Andrew Dahlstrom Family Photo

Anders August and Anna Grund Dahlstrom Family

Anders August Andersson/Dahlstrom was born 23 January 1859 in Nabben Gård, Nederhyttan Rote, Ramsberg Parish, Örebro Län, Sweden and died 20 May 1937 at University Hospital in Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa.  His ancestors have been traced to Sweden in the late 1700's.  Anders (Andrew) had the name Andersson in Sweden and retained that name when he came to this country.  He and Anna were married as Anderson, and it was not until they were in Ishpeming, Michigan that they changed their name to Dahlstrom for some reason.  From Sweden he came to Minnesota, then Michigan, then Iowa circa 1892.

Anders married Anna Lovisa Grund 7 September 1887 in St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota.  Anna was born 11 July 1865 in Grängesberg, Grangärde Parish, Kopparbergs Län, Sweden and died 10 May 1950 at daughter's home in Fremont, Mahaska County, Iowa.  Anna's ancestors have been traced to Sweden in the early 1500's.  From there Anna came to Minnesota, then Michigan, then Iowa circa 1892.

For the longest time, this was the only picture we had of Andrew.  Recently Terry Ternes sent us the studio portrait, shown on this site, of Andrew, Anna and the entire surviving family.  In this "Stone House" picture, only four children are shown of the ten children Andrew and Anna had.  The assumption is that the children shown are the four oldest living children.  Ellen Louise, presumably at the left in the picture, (28 June 1888 - 16 December 1961), Emil Edward, presumably astride the horse, (13 November 1890 - 3 December 1960), Eric Edwin, not alive when picture taken, (7 December 1892 - 20 January 1893), Edith, presumably immediately left of Anna, (15 February 1894 - 12 September 1977), and Arthur E., presumably immediately right of Anna, (18 December 1898 - 20 February 1943).
Their other children are Lillian (23 September 1899 - 16 August 1986), Blanche E. (12 June 1902 - 20 September 1978), Faye A. (28 April 1905 - 4 September 1993), Harry Richard (28 February 1908 - 3 April 1909), and Helen (28 February 1908 - 25 June 2000).

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