What's New in Monroe County?

2007 Site Updates & Additions

First of all, an apology to all for the long neglect of Monroe County - Lisa and I are now back and beginning to get back in the business of updating and keeping the Monroe County site active and updated on a regular basis. To all who have sent contributions and email changes for their surnames, please know that they will be updated very, very soon. I plan to work on that this week. All of the updates and changes will be listed here on this page. 

My life suddenly changed in January and was not able to keep up with the site. To those who know of my situation, please accept this heartfelt thank you for your emails and thoughts.

Please be aware it will be a few days to get completely going again, but things will begin showing up in a couple of days.

Also, Lisa has a new email address: [email protected]

Her old email will be changed on pages as soon as possible.

Email for MaryLynne is [email protected]

What's New in Monroe County?

2006 Additions & Updates