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Reynolds County Marriage

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Reynolds County Marriage Records

Reynolds County Marriage Records 1870-1891

These marriage records were taken from the original records on file at the offices of the Circuit Clerk and Recorder, Reynolds County Courthouse, Centerville, Missouri. Records at the courthouse were burned in 1872, and any date given before 1872 were resworn to after the fire. Be sure and check all spellings of your surname, as even county officials in the 1800's weren't the best of spellers. I would like to thank Mrs. Roam of the Carter County Genealogical Socitey for providing me with this information. I have arranged this page with the minister or justice of the peace's name in bold and which couples they married listed below each name. The letter's J.P. stand for Justice of the Peace. If you know your ancestors married in Reynolds County Missouri during this time period and you don't see them on this list please e-mail me with the corrections .

A.A. Rudy, J.P.

Daniel Lester to Mrs. Martha Jane Leadbetter 10 Mar 1870

James H. George to Elizabeth Stigall 11 Apr 1874

J.C. Gross, J.P.

William Aron Hill to Nancy Isabel Onsbee 9 May 1872

Lanis Willy to Julett Butcher 3 Mar 1873

William Bay to _______ Duncan 1 Sep 1872

William H. Morgan, Minister

William J. Ferrewld to Manda Hannings 7 Apr 1872

William O. Camden to Mary Parker 26 Jan 1873

Isaac Lane, Minister

William A. Pogue to Maria A. Slade 10 Mar 1872

J.W. Price to Latisha C. Harris  24 Dec 1882 

J.F. Rayfield  to Laura B. Laws  7 Nov 1882 

Henry Baker to M.E.J. Reed 18 Nov 1886

Sutton W. Willhelmes to Mary H. Chitwood  10 Feb 1887

J.W. Vanarsdall to Milly J. Skiles 27 Oct 1887

Eddie Fox to Anne J. Harris 15 Nov 1887

W.H. Reed to Julia E. Copeland 17 Nov 1887

J.F. Taylor of St. Francois Co to Mattie Hunt 11 Dec 1887

William Barnes to Lura Copeland 20 Sep 1888

R. Wiley Pogue to Parzilla Chtiwood 12 Sep 1888

Robert A. Rich, Minister

James W. Shrum to Isabel Strickland both of Iron Co  2 Oc. 1872

E.J. Gasten to Louisa Shrum 2 Oct 1872

John Fitzgerald to Elisa Shrum 1 Sep 1872

Henry James (Jones) to Nancy Sullivan 13 May 1873

Jasper N. Shrum to Amelia McKinnis 21 Jun 1873

Charles Vleoxey (V. Coxey) to Mercy L. Wilson  26 Oct 1873

Peter Rapp to Mary Weever 5 Mar 1876

William Alexander Rutledge to Lucy Adkins 15 Feb 1877

Monroe Wilson to Lavida Richmaond 1 Mar 1877

Henry M. Light to Mary E. Hasty  26 Nov 1884

John J. Williams to Sarah Johnston  27 Feb 1890

A.W. Wilson to Laura O'Brien 29 Oct 1890

James C. Asher, Minister

R.M. Gumut to Betsy Taylor 13 Jul 1872

James F. Rayfield to Lucy A. Goggin 5 Dec 1872

Wlisha W. Allen to K. Judrier Black 16 Apr 1872

Foreman F. Gallaher to Nancy C. Goggin  30 May 1872

Alexander Robinson to Josephine Sloan  5 Nov 1872

Joseph Black to Sarah J. Smith  26 Feb 1874

Thomas James to Rebecca Worley 19 Nov 1873

John H. Trolinger to Tyldiann Anderson 13 Sep 1875

Boston Miers to Elutishey C. Dunn 10 Jun 1876

Wesley Gunnett to Elsie Brown 20 Mar 1877

William Barton to Polly Montgomery  29 Mar 1877

Albert Smith to Armilda Barton 3 Sep 1887

William Moore to Mandy Lawson 27 Mar 1879

John Miller to Elizabeth Summers 10 Dec 1879

Joseph Lawson to Margaret Duglas (Douglas) 1 Jul 1880

Jeff Rains to Adaline Bone  20 Nov 1881
Marriage occured at the Rain's home. Francis Marion Strickland to Sarah Emaline Hasty 18 Dec 1881
Married at the Union Church William Riley Black to Jane Foster 11 Jan 1883 Jeff Campbell of Shannon Co to Deliala Melvina Clements 11 Dec 1882 Kinsy Camden of Dent Co to Minnie White 13 Nov 1884
Married at the brides home James Bowen, Minister Taylor Black of Shannon Co. to Sarah Camden 12 Oct 1872 George W. Conley to Josephine Bounds of Shannon Co 19 Mar 1883 William A. Pogue, Minister Robert Mills to Angeline Johnson 22 Aug 1872 Matthew G. Dinkens to Mary Rutter 8 Jul 1874 John L. Miller to Sarah P. Coil 6 Sep 1883 Peter Wright to Lydia M. Miller 28 Feb 1884 James Cook to Dartha Boyd 4 Apr 1884 James Miller to Mary Barnes 21 Dec 1884 Samuel Vinson to Ella Dicas 2 Aug 1885
Married at the home of Mr. Pogue George N. Cook of Iron Co to Mrs. Sarah Wilson 6 Aug 1885 W.P. Brown to Lizzie Faulkenberry 18 Nov 1886 William T. Santhuff to Dorothy Warrner 16 Apr 1890 B.S. McNail, Minister Jonathan L. Baker to Elizabeth Carter 27 Feb 1873 John Parker Cain to Joramiah Manny Carty 26 Sep 1873 Thomas D. Shy to Margret Carty 23 Apr 1874 William H. Shy to Nancy Annis January 16 Jul 1875 George W. Fedder (Tedder) to Amanda J. Rayfield 26 Oct 1876 C.H. Hodges of Iron Co. to Sidia Catharine Gallaher 17 Dec 1862 Giles G. Henderson of Washington Co to Emma A. January 15 Oct 1878 Maes M. Pickens to Francis Jane Farris 3 Jul 1879 John S. Ward to Nancy Talbert 5 May 1879 Samuel A. Imboden of Iron Co. to Elizabeth Irvin 1 Feb 1881 Lewis Orrick, Minister Joseph McGlothlin to Celeste I. Lowry 25 Oct 1872 George W. Lumpkin to Nancy E. Campbell 15 Apr 1872 Joel Cora of Iron Co. to Jane Sutton 27 Jun 1875 Cora James C. Asher to Mary Jane Barton 10 Jan 1876 Brown George Cook to Mary McMahan of Iron Co. 20 Feb 1876 Thomas Elliot to Elizabeth Marloe 30 May 1876 Henry VanDown (Van Doun) to Nancy E. Sherall 17 Sep 1876 James Marlow to Elizabeth Asher 11 Apr 1878 Marion Ledbetter to Mary E. Williams 13 Oct 1878 Jefferson Raines of Iron Co., to Permina Sherrelle 3 Apr 1879 S.E. Miner to Nancy J. Williams 12 Mar 1879 Thomas Williams to Rebecca Edmons 6 Nov 1879 Moses Edmonds to L.B. Sherill 20 Jul 1890 Caswell Warren, Minister James Hiram Chronister to Charity Chitwood 11 Feb 1873 Louis C. Hart to Cary Ann Page (Pogue) both of Shannon Co 9 Aug 1874 George Dillard to Adline Conway 9 Jul 1874 William Riley Counts to Eliza Jane Nash of Shannon Co. 8 Nov 1874 Michael Cavanagh to Nancy Jane Sargent 21 Nov 1874 Lewis Williams to Martha Jane Goforth 4 Dec 1875 Alfred Nickles Tripp to Elizabeth Cox 16 Sep 1875 Thomas C. Edmonds to Josephine C. Williams 26 Dec 1875 Martin V. Wadkins to Sarah R. Hardcastle 10 Jul 1876 Aaron Chitwood to Sarah Adeline Conway 10 May 1877 Person Smith to Rebecha J. Swiers 27 Sep 1877 John R. Smith to Martha Wesley 12 Jan 1878 Joshua H. Randolph to Anna Mooney 20 Jan 1879 George W. Randolph to Harriet Mooney 14 Mar 1879 Ephram Dillard to Arminda J. Randolph 18 Mar 1880 George W. Sullivan to W. Elizabeth Davis 23 Feb 1882
