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5/25/1998 Jeff Morris
In the 1880 census for Platte county, MO, there is a Nat Gladden, age 27, wife Frances-25, son William, 6 and son Nowley, 1. Granny's mother was Myrtle Gladden born in 1882 and wouldn't have shown up on this census. She told me that her mother was Catherine Frances Roy, so by what I know this must be her grandfather and grandmother. I looked in a book called "Platte county Wills and Administration", and found a David Gladden, dated 12 June, 1858, wife Nancy B Gladden, children, William, Nancy Adlene, Mary Elizabeth and Nathaniel, recorded 28 January 1859. One thing that sort of thows me off though is the 1900 census. I find a Nathaniel Gladden in the same county, Platte, living as a boarder with another family. I feel this is the same person because the age is the same and the birth place of the parents is the same. He also is a farmer/laborer on both of them. He lists himself as single, not widowed or divorced. I don't know what would have happened to his family. Did they die, did they divorce? This is my next puzzle to figure out. Anyway, hopefully the above parents are our ggggrandparents.

5/25/1998 Carol Mallory
Looking for family of Andrew Johnson b. abt. 1811 KY (census), m. Charlotte ???, abt. 1843 in Clay or Platte county, MO. They are found in the 1850 Platte county census living in Pettis township with four children. Andrew died before August 1859, have found records in Jackson county, KS where his oldest children petitioned the court to have Nathaniel Christian Boydston appointed as their guardian. Have not been able to find where Andrew died and there is no mention of Charlotte in the court proceedings. She does show up in 1862 in Jackson county, KS. I believe that there is some kind of blood tie between Charlotte and NC Boydston. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would be glad to share the info I have on the children. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Brian Walls
I'm trying to locate Robert Wall who was born around 1821 married around 1843 to Nancy Robertson. They lived in Bates county and show up in the 1850 census in Bates county, but disappear after that. We suspect he went North because his son (William Jackson Walls) shows up in the 1870 census of Platte county. He also goes under the name Timothy Wall in some records. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Kimberly (Place) Brosam
I am placing this query for a friend. She is looking for any info on the following families:
Jim West m. Mary ??. One of their children:
Sallie Mae West b. ca. Feb. 9, 1885, location unknown
m. Virgil F. Newman (known as "Frank or Franklin" was said to be Blackfoot Native American, was the sheriff of Edgerton, Platte county, MO., time frame unknown for sure, ca late 1800's or early 1900's. He died 1927. Virgil's parents were J. William Newman and Anna ???
Their children:
1.Ruby Newman married name Dure (not sure of spelling)
2.Louise Newman married name Hufford
3.Clara Newman married name Hamilton
4.Grace Newman married name Stanton
5.Paul Newman (do not think he is the actor)
6.Mack Newman
7.Leland Newman
8.James Newman
9.Virgil Lee Newman b. July 17, 1918
10.Kenneth Newman
After leaving Edgerton to move to KC, MO. Any info would be greatly appreciated and will be passed on to her. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Don and Melinda Norton
I would like information on Polina Jane Bordon, born at Farley, Platte county, 26 Dec. 1856. She is the daughter of D. S. and Mary Elizabeth (Henderson) Borden. On 17, May 1877 she married James Gardner in Farley. One child was born, Maude Gardner.

5/25/1998 Diane Wrightsman
Am researching the Isaac Miller family that moved to the Weston area in 1844. Isaac Miller's wife, Susan Clayton, is buried there. Their son, John Miller, married Mary Loy and moved to Page county by about 1850. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Robin R. Poynter
Looking for info on anyone connected with Eliza Jane Pointer-Moore, b. 1841 d. 1921 m. 1859 in Platte county, MO., to Lewis P. Moore. Children: Mary, Nannie, Rose, William Granville, Eliza J. Pointer/Painter was b. KY d/o Granville Pointer and Sarah Ann Puckett. Thank you.

