About the Ray County Genealogical Association

Purpose of the Ray County Genealogical Association

The Ray County Genealogical Association, a non-profit, educational organization, was formed 12 December 1988 to: share genealogical information by conducting educational programs in the field of genealogy and assisting persons in understanding methods of family research; collect, record, index, preserve, and store genealogical and historical records; provide community and national service to persons seeking ancestors from the Ray County, Missouri area.

In 1991 the Ray County Genealogical Association became a not for profit organization under the IRS code of a 501c (3).

All contributions made the Association are tax deductible.

All donated items
will not be sold or given away. They will always be free for viewing, unless original paperwork or books that are deteriorating, need to be photocopied for viewing.

RCGA maintains the Genealogical Library located in the beautiful Ray County Museum in Richmond, Missouri.

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