Married at the Davis home. William R. Gober to Sarah E. Wadkins 27 Jun 1882 John Lawson to Nancy Hardcastle 25 Dec 1882 W.D. Tucker to Sintha Johnston 26 Jul 1883 J.F. Swiers to Marhat Jones 4 Oct 1883 John T. Hicks to Martha J. Radford 13 Feb 1884 James H. Sullivan to Nancy Anderson 7 Sep 1884
Married at the home of J.W. Widger C.C. Callahan to Mrs. Sarah A. Neill 26 Oct 1884
Married at the ministers home John Ellis Tripp to Ruth Sullivan 7 Dec 1884
Married at the brides home Maes A. Radford to Mary E. Willis 18 Dec 1884 William A. Crownover to Rebecca Dillard 1 Jan 1885
Married at the home of Allen Sutterfield Henderson Chitwood Jr. to Emma Arminda Edmonds 24 Sep 1886 W.G. Hart to Sarah Jane Willis 16 Dec 1886 James Tripp to Matilda Bruden of Shannon Co 15 Jan 1887 Albert Chitwood to Sarah E. McNail 7 Jul 1887 Andy Lawsen to Delaina Counts 21 Jul 1887 William H. Lay to Lucinda B. Tripp 29 Sep 1887 Thomas Beck to Rosa Mullins 20 Oct 1887 Calvin G. Frye to Luzety Eviline Warren 19 Dec 1887 John Bruden of Shannon Co to Martha M. Bush 2 Jan 1890 Andrew W. Patterson to Caroline Swyers 23 Jan 1890 G.F. Rosa (C.F.?) to Martha E. Randolph 27 Nov 1890 W.C. Widger to Mary J. Tripp 23 Dec 1890 George Gibbs of Wayne Co. to Paulina Rion 25 Dec 1890 Samuel F. Larue of Wayne Co to Bell Dora Keathley 6 Mar 1887 John Crowley, Minister George Derin to Martha Murry 14 Nov 1872 John R. Mann to Sarah Seal 16 Jan 1873 _________ Dean to Catharan Johnston 1 Mar 1873 William C. Webb to Sarah Ann Carter 14 Jan 1875 Thomas Seal to Maelia C. Rayfield 16 Jul 1874 A. Sweezy to Mira Farris 14 Apr 1875 Green Webb to Emetier Farris 29 Dec 1875 Samuel Black, Minister William O. Sutterfield to July A. Wallen 9 Feb 1873
Married at the home of Allen Sutterfield Henry Asher to Leaner Asher 3 May 1867 Robert A. Jennings to Edith Asher 28 May 1874 Boston Ollis to Giney Jane Lauson 30 Jun 1874 Green Anderson to Easter Jane Johnson 27 Aug 1874 William Jo Walker to Elizabeth Jarvice 13 Aug 1874 William Johnson to Elizabeth Wigger 23 Jul 1874 Thomas Parker to Barbara Malisa Parks 30 Nov 1875 Rhode Barton to Missouri Jane Montgomery 9 Dec 1875 Henry F. Shaw to Lusinda Parker 20 Jan 1876 Thomas Tompson to Adeline Kee 28 Mar 1876 William Hodges to Susan Parker 7 Dec 1871 John Francis Montgomery to Rebecca Barton 29 Mar 1877 Levi Tharp (Sharp) to Elizabeth Black 6 Dec 1866 George R. Barton to Fannie Conway 4 Sep 1878 Samuel E. Barton to Elizabeth J. Lewis 8 Aug 1878 Nelson D. Lawson to Rason Douglas 24 Oct 1878 Joseph Conley (Cauley) to Mahuldy Kiserier Tilley 16 Feb 1880 Samuel Holmes to Mary Ann Carty 19 Feb 1880 William Smith to Rosa Belle Carty 19 Feb 1880 Samuel E. Strickling to Clary E. Sutterfield 19 Aug 1880 William M. Gunnett to Jane Barton 24 May 1880 John E. Barton to Sarah Asher 21 Sep 1880 Elizabeth Bartlett to F.E. Webb 14 Jan 1881 Louis Copeland to Sarah Jane Homes 5 Oct 1882 Charles Shaw to Martha Livingston 5 Dec 1882 R.V. Sumpter of Iron Co. to Mrs. Betty Baker 12 Apr 1883 Joseph Linson to Jane Miers 30 Aug 1883 John H. Strickland to Catharine G Troutman 13 Dec 1883 John R. Wolf to Nancy E. Bowen 19 Nov 1890 William H. Meyers, Minister John C. McMillin to Rebecca M. Kuthly (Kethly) 16 Jan 1873 Daniel Mitchell to Letishey Jane Hackworth 30 Apr 1874 Preston Hackworth to Elizabeth Colyoutt 6 Jul 1873 Alexzander Nimrod Colyoutt to Mary Elizabeth Keethly 23 Apr 1874 Mames K.P. Asberry to Ketty Ratliff 4 Jan 1874 Levy Marrler to Elizabeth Barber 14 Mar 1874 William H. Asberry to Margaret Jane Keethley 9 Jul 1874 Richard Vickrey to Susan Lidy E. McMillin 13 Oct 1874 Hugh Mulligan to Mary Ellen Grayham 7 Nov 1874 George J. Kemp to Mary Elizabeth Warmick (Warmack) 20 Jun 1875 William C. Wadlow to July Maria Dunnagan 9 Dec 1875 J.L. Barton to Margaret Montgomery 18 Mar 1884 Robert Bell of Dent Co to Nancy E. Dennison 28 Mar 1884 James W. Dunn to Mary A. Wer? 9 Oct 1884
Married at the home of Boss Myers John Larson (Lasson-Losson-Lawson) to Margaret Larson 20 Jan 1885 John H. Werley to Martha L. Dunn 6 Aug 1885
Married at the home of W.W. Dune J.R. Goggin to Lydia A.. Dennis 1 Sep 1885 Joel J. Barton to Susan Asher 4 Mar 1886 John W. Cay to Melvina L. Bowen 25 Feb 1886 James Cay to Rebecca E. Barton 18 Mar 1886 Amos Ownesby to Rachael Mathis 23 Aug 1886 George W. Barton to Lozzie Mason 15 Oct 1886 General W. Radford to Vicy Barton 10 Feb 1887 John T. Barton to Mary A. Camden 27 Oct 1887 James H. Moore to Miley Jane Lawson 13 Aug 1888 Wilson Caulley to Mary Foster 21 Nov 1889 John H. Reynolds to Hattie Miner 3 Feb 1890 Louis Conley to Matilda Fortner 6 Mar 1890 Allen Sutterfield, Minister Andrew Jackson Meser to Catharine Clemintine Cueasey 18 Jul 1872 Thomas Barnes, Minister Landen Copeland to Polly Ann Moor (Moore) 17 Apr 1873 Frances M. Price to Mary Ann Casey 20 May 1874 William C. Lane to Sarah J. Crague 21 May 1874 James H. Lones to Margaret Snodgrass 21 Jun 1874 Charles C. Ford to Delana Baker 16 Aug 1875 Winifield Scott Stevenson to Dart Elizabeth Edmonds 12 Nov 1876 Samuel Copeland to Virginia Bowers 26 Nov 1876 James Piles to Elizabeth Copeland 28 Mar 1878 Carrel Frank Dinkens to Julia A. Dickson 30 Oct 1879 Addison Hood to Artenia Asberry 16 Dec 1880 Clinton Davis to Elizabeth Dill 30 Nov 1880 George Dallas Johnson to Mary J. Thornton 13 Dec 1867
