Conrad Moots Tharp Family Photo

Conrad Moots Tharp and Margret Sidwell Family

Conrad Moots Tharp, seated right, was born 7 November 1835 in West Liberty, Logan County, Ohio and died 11 September 1926 at his daughter's (Sarah Ann Tharp Ellison) home in Unionville, Appanoose County, Iowa.  His ancestors have been traced to England in the mid-1600's.  From there they went to Maryland, then Delaware to Virginia to South Carolina to Ohio.  Conrad's father, Abner, then migrated to the Iowa Territory, settling prior to 1841 in what would become Davis County (Iowa did not become a state until 1846).  This is the only picture I have of Conrad, and I have no picture of his wife, Margret Sidwell, who died 21 January 1907.

Brother Augustus Milton Tharp, seated left, was born 28 August 1830 in West Liberty, Logan County, Ohio and died 20 October 1920 at his daughter's (Malissa Evaline Tharp Frakes) home in Moulton, Appanoose County, Iowa.

The ladies in back are thought to possibly be sisters of Conrad and Augustus.  From the looks of the automobile in the background this family reunion was likely 1915-1920.  It is possible the ladies could then be Margaret Elizabeth Tharp Miller (1838-1931), Cassander Virginia Tharp Carter (1840-1916), Sarah Frances Tharp Uphres (1847-1939), Lody Helen M. Tharp Wilcox (1849-1921), or Christena Evelyn Tharp Smith (1851-1924).

This photo is used with permission of the owner, Becky Godby.  It belonged to her g grandmother Bessie Spurgeon Horn who, in turn, was the granddaughter of Augustus Milton Tharp.

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