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1840 Pioneers Have Gone Ahead
The last one is gone - the "Pioneers of 1840 at the County seat." The last 2 have left the land and journeyed to the Summer Land of Happiness. The Missourian has located an historical list of the prominent citizens of Richmond in 1840, and you will read this roster with interest as follows:

David Whitmer, Sr.
Jacob Whitmer
David J. Whitmer
Henry Jacobs
Thomas A. King
Wm. M. Jacobs
Robinson Jacobs
Wm. Hudgins
Wm. Hudgins, Jr.
J. Elijah Hudgins
W. Riley Holman
Israel R. Hendley
Hiram Parks
Thos. McKinney
D. H. Quesenberry
J. P. Quesenberry
Charles Morehead
John H. Morehead
Garret Morehead
Jabez Shotwell
Wm. Shotwell
Oliver Cowdrey
George W. Dunn
Amos Reece
Richard Reece
Phillip L. Edwards
Mordicai Oliver
Berry Oliver

George Wordward
James Branstetter
James S. Ball
William McCown
Dan'l Branstetter
Fred M. Ball
Joshua Lakey
A. H. Ringo
Berry J. Brown
Berry J. Brown, Sr.
Wm. A. Brown
Wiley Williams
James L. McCown
John W. Shotwell
B. F. Barston
Luther F. Warder
Thos. W. Warder
John B. Warder
Wm. Thornton
John S. Wilkinson
David Bullock
Wilson McKiney
George I. Wasson
Hart Sherwood
Bright Sherwood

Dr. Berry Hughes
James Hughes
Willis Hughes
Joseph S. Hughes
Robert Hughes
John N. Hughes
Newton Jacobs
Thomas M. Jacobs
Clayton Jacobs
Lewis Jacobs
John Bullock
Dr. Nathaniel Davis
Dr. Atkinson
Dr. Robert Ellis
Dr. Wm. Belt
Jacob Gudgell
John T. Gudgell
Wm. B. Martin
Anderson Martin
John W. Martin
Joseph S. Shoop
George Carson
James Chaney
H. I. Conner
Scott Patton
Oscar White
The Missourian, Thursday, January 18, 1917

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