( This record was also recorded in Bell Co., Texas after the fire) John T. Copeland to Sarah E. Carpenter 14 Sep 1881 Dr. William A. Copeland to Mayme E. Moore 27 Aug 1882 J.M. Pogue to Sarah E. Thornton 1 Mar 1883 Anderson Webb to Lucy A. Chilton 1 Jun 1884 J.R. Pratt, Minister James H. Parks to Matilda Rayfield 13 Oct 1873 R.C. Williams, Minister Benjamin Stewart (Stimmath) to Emeline Miner 15 Jun 1873 Isaiah Radford to Margaret M. Stiwert (Stimuth) 15 Jun 1873 Jessee Ellis Heeton to May E. Asher Ware 24 Apr 1879 A.M. Robinson, Minister James Baker to Tennessee Smith 3 Apr 1873 George Baker of Shannon Co to Elizabeth Chitwood 28 Aug 1873 William H. Patterson to Polly Piles 28 Jun 1874 David Cowin of Carter Co to Charity Baker of Shannon Co 5 Mar 1882 John F. Cowan, Minister Thomas Barnes to Sarah G. Snodgrass 20 Apr 1873 F.M. Blankenship to Mary A. McDaniels 23 Dec 1875 James H. Bowers, Minister John Turner Jens to Catharine Trollinger 29 Aug 1873 Samuel Johnson to Eliviney Mason 4 Nov 1873 Morris M. Adams, Minister George Baxter to Jane Sargen 22 May 1873 James Reedman to America Gaskin 5 Mar 1878 Levi Dalton to Mary J. Bell 31 Aug 1876 A.D. Maxwell of Dent Co. Mo. to Mary J. Davis 21 May 1885 James H. McLarney to Dorsie A. Smith 19 Jan 1888 James C. Lee to Sarah E. Sprow 5 Aug 1888 Green B. Napper of Shannon Co Mo to Osa Botkin 17 Jan 1890 Philip A. Carty to Martha E. Fitts 26 Dec 1890 John W. Allen, Minister William H. Ellis to Nancy E. Murey 8 Sep 1873 Elizabeth A. Daniels to William C. Pennington 23 Feb 1876 John Copeland to Miranda Moore 17 Aug 1876 C.T. Fortune, Minister George Gallaher to Settie (Lettie) Baxter 17 Feb 1881
Married at Green Goggins home Charls Dagner to Mary Stabb 9 Sep 1873 John B. Goggin to Iron Co. to Vianna May Hartman 8 Aug 1883 A.J. Miner to Emma Goforth 5 Apr 1885 F.E. Stafford to Sarah Goggin 20 Aug 1887 Marvin M. Munger to Sarah E. Shy 5 Sep 1887 Charles T. Carty to Anna Kline 19 Sep 1887 T.J. Stevens to Sarah A. Carty 10 Nov 1887 Isaac Copeland, Minister James K. Bunyard to Florida McDanell 4 Mar 1873 Rev. Thomas H. Brooks to Obedience Flippo 7 Jan 1875 Benjamin L. Tabor to Trisely Thornton 7 Dec 1875 William Yates to Tennessee Sheets 9 Mar 1876 Isam Yates to Jane Sheets 24 Feb 1878 Elija W. Bruster to Margaret A. Barker 28 Jan 1878 William L. Mills to Malinda J. Allen 19 Oct 1879 Alonzo C. Carpenter to Martha A. Dearing 9 Nov 1879 John W. Croner to Sarah E. Hedrick 5 Apr 1880 John Reed to Martha J. Coleman 17 Nov 1880 James A. Stuart to Roda Bowere 18 Nov 1880 G.W. Carpenter J.P., Minister Jefferson Nicholas Scaggs to Marget Catharine Eads 20 Nov 1873 Gestz Lane to Leucean Piles 24 Sep 1874 Louis Fears to John (?) Francis Dunigan 6 Aug 1874 Jesse R. Harrison to Theodosia E. Mann 8 Dec 1875 Jessie Vinson to Mary Ann Dunnagan 6 Jan 1876 Sarah Jane Thorton to George W. Rayfield 23 Mar 1876 Francis Caroline Copeland to John Steen 1 Oct 1877 John Sanders Jordan to Manervy L. Farris 24 Feb 1878 George F. Pearson to Amanda A. Gowen 10 Mar 1883 J.J.S. Farris to Nettie S. Pile 15 Nov 1883 J.M. Pyrtle to R. Elizabeth Scaggs 9 Jan 1884 B.F. Piles to Mrs. Mary A. Vinson 2 Mar 1884 H.B. Mills to Caroline Angel 31 May 1885
Married at the home of Almira Angel Joseph McGlothlin, Minister Calvie Radford to Easter Albert 27 Mar 1867 Samuel Beard, Minister John Seal to Francis E. Angel 9 Oct. 1873 John Dill to Marthy Elizabeth O'Dell 14 Mar 1875 Joel Lewis of Wayne Co. to Allie Winchell 17 Sep 1875 John W. Hargroves to Margaret C. Mann 21 Dec 1875 Franklin J. Smith to Mary J. Roberts19 Apr 1876 T.M. McClung (McClure) to Elisabeth Fitzgerald 31 Dec 1876 George W. Camel to Jane Chitwood 10 Jan 1878 D.B. Newton to Sariah Miller 27 Dec 1877 William H.a Hanger to Nancy Ann Green of Carter Co 18 Aug 1878 Wesley Copeland to Sarah Ann Sexton 19 Dec 1879 B.C. VanDyke to Mattie A. McGee 17 Oct 1879 S.M. Burnham to Sarah Homey 18 Feb 1880 S.H. Burnham to C.A. Chitwood 3 Jan 1884 Thomas Grigg to Louisa Dunigin 23 Oct 1887 Z.T. Cavender, Minister John Clark to Mary J. Lewis 30 Oct 1873 James W. Brooks of Dent Co to Nella M. Adams 14 Oct 1888 J.W. Myrick, Minister Charles H. Copeland to Josephine Trammell 25 Dec 1873 J.C. O'Dell, Minister William B. Hoskins of Carter Co to Rebeca J. Dunklin (Dunkin) 31 Nov 1873 A.R.L. Medor of Wayne Co to Cicily Dixon of Reynolds Co 17 Sep 1874 Alexander Sanders to Mary Hewette 30 Oct 1875 Bennet Tilly to Margaret Hewette 14 Sep 1875 Henry Hampton to Rhody Merrill 6 Jan 1876 Lewis Vetile Smith to Margaret L. Hampton 3 Feb 1876 John T. Mann to Permelia Hampton 23 Aug 1876 Pinkney H. Helvy to Mary J. Merril 4 Jan 1876 George McAlister to Lucy Margaret Seal 1 Dec 1877 Absalom Roberts to Liza Carter 11 Jan 1877 Henry C. Duncan to Meartha (Martha) L. Chilton 25 Jan 1877 Jacob Mann to Elvina Carter 1 Mar 1877 William Webb to Louisa Copeland 11 Oct 1877 Isaac Chilton to Mary Carter 16 Jan 1878 William Skiles to Liza E. Thornton 27 Mar 1878 Jones B. Rutledge to Nancy C. Duncan 4 Jul 1878 Ferman Hanger to Nancy J. Skile 12 Sep 1878 Louis G. Scaggs to Ellen G. Hanger 3 Oct 1878 Henderson Freeze to Mary Holland 22 Dec 1878 James M. Harrison to Mary C. Carter 20 Jul 1879 Joseph A. Bohnert to Sarah E. Carnahan 7 Sep 1879 James F. Skiles to Jane Elington 28 Sep 1879 John West to Nancy Hanger 7 Dec 1879 Charles F.Carter to Mary A. Roberts 18 Dec 1879 Clark Mann to Lucinda M. Wallis 29 Feb 1880 Thomas W. Cole to Hester Ann Strong 15 Aug 1880 William B. Cosgrove to Betty Ann Elington 22 Aug 1880 Arnold Mann to Malissa Hampton 6 Oct 1880 John W. Wadlow to Sallie Chitwood 16 Oct 1880 Henry S. Stewart to Ann Carnahan 16 Oct 1880 William A. Piles to Ida B. Cook of Carter Co, 20 Mar 1881
Married at J.C. O'Dells home Daemon J. Taylor of Wayne Co. to Liza Ann Holland 24 Mar 1881 James I. Miller to Margaret J. Ward 30 Nov 1881 Eli Lewis to China Chitwood 9 Aug 1881 James Copeland to Mary Ann Carter 22 Sep 1881 Charles Carter to Nancy E. Babb 5 Dec 1881
Married at the brides home. Vetile Smith to Margarette S. Hampton 24 Jan 1882 . William Henry Carter to Dee Jones 25 Jun 1882 Lysander Webb to Samantha S. Pile 27 Aug 1882 Willis W. Smith to Emma Underhill 19 Aug 1882
Married at Mary Underhill's home. Thomas H. Boston to Ida Lee Farris 3 Sep 1882 H. Dorton of Craighead Co., Arkansas to Mrs. Edney Campbell 5 Apr 1883 William Jake Hampton to Adeline Cowin of Carter Co., Mo. 12 Apr 1883 W.T. Berry to Clementine Carter 5 Apr 1883 Lee Webb to Fannie Dorris 29 Apr 1883 William W. Dickson to Mary E. Reed 26 Apr 1883
Married at the home of John Carter Daniel M. Smith to Sarah E. Boyer 3 Jun 1883 James Spears to Ella L. Goodman 15 Jun 1883 John L. Pratt to Louiza J. Botkins 20 Dec 1880 James M. McAllister to Mary E. Duncan 20 Mar 1884 George Dershan of Wayne Co to Rohesa Boston 7 Sep 1884 James W. Chilton to B. J. Vineyard 14 Dec 1884
Married at the home of James Vineyard J.H. Haley to Mrs. Mary E. Brown 7 May 1885
