This list was generated to locate cemeteries for the Mark Twain High School art class making a map for display at the Ralls County

Ralls County Cemetery Listing

This list was generated to locate cemeteries for the Mark Twain High School art class making a map for display at the Ralls County Courthouse in March/April 2001. Their project will also include churches and schools.  A list of both churches and schools has been made, but the schools are list by school district numbers.  These lists will be used by the Ralls County Historical Society to help locate cemeteries, churches and schools for the inquires we are receiving for information on such locations in Ralls County.

The first 138 cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order with permanent numbers. This is done to limit changes in numbering as newly located cemeteries are added. The cemeteries after 138 will be listed as they are found with a permanent number, also to limit numbering changes.  At the end of the numbered cemeteries are other names that some of the cemeteries may be known as. This list will be alphabetized and will show the name that cemetery can be found on the list.

      This is project in progress and cemeteries will be added as sources are found. There are many maps, books, genealogies, people and other sources that could add to this list and we would be grateful for any input. Also information on churches and schools would helpful.

 All most all of these cemeteries have been canvassed or recorded. We would like to see an effort to centralize all this information in book form or one large file. 



The number (#) is for identifying the cemetery and is not part of the name.

 Updated: July 24, 2002

Please e-mail Ron Leake at [email protected] if you can add information or want information on these cemeteries.

 *** Location not found yet


  1. Adiel; aka Brice also Beavers also Lowe; Jasper twp. 21-54-5. (The Adiel Church is in Pike county)

  2. Allison; Jasper twp. 28-54-5 

  3. Allen; Jasper twp. (likely the newest cemetery in Ralls County)

  4. Allen/Akers; Salt River twp. 2-55-7 (Moved by the Corp. of Engineers from the Mark Twain Lake area.  No markers or headstones found only six fieldstones to indicate burials. No Allen or Akers buried here, I believe they were land owners)

  5. Antioch; Saverton twp 9-56-4

  6. Ariel; Saline twp. 6-55-6

  7. Bailey; Saverton twp. 1-55-4

  8. Barkley; Spencer twp. 6-55-4

  9. Barlow; Salt River twp. 27-55-7 (Moved by the Corp. of Engineers from the Mark Twain Lake area. 

  10. Beesman/Woods Jasper twp. 31-54-6

  11. Bethel Baptist; Spencer twp. 5-55-5

  12. Bethlehem; Saline twp. 34-56-7

  13. Big Creek; Clay twp. 11-56-6

  14. Briggs #1; Center twp. 27-55-6

  15. Briggs #2; 3-55-4 Spencer twp

  16. Briggs #3; Spencer twp. aka Briggs, Robert 5-55-5

  17. Brinkmeier; Saverton twp. 4-56-4

  18. Briscoe #1; Spencer twp. 20-55-4

  19. Brush Creek; aka St. Peter’s Saline twp.30-56-6

  20. Buford; aka Muldrow #3 Spencer twp. 3-55-5

  21. Butler, Dudley; Jasper twp. 19-54-5

  22. Byers/Byars; Center twp. 11-55-6

  23. Cameron; aka Saverton Saverton twp. 18-56-3

  24. Carstarphen #1; Clay twp. 24-56-6

  25. Carstarphen#2/Crow; Spencer twp. 4-55-5

  26. Carter; Salt River twp. 9-57-4 (A gravestone for Robert Granville Carter was found in a bush pile in the area were the cemetery was said to have been. The stone was moved the Greenlawn cemetery. The exact location is unknown and also if there were been more burial at the site.)

