John Morrison Family Photo

John Thomas and Nancy Rebeca Forsythe Morrison Family

This picture is the only picture I have of my great grandparents where they are fairly clearly shown.  This picture was given me by Pat Howk, a relative of Joseph Artensus' third wife, Rosa Coop.  This picture is taken at Tom and Nancy's home in Bunch, Iowa and I believe the timeframe is circa 1900/1901.

John Thomas (Tom) Morrison, far right, was born 22 October 1852 in Pennsylvania (likely Allegheny County) and died 7 March 1914 at home in Bunch, Davis County, Iowa.  His ancestors have been traced to Ireland in the early 1800's.  From there they went to Pennsylvania, then Iowa in 1854.

Tom married Nancy Rebeca Forsythe, to the left of John, 2 April 1871 in Nancy's father's residence Marion Township, Davis County, Iowa.  Nancy was born 15 October 1852 in South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania and died 29 June 1931 at home in Bunch, Davis County, Iowa.  Nancy's ancestors have been traced to Pennsylvania in the late 1700's.  From there they went to Davis County, Iowa circa 1855.

The children were not identified on the picture, but are thought to be as follows.  Extreme left, Alice Mae (14 July 1876 - 12 February 1956) with husband George W. McClellan Collins, and next to the right of her Joseph Artensus (Tenny) (7 February 1872 - 26 May 1925) with first and second wife Rosa May Livingston and daughters Della and Delpha May.  The little boy in the middle in front would be the youngest son, Guy Alvia (16 April 1892 - 15 April 1950).  The boy to the left of Guy is likely Luther (16 April 1889 - 4 August 1975), the next to the youngest. The boy to the right of Guy is most likely the next oldest son Lacey (28 March 1885 - 6 December 1959).

As for the remaining four sons, it is guesswork.  I believe the one next to Nancy Rebeca is John Clayton (7 November 1873 - 24 August 1938).  The other three sons would then be William (14 October 1879 - 5 March 1951), Perry Hayden (16 December 1881 - 30 May 1973), and Nathaniel (Thannie) (1 April 1884 - 30 November 1954), not necessarily in that order.

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