Married at the home of J. Baker J.H. Stone to Lucy Powell 28 Jun 1885 T.J. Shy to Leonara N. Parks 6 Aug 1885 James Vineyard to Jane Chitwood 27 Sep 1885 F.M. Copeland to Sarah J. Pratt 13 May 1886 Robert Benson to Sophrona Sweazea 25 Jul 1886 Harvey Huett to Kate Slusher (Stusher) 25 Jul 1886 E.G. McDonald to laura B. Howell 26 Aug 1886 M.M. Bingmam to Maria C. Morris 4 Sep 1886 I.B. Parker to Mandie E. Hanger 16 Sep 1886 James W. Mann to Mollie D. Hogan 23 Sep 1886 S.P. Chitwood to Mary J. Angle 8 May 1887 Richard Webb to F.L. Bowers 13 Nov 1887 T.M. Angel to Nancy R. Freeman 29 Dec 1887 Joseph Pevril to Martha J. Bearden 25 Dec 1887 William H. Botkin to Cynthia E. Carter 8 Apr 1888 P.N. Pile of Jefferson Co. to Suda Rayfield 5 Apr 1888 James Hines to Martha Allen 23 Sep 1888 T.P. Conway to Ella Sagasture 10 Nov 1889 William H. Johnson to M.C. Bowers 15 Dec 1889 E.C. Haywood to Alma Copeland 6 Nov 1890 W.J. Ferrell, Minister Newton Redman to Mary Eveline Ives 26 Oct. 1873 James Helton to Mary Ellen Parker 11 Nov 1873 Thomas Jones to Juliann Denham 23 Nov 1873 James Jones to Isabell Redmans 17 Dec 1873 James Stricklan to Sarah Baxter 15 Jan 1874 William Golden to Mary Ann Greeley 13 Feb 1874 John Holland to Mary Ellen Swaford 23 Dec 1875 John Carter to Josi Reed of Shannon 11 Jan 1880 N.G. Jacks, Minister Gentry Sloan to Eudora Dill 19 Nov 1874 Richard Piles to Tennessee Wood 9 Oct 1873 W.H. Wood to Amanda Dill 14 Jan 1874 James Walker to Emily Barnes 4 Jun 1874 A.W. Robinson, Minister Martin Burnham to Elizabeth Sloan 4 Feb 1874 William J. Davis, J.P. William Denison to Susanah Bay 3 Apr 1857 Robert Smith to Anna Levingston Booth 19 Jan 1874 William R. Tucker to Catharine Goforth 5 Nov 1874 William R. Harrison to Susannah Little 5 Nov 1875 David C. Lowell (Lovell) to Sarah Price 6 Jun 1875 John Layn, J.P., Minister Joseph Carter to Emmaline Johnston 4 Jun 1874
Both colored, Married at the home of Richard Johnson J.K. Hawkins, Minister John Weible to Lourenz Parker 18 Jan 1874 George Wells to Alis Jones 4 Aug 1874 Franklin A. Buffington to Sarah F. Adams 15 Oct 1874 J.M. Rop, (also spelled Rapp), Minister William McDonald to Nancy Whitecotton 12 Nov 1874 James N. Bowles to Jane Parks 27 Aug 1874 William Colley to Mary Barton 29 Feb 1874 William Proffitt to Lucy Miller 10 Mar 1871 Samuel Strother to Julia McNail 12 Feb 1872 Edward Shirrill to Martha Allcorn 13 Nov 1873 George W. Parks to Mary E. Larkin 10 Dec 1874 ? to Margaret Snodgrass 10 Nov 1874
Married at the home of William Hills John Wallen, Minister John T. Thornton to Malinda E. Talley 31 Dec 1874 Austin Meador, Minister John G. Allen of Wayne Co to Matilda O'Dell 22 Nov 1874 A.W. Kee, J.P. James Samuel McEntrie to Pheba Price 13 Dec 1874 Thomas G. Goggin to Sarah C. Carty 10 Jan 1878 George W. Adams to Evaline Reed 31 Jan 1878 Robert Pyrtle to Lucinda Wadlow 8 Jan 1878 E.H. Brown, J.P. John W. Slade to Elizabeth Adkins both of Lesterville, Mo 10 Jan 1875 Joseph P. McNail to Nancy Brooks 7 Sep 1875
Married at the home of Wm. Goggins Davis Stevens to Charlotte Miller 15 Feb 1876 J.A. Baker to Beatrice G. Parks 15 Jun 1876 Sydney (Cidney) Pyrtle to Jane Wadlow 23 Dec 1876 John Tedder to Mariah Elizabeth Rayfield 28 Dec 1874 William Z. Carter to Laura C. Dobbins 3 Aug 1877 William Robinet to Nancy Ann Boyd 4 Sep 1877 Frederick Hunt to Mary Jane Stegall 11 Oct 1877 Jesse Chapman to Manervia Asberry 15 Oct 1877 John M. Sutterfield to Mary Elans Duggan 21 Mar 1878 Joseph Jackson to Emily Crownover 25 Apr 1878 Wesley Montgomery to Sarah D. Sutterfield 6 Jun 1878 William S. Troutman, J.P. Ninian Marten to Elisia Jane Sutterfield 24 Dec 1874 Azariah R. Anderson to Mary Tellitha Sutterfield 25 Feb 1875 John Reace to Walean (Malean) D. Smith 12 Aug 1875 John Bates of Crawford Co. to Amelia Gant 20 Dec 1876 Albert Dyre to Margaret Farrell 28 Jan 1877 George W. Sutterfield to Liney Adeline Crossland 27 May 1877 William H. Bay to Sarah E. Martin 4 Oct 1877 Adrian Marten to Aneally Bates 4 Nov 1877 Andrew Jackson Tucker to Luetishey Asher 18 Nov 1877 O.S. White to Delpha Crossland 17 Dec 1877 Samuel Polk to Lucy A. Sutterfield 23 Mar 1878 Ely Reace to Matildab Levingstone 28 Sep 1878 Allen Callahan to Nancy Howell 14 Nov 1878 John C.F. Howell to M. Nannie White 17 Apr 1879 Jacob Bertwinger of Dent Co., Mo. to Emery Beck 22 Mar 1879 John Leonard to Jane Wisdom 31 Aug 1879 both of Dent Co. Francis Montgomery to Lucinda Conway 2 Jan 1880 C.P. Black of Iron Co. to Mrs. Nancy M. Cozine 1 Dec 1879 John M. Johnson to Dicey Ann Perry 22 Jan 1880 William Halk to Malisey Hienson 18 Mar 1880 Green B. Goggin Jr. to Elen Richmond 10 Apr 1881 Benjamin P. Holms to Taney Conway 8 Jun 1881 Joseph A. Estep to Sarah J. Johnson 31 Jul 1881 Joseph G. Ketcherside to Mary Withro 10 Dec 1881 Elisha Bowen to Nancy Jane Kay 22 Dec 1881 J.W. Smith to Mary C. Smith 12 Mar 1882
Married by Wm. S. Troutman at his home. J.M. Byrd to Sarah D. Montgomery 12 Jul 1882
Married at the home of E.H. Sutterfield Alfred Perry to Mary Earls 19 Oct 1882 Jonathan Black to Nancy Jane Hinsen 9 Nov 1882 C.P. William H. Miner to Hattie Miner 26 Apr 1885
Married at the brides home John T. Linson of Iron Co to Martha Johnson 14 Sep 1886 S.N. Conway to Nancy A.E. Brown 29 Oct 1886 W.T. Hinsen to Mary Chamberlin 18 Aug 1887 Thomas Stout to Mary F. Bird 19 Feb 1888 James C. Clinton to Ettama Miner 11 Sep 1888 Andy Lee to Pearley Miner 7 Aug 1888 Lewis J. Montgomery to Nancy J. Estep 8 Nov 1888 Samuel Estep to Mary Bailey 16 Oct 1890 Robert Black to Mary Montgomery 12 Feb 1891 George F. Brooks, Minister William C. Brooks to Emily E. Hill 13 Dec 1874 Aaron Hill to Lucinday Lawson 24 Oct 1878 James Hill to Benorah Hunter 10 Dec 1879 John C. Kuntz to Mary Helen Parmer 3 Mar 1887 Thomas H. Brooks, Minister Caswell Warren to Matilda Wadkins 19 Jan 1875 Noah Blankenship to Rebecca McDonald 18 Nov 1877 Eliha Freeman to Martha Jane McMullen 6 Mar 1878 William R. Stagner to Margaret E. McLearney 26 Oct 1880 John T. Price to Sophia Voss 12 Aug 1881 J.R. Moore to Mollie F. Carty 28 Jun 1883 William C. Bowles to Margaret E. Brooks 1 May 1884 D.H. Smith to Sarah C. Brooks 20 Aug 1885
