Fagan School

Fagan School

A Model Rural School

Perry “Enterprise” August 31, 1916

   The new Fagan school building is being completed this week. This building is truly a model one-room school building. The unilateral lighting system is carried out by five large windows, reaching to the top of the building. The building contains, in additions to the schoolroom, a lobby and cloakroom and a basement, which will be used for class experiments and agriculture exercises, with sufficient room left for a coal bin. The building is heated and ventilated by a modern hot air system. The school board, pupils, patrons and community are to be congratulated on their progress in school affairs.

   The building was built by C. P. English, who has made a good piece pf work of it. Miss Anna B. Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Smith of Perry will teach the Fagan School this year. Miss Anna was a graduate of the Teacher Training Course of Perry High School last year and will make a good teacher.

The New Fagan School.  The old building is in the background.

This is the Fagan School as it stands today.