25/1889. Also data for Andrew P. Conaway who married Mattie Jane Rifenbery 3/27/1892 in Scotland County. Looking for their two children birth locations, and date of births.
Dick Rifenbery
March 12, 1999

Seeking information about George Roberts & wife, Jane. Have conflicting information showing both birth & marriage dates as 1852 and 1852 as the birth date of their daughter, Ann Marie Roberts, my paternal great-grandmother. They appear in the 1880 Missouri Census for Union, Scotland, Missouri.
Bill Houdek
September 11, 2006

Jonathan and Polly Riggs were in Scotland Co. c 1836 and remained there until traveling the Oregon Trail in 1852. William Felix McKinney had returned from Oregon and helped the Riggs move out to Oregon, and married their daughter Nancy Ellen Riggs in Oregon in 1853.
Eunice M. Young
24 Nov 96

I'm looking for information regarding Joseph Jackson Salisbury, born 1829 in Ohio, I think, and his brother John, born 1831.  In the 1850 census they are in Scotland County, MO, living in the household of Daniel Morris and his wife Mary. Was Mary their mother who had remarried after becoming a widow? Did they just work there as hired hands? Who were their parents and siblings? Joseph Jackson was in the Civil War as was his brother John.  They were in the Ohio Volunteer 123rd regiment from Huron County. Why did they not join in MO? Joseph married Mary Susan Button in 1856 in Scotland County, MO, and he died in 1867. He was my grandfather's grandfather. I've been trying for years to track this family back further. HELP!
Yes, I've sent to NARA for pension records, but I've been told there are "lots" of files, but can't get them to send me copies. Any info or suggestions will be appreciated.
Joan Earnshaw

I looking for any information on the Rodgers Family. I do not know a time frame the last one I have a birthdate for is William and Miranda. They had a son Charlie who had 5 children the oldest being Harold who was born in 1907.
Tonya Johnson
October 17, 1998

My grandfather's brother, Isaac Sample lived in Jefferson Twp. Scotland Cuonty where he died February 19, 1921 age 83 years.  His death certificate lists is wife as Arthelia Sample (would be interested in her maiden name).  As far as I know, there were no children.  His occupation is listed as farmer. Any information of him or his wife would be most helpful in my research.
Thank you.
Barbara Sample Shuler

Searight of Scotland County. His wife maiden name was Knox. They lived there around the year 1890.
James R. Searight
1059 W. Highland Ave.
Elgin, Il. 60123
March 12, 1999

I am seeking info on Benjamin Wooley SHACKLETT and family who came to Scotland county in 1853 from Meade Co., KY. Also in the group were brothers David and Richard, later another brother, George Washington SHACKLETT. Benjamin's wife was Harriet Kendall. Benjamin was born 15 Oct 1805 died in Granger, Scotland Co., MO 29 Nov 1894. There is evidence that Shacklett's are living in the county at this time.

Elijah William Shacklette
Austin, TX
May 11, 1998

I'm looking for information about Mark and Lydia Shriver. They lived in Knox Co in the 1880 census but may have moved to Rutledge in Scotland Co after that. They had three boys . David bo.1875 John A. bo.1877 and Edgar A. bo. 1881. Mark and Lydia were bo. 1851 & 1855 both in Ill.
Don Shriver
March 12, 1999

I am interested in finding data about the Bible Grove area of Scotlland County - my Grandfather was a boy there in the early 1900 - the Silvers family left there in 1914 - I have a picture of a blacksmith shop where my great grandfather was a blacksmith. Are there any photographs avaliable - school records and the like. I believe that there are two cemeteries there - and there was a church and a school.
Thank you.
Lucy Ann Silvers Moore
October 17, 1998

I am looking for information on Samuel SINNOCK. He married his second wife, Beckie Pugh on May 2, 1889. They lived in Gorin, MO until his death in Dec 1902. He is buried with his first wife, Martha (Clerk) Sinnock in Newark, MO. Does anyone have a photo of Samuel Sinnock?
Linda (Sinnock) Davis