Married at the home of William Brooks B.F. Bucher to Mary A. Moss 7 Oct 1886 James M. Cundiff to Cynthia E. Barnes 6 Jan 1887 Franklin Barfield to Mary B. Morris 3 Mar 1887 W.S. Dugger to Amanda Miner of Dent Co 17 Oct 1887 William A. Munger to Alice Moore 11 Jan 1888 J.D. Rouse to Aimey A. O'Dell 3 Jul 1890 A.M. Shriver to Allie N. Munger 24 Dec 1890 James Berry, J.P. George L. Parmer to Mary J. Wimpy of Sinking Creek 12 Jan 1875 Hugh E. Johnson, Minister Leonard T. Hackworth to Sarah Mead 31 Jan 1875 John R. Adams, Minister James Benton Jinings to Mary Elizabeth Dennison 5 Aug 1875 Lucy J. Carty to Huston Lathem 9 May 1878 Andrew J. Lindsay to Susan F. Parker 3 Nov 1881
Married at the brides home D.M. Lee, Minister Benjamin Williams to California Brooks 18 Jun 1875 John Amsden to Manda C. Meadows 31 Jan 1876 N.J. Chance, Minister A. Laramore to Elizabeth Watson 12 Sep 1875 Josiah Sutton to Jane Harrison 14 Oct 1875 William VanDyke to Sarah Snodgrass 3 Feb 1876 Nelson Adams, Minister William Davis to Lucinda Jane Latham 30 Sep 1875 J.G. Rutter, Minister James F. Sutterfield to Martha E. Henson 3 Oct 1875 John R. Fitts to Mary Conoway of Shannon Co 8 Nov 1875 James Barnes, J.P. Robert Elzander Car to Slenia E. Barnes 18 Aug 1875 John R. Lane to Mary E. Harrison 30 Dec 1875 James Kohn to Mary Hedric 26 Jun 1877 William B. Masters to Sarah Jane Martin 10 Dec 1877 Both of Iron Co. Abraham Vinson to Mary Voss 12 Dec 1877 Benjamin F. Kohn to Lucinda White 31 May 1878 William C. Lane to Parzetta C. Hill 22 Dec 1878 James H. Loness to Mary A. Silvey 22 Jan 1880 J.C. Casey to Josephine M. Maberry 16 Feb 1882 Elijah Johnson, Minister William M. Collyout to Leona McMillen 28 Nov 1875 James R. Trammell, Minister Baley Chitwood to Mary Miller 19 Sep 1875 A.B. Adams, J.P. Joseph Shelby Carty to Sarah Lucetta Chance 3 Feb 1876 A.B. Winchell, Minister Samuel Fears to Matilda Brawley 6 Feb 1876 A.P. Shriver, J.P. Charles Wilson to Julia A. Carty 1 Mar 1876 George Huff to Alice Blackwell 18 May 1876 Jefferson Wilson to Sarah Carty 21 Feb 1877 Richard J. January to Isabelle C. Shy 4 Jul 1877 Barney G. Parks to Catherine Adams 30 Dec 1877 Benjamin Bucher to Nanie E. Edmonds 28 Mar 1878 Alex S. Moore, Minister Fredic Wornica to Charity Brewer 7 Feb 1876 John R. Harrison to Nancy Goggin 4 Oct 1877 Henry N. Harrison to Elvina E. Pyrtle 19 Jun 1879 Eeibe Louis of Iron Co. to Permelia Wormicke 8 Jun 1879 James E. Drake, J.P. James D. Henry to Deliala A. Reed 30 May 1870 M.W. Munger, J.P. James Wombel of Iron Co. to Margaret Hurt 4 Feb 1876 William Schreeves to Marthia Bucsten of Iron Co 26 Sep 1878 John Riefenauer to Mary S. Taab 13 Dec 1878 Taylor Rutledge to Emma Wilson 12 Apr 1883 David F. Jaycox to Maggie Shrum 19 Dec 1883 J.H. Somers, J.P. Taylor Barton to Susan Baron 12 May 1876 G.M. Piles, Minister James Dennison to Louisa Lane 28 Jul 1876 Calvin Bowen (Bower) to Rettie E. Lane 22 Feb 1877 Alice A. Sabin to M. William Taylor Fox 21 Sep 1879 John C. Wood to Emma J. Rice 2 Sep 1880 William F. Sabin to Elizabeth Watson 21 Jul 1884 W.A. Wimpy to Tennessee L. Dickson 3 Mar 1887 J.P. McNail, Minister George Gowin to Gergority Johnson 4 Oct 1876 James C. Paulus to Sarah A. McCampbell 17 Feb 1878 Robert Thomason to Cynthia Mills 3 Nov 1878 Berry Barnes to Martha Mills 27 May 1879 Jesse Lester to Angeline Mills 28 Dec 1879 William Stefner to Adlade Rutter 1 Feb 1880 William Walker to Jane Mills 12 Aug 1880 Joseph Baker to Cytha Lester 30 Dec 1880
Married at the home of Daniel Lester Alexander Brooks to Mary E. Gentry 2 Jan 1881 Jesse Lester to Genora Russell 11 May 1882 Thomas M. Walker to Lucy Mills 28 Sep 1883 W.H. Russell to Artemissa E. Goggin 13 Dec 1883 John Tedder to Genora Lester 20 May 1884 J.R. Baker to Mary C. King 13 Nov 1884
Married at the brides home W.K. Johnson, Minister James Warren to Sary M. Wamble 19 Aug 1876 Eli M. Pogue to Rody J. Walles (Waller) 1 Mar 1877
Married at the home of Wm. Crafton Francis M. Davidson to Martha E. Johnson 28 Dec 1876 George W. Counts to Rebeca Zearry 7 Jun 1877 Hardy Chitwood to Ally Davis 3 Sep 1877 Caleb Spears to Artia Missie Chitwood 12 Dec 1877 Wiley S. Pogue to Charity Chitwood 17 Mar 1878 James A. Meed to Roda E. Conway 11 Apr 1878 Ephram Dillard to Ellen Spears 15 Aug 1878 Thomas Davis to Jane Chitwood 22 Dec 1878 George W. Jorden to Charlotte Cox 15 Jan 1879 Augustus Kitchell to Charlotta Ford 23 Mar 1879 Seth Chitwood to Sarah Fanny Rutter 7 Mar 1880 John Bowlin to Nancy Mooney 10 Jan 1880 James Warren to Rachel Wadkin 5 Jul 1880 J.M. Camden to Ellen Miller 4 Nov 1880 William G. Madden to Amy E. Piles 23 Apr 1881 R.M. Neill to Sarah Pritchett 14 Aug 1881 Hewey Chitwood to Laura Spear 20 Mar 1884 William R. Radford, Minister John Randolph to Sarah Weems 17 Aug 1876 Charles Hart to Polly Dillard 28 Sep 1876 M. Conway to Manada Counts 14 Sep 1876 Stephen Haulkum to Easter Radford 19 Oct 1876 Alexander Hardcassel to Mary Forgason 22 Mar 1877 William Callahan to Easter Slutcher 4 Feb 1877 James Eivans to Eliza Brudan 21 May 1877 Isach N. Gore to Eliza Jane Weems 16 Aug 1877 William Smith to Malinda Dillerd 4 Aug 1878 John Counts to Sarah Ann Womble 22 Mar 1860
( resworn to after the fire) Isaac Fillmore to Laura T. Johnson 25 Jun 1881 Isaac N. Anerson to Eliza Jane Hill 7 Dec 1882 W.S. Sutterfield to Mariah J. Polk 25 Dec 1882 Andrew J. Sullivan to Allena V. McCloud 12 Oct 1882
Married at Judge Johnson's James E. Sutterfield to Martha E. Walker 10 Jan 1883 James Weems to Missouri Ann Angle 23 Aug 1883 S.J. Freeman to Nancy I. Polk 27 Jul 1887 William Sartin, J.P. Elvis Harrison to Mary E. Pratt 20 Oct 1853 J.C. Goodson, Minister Benjamin Chaney to Mary S. Worley 4 Feb 1877 Both of Wayne Co Mo. William Pinkney to Lucinda Rich 14 Dec 1876 George Brown to Elvira Boggs 28 Feb 1878 John W. Vaughn to Vira L. Mills 29 Nov 1890 William Huff, Minister Adam Sherril to Mary Edams 11 Mar 1877 John C. Strickland to Matildy Jane Sherrill 18 Jul 1880 James Copeland, J.P. Lafayette F. Carty to Sarah Ann Copeland 18 Jan 1857 J.S. Clark, Minister Samuel Piles to J.S.F. Hackworth 9 Aug 18?? Samuel Heddy to Betty Ann Allen 27 Nov 1887 James M. King to Julia R. Eads 10 Apr 1879 Genty Mills to Anderson Collman 7 Sep 1879 John E. Charlton to Dora C. Mann 17 Mar 1888 M.P. Whitworth to Rebecca Piles 14 Aug 1888 J.A. Allison, Minister Edward Barnes to Sinthy E. Crownover 5 Dec 1867 William H. Crozier, Minister Joseph Barton to Sarah _______ 8 Nov 1877 R.C. Williams, J.P. Benjamin H. Hucthings to Ermana G. Jackson 8 Nov 1877 James Ross, Minister Henley N. Campbell to Elizabeth M. Munger 20 Dec 1877 Elijah D. Wadlow to Lucy Coil 10 Mar 1876 John C. Blankenship to Sarah Barton 9 May 1843