  27. Centenary; Saverton twp. 33-56-3

  28. XXXXXX

  29. Coontz; Center twp. 3-55-6

  30. Corinth; Salt River twp. 26-53-7

  31. Crandall; Saverton twp. 3-55-3 (may be in Pike county)

  32. Crawford; aka Sims/Simms Saverton twp. 20-56-4

  33. Crook/Hawkins; Spencer twp. 14-55-5

  34. DeMoss; Saline twp. 33-56-7

  35. Dimmitt; aka Parker Clay twp. 14-56-5

  36. Dodd; Saverton twp. 19-56-4

  37. Eckhart; Clay? twp. 18-56-3

  38. Ellis; Center twp. 13-55-6

  39. Ely, William; Salt River twp 5-54-7

  40. Ely, Benjamin S.; Salt River twp. 3-53-7

  41. Ely, Isaac, Center twp. 27-55-6

  42. Emison; aka Briscoe #2 Spencer twp. 11-55-4

  43. Epperson; Spencer twp.

  44. Fern Chapel; Jasper twp 6-53-6

  45. Finley; Saline twp. 9-56-6

  46. Flint Hill; Saverton twp. 28-56-4

  47. Flowerree; Spencer twp. 6-55-5

  48. Foreman; Clay twp. 14-56-6 (slave buried in unmarked graves)

  49. Forney; Saline twp. 19-55-6

  50. Frakes; Salt River twp. 16-53-7

  51. Gentry; Saline twp. 26-56-7

  52. Geery; Spencer twp. 14-55-4

  53. ***Glascock #1; Saverton twp. (Mrs. Paul Davis: “on the William Glascock farm five miles east of New London. Rev. Gammon: six miles east of New London)

  54. ***Glascock #2; Saverton twp. (Rev. Gammon: “on old Glascock estate six miles northeast of New London

  55. ***Glascock #3; Saverton twp (Rev Gammon information: “Ben McNeal farm, three miles east of Glascock #2) I can only find one burial that he recorded, a Thomas Glascock b & d 1875. No other source shows this cemetery and no Ben McNeal farm found yet.) 

  56. Grandview; Clay twp. 12-56-5

  57. Greathouse; Saline twp. 29-56-6

  58. Greenlawn; Salt River twp. 9-54-7

  59. ***Griffin; Saverton twp. 5-55-3 (Rev Gammon: “six miles east of New London, near Glascock stone house” “Ollie Griffin farm. Mrs. Davis: “5 miles east of New London” “Ollie Griffin resident on farm in 1940”. Many more stones and fragments plowed up. NOTE: Ollie Griffin farm not shown in this area in 1946 atlas.

  60. Haden/Hayden; Spencer twp. 12-55-4

  61. Hascall #1; Saverton twp. 24-56-4

  62. Hascall #2; Saverton twp. 18-56-3

  63. Haydon/Haden; 12-55-3

  64. Hays Creek; Jasper twp. 5-53-5

  65. Hope; aka Brown Saverton twp.

  66. ***Hudson/Scott; Spencer twp. 15-55-4

  67. Hulse-Eads; Jasper twp. 12-54-6

  68. Hunt; Center twp. 13-55-6 (Edward Morowtz said at one time there were 8 or 10 stones here. None can be found now in 2001

  69. Hydesburg; Clay twp. 4-56-5

  70. Inlow; aka Sheppard Jasper twp. 20-54-5

  71. Jeffers; 10-11-56-4 (GenWeb)

  72. Jones #1; aka Jones, William Spencer twp. 28-55-4

  73. Jones #2; aka Jones, Dabney Spencer twp. 21-55-4

  74. Keithley/Keithly #1; Saverton twp. 6-55-5 (both spellings shows in records)

  75. Keithley/Keithly #2; aka Levi Keithley/Keithly Center twp. 3-55-6 (both spellings shows in records)


  77. Lefevre; Saline twp. 16-55-7

  78. Lewellen; Saline twp. 12-55-7

  79. Lick Creek; Salt River 34-54-7

  80. Loehrke; Clay twp. 14-56-5

  81. Lothrke; aka Ahler 1-55-5

  82. Longwell; Clay twp 26-56-6

  83. Madisonville; Jasper twp. 18-54-5

  84. Marble Creek; Saverton twp. 11-56-4

  85. McCune; Clay twp. 10-56-5

  86. McElroy; Salt River twp. 2-53-7

  87. McFarland; Saverton twp. 13-56-5?

  88. McGee; Salt River twp. 10-54-7

  89. ***McNeal; Saverton twp.????

  90. Megown; Saline twp. 17-55-7

  91. Moore; aka Caldwell #2 Salt River 29-53-7

  92. Mt. Pleasant; Saline twp. 16-56-7

  93. Mt. Sterling; Spencer twp. 19-55-4

  94. Muldrow #1; aka Presbyterian (old) Salt River twp. 1-53-7 (No church known to have been here)


  96. New London (Old); aka Caldwell #1            Spencer twp. 1-55-5

  97. Norton; Center twp. 5-55-6

  98. Oakland (Old) Saline twp. 15-55-7

  99. Oakland (New)                        

  100. Olivet; aka Center Center twp. 25-55-6

  101. ***Parsons; Saverton twp. 15-56-4

  102. Pendleton; Saline twp. 10-55-7

  103. ***Penn; Saverton twp. 18-56-3

  104. Pleasant Grove Christian; Center twp, 36-55-7

  105. Pleasant View; Spencer twp. 6-55-4

  106. ***Priest Family; “1/2 Mile SW New London”?? -55-5         

  107. Rackerby; Saline twp. 10-55-7

  108. Ralls County Farm or Poor Farm; 36-55-6

  109. ***Riefesel; Saverton twp. 8-56-4 (On Riefesel farm near Rosnecrans cemetery)

