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Our Ancestors

 Marshall, Saline County, Missouri
Ancestors of Current Members
Ancestors of Former Members
Charles R Anderson ~ MO
Amos Anson ~ MO
John S Arnold ~ TN
John W. Bagby ~ MO
Oliver Bales ~ MO
Charles Beasley ~ VA
Levi F. Benning ~ MO
Daniel Block ~ MO
William G. Boatright ~ MO
Marshall A. Brown ~ MO
Walker Brown ~ VA
Dr. James H. W. Browning ~ MO
Samuel D. Bryan ~ MO
William C. Bryant ~ MO
William O. Burgess ~ MO
David W. Butler ~ MO
John/Jonathan Butler ~ MO

Edward S. Casebolt ~ MO
John M. Conway ~ MO
Arthur M. Cooper ~ TN
James K. P. Cooper ~ AL
John M. Cooper ~ MO
W Scott Cook ~ VA
Aldridge Corder ~ MO
John Elias Corder ~ MO
Harrison B. Darr ~ MO
John B. Davis ~ MO
Jacob Van Lear Davis ~ MO
Nicolas Merriweather Edwards ~ KY
W. F. Ellis ~ MO
William J. Ellison ~ VA/WVA

Peter Fine ~ MO
James W. Fitzgerald ~ MO
George M Francisco ~ VA
William Tallman Gammon ~ VA
Lycurgus Garrett ~ MO
Martin A. Gauldin ~ MO
John H. Gaunt ~ VA
William M. M. Gilliam ~ MO
William F. Godman ~ MO
Junuis Graves ~ MO
Dr. John A. Grimes ~ KY
George C. Hains ~ VA
Dr. Matthew W. Hall ~ MO
James V. Hamilton ~ MO
Dr. Strougher Hamm ~ MO
Strother T. Hamm ~ MO
William H. Handley ~ MO
George G. Hawkins ~ MO
Austin Haynie ~ MO
Edwin M. Haynie ~ MO
Rufus W. Haynie ~ MO
James Hays ~ MO
John Jaudon Heape ~ SC
Lewis Darby Henley ~ AL
Young Hicklin ~ MO
William Hoffman ~ MO
Richard E. Holmes ~ MO

James M. Jackson ~ MO
Surgeon C. A. Jones ~ VA
James H. Jones ~ VA
James Keys ~ MO
John Clayton Lamkin ~ VA
Edward H. Lawrence ~ MO
John W. Leach ~ MO
Austin M. Leake ~ VA
William N. Leslie ~ GA

Thomas B. McEntire ~ MO
Samuel C. Mead ~ MO
Benjamin F. Miller ~ VA
George H Miller ~ VA
Isaac Myers ~ VA
Abram Neff ~ MO
James M. Odell ~ MO
John L. Oliver ~ MO
Benton Oliver ~ MO
James B. Owen ~ MO

William F. Paxton ~ MO
Newton Payne ~ KY
Robert A. Payne ~ VA
Joseph Pettus ~ KY
McKindry R. Poisal ~ MO
Horatio G. Penn ~ MO
Jack Porter ~ KY
William Price ~ MO

Robert Ransberger ~ MO
Simpson S. Reynolds ~ MO
James S. Richardson ~ MO
Dr. George W. Riggins ~ MO
Solomon E. Robbins ~ AL
Joseph C. Russell ~ TN
William Skinner ~ KY/TN
William A. Snoddy ~ MO
Thomas A. Smith ~ VA
G. W. Sorrell ~ FL
Wessley O. Sowers ~ VA
Thomas F. Stratton ~ MO
Adam T. Swisher ~ MO

John M. Tennill ~ MO
James S. Thomas ~ KY
Leonidas H. Tucker ~ MO
William P. Tyree ~ MO
Johnathan Wilson ~ MO
William F. Vaughter ~ MO

Henry L. Wall ~ MO
Joe C. Williams ~ MO
B. F. Williamson ~ MO
Dr. Amos A. Wheeler ~ MO
Thomas Wheeler ~ MO
William H. Wheeler ~ MO
Robert Whiddon ~ MISS
William T. White ~ MO
Johnathan Wilson ~ MO
Charles O. V. Wood ~ MO
Nathaniel Woodsmall ~ MO
George F. Worth ~ MO
Henry C. Yeakey ~ KY
    This equestrian monument, erected as a symbol of the struggle of the war which divided the Dennis brothers in their youth, symbolizes the war service of Austin and Davis Dennis. The theme of the monument is one of unity rather than division. It was sculpted by the famous Italian sculptor, Bartholli, at Barre, Vermont, and was set in place in the summer of 1901 adjacent to the brothers' graves in Ridge Park Cemetery.
    The uniform is a composite of both the Confederate and Union soldier. Davis fought for the South and Austin fought for the North.
   "Parted in life only by individual thinking and opinions, the brothers are united through the ages by a common tomb."

Ridge Park
Cemetery Marshall,


John Smith Arnold ~ TN

Thomas Fletcher Bell ~ MO
William Foster Bonner ~ SC

Alfred N Chinn ~ MO
Thomas G. Cockrell ~ MO
Benjamin Cooper ~ MO

Robert N. Daniel ~ TX
Ellison A Daniel ~ AL
John Benjamin Davis ~ MO
Davis P Dennis ~ KY
Edward H Dollard ~ MO
Thomas Waffield Dollard ~ MO

Horace Eades ~ MO
Henry Evans ~ TN
Robert Laird Evans ~ TN
Samuel Francis Evans ~ TN
William Evans ~ TN

Andrew J Farley ~ TN
James M. Farley ~ TN
Asa Thomas Foree ~ MO
Lewis Fry ~ TN
Nimrod P. Fry ~ TN
Peter B Fry ~ TN
Asa Thomas Foree ~ MO
Marshall - R. E. Lee Chapter


James L Haney ~ TN
John J Heape ~ SC
James W Hill ~ GA
Thomas C Hill ~ GA

Joseph W Kincheloe ~ MO
John A. Lafferty ~ TX
Robert H Laird ~ TN
Samuel H Lusk ~ MS

John Maith ~ MO
Annibal Miller ~ TX
James Lemon Miller ~ TX
Marshall M. Miller ~ TX
William P Miller ~ TX
Rollins D Moores ~ KY
Richard W Nicolds ~ MO

Robert Ritchie ~ TN
William Ritchie ~ MO
James H Robinson ~ TN
William Robinson ~ TN
William A Robinson ~ TN
George W Rodgers ~ MS
Hugh M Rodgers ~ MS

Saunders Townsend ~ MO

Jonathan Wilson ~ MO
William Patrick Witcher ~ MO