(Resworn after the fire by J.A. Smith, J.P. Aug 1, 1878 from record of A.P. Shriver) R.F. Holloman to Mollie Buckner 21 Aug 1881 Both of Hogan in Iron Co. J.M. Rains, Minister Oliver A. Nahan of Randolph Co., Ill to Miss John E. Cromer of Perry Co 22 Jul 1878 I.G. Roe to Mary Thurman 2 Nov 1879 Jacob Marlor to Mary E. Boatright 20 Dec 1881
Married at the brides home. B.F. McNail, Minister Thomas D. Harrison to Charlotte Belle 15 Nov 1878 S.D. Biffle, Minister William Kichel (Kitchell) to Jane Miller 12 Dec 1878 J.B. Heaton, Minister John A. Troutman to Marietta G. Crossland 25 Dec 1878 Francis M. Warren, Minister Green L. Warren to Matilda E. Radford 23 Dec 1878 Allen Sutterfield to Mary C. Angle 16 Nov 1878 Nehimiah Balke to Sarah A. Warren 23 Dec 1878 John H. Alexander to Sarah H. Conway 9 Jul 1879 William R. Higgenbothen to Amanda Conway 9 Jun 1887 W.G. Gofourth to Cynthia Knuckles 27 Sep 1887 Charles Winterbottom to Ferby Hardcastle 26 Feb 1888 Burell Thomas to Isabell Williams 6 Sep 1888 George W. Jordan, Minister Reason W. Neill to Catherine Mogue 6 Sep 1879 Louis Conway to Malinda Pritchet 31 Jan 1880 Samuel Herin to Caroline Har? 19 Mar 1885
Married at the home of L.D. Knuckles Zachariah Pogue to Sophia J. Winkleman 7 May 1885 C.P. Black to A.C. Madden 20 Mar 1886 Phineas Cox to Margaret J. Maddin 4 Mar 1886 Henderson Chitwood Jr. to Eviline Edmonds 18 May 1886 Jerome Sullivan to Delila C. Patterson 19 Jan 1888 James T. Brooks to Lucy A. Brooks 19 Feb 1888 John Myers, J.P. Patrick Chronister to Cynthia C. Dawson 5 Jan 1879 William B. Masters to Martha Brewer 7 Aug 1879 Emanuel Guffey of Reynolds Co. to Sarah J. Killen of Iron Co 22 Oct 1880 James Cox to Elen Brooks 1 Jan 1881 both of Iron Co. William Lewis of Iron Co. to Polly A. Johnson 2 Jan 1881 John S. Allison to Lucy E. Chronister 2 Feb 1882 John A. Inman to Rachael Jane Guffey 5 Jan 1882 W.D. Fancher to Nancy Ellen Guffey 9 Apr. 1882 Thomas Griggs of Shannon Co to Sarah A. Williams 19 Dec 1882 James L. Tilley to Amanda F. Cohn 19 Feb 1885 L.B. Charlton to Levina Fe? 6 May 1886 Thomas L. Brawley to Maberry Mills 6 May 1886 W.N. Brewer to Artena Hackworth 11 Jul 1886 John C. Torrey to Julia Mann 18 Jul 1886 George C. Colyott to Martha Pullem 16 Sep 1886 Isaac M. Johnson to Mary E. Brewer 7 Nov 1886 Green Brewer to Martha M. Wadlow 9 Dec 1886 Jefferson D. Helvy to Polly Masters 12 Jan 1887 William T. Lee to Cynitha L. Brewer 2 Jan 1887 William Smith to Allis Skaggs 23 Jan 1887 William Silvy to Mary J. Justice 6 Feb 1887 J.N.(H.) Rutter to Nancy J. Mead 17 Mar 1887 Jacob Sturart to Mary A. Brawley 7 Jul 1887 M. Brown to Sarah J. Mann 6 Nov 1887 E.J. Johnson to Sarah E. Bone 17 Jun 1888 R.H. Abrams to Naoma Lewis 10 Jun 1888 Thomas B. Hendrinson to Sarah C. Cook 2 Dec 1888 Johnathan Johnson to Pearlee Swafford 20 Oct 1889 William H. Dunnigan to Annie Dunn 16 Feb 1880 J.H. Brawley to Julia A. Stuart 11 May 1890 S.W. Munsell, Minister, M.E. Chruch Anderson Massie of Shannon Co. to Artamissa Copeland 23 Feb 1879 Alfred N. Massie of Shannon Co to Mary Elizabeth Allen 15 Jan 1880 F.R. Cole, J.P. Harris S. Sinclair of St. Francois Co to Amanda A. Powell of Shannon Co 28 Jan 1879 Perryman Johnston to Matilda Richmond 21 Mar 1878 Daniel Davison to M. Sarha Warren 20 Nov 1879 James M. Laws, J.P. J.H. Haly to Nancy Coil 24 Apr 1879 Woolson Robinett to M. Nancy Goggin 10 Jul 1870 B.F. Dennison to Rebecca J. Stevens 14 Aug 1879 J.A. Baker to Martha Hunter 20 Nov 1879 George W. Rayfield to Callie Root 24 Dec 1879 John W. Medlen to Martha J. McMurry 11 Mar 1880 John T. Goggin to Margaret N. Rayfield 18 Aug 1880 James Faulkenberry to Martha Welch 15 Sep 1880 J.J. Jamison to Mary A. Robinett 4 Nov 1880 John S. Dobbins to Eliza J. George13 Jan 1881
(dau of John P. & Lucy George) John S. Hartman to Emily S. Carty 14 Apr 1881 F.F. Gallaher to Mahala E. Goggins 18 Aug 1881 William Reed to Martha P. Parks 6 Oct 1881 Henry C. Bonny to Mary S. Brooks 29 Dec 1881 William G. Wilson to Jennie E. Pratt 16 Mar 1882 Edward F. McCabe to Anna M. Faulkenberry 11 May 1882 James H. Pinley to Elizabeth A. Proffitt 4 Jul 1882 Monroe Johnston to Ella Chappell 11 May 1882 William H. Sutton to Margaret S.M. Francis 4 Jun 1882 J.F. Wilson to Mollie J. Johnston 3 Aug 1882 W.O. Goggin to Corilla Parks 14 Sep 1882 James Dodson, J.P. Joseph Pearee to Sarah Walker 16 Feb 1879 George Stringer to Delphia Letha S. Adams 14 Sep 1879 John Martin to Edith Gant 13 Jun 1880 George W. Reese to Sarah E. Martin 18 Jul 1880 Loranzo I. Reese to Caldonia Tucker 13 Jun 1880 Alfred Bay to Jane Smith 4 Aug 1880 Andrew J. Tucker to Serena Catherine Gant 27 Feb 1881 Joseph Parker to Roxeyanor Ball 25 Aug 1881 Pleas Chamerlain to Mary Ann Adams 21 Aug 1881 George Brown to Mary Jane Ball 29 Sep 1881 Thomas Miner to Matilda Miner 8 Dec 1881 James Smith, Minister George W. Jaycox to Nancy J. Hasty 20 Jul 1879 John Cole to Marga I. Hasty 9 May 1880 Joseph S. Gaston to Anny Dorene Wilson 13 Nov 1880 Walter N. Parker to Nancy E. Pinkley 23 Sep 1881 Joel Clark, Minister Samuel King of Iron Co. to Catherine Scaggs 19 Oct 1879
Married at Silas Scaggs home Benjamin Seal to Mary J. Lewis 17 Nov 1880 Nimrod Brewer to Martha Mann 28 Jan 1882 William Boyd to Ida Buckner 26 Oct 1882
Married at the brides home. J.H. Camden to Sarah Newton 2 Feb 1890 James S. Dennison to Martha Ratliff 20 Dec 1890 J.M. Lewis, J.P. John H. Mathews to Barley Asher 17 Oct 1879 Joseph Black to Martha M. Black 24 Nov 1880 A. Jacob Moses to Nancy Jane Bredwell (Bedwell) 8 Apr 1881 Henry Edmanson Thompson to Winney Johnson 7 Apr 1881 Jefferson Adams to Nancy Ann Yates 8 Apr 1881 Samuel Black to Anariah Smith 7 Sep 1882 E.D. Brawley, Judge John Maburry to Rebecca Ann Dearing 1 Jan 1880 William Albert to Eliza Barnes 8 Jan 1880 Taylor Maburry to Juley Ann Randolph 11 Apr 1880 John Brawley to Adiline Barnes 22 Oct 1880 George Fitzgerald to Elizabeth Barnes 16 Jan 1881 William Ratliff to Belinda Taylor 7 Dec 1880 Franklin Sanders to Tattilitia Parks 23 Feb 1881 John B. Dearing of Ripley Co. to Mary Ann Rook 8 Jan 1882
