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Ralls County Courthouse ca 1870

Ralls County, Missouri Historical Society
PO Box 463
Perry, MO 63462

Ralls County Historical Museum and Library
120 East Main Street
Perry, Missouri 63462

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10:00-5:00 --- Sunday and Monday by appointment
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Ralls County Historical Society Museum


Work has begun on the new Ralls County Historical Society Inc. museum/library at 120 East Main Street , Perry Missouri. Over the years the society has collected historic  artifacts, articles, books, genealogies and  other items of historical interest that will be featured there.  One of the features of the museum will be many old photos of historic events, people, schools and churches of Ralls County and the surrounding communities.  Any donation or loan of old photos or other items that could be featured is welcomed. For people wanting to keep their photos a service to scan old photos is being planed. The library will be stocked with histories, censuses, atlases, genealogies, cemetery records, church records, and reference books of Ralls County and Northeast Missouri . The hours have not been set yet and will likely vary with the seasons and attendants. As soon as possible there will a grand opening for the public to see the hard work of our membership. It will operate on memberships, public donations, books sales and voluntary donation at the site.  Anyone wishing to help or contribute money, time or items to this project write Ralls County Historical Society,  P. O. 182, Center MO 63436 , call Mr. &  Mrs. Bill Cearley at 636-565-1941 573-225-8575 or contact Ron Leake, 18468 Lake View Circle, Monroe City MO 63456 (573-248-6147 or [email protected].

Ron Leake
18468 Lake View Circle
Monroe City MO 63456
[email protected]

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In 1958, the late historian Goldena Howard wrote a detailed account of the history the courthouse, people and events of Ralls County. Click here to read the historical recollection.

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