The Color Guard of the Ozark Mountain Chapter has been active for a number of years. Currently six of our members--Gerald McCoy (Ozark Mountain Chapter color guard commander), J. Howard Fisk, Timothy McCoy, Glenn Gohr, Dan McMurray, and Robert Grover--each have uniforms from the Revolutionary War period. Bob Grover is a dual member and is commander of the MOSSAR color guard.

These uniforms have been worn at various parades and many other functions. The chapter color guard has marched in parades, presented colors at Revolutionary soldier grave marking ceremonies, officiated at funerals and other events, given several talks about the American Revolution to grade school children in Springfield, and has served as the color guard for the SMSU Lady Bears basketball games and the Springfield Lasers tennis matches. We hope to participate in more activities like this in the future. The chapter color guard is also participating in MOSSAR color guard events as well.

The MOSSAR Color Guard has quite a large number of events planned all throughout the year. The MOSSAR Color Guard is one of the best if not THE best SAR Color Guard in the Nation.

Some examples of past events include these events. On July 5th, 1989 Compatriots Grover, McCoy, McNeal, and Glenn Gohr, marched with others from MOSSAR at the Independence Day Parade at Bolivar, MO. Some of the members of MOSSAR had a float which included various flags used by the Continental Troops in the early days at the founding of our nation. Also, the wife of one of the compatriots was dressed as Betsy Ross, and sat on the float, as patriotic music was played. During the summer of 1998, Compatriots Robert Grover, Gerald McCoy, and Mel McNeal marched with the MOSSAR Color Guard in a parade at Columbia, MO.

In March of 1999 Compatriots McCoy, McNeal, and Gohr, presented the colors for one of the SMSU Lady Bears basketball games. This was one of their semi-final games, so this was a great opportunity for our chapter color guard. We have presented the colors of several other SMSU basketball games since that time. Some of our members presented colors at a Kansas City Chiefs game as well.

Other activities we have been involved with include Compatriots McCoy, McNeal, and Gohr, presenting the colors for the Airport Speedway in Springfield for their Labor Day Race in September 1998. And members of the Ozark Mountain Chapter Color Guard along with the William Freeman Society C.A.R. marched in the Veterans Day Parade in November 1999.

During October and November of 1999, Compatriots McCoy, McNeal, and Gohr, dressed in their Revolutionary War uniforms, presented talks about the American Revolution to 5 different classes of grade school students. The schools we visited were Horace Mann Elementary and Watkins Elementary. Students from both schools wrote thank you notes to the SAR color guard. In November 2000 we also presented a program to a group of homeschoolers in Springfield.

The Carl Neiman Chapter, NSDAR at Ava, Missouri invited the Color Guard from the Ozark Mountain Chapter to participate in Ava�s Christmas Parade in December 2000. We also have presented colors for special events such as the 4th of July parade in Monett, flag certificate presentations, the 50th anniversary of President Harry S. Truman�s visit to Springfield, and the annual Memorial Day ceremony in honor of Revolutionary War patriot William Freeman which in the past was sponsored by the William Freeman Society C.A.R., and currently is being hosted by the Ozark Mountain Chapter SAR. The color guard also participated in grave marking ceremonies for James Barham, James Hopkins, and John P. Pettyjohn. And the list goes on.

We are always looking for more members to join our chapter color guard. And, even if you don't wish to be a participant, you are welcome to attend some of the events where the color guard is present. We would love to have your support!

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