Married at E.D. Brawley home John P. Myers to Annia Gilkerson 1 Jan 1882 Charles C. Ford to Sarah J. VanDyke 21 Sep 1882
Married at the brides home. W.J. Randolph to Sarah Black 18 Mar 1888 Goldsmith Keathley to Zorada Randolph 20 Mar 1888 James Ratliff to Martha J. Johnson 8 Apr 1888 William J. Randolph to Lusety Eveline Fry 11 Feb 1890 J.B. Rice, Minister Martin S. Copeland to Mary A. Dickson 27 Nov 1879 Bailey Smith, J.P. Henry Dawson of Carter Co to Manerva J. Barnes 1 Jan 1878 Edward N. Wilkins to Nancy Ann Smith 22 Dec 1880 Henry C. Wilkinson, Minister of Christian Church John R. Ging to Catharine Marbary 29 Feb 1880
Married at Spencer Eaton's home William V. Wheeler to Martha J. Mann 14 Mar 1880 W.H. Casteel, Minister Thomas A. Tucker to EmalineYoung (Yong) 24 Dec 1879
Married at Simon Smith's home Henry Parker to Mary E. Troutman 8 Apr 1880 H.F. Shaw to Susan Gant 21 Jan 1883 John Parks to Margaret F. Miner 14 Mar 1883 F.E. Parks to Margaret E. Wilson both of Dent Co 29 Oct 1888 John Bardsley to Susan Parker 11 Nov 1888 William H. Bay to Martha Jane Foster 3 Jan 1889 T.S. Dickson to Mary C. Geroge 10 Jan 1889 George W. Brown, J.P. Squire Barton to Sallie Lawson 13 Apr. 1880 James T. Lewis to Mary Jane Black 12 Oct 1882
Married at the brides home J.H. Roberson, J.P. W.F. Fitzgerald to F.M. Temple (Tempy) 23 Jul 1880 John C. Brawley to Lydia A. Brewer 11 Apr 1884 James M. King, J.P. Henry Harmon to Rachiel Pullman 12 Dec 1880 James Middleton to Martha Elizabeth Keathley 20 Aug 1882 B.F. Bucher, J.P. Milton S. Harrison to Amanda J. Hunter 11 Nov 1880 W.H. Powers to Sarah A. Parks 15 Jun 1883 Sterling P. Wadlow to Rachel Coil 6 Sep 1883 James B. Barnes to Mrs. Mary Parks 11 Oct 1883 Samuel B. Miller to Dollie Estes 15 Nov 1883 William Evans to Nancy Wadlow 23 Nov 1883 F.H.G. Warren to Sarah H. Barnes 28 Feb 1884 John T. Brooks to Lucy A. Brooks 19 Feb 1888 John B. Hodges to Lucy E. Shy 19 Nov 1888 W.A. Goforth, J.P. Wiiliam Hart to Sarah Counts 23 Dec 1880 Coleman Williams to Rebeccah E. Edmonds 12 Jan 1881 E.B. Huff, J.P. Steven Scarlett to Sarah Pierce ? (no date)
Married at her father's Joseph Bakers home F. M. Bunyard, Minister Thomas B. Bundy to Lucy A. Mann 13 Sep 1883 Benjamin Cheney to Nancy O'Dell 27 Nov 1881
Married at the brides home. John E. Vandiver to Mrs Lucy Dunn 17 Jun 1883
Married at William Carter's mill. H.T. Sawyer to L.J. Brown 9 Aug 1883 George W. McAlester to Sarah F. Brown 5 Aug 1883 George C. McNeely of Piedmont in Wayne Co to Dora Heltibidal 6 Jan 1884 H.R. Dickson, J.P. Thomas S. Barnes to Ellana Chitwood 21 Mar 1872 John Suthy, no office named S.W. Maulsby to Mrs. Scaggs 1 Aug 1881 Both of Washington Co William J. Baker, Minister Joseph P. McNail to Luticia O'Brien of Iron Co 9 Mar 1882 Carol Welch to Nannie A. King 22 Feb 1883
Married at the home of the bride George W. Lester to Lucy F. King 18 Feb 1883 John W. Pogue to Lizzie Vinson 19 Dec 1883 Nim Brewer to Isadore Stitth (Stith) 24 Feb 1884 William E. Tedder to Nancy E. Bond of Iron Co 9 Oct 1884
Married at brides home James F. Johnson to Emily Brewer 13 Jan 1885 George W. Lester to Martha E. Lewis 5 Aug 1886 William J. Smith to Elizabeth King 2 sep 1886 Thomas W. Russell to Margaret Black 13 Oct 1886 Floyd Knight, Minister B.F. Scott to Nancy Asberry 23 Oct 1882
Married at the brides home W.T. Barnes to Martha Ellen Stout 30 Jul 1882 J.W. Slade, J.P. Samuel W. Copeland to Hester Callahan 18 Nov 1882 J.F. January to Margaret Faulkenberry 7 Dec 1882 T.J. Reed to Zoridia George 17 May 1883 A.J. Rayfield to Belle Goggin 23 May 1883 John W. Welch to Mollie Wilkins 2 Aug 1883 A.P. Walker to Martha J. Jennings 30 Aug 1883 S.D. Reynolds of Benton Co., Arkansas to Lucy E. Pogue 28 Nov 1883 T.E. Edmonds to F.L. Davis 10 Jul 1885 J.S. Wadlow to Mary Liza Stegall 23 Oct 1884
Married at the home of J.H. George F.H. Lane, Minister James H. Davis to Teritha Helvy 31 Dec 1882 George Chilton (colored) to Eliza Clark (colored) 25 Feb 1883 John E. Gilmer, J.P. M.P. Henry to Mary Meshwert 24 Dec 1882 James Larkin to M.E. Hunter 18 Oct 1883 D.T. Williams to Roda Dillard 24 Nov 1883 Hiram Hodges to Charlotte Dodson 13 Mar 1884 Charles J. Irons to Nanie Howell 29 May 1884 James F. Martin to Antha C. Dodson 24 Jul 1884 William O. Perry to Martha Wooten 14 Feb 1884 James Sutterfield, J.P. Daniel Clinton to Cleary D. Hughes 29 Mar 1883 Samuel Estep to Amanda Jane Tucker 11 May 1884 James Lee to Naoma J. Miner 17 Dec 1884
Married at the brides home L.W. Allen, Minister S.P. Wadlow to Cynthis Wadlow 29 May 1883 David H. Hartman, J.P. C.B. Brooks to Sarah E. Shrum 23 Aug 1883
Married at the home of Jacob Shrum H.C. Stevens to Angnes Goforth 1 Jan 1884 John A. Jenkins, J.P. William B. Pile to E.E. Price 4 Oct 1883 John Webb, J.P. John Harrison of Iron Co to Lucinda S. Bell 25 Oct 1883 William P. Daniel to Margahie Sanders 27 Dec 1883 Henry Johnson to Mary J. Johnston 24 Feb 1884 James M. Birdwell, Minister William Carter to Alpha Black of Wayne Co 3 Jan 1884 Will S. Hines to Mary E. Duree 29 Dec 1883 James A. Webb, J.P. B.Z. Gossett to Mrs. Mary C. Taylor 21 Sep 1884
Married at the home of Wiley Price James Henry Piles to Mrs. Anna Decker 26 Nov 1884
Married at the brides home Thomas E. Thompson to Flora Segastine (Segasture) 28 Dec 1884
Married at the home of Joseph Collins Richard P. Brown to Mexico Sander 25 Dec 1884
Married at the brides home John T. Campbell to Alice Newell 1 Jan 1885
Married at the home of John Potter W.H. Freeze to Elizabeth Johnston 1 Aug 1886 T.R. Terry, J.P. Milton Goggin to Maggie Love 4 Mar 1885
