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An ongoing project of the Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR has been locating and marking grave sites of Revolutionary War soldiers buried near Springfield, Missouri, and in the surrounding areas in Southwest Missouri. Currently we have researched and found record of 5 Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Greene County, 2 of which are known to be buried within the Springfield City limits; and more than 40 soldiers total buried in the surrounding counties. This listing covers all known Revolutionary Soldiers buried in the 34 counties of Southwest Missouri which are roughly within a 100-miles radius of Springfield, Missouri, where the Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR is headquartered. (A few other counties are also included because a soldier from Southwest Missouri may have later moved there, or for clarification when there is more than one person with the same name [There are 3 William Wrights in this listing], etc.). Some of this region may overlap with territory which rightly should be under the supervision of some other SAR chapter (such as the Ariel Nims Chapter #1 at Joplin, Missouri), but this is still helpful information for anyone interested in knowing where Revolutionary War soldiers are buried in Missouri.

There could be some soldiers buried in the northern counties of Arkansas which also would be within 100-miles radius, but we have not attempted to locate any soldiers buried in Arkansas. Every few years we are attempting to hold a ceremony to commemorate and mark one of these Revolutionary War graves. The dates of those which have been marked are included in the listing below.

One of our important projects was to erect a historical marker at the Springfield National Cemetery to commemorate all Revolutionary War Soldiers. It is near the entrance to the cemetery in a very prominent location. The stone reads: �During the Revolutionary War, almost 232,000 patriots served in he Continental Army, with 174,000 more serving in the Militia. Many more also served in civilian positions. This marker is to commemorate all those patriots who served our nation during the war. Thousands gave their lives, and all sacrificed so that we may live free. We must never forget them.� A special ceremony and dedication of the marker was held on April 17, 1999, just before the regularly scheduled meeting of the Ozark Mountain Chapter S.A.R. State, regional, and local officers of the S.A.R., DAR, and C.A.R., and members of the William Freeman family, Mayor Lee Gannaway of Springfield, and the press were invited to attend this momentous occasion.

William Freeman is the only Revolutionary War soldier buried in the Springfield National Cemetery, and his gravesite is not very far from this marker. Each Memorial Day, color guard members of Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR along with members of the William Freeman Society C.A.R take part in a special wreath laying at the grave of William Freeman.

For more information on Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in Southwest Missouri, contact Compatriot Glenn Gohr.

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