Looking for information on W Smallwood (ca 1822) and his family who came to Scotland Co, MO from KY between 1852 and 1855. W's wife, Eliza (ca 1822) and their children; Tabitha (ca 1842), Elizabeth (3/1845), James (ca 1855), and Thomas (ca 1857) are listed in the 1860 Scotland Co census.
Dave Schleinkofer
October 17, 1998

Looking for more information on Mary Susan SMITH who was born in Missouri in 1830 to Irish parents, names unknown. In 1850 in Scotland County she married John Calvin SNOW, who was born in Missouri in 1828 to Edmond SNOW and Hannah RIGGS. Their first two children, Martha E. and William were born in Missouri in the 1850s. Later that decade they moved to Iowa and had Mary, and by 1860 their last child, Nancy, was born in Kansas. For more information, see my personal surname index.
20 Nov 96

The dates for all would be 1840-1900, Aaron Kimble and Nancy Snodgrass Kimble arrived in Scotland County in 1841. Aaron died in 1845, and is buried in Clark Cemetery. Nancy's brother John Snodgrass and his wife, Mary Kimble Snodgrass, are also buried in Clark Cemetery. I have more info on these families and I am most willing to share. Thanks,
Judith Oldham
March 12, 1999

I need information on William Henry SNYDER--B-June 26, 1834 who died at Bible Gove, Mo. In 1855 he married Susannah Rebecca DRUMMOND who was B-Aug. 12, 1835 and also died in bible Grove on Jan 12, 1885.  They had a son, Raymond Pearl SNYDER, born April 29, 1877 in Scotland Co. and \d- May 2, 1961 in Scotland Co.
Sue Cobb
9 Apr 98

I am interested in information about William K. Stamper and his son John Rolston Stamper who married Mary Elizabeth Weber Sept 14, 1856 in Clark County, MO. At the time of John's death he lived with his son William T. Stamper at Azen, MO
Twila Stamper Siner
March 12, 1999

My gr grandmother, Clara (STIDGER) HAMPTON, was widowed in Jefferson Co. Iowa in 1882. Her name disappeared from the records of Jefferson Co. in latter part of 1883. Her brother, Harmon P. STIDGER, also lived in Jefferson Co. IA for awhile and then went to Van Buren Co. Iowa where his family was shown on census records until 1900. After that time, their names were gone from Van Buren Co. Because Scotland Co. MO is across the southern border of Van Buren Co. IA., I would like to know if anyone has run across either of these two surnames: STIDGER or HAMPTON. Harmon STIDGER was a "Plasterer" and out of work a good deal of the time, according to census records. His wife's name: Kate, they were living in Van Buren Co. IA on 1900 census with children: John, 19, Daisy, 16 and Katy 9 yrs. old. Harmon was 45 yrs. old at the time and his wife, Cathrine, 44. I've been unable to find Clara HAMPTON anywhere after he husband Levi died in Fairfield, IA in Feb. 1882. She gave up her two daughters (ages 5 and less than one yr.) for adoption in about 1883......she also had a son, Edward, (b) 1879) but I don't know what happened to him. Clara STIDGER HAMPTON was born abt. 1857 or 1858 in Ohio and in her 20's when she was widowed. I believe she probably remarried, but no record has been found in Iowa. I'd appreciate knowing if her name appears in any marriage records of Scotland Co. MO. If anyone has found either HAMPTON or STIDGER in their Scotland Co. MO research, I'd be most grateful to know the particulars. Thanks.
Juanita Alloway
March 12, 1999

Looking for connections to my grandfather, Willie A. Stine born 21 February, 1903 in Memphis, Scotland county, MO. He had a sister named Lela (b. 1905). Their parents were Lucy Wilson Stine and Clyde Stine. Clyde ( b. appr. 1868 ) in Memphis, Scotland county, MO. (d. 1936). Clyde Stine's parents were Jacob and Mary Curtis Stine. They had 2 other children-Charlie (b. 1870) and Alma (b. 1873 ) in Memphis, MO. Alma Stine married an William Oxford. They had a son. She later married Martin and had a son named Joe. I believe she was married in Moberly and spent her life in Moberly d. appr June 1953. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Karol Edwards
March 12, 1999

