Monroe County Gave Nearly 600


Monroe County in World War I

 Thanks to Kathleen Wilham for providing this article from the Monroe City News’ 1835-1935 Monroe County 100th Anniversary Historical Edition!

 Monroe County Gave Nearly 600 Sons and Daughters to World War Service

 “Monroe County sent 587 boys to the World War, according to the roster compiled for the bronze memorial tablet that hangs on the wall of the lobby of the courthouse in Paris.  This memorial tablet was a gift from J. Fletcher Farrell of New York.  The Monroe County soldiers were distributed mainly in the 89th, 35th and 3rd Divisions of the regular United States army.  The majority of them were in the famous 89th Division which distinguished itself in the Argonne offensive which thrillingly climaxed the close of the World War.

 The Third Division was in the famous second battle of the Marne which occurred July 25, 1918, our boys helping to defend Chateau Thierry, which was assaulted by the German troops with fierce barrage.  This battle took place when the Germans were within 40 kilometers, or about 25 miles east of Paris, and was the turning point in the war.  A few thousand American held a line six and one half miles long along the Marne, east of Chateau Thierry against 24,000 Germans.  The immediate purpose of this drive was to break the offensive by the Germans at the Marne line and stop their advance upon Paris.

 The German artillery with 89 batteries overwhelmed the sector with high explosives and shrapnel.  The American boys replied with about one gun to the Germans’ six.  Yet the barrage fire of the Americans was so accurate they caused great havoc among the densely packed German masses.  Americans filled the Marne river with the wreckage of boats and German bodies.  The American troops put in charge of machine guns at strategic points along the six and half mile sector took heavy toll of German soldiers as they attempted to cross the Marne river, but practically all the machine gunners died at their posts.  Our Monroe County boys were in the thick of the eventful fight.  The Third Division participated in six battles. 

 The other major battle that the Monroe County boys participated in the Meuse-Argonne offensive campaign.  The Chateau Thierry battle was a defensive movement in which the Americans were desperately holding back the advance of the Germans.  The Meuse-Argonne campaign was an offensive, in which the allied forces pushed the German army back, foot by foot as it were, from French territory which they had held since the beginning of the war in 1914.  The first French town to be recaptured from the Germans by the Americans was St. Mihiel which lies in a southeastern direction from Verdun and also southeast from Paris.  This occurred between September 10-13, 1918, our boys cutting or walking over the first barbed wire entanglements.  Few Germans were found in the front line trenches.  Every division had its objective carefully mapped out and each section of troops knew just what town, woods or strategic position, they were expected to drive the Germans out of. 

 The U.S. troops following the capture of St. Mihiel, advanced in a northeastern direction toward the Meuse River and the Argonne Forest.  Then began that desperate fighting which lasted almost continuously from September 26 to the Armistice, November 11, 1918.  Every device that German ingenuity could suggest had been applied to make their position impregnable.  The wooded heights of the Argonne were a network of wire and had been elaborately fortified for eighteen or twenty miles.  The American, or attacking forces fought blindly but the defensive Germans could fight with their eyes open.  This Argonne sector was the very heart of the German fighting machine for the great German railroad lines converged there and thus enabled the German Army to shift forces quickly over the whole Western battle front.  This territory also contained the Briey Iron Basin from which Germany obtained her supplies of iron and steel. 

 This famous Meuse-Argonne battle was divided into three periods, many Monroe County soldiers being in the heaviest fighting sectors.  The first period was between September 26 and October 3, when heavy assaults were made against the Germans.  From October 4 to November 1 they fought in close contact with the opposing army, frequently having hand to hand combats with German troops.  In the final period of this struggle, between November 1 and 11, which brought about the end of the war, the allied division made rapid advance driving the Germans back mile by mile until 150 square miles of occupied French territory were regained and large amounts of war material captured.  Monroe County World War veterans declare that the Germans were glad to be taken prisoners.  This great victory of the allied armies crushed the spirit and broke the morale of the German Army.  Monroe Co. numbered twenty-one commissioned officers in her list of soldiers.  Six of her young women enrolled for service as nurses. 

