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Marriages in Missouri

The Secretary of State's office has a variety of teaching aids and lessons on line.
Among them is an example of a Marriage certification by a District Circuit Judge in Washing ton County, Missouri August 1865.
This is a wonderful research document. All counties in Missouri could have this type document.

" Until January 11, 1865, the laws of the State of Missouri sanctioned and protected property in slaves. A slave could be bought and sold, willed, inherited, hired out and seized for debt. Since slave marriages might interfere with the owner's rights in his property, slave marriages were not legally recognized. "

State of Missouri
County of Washington
.{ SEAL }
I hereby Certify

That I joined together in Holy Bonds of Matrimony PHILLIP LANGFORD and FRANCES SMITH who have heretofore co-habited as husband and wife together while held as slaves in Washington Cunty, Mo. on 31st July 1865.and I further certify that the names of the children of said Phillip and Frances as they gave them to me at the time of their marriage as aforesaid as follows towit:

Children of the Said Phillip and his first and present wife:

Anderson Langford born Feb'y 1 1837
Edward Langford born Mar 1 1838
Milliard Langford born Mar 15th 1839

Children of the said Frances by former husbands

Lewis Dudley, George Dudley, Peter Dennison are

Amanda Smith and Caroline Coat

Given under my hand this 31st day of July 1865.

Wm Carter Judge f the 20th Judicial Circuit

Wm. Carter Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit

Filed August 5th, 1865
W. T. Hunter Recorder

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Freedman Bureau Marriages-Missouri Names

Colored" Marriages after 1865 in:

Cedar County, Missouri 1865- 1872
Crawford County, Missouri 1866
Dade County, Missouri 1867-1871
Daviess County, Missouri working on it

Coming soon: "Colored" Marriages after 1865 in
Audrain County
Boone County
and other counties

many of these counties have very few records, the larger counties take a good deal of time to compile. Volunteers needed.


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