Married at the home of L. Love A.J.Parks, Minister C.J. Jackson to Margaret Vaughn 22 Feb 1884 Richard McMillen to Jane Caulley 27 Jul 1884 Joel D. Brawley to Mary E. Reed 4 Sep 1884 John Vinson to Elvina Munger 24 Dec 1884 J.M. Wadlow to Anna B. Moyer 8 Jan 1885 A.J. Vaughn to Lillie Gouche 15 Jan 1885 Thomas W. Rogers to Mollie White 29 Jan 1885 J.H. Miller to Sinai Sutton 17 Sep 1885 Joel Barton to Katie Mullen 15 Apr 1886 Redman Black to Nancy Wadlow 8 Sep 1886 J.A. Bowles to Mary E. Buford 4 Nov 1886 M.S. Russell to Silla T. Radford 1 Jan 1891 Elijah Radford to Mary McGlothlin 10 Feb 1891 Henry McLarney, J.P. William A. Tucker to Mary E. Nash 6 Apr 1884 John Warsham, Minister Charles Ross to Sarah Nash 19 Jun 1884 James Helm of Dent Co to Emily Wilhite 23 Mar 1890 C.W. Clouse, J.P. F.M. Willis to Margaret A. Barnes 17 Sep 1884 Thomas C. Speer to Malinda Chitwood 24 Jan 1887 Justin Temple, J.P. William Ball to Martha Allen 24 Dec 1884 George R. Morris to Anna Fitzgerald 7 Feb 1885
Marred at the home of Mr. Dickson B. McPolk to Mary Going 24 Sep 1885 J.A. Hawn of Farmington in St. Francois Co to Judia Moore 16 Dec 1886 W.B. Graham, Minister John R. Evans to Martha C. Brown 11 Jan 1885
Married at the brides home James Johnson, County Judge William J. Lee to Louisa G. Martin 1 Jan 1885
Married at the brides home John M. Johnson to Mrs. Sarah A. Miner 11 Jan 1885
Married at the home of J. Amsden J.G. Clarkson, J.P. of Iron Co. Mo. Joseph L. Brawley to Lucretia Sanders 21 Aug 1885 G.E. McNeely, J.P. G.A. Farriss to Maria Dunn of Iron Co 1 Apr 1885 A.J. Tucker, J.P. T.S. Burke of Sabula in Iron Co. Mo. to Melvina A. Counts 13 Jun 1885 Thomas Parmer, J.P. B. Frank Rayfield to Margaret Smith (nee-Hampton) 21 Jun 1886 J.J. Simpson to Elizabeth Pyrtle 12 Jul 1886 Martin Cox, Minister John A. Martin to Susan Parks 6 Jun 1886 Charles Lee to Josephine Rice 2 Oct 1887 Joseph W. Evans to Maggie S. Bonney 19 Oct 1890 W.L. Gower, Minister John W. Brawley to Sarah Reed 3 Oct 1886 T.J. Pogue to Manerva Myers 7 Dec 1890 L.W. Pickens, Minister Andrew Marconnet to Ellen Sheets 7 Nov 1886 S.D. Hopkins, Minister Samuel Cook to Francis L. Davis 24 Nov 1886 Both Iron Co Mo . J.M. Ratliff, Minister WD. Hubble to Laura Conway 2 Jan 1887 A.J. Lindsay, J.P. George Miner to Mary Parker 1 Dec 1886 John Leneberger to Elisa Rothlisberger 31 Dec 1886 J.W. Clinton of Granatville in Iron Co to Nancy Davidson 3 Jul 1887 M.H. Moss, J.P. Alfred Norris to Martha Alice Lane 30 Jan 1887 D.H. Smith, J.P. Joseph Fears to Elvira Harrison 9 Jun 1887 T.W. Harrison to Mary Barnes 27 Oct 1887 John Stout to Eliza Jane Atkins 13 Nov 1887 Joseph Brawley to Polly Brown 10 Jul 1888 R.C. Albert to Sarah C. Brown 13 Jul 1888 J.M. Helvy to Susan Faulkenberry 28 Jul 1888 William A. Hill to Elmira Helvy 31 Jul 1888 Eli Barber to Sarah Buford 10 Aug 1888 John E. Helvy to Iva Hill 23 Aug 1888 Thomas Parmer to Mary C. Hill 30 Nov 1888 W.A.M. Buford to Amanda E. Faulkenberry 7 Jan 1889 Charles Brawley to Nancy Barnes 28 Nov 1889 L.H. Pyrtle to Lucy Buford 18 Sep 1890 John D. Hicks of Marion Oden Co Ill. to Ludie(Sudie) M. Fox 21 Dec 1890 John L. Weible, J.P. J.B. Smith to Emma J. Perry 23 Feb 1887
Married at the home of John R. Fitz Alexander Black to Francis Parker 22 Dec 1887 John A. Mullikin, J.P. William Lawson to Reine Decker 27 Feb 1887 William T. Vineyard to Alabama Merrill 24 Mar 1887 W.H. Hale, Minister Jackson Morris to Mary E. Hatridge 28 Apr 1887 W.M. Wart, Minister W.C. Darden to Alice Pennington 7 Aug 1887 W.A. Simpson of Iron Co to Martha E. Guilliams 18 Dec 1887 Allen D. Mann to Julia Mackey 6 Sep 1888 C.J. Wadlow to Maggie Orrick 2 Sep 1888 O.D. Moore to Emma Barlow 1 Dec 1889 Ed Mank to Susan Hackworth 21 Nov 1889 David Cowan, Minister Joshua Wood of St. Francios Co. to M.J. Smith 22 Sep 1887
Married at Bailey Smith home. J.T. Hill, Minister Robert Johnston to Bell Parker 1 Jan 1888 James Lay, Minister Thomas Clark to B.A. Kline 2 Jan 1888 R.W. Jordan to Lucy A. Davis 11 Oct 1888 James W. Barnes to Julia A. Johnson 25 Oct 1888 Alijah Sutton to Mary Botkins 18 Oct 1888 Cornelous Sutton to Sarah C. Byrd 19 Dec 1889 F.M. Johnston, J.P. Samuel T. Chapman to Mary Hughes 2 Jun 1888 J.R. Ledbetter, Minister Joseph Webb to Lucy Marton 5 Jul 1888 J.C. Williany, J.P. Walter L. Lathim to Isabella Imboden of Iron Co 26 Mar 1887 William Pinkley, J.P. Goerge A. Farley to Louisa J. Light 4 Jul 1888 R.G. Sloan, Minister Green B. Boyd to Mary C. Hendrix 9 Jan 1889 J.L. Jackson to Margaret J. Piles 29 Jan 1890 W.E. Speer to Rebecca Crownover 20 Mar 1890 R.F. Elder, Minister William Lewis to Polly Ann Barton 25 Jan 1889 T.B. Miner to Josephine Thompson 2 Oct 1889 R.A. Hawkins to Belle Miner 3 Oct 1889 T.F. Lightfoot, Minister Guy McHenry to Lucy Parks 18 Dec 1889 J.F. January, J.P. James F. Weeks to Cynthia S. Mills 31 Oct 1889 George W. Black to Nancy Lumpkin 26 Mar 1890 Henry W. Lee to Minnie Mills 1 May 1890 W.A. Baker to Isabelle Wadlow 18 Jun 1890 John W. Hendrix to Louisa Carty 18 Dec 1890 W.J. Baker, J.P. John Light to Lutrecia McNail 9 Jan 1890 A.P. Dace, Minister James Inmom to Ada Pritchet 1 Jul 1890 W.H. Paschall, J.P. John T. Webb to Low Pennington 3 Apr 1890 Charles F. Helvy to Ella May Mulligan 16 Oct 1890 J.C. Farris, J.P. David Deem to Melissa Middleton 9 Mar 1890 L.P. Whitney, J.P. Nelson Barton to Sarah E. Smith 4 Mar 1890 J.B. Hampton, J.P. Green Brewer to Hepsie L. Castile of Iron Co 1 Jun 1890 J.G. Hartman, J.P. J.G. Carty to Lizzie Goggin 5 Feb 1891 W.J. Hunter, J.P. Moses C. Brooks to Margaret J. McDonald 12 Mar 1891 Daneil Milford Lay to Mary Counts 19 Mar 1891 Did not know or couldn't make out who the Minister or J.P. were: William J. Cavesy to Drucilla F. Galian 12 Nov 1874 Thomas F. Wadlow to Lucy M. Parks 5 Aug 1878 James Kitchell to Eliza Fox 27 Oct 1878 Jackson Hensin (Hersin_Henin) to Sallie Goforth of Shannon Co ? Feb 1882 Shelby Carty to Sarah Lucetta Chance ? Oct 1883 John William Middleton of Wayne Co. to Nancy N. Keethly 13 Jan 1884 Charles B. Larkin to Belle Hunter 13 Mar 1884 William H. Lay to Mollie E. Bailey 2 Mar 1884 Thomas J. Pogue to Mary Jane Ratliff 30 Oct 1884
Married at John Ratliff's home R.V. Sumpter to Mary J. Goggin 17 Feb 1886
Married at the Goggin residence M.D.L. Lewis to Margaret J. Barton 25 Feb 1886 John Kuntz Jr. to Algiline Davidson 11 Mar 1886 Patton Radford to Rebecca McMullens 9 Mar 1887 B.F. Gore to Scioto Jones 25 Mar 1887 C.M. Santhuff to Roisa Piles 27 Nov 1887 G.T. Lewis to Harriet J. Haywood 23 Jul 1888 C.C. Bone to Mary J. Hope 2 Sep 1888 John Ellis to E. J. Camden 4 Sep 1888 Henry T. Chitwood to Fannie Coleman 16 Jan 1890 George W. Blankinship to Rosa J. Johnson 26 Feb 1891