Forsyths of Wapello Co.


I present the detailed results of my research on this line in the hopes it can either be refuted or further verified as to the conclusions drawn herein.  I start with my paternal great grandparents and something that was easily researched and verified.  I then proceed to the work I undertook to identify my paternal great great grandparents, but with mixed results.  One lead, however, appeared to surface with an already established Forsyth family tree and I then explain my research on that Forsyth line prior to the family migrating to Iowa in the early 1850's.  The last two sections explain what I found when I uncovered Eliza Forsyth's probate file and how it links the Wapello County Forsyth family with my Morrison family.

Many people feel very special to be a Forsyth(e), either in name or as a descendant.  I am Gary Morrison, and I feel doubly special because I believe I am descended from two different Forsyth(e) lines, both through my primary Morrison line.  When I joined the Clan Forsyth Society of the U.S.A., I knew from a family bible my great grandmother's name to be Nancy Rebeca Forsythe Morrison.  Upon joining, Eddie Forsyth, our Clan Genealogist, contacted me and pointed me to the publication "The Pioneer Forsythes of Fayette County, Pennsylvania and Their Descendants" by Glenn Luther Forsythe [Toledo, Ohio: The Becker Impression Company, 1982], graciously including some copied pages pertaining to my direct line.  It seems several of the Forsythes in this family had migrated in the mid-1850s to Davis County, and neighboring Appanoose County, in Iowa.  It was in Davis County in the 1856 Iowa State census where I first found Nancy, her family and her grandparents living as a family unit [1856 State of Iowa Census Microfilm, roll #6, page #451, line #17].  It was also in Davis County, in her father's home, where Nancy married John Thomas Morrison, my great grandfather, on 2 April 1871 [Marriage Register Book 2, Clerk of Circuit Court, Davis County, Iowa, page 181].

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