  110. Rosencrans; aka Miller/Hickman Saverton twp. 29-56-3 (“on Earl Rosencrans farm south of Saverton. In 1946 atlas he shown with land in sections 28, 29 & 33)

  111. ***Rutter; Saline twp. 19-56-6 (Gammon: On farm of Louis Swigert, two miles south of Huntington, one stone. NOTE: The burial cannot be found on his list and no Louis Swigert found in 1946 atlas)

  112. Salem; Spencer twp. 33-55-5 (Around 125 marker at this cemetery were damaged in 1908 and some may have been lost or not replaced)

  113. Salling Family; Salt River two. 5-54-7

  114. Salt River; Saverton twp. 1-55-4

  115. Salt Lick Baptist; Clay twp. 27-56-6

  116. Schlinder; Saverton twp. 3-55-3

  117. Scobee; aka Scobee Willie Salt River twp. 17-54-7 (slave burial outside north end)

  118. Shaver; Saline twp. 21-55-7

  119. Shulse; aka Howell, also Buford #2 (all but one grave moved to Olivet).

  120. Sinklear; aka Sinclair Saverton twp. 5-55-3

  121. St. Paul; Center twp. 31-55-6

  122. Skyview Saddle Club; 10 or 21-56-4 (a unnamed cemetery here)

  123. ***Taliaferro; Saverton twp. 25-56-4? (“On Ed Nuckol’s [Nickol’s] behind Hurbert Northcutt on route N”

  124. ***Tapley-Thompson; aka Jones, Arthur; Spencer 22-55-4

  125. Taylor; Saverton twp. 28-56-3

  126. Truitt; Saverton 1-55-4

  127. Union Chapel; Jasper twp. 34-54-6

  128. Underwood; Salt River twp. 28-54-7

  129. Utterback; Salt River twp. 33-55-7

  130. Unknown #1; Grace Menke tells of an old cemetery across from Lick Creek; 33-54-7

  131. Unknown#2; 8-55-6  (Paul Herron said that when he farmed this location from 1930 to 1944, a cemetery was here with 3 or 4 stones. A Donahue murdered someone and person was buried her. I have visited this location and found many rocks or stones, but nothing else.

  132. Vandalia; Jasper twp. 32-53-5 (Ralls Co, addition)

  133. Vardeman; aka McPike Spencer Creek 7-55-5

  134. Watson; Spencer twp. 2-55-5

  135. ***Wellman; Saverton twp. 18-56-3

  136. Wilson; Saline twp. 1-55-7

  137. Wolfe; Salt River twp. 27-54-7

  138. Yager; aka Settle Saline twp. 10-55-7



Other possible cemeteries in Ralls County

Gilbert;  Near Ralls and Pike county line

Turner; West of New London

Other Names for cemeteries above  


Ahler; see Lothrke

Beavers; see Adiel

Brice; see Adiel

Briggs, Robert; see Briggs #3

Briscoe #2, see Emison

Brown; see Hope

Buford #2, see Shulse

Byars; see Byers

Caldwell #1; see New London (Old)

Caldwell #2; see Moore

Center; see Olivet

Cleaver; see Jones #1

County Farm; see Ralls County Farm

Crow; see Carstarphen #1

Eads; see Hulse

Hickman; see Rosencrans

Howell; see Shulse

Jones, Dabney; see Jones #2

Jones, William #1 see Jones 1

Keithly, see Keithley#1 & 2 (both spellings shows in records)

Kelly; see Sinklear/Sinclair

Lowe, see Adiel

McPike; see Vardeman

Miller/Hickman; see Rosencrans

Muldrow #3 (see Buford)

Parker; See Dimmit

Poor Farm; see Ralls County Farm

Presbyterian (old); see Muldrow #1

St. Peter’s; see Brush Creek

Saverton; see Cameron)

Scobee, Willie; see Scobee family

Settle; see Yagar

Scott; see Hudson

Sims; see Crawford

Simms; see Crawford

Sinclair; see Sinklear


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