5/25/1998 Joan Gillman
I am interested in finding out more about George V. and Louisa F. Gillman, who are both listed as being buried in Green Cemetery in Platte county, MO. Since George was born in Germany, I believe he may be related to my grandfather, Frank Gillman, b. Brunswick, Germany in 1838. The family name was originally Guellemann. Most Gillmans in the US are from England. Would like to hear from anyone reseraching the Gillman name. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Betty Steel
Samuel Pitts and Elizabth Duncan were married in Platte county, MO in November 1853. They had a large family, Olive, Mattie, Susan Frances, Jim, Will, Ben and Sterling Price Pitts, possibly others. The family moved to Oklahoma territory and lived in the SE part of the state. I believe they perhaps came in with the building of the railroad thru the Territory to Texas. The girls intermarried with Majors, Trent and Bailey. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Jim and Jeanne Carter
I need info on the Thompson family that reportedly went to Platte county around 1840-1850. Her name is Nancy, her brother-in-law is Robert, her son is Martin. Any info could be helpful. Thanks.

5/25/1998 Barbara Robinson
A kind person looked up my Stobaugh surname in Davis chapel cemetery for me and I have sent for the book. Is there such a book for the Dearborn cemetery, is it still in use? What other cemeteries are close to Dearborn and might be in use by families living east of Dearborn. I am still trying to find my ggrandmothers grave. She did not seem to be buried with ggrandfather in Davis Chapel. She is Martha Stone Stobaugh and she married Keos F. Stobaugh. Two of their sons are buried in Davis chapel, it seems very strange she would not be buried there too. Thanks for any help.

6/25/1998 Doug & Susie Meyer
My ancestors lived in Lee township, Platte county, in the 1860 census. I am fairly sure my ggggrandfather and grandmother died there. What is the most likely place they would have been buried? I am rather unfamiliar with the area. I am not even sure that Lee is still it's name. I would appreciate some guidance on where to obtain this info. Thanks.

6/25/1998 Eric L. Brosam
Sallie Mae West parents Jim & Mary West b. ca. Feb. 9, 1885, m. Virgil F. Newman known as "Frank" or "Franklin" parents J. William & Ann Newman, Sheriff of Edgerton, Platt county, MO in the late 1800's or early 1900's, d. 1927. Children: Ruby Newman married name Dure (sp); Louise Newman married Hufford; Clara Newman married Hamilton; Grace Newman married Stanton; Paul Newman; Mack Newman; Leland Newman; James Newman; Virgil Lee Newman, b. 7/17/1918;

Kenneth Newman.

6/25/1998 Steve McNicol
My ggrandparents, William R., and Elizabeth Rector Whitehead, were married 26 Nov., 1868 in Platte county, MO. William was born abt. August 1850 in Iowa, place and parents names are not known. William and Elizabeth moved to Butler county, KS in 1870 after the birth of their child, Jenetta L. Would like to know if any Whiteheads are on the 1860 or 1870 census for Platte county, MO. Hoping to find William's parents and siblings. Thanks.

6/25/1998 Diane Wrightsman
I am looking for some people history for Platte county, specifically around Weston township. My ancestors, the Miller/Loy line, possibly spent a few years in that area. My gggrandfather, John Miller, and his wife, Mary Loy, came to Platte county probably around 1844. Their parents and siblings would have come as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

6/25/1998 Kate Anderson
My ggrandfather, Newton Seigle Taylor was born in Parkville (Platte county) on 7/19/1874. He died in West Plains (Howell county) on 7/23/1955. He had eleven brothers. When the Civil War broke out, 6 boys fought for the North and 6 for the South. He married Deborah Agnes Beckley (daughter of Adam and Sarah Beckley). I'm having trouble finding the names of Newton's other brothers and the names of Newton's parents. Any info would be appreciated.

6/25/1998 Doug & Susie Meyer
Spratt, Uriah, Julia and Sarah Elizabeth. Found in 1850 census Pettis Township. Sarah Elizabeth is my gggrandmother. Trying to obtain further information on Uriah and Julia. Sarah married Benjamin Franklin Glauner in 1862 in Weston, Platte county. Thanks.

6/25/1998 Joan Gillman
I am interested in finding out more about George V. and Louisa F. Gillman, who are both listed as being buried in Green cemetery in Platte county, MO. Since George was born in Germany, I believe he may be related to my grandfather, Frank Gillman, b. Brunswick, Germany in 1838. The family name was originally Guellemann. Most Gillmans in the US are from England. Would like to hear from anyone researching the Gillman name.

6/25/1998 Barbara Robinson
A kind person looking up my Stobaugh surname in Davis Chapel cemetery for me and I have sent for the book. Is there such a book for the Dearborn cemetery, is it still in use? What other cemeteries are close to Dearborn and might be used by families living east of Dearborn. I am still trying to find my ggrandmothers grave, she did not seem to be buried with ggrandfather in Davis chapel. She is Martha Stone Stobaugh and she married Kenos F. Stobaugh. Two of their sons are buried in Davis Chapel, it seems very strange that she would not be buried there too. But to my other question, what other cemeteries are in the Dearborn area? Thanks for any info.

