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Resources Located at Keller Library:

The genealogy room of the Keller Public Library contains over 3,000 titles including reference books, family histories, cemetery books, newsletters, maps, and microfilms of federal census records (for many states), county marriage records, and various newspapers from the county. A large part of the collection is about Stoddard County and Missouri, but it also encompasses materials from at least 25 additional states.
Most of the collection is catalogued, and the list can be viewed by searching on the keyword genealogy from the Keller Public Library main webpage Online Catalog. This search presents a list ten items at a time, so adding additional search criteria is useful for paring down the list.

Not catalogued but present in the genealogy room is an index created by the society members of obits from the Dexter Daily Statesman and Bloomfield Vindicator newspapers.

Although the arrangement and specific items of the collection are subject to change, the general layout and contents on July 31, 2012 were as follows:
North Wall
two short bookcases containing National Geographic Magazines
4 five-shelf bookcases:
1st bookcase: Alabama 1/2 shelf, Arizona 1 book, Arkansas 2 shelves, California a few books, Georgia 1/2 shelf including some newsletters devoted to Moultrie family tree
2nd and 3rd: Illinois
4th: Indiana 3 shelves, Kansas 1/2 shelf

East Wall
Microfilm 11 drawer cabinet
1st drawer: Misc
2nd drawer: Dexter Daily Statesman 1910-1986
3rd drawer: Dexter Daily Statesman 1986-2007
4th drawer: Dexter Daily Statesman 2007- ; Puxico Press 1978-2000; Puxico Tri-County Aug 1930-Sept 1931; Puxico Herald Mar 1930-Oct 1930; Dexter Messenger Jan 1917-Dec 1919; Dexter Messenger 1930-1966; Essex Leader 1908-1920; Bloomfield Vindicator 1880-1920
5th drawer: Parma & Bernie The Post-Tribune Jan 1971-Dec 1972, Bernie The Post-Tribune 1973-1991; Bernie and other towns Bernie Star and other papers Oct. 1870-Apr 1932; Bernie The Newsboy Feb 1923-Nov 1929; Bernie Star News Oct 1915-Dec 1919; Bernie MO The News Oct 1913-Nov 1915
6th drawer: Stoddard Co Abstracts & Index to Deeds, Deed Records: 1835-1891, Marriage Records: 1881-1916, Register of Births and Deaths 1883-1836, Index to Probate Records 1849-1898, Probate Records 1847-1880, Will Records 1835-1903, Settlement Records, 1876-1886, Letters of Administration 1876-1898, Jr Civic Club, Dexter 1949-1978, Dexter Monday Club 1941-1969, Land Commissioners Minutes. Stoddard Co Census 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890 (Civil War Union vets and Union vet widows), 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
7th drawer: Census MO 1830-1880, 1890 Vet
8th drawer: Census MO 1900, 1910
9th drawer: Census MO 1920, 1930
10th drawer: empty
11th drawer: Soundex MO 1880

two filing cabinets: a 5-drawer and a 4-drawer
Stoddard County Genealogy Society records and materials

4 five-shelf bookcases as follows:
1: Misc state of Missouri
2: Misc Missouri counties 2 shelves; Butler 1/2 shelf; Bollinger 1 shelf; oversize materials 1 shelf
3: Stoddard County
4: Stoddard County 1 shelf, Cape Girardeau 1 shelf, Scott 1/2 shelf, Mississippi county 1/2 shelf, New Madrid and Dunklin counties 1 shelf

South Wall
4 five-shelf bookcases as follows:
1: Kentucky 4 shelves, Maryland 1/2 shelf, New Jersey some items, New York a few books
2: NC 3 shelves, OH 1 item, OK few books, OR 1 book, PA a few books, SC 1 1/2 shelves
3: SC 1/2 shelf, SD 1 book, TN 4 shelves
4: TN 3 shelves, TX a few books, VA 2 shelves

West Wall
5 five-shelf bookcases as follows:
1: VA 1 1/2 shelves, WV a few books, Reference 3 shelves
2-4: Reference
5: family genealogies and histories: 4 1/2 shelves

Magazines: Periodical Index 2007-2012, Psychology Today 2007-2012, Time 2007-2012, US News 2007-2009, Everton's Genealogical Helper 1997-2006, American Heritage 2001-2011, American History Illinois 1966-1975, American Spirit 2007-2008
Microfilm 10-drawer cabinet:
1st drawer: 1790 Census (ALL) Arkansas, Georgia
2nd drawer: IL
3rd drawer: IN, KY
4th drawer: LA-NY, NC, OH
5th drawer: PA
6th drawer: SC, TN, VA
7th and 8th: empty
9th and 10th: Missouri duplicates of the census

High School Yearbooks and misc:
Bloomfield 1900-1994 Alumni
Dexter 1913, 1916-1917, 1946-2010 (with a few skips)
Who's Who American HS Students 1978-82, 86-87, 89-94
Arkansas State University, The Indian 1966-78 (with a few skips)
Sagamore 1943, 1968-78 (with skips), misc others
Some city directories: Cape Girardeau 1964, Paducah KY 1959, Poplar Bluff 1964, 68, 70, 73-75, 77-81; Dexter 1956, 70, 73, 74
Phone directories: AL-AR, TN, IL, 7 MO (mostly from the 1980's), CA; Dexter, Bloomfield, Essex 1931, 1949; Dexter, Essex 1955

Following is a small sample of the titles available in the collection:

  • Cemeteries of Stoddard County
  • History of Rural Schools in Stoddard County
  • History of Stoddard County
  • Life on the Edge of the Great Dark Cypress Swamp-A History of Brownwood.
  • Butler County

  • Butler County Missouri 1849-1988
  • Complete History of Butler County
  • Area Footprints- 3 Volumes which include photos, births, marriages and queries
  • Cemeteries of Butler County Volumes 1-4
  • Wayne County

  • 1830-1880 Census books
  • 1892-1900 Marriage records
  • 1894 Taxpayer Roll
  • Book of Wayne County Cemetery Records
  • Bollinger County

  • Gone But Not Forgotten-Bollinger County Cemeteries
  • 1883-1892 Birth and Death Records
  • Obituaries from the Banner Press
  • Newspaper Abstracts
  • Cape County

  • 1805-1900 Marriage Records
  • Cape County Census-1830 and 1880, 3 volumes
  • Census of Early Settlers of Cape Girardeau County