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    Memorial Page {Missouri} MO-AHGP site called home

    ****New Madrid Photo Gallery****

    Monument, Photos
    New Madrid County

    New Madrid **Cemetery Index
    • New Madrid County, Missouri
      Cemetery Index

    • New Madrid County, Missouri
        1. The credit for the transcription of the stones goes to Mary Margaret Brown and Dora Ella Miget. These were done in the 60s

        2.Thanks to Camille Thornton for sending them to Debi Bentley!

        3.Thanks to Debi Bentley for typing them to send to post to the New Madrid MO Site
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    New Madrid Co** Images site
    Death Certificate Site

    Click on the letter to see a list of Death Certificate
    starting with that letter.

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    New Madrid ** Search page

    New Madrid Co**Church Records

    New Madrid Co**School Records

    New Madrid Co**Funeral Homes
    • Soon

    Clayton Cramer's early Co**American gunsmith database

    CD Lookups site ** 700 or 800 CD's
    • Free lookups on 700 or 800 CD's that people have purchased from the World Family Tree Company, the LDS and other sources.
    • Genealogical CDs,
      Three Screens Before You Get to the screen that lists what's available.

    New Madrid Co**Marriages and Vital Records Information
    New Madrid Co**Copy of Marriage Certificate
    • New Madrid CoMO
      Copy of Marriage Certificate (Posted Jan. 07, 2006)
    New Madrid Co**Message Boards

    New Madrid**Military records

    New Madrid**Wills, Probate, & Guardianship Records

    New Madrid**Land Records

    New Madrid**News Paper Information
    Genealogical Abstracts: Birth, marriage and death items,
    and items denoting relationships.

    History, History, History, and more History of New Madrid Co
    New Madrid County was formed in 1812 as an Original District;
    the county seat is New Madrid.

    New Madrid Co Census

    New Madrid Co
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    Lookup Volunteers Needed

    If you own any published genealogical resources relating to New Madrid County
    and would be willing to do lookups, please
    E-mail the
    New Madrid Co MO-AHGP & MOGenWeb Webmaster
    with New Madrid Co, MO Lookup Volunteers in the subject line;
    in the message, please list the
    publication title, author, publication date, youn name and your e-mail address.

    New Madrid County, Mo
    Towns and wide places in the road in

    New Madrid County History Links

    • New Madrid County Links Page
      RootsWeb Surname List
      New Madrid County Pages
      Missouri Links
      United States Links
      African American Links
      Native American Links
      Genealogy Links
      Civil War Links
      And More

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    Family Group Sheets
    New Madrid County Missouri

    Maps & Maps

    GenWeb Links
    • MOGenWeb
      The Missouri Site of USGenWeb

    ALHN and AHGP sites

    Family Lines From New Madrid County

    Civil War

    Misc. Information

    Off Site Links
    1. New Madrid County

    2. New Madrid

    3. Toney Family Tree

    4. Sonya's Genealogy Page

    5. Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy Missouri

    6. US State Page
      (American History and Genealogy Project)

    7. A Missouri Timeline:
      Before 1675 thru 2001

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    1. County Information
    2. County Resources


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