I am seeking information on the George W. & Emma (DYE) THOMAS family. Their children were Jessie, Porter, Donna, Harry, Susan & Inez. I know that Jessie was born in Scotland County in 1892 and that this was Emma's second marriage.
Lynn Tadlock
4 Jun 97

I am looking for the marriage record for Edmund Hobert Thompson b. July 17, 1829 & Rachel Frances WELBORN b. June 28, 1834. They were married May 4, 1850 in Scotland Co. Thanks for any help!
Loreen Gunter
October 17, 1998

 Looking for ancestors/decendants of James Henry (went by Henry) Tilford and Laura Elizabeth Hilliard.  They married in Dec 1890 in Cowley County, KS.  In 1900 they show up on the Scotland County (Gorin) census.  There are three
children, Osa,b.Aug, 1892, Ovel, b. July 1894, and Robert, b. Nov 1896. Ovel was my Ggrandfather.  Have some info on him.  Need info on parents of James Henry, and descendants of kids.  Henry died Feb, 1912 in Gorin, Laura died Feb 1929 in Gorin, Osa died Jan 1940 in Gorin, Ovel died April, 1931 in New Mexico, and no info on Robert..
Jim Reynolds
Wed Feb 25 14:45:15 1998

I am searching for any information concerning IDA MAY TRAMMELL, b. 02-12-1875 in Scotland County, daughter of JOHN FRAZIER TRAMMELL and SARAH JACKSON JONES. She married ELZA ROBERTS in 1896 in Erie, Neosho, KAN and died 12-24-1896. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Carolyn S Price
March 12, 1999

Seeking information on George TOBIN (b. 1796 KY - not TN as shown in some books- d. 1878)Tobin Creek is named after him. In 1834 he arrived in what is now Mount Pleasant Township of Scotland Co. He voted in the first election (at Sand Hill) held in this area - August 1835. Seeking his parentage. Jack Barker
Jack Barker
13 Apr 97

Researching the Walker family who lived in Scotland county in the late 1800s. Any help will be appreciated.
Clarence Earnhart

I am searching for information on Joseph WEBB, b. ca 1824 in Kentucky. He was living in Memphis, Scotland, MO, in 1870 census. In household were M.J. (or M.I.) age 25F, born PA, and children (all born in MO): I.T. (11M), Rosa (11F), Wm (8M), A.E. (6F), May (4F), Anne (5F), & Louisa (1F). His son, William Robert WEBB was born between 1862-1867 in Memphis.
Derrill Langen
October 17, 1998

I am looking for the family of Ollie Stuart Williamson who was born in Memphis, MO on April 30, 1861. He had four siblings; Mabel, Fred, Phoebe,Della. His parents were Richard and Phoebe Williamson from England. Richard died at a young age, presumably in Memphis.
Donald Williamson
March 12, 1999

Looking for any information on my grandfather, Andrew Jackson Winnegar (Wineinger), known to have lived in Scotland County during the 1880's and 90's, possibly buried there. Wife's name Huldah, four children, Zona, William A., Carrie, and James Henry. They farmed in Scotland County, near Downing from 1870 to app. 1900. He also had a nephew Sidney Wineinger who was born near Downing, father of Sidney believed to be Hamilton Wineinger. I have found Andrew Winnegar (spelled "Winnerger") in the 1880 Census Roll 736 vol 43 ed 84 sheet 21 line 4 at age 36, Farmer, born in Tenn. wife Mary H. (actually Huldah M.) daughter Jennie M. age 4 (Zona) and William age 1. The Andrew Winnegar family moved to Centerville, Iowa, maybe after his death. Would be happy to exchange information with cousins researching related famalies. Winegar, Winnegar, Wininger, Wineinger are just a few of the verious spellings.
Andrew Jackson (Andy) Winnegar
Lubbock, TX
March 12, 1999

I am serching for any information on my great-grandfather George F. WOODRUFF married to Bertha CORBIN. They lived in Memphis MO sometime in the late 1800's and early 1900's and later moved to California. I do not know if they were born in Memphis or moved there later. They had at least four children, one was Ewing H. WOODRUFF, possibly born in Gorin MO on 2-5-1907. I will shear any information I have.
Thank you

Gayle Woodruff
May 11, 1998

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