7/18/1998 Susan MetzenSusan Metzen
I am researching Elizabeth Lacy who was the widow of John M. Lacy. She remarried a Samuel King on July 19, 1857. Thanks.

7/18/1998 Todd Hildebrandt
I'm looking for info regarding Fannie Winn Ireland buried in the Farley Cemetery in Farley, MO., in a grave we believe without a headstone. We think she died sometime between 1900 to 1935. Her husband's name is John Ireland but we don't know when he died or where he is buried. Fannie's first marriage was to a Mr. Brown and she was institutionalized most of her life. Her children were Matt Brown, Imogene Ireland, and James Joseph Ireland. Any info on any or Fannie or John Ireland would be a helpful connection to do additional research because we have little information to go on. Thanks.

8/15/1998 [email protected]
I am looking for info on James P. Harlan who had a land patent for Platte county, MO in 1846. His wife's name was Mylinda Cooper. Please e-mail me. Thanks.

8/15/1998 Kent Stoddard
Seeking info on David Lark Southers. 1900 census of Fair township, Platte county, MO gives his birth as September 1867, Jefferson City, Cole county, MO. Who are his parents? He married Sarah Ellen Denton about 1869. Sarah Ellen Denton b. 28 Apr. 1862 in Platte county to David Richard Denton and Polly Smith. Any info or help appreciated. Thanks.

8/15/1998 Alice Parcel
I am looking for info on the family of John S. (Squire?) Woods, who moved from KY to Platte county, MO about 1861. His son Lee Stonewall Woods was born in Weston, MO, date unknown. He married Martha Adeline Lipscomb, December 25, 1881, in Platte county. lee was underage and required his father's signature on the marriage license. Lee later moved to Olathe, KS. Lee was a carpenter, also held various positions in city government, City Marshall and Sheriff, in Weston. Lee died Nov. 27, 1925, in Olathe, KS. Lee is my ggrandfather. I would like info about the Woods line, especially any connections in the MO or KY areas. I believe that John S. Woods was married to a Mary/Elizabeth Westerfield. I do not know anything about the Lipscomb line. If you have any info I would appreciate contact. Thanks.

8/15/1998 Cindy P.
I am looking for any info on the Charles and Nellie Hinson family and the Pete and Millie Shifflett family. Some towns included are Holden, Latan, Westin, Ironton, Harveyville, Atchison. Does anyone have any info in this area?

8/15/1998 [email protected]
I am looking for John Riley Odom/Jesse Evelyn Walker family whose eldest son was Dennis Cordell Odom, b. 11/11/11 in KC. John Riley Odom's father was Samuel Odom.

8/15/1998 Charles W. Thomas
I am searching for any records anyone may have on Roscoe Burdell Thomas. In his mother's obituary he is listed as a survivor, "R. B. Thomas, of Kansas City".

His mother, Elizabeth Ann Nottingham (Thomas) died on 16 Jan. 1922, in Mercer county, Ohio. His father was George W. Thomas, born in Washington county, MD in 1830, died in Mercer county, Ohio on 4 June, 1905. Roscoe was born in Mercer county, Ohio on 9 Feb. 1862. I have no marriage or death records. He had two brothers, Hugh Cabot Thomas and Jonas M. Thomas and two sisters, Minnie Bernice and Winnie, who died in infancy. All members of his immediate family died in Mercer county, Ohio. Anyone who might have any info on Roscoe Burdell Thomas please contact me.

8/15/1998 Steve McNicol
My ggrandparents William R. Whitehead and Elizabeth Rector were married in Platte county, MO, Nov. 26, 1868. William was born somewhere in Iowa, August 26, 1850. I do no know his parents or siblings names. The 1880 Kansas census indicates both parents were born in VA. Are there any Whiteheads on the 1860 Platte county census with a nine year old son named William? Any info will be appreciated.

8/15/1998 Donna Ross
Looking for date of death and burial info of Mary Bullard/Kelley/Meyers. Mary Bullard was born in Boone county, 1846-1850. Married Alfred Kelley in Platte county, May 28, 1866. Was with Alfred on 1880 census. Married (2) H. C. Meyers, Dec. 6, 1881. Believed to be alive after 1930 as Meyers. 1920 Platte county, census shows her living with her son Ed Meyers.

8/15/1998 Linda Violante
Munn and Pearson. John Munn and his wife Sophia Pearson Munn were living in Platte county. Their last child, Samuel was born in 1843. Sophia died sometime between 1843 and 1844. Looking for any info on Munn or Pearson. They are my gggrandparents. Thanks.

8/15/1998 AM Wilson
Our family had reason to believe that the daughter of our guncle, Edward Glennon/Glennan may have died while they lived in Lee township, Platte county, MO., in the years between 1870 and 1875. They were Catholics. Could you check to see if you have a burial records for Mary Glennan/daughter of Edward and Jane Glennan/Glennon.

8/15/1998 Cary Scholling Campbell
I would love info on the William H. Mitchell family of Clay and Platte county, MO. My gggrandmother was Georgeanna Winifred Mitchell. She was born 1853 in MO and married John Andrew Stillwagon. She is listed in the 1870 census with John Andrew Stillwagon. Living with her is her brother James Mitchell and an Ann Davis. James was 19 and Georgeanna was 17. They were in the Parkville township at that time. Georgeanna was called Winnie by her family and she also had a brother named Levi.

8/15/1998 Doug Mason
Seeking the death date and place of Robert F. Mason (1830-?). He probably was born in Washington county, PA, passed through Fayette county, KY. (and others in KY) and arrieved in Platte county, MO around 1840. He married Dorcas Stigers (1828-1893), b. in OH. She was the daughter of Conrad Stigers and Mary Snell. Marriage date: 5/1844 or 1845 in Platte county. He was a merchant first in Farley in Platte county, then in Platte county. It appears he was living in Platte City in March, 1893 when Dorcas died. Their children: George Mason b. 1847; Mary Mason, b. 1849; Laura Mason, b. 1853; Robert Mason, b. 1861; Rosa Mason, b. 1864; Minnie Mason, b. 1867, and Charles Mason, b. 1869.

8/15/1998 Susan Metzen
I am looking for info concerning Elizabeth Lacy (Lacey) who was the widow of John M. Lacey. They were listed on the 1850 Platte county, Lee township census. She remarried a Samuel King on July 19, 1857 in Platte county MO. They are listed on both the 1860 & 1870 census in Westin township, Platte county. Any further info would be greatly appreciated.

9/25/1998 Stan Rahn
I am looking for ionfo on the Arad Goodyear family. They were granted land in Platte county in 1850. His spouse was Rebecca Park b. 12/24/1822 d. 7/20/1855, Parkville, MO. I am looking for an obit for Arad Goodyear and Rebecca Park Goodyear and date of marriage. Also birth dates of their three children, Fanny, Louis and Charles. Thanks.

9/25/1998 Nancy Kessler
Looking for info on WilliamE. Rotan, Bryon Rotan, Cynthia (Jones) Rotan Smith, Willis Smith and Nancy H. (Rotan) Johnson. We have found proof that all of the above people were in Platte county, MO sometime between 1848 and 1864. Cynthia Jones was born 1812, White county, TN, daughter of Byron Jones. Cynthia Jones 1) married John Rotan died abt. 1844 in IL, and 2) married Willlis Smith in Marion county, IL, in 1845. Willis died in 1850 enroute to CA. Cynthia was living in Flora, IL in 1884. Children of John Rotan and Cynthia Jones were: 1) William Rotan b. 2/1827, TN, d. 1904 to 1906 in Gentry county, MO. 1) m. unknown. They had at least one daughter who married a Mulligan. 2) m. March 1865 in IL. Sarah J. Oliver b. 1845, Marion county, IL. Sarah J. Oliver was the daughter of Wesley Smith Oliver and Mahala Wilson. 2) Nancy H. Rotan d. before 1884 probably in MO., m. L. L. or Sidney S. Johnson in Platte county, MO in 1848. Nancy and her husband are listed in the 1850 census for Platte county, MO. 3) Byron Rotan b. 1835, TN, d. 1880, Louisville, IL. Byron Rotan owned land in Platte City, Platte county, MO., that was damaged in a fire. He moved back to Clay county, IL and was a member of the State Legislature from 1873-75. 4) Jane Rotan d. 1854 probably in Platte county, MO. 5) John M. Rotan was living in Kinmundy, Marion county, IL, in 1884. Children of Willis Smith and Cynthia (Jones) Rotan were: 1) George W. Smith b. 1847, Marion county, IL. A real estate and insurance agent living in Flora, IL, in 1884. George went to Plattsburgs College in Plattsburg, MO., before moving back to IL. 2) Randolph Smith b. 1849. Also living in Flora, IL in 1884.

We have found into that William Rotan owned land in Platte county, MO., about 1858. We also believe that his mother, Cynthia Smith also owned land in Platte county, MO., about the same time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

9/25/1998 JoAnn Turner
Trying to find into on what happened to William Moore Lampton who left his wife and small baby in 1871. He married Sarah Robertson, 9 June 1869, their daughter Minnie Eula was born in March of 1870, and she divorced him in 1873. He had been gone about 2 years then. Sarah was the daughter of Robert I. Robertson and Susan C. Pullins who came to Platte county from Madison county, KY. Sarah married 2nd George Chinn, she died in 1881. I am also researching William W. Pullins and Julian King parents of Susan and Isham Baber and his wife Elizabeth C. Gordon and their daughter Mahala who married Benjamin L. Lampton. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.

9/25/1998 Kimberly Wynn
I am searching for info on Joseph Boydston b. around 1859, in Platte county, MO. His father was William Boydston and mother was Mary Ann Green. His siblings names are William, Nathaniel, Jacob F., Samuel Wesley, Benjamin, John C., and August. I am interested in his offspring, who he was married to or any additional information. Thanks.

9/25/1998 [email protected]
I am looking for John Rats who m. Mary Ellen Pixley in Platte county in 1867. Also looking for Irene Burris who m. James A. Pixley in Platte county in 1870. Seeking any info at all on Pixley, Maupin, Plummer family. Thanks.

9/25/1998 J. Lloyd Mallard
I am interested in any info concerning Elizabeth Rambo, a widow who lived in Platte county in 1850 with four children. Adam, Demarcus, Palmyra and Reuben. Reuben is my gggrandfather, and I am trying to obtain the name of his father, the husband of Elizabeth Rambo. Both Elizabeth and her husband, ? Rambo, were born in Virginia. Thanks.

9/25/1998 Carl
I am researching the Baldwin's from Platte county, MO. Also from Bonner Springs, Kansas; Brentwood, MO.; and around Lake Stockton. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

9/25/1998 Deborah Epperly
I have been trying, but without driving or spending a lot of money which I do not have, I'm at a dead end. Searching for any info on Washington Jonah Coe, he married Hattie Belle Luce on 30 April, 1883 in Platte county, MO. The only thing after that is that they both died in Kansas City. Him in 1937, she died in 1928.

9/25/1998 Annie Lloyd
Adam and Elizabeth Glebb were living in Fair township, city of Tracy, Platte county, in 1900. Adam was born in Germany c. 1838 and was a naturalized citizen. His wife, was born Elizabeth Lana Lafler the daughter of David Lafler and Mary (Grant) of Cuyhoga county, OH. Elizabeth m. Henry Eckerman in 1860 and m. Adam Glebb in 1869. Adam was a grocer. Adam and Elizabeth were there also in 1920 but I cannot find them on the 1910 census. Does anyone know anything about this couple? Thanks.

9/25/1998 Priscilla Shaw
Looking for death/burial info on James S. Allison b. ca. 1828, Cooper county, MO. Died in Platte county, before 1851 per a Morgan county, MO., will, Vol. 1, page 74. Also looking for James Allisons' marriage date to Priscilla Ford b. ca. 1826, d/o John Ford b. ca. 1788 and sister to Elizabeth Ford Allison Estes b. ca. 1823. The Fords were from east TN. Possible that Priscilla and Elizabeth had brothers in Platte county in 1840 and 1850. James and Priscilla are my gggrandparents. Would appreciate hearing from anyone researching the Allison's and Ford's of Platte county. Thank you.

9/25/1998 AM Wilson
Am looking for any descendants of Edward, Jane or Mary Glennan. They lived in Lee township in 1870. Thanks.

9/25/1998 Deb Spencer Juhlin
I am searching for info on a "cousin". I understand that Katherine Bollinger Spencer died in Platte county, MO., sometime in the late 1800's. She was married to Seborn (or Seibert, Siebert, Sebert) Spencer, who died in 1889. I believe her father was Mann Henry Bollinger, who also died in Platte county. Thanks.