 According to the records available only eighteen of the 587 lost their lives in action, although several have died since as the result of wounds and effects of having been gassed.  Among these are J. Tandy Ragland, Roy Dooley and Harland Ray.  County soldier whose bodies were brought back from France included Basil H. Barney, William Forbis, Edgar E. McCann and Russell Curtright.  Miss Christine Colborn, a nurse, also died in service.”

 The following table includes the above article’s roster of Monroe County commissioned officers, soldiers and Y.M.C.A workers, as well as WWI veterans listed in the other sources noted below.  For additional information on veterans, check out the Missouri State Archives World War I Service Record Database:


Name Rank Unit Died Buried
Acuff, David H. Unk      
Adam, August W. Unk      
Adam, J. Rudolph Unk      
Akers, Dallas C. Unk      
Albright, Lonnie M. Unk      
Alexander, Fred T. Unk      
Alexander, Paul Lt      
Alexander, Roger G. Col      
Alexander, Roy B. Unk      
Allison, Roy G. Unk      
Alverson, George A. Unk      
Alverson, James M. Unk      
Anderson, E. S. Unk      
Anderson, Eugene H. Unk      
Armstrong, Wm. Unk      
Asbury, M. P. Unk      
Ashcraft, Samuel N. Unk      
Atterbury, John C. Lt      
Atterbury, Newton Unk      
Aylor, Eugene Unk      
Aylor, Jesse W. Unk      
Aylor, Marion C. Unk      
Bagley, Less Unk      
Baker, Edgar Unk      
Baker, James Homer Unk      
Baker, John C. Unk      
Ball, Claud L. Unk      
Ball, Elias C. Unk      
Bannister, Thomas L. Unk      
Bare, Charles F. Unk      
Bare, Robert H. Unk      
Barney, Basil Hope Unk      
Barr, Ralph W. Unk      
Barton, Frank Bryan Unk      
Bassett, Arthur Maj      
Batsell, Ray Unk      
Batsell, Roger Unk      
Beauchamp, Noah Col      
Beck, Floyd W. Unk      
Bedwell, Ray C. Unk      
Begley, Joseph M. Unk Unk Oct-88 Holy Rosary
Begley, Leo D. Unk      
Belcher, B.R. Unk      
Berkley, Harry O. Lt      
Berry, Wallace Gano Unk      
Bevell, Edward Cpl Horse Br HQ 7 TN 1959 St Andrews
Bird, Willie Unk      
Bisgell, Elmer Herbert Unk      
Bishop, Lee W. Unk      
Blackford, Porter Unk      
Blakely, Glendi Angus Sgt      
Blanton, Edgar P. Lt      
Boarman, William Leo Unk      
Bodine, Noll Col      
Bohrer, Grover Unk      
Bolton, Byron H. Unk      
Bonsall, John Unk      
Bono, Joseph C. Unk      
Booth, Benj. O. Unk      
Boots, McDowell Capt      
Botkins, Edgar Unk      
Botkins, Jewell J. Unk      
Boucher, S. M. Unk      
Bounds, Ura Unk      
Bowling, Archie Unk      
Bozarth, Homer L. Unk      
Branham, Victor R. Unk      
Branstetter, John B. Unk      
Branstetter, Wm. Ora Unk      
Brayton Jr, Q.M.J.H. Unk      
Brooks, Karl Unk      
Brown, Earl H. Unk      
Brown, Eddie M. Unk      
Brown, John A.L. Unk      
Brown, Stanley Unk      
Brown, Wm. Ora Unk      
Brownfield, Hiram L. Cpl 335 Fld Arty 1937 Madison
Buckles, Homer Unk      
Buckles, Lafayette Unk      
Buckman, Maurice A. Pvt US Army Jan-75 Holy Rosary
Bull, Wm. J. Unk      
Burgess, Dan Lee Unk      
Burgess, Victor Col      
Burnham, Oscar P. Unk      
Burton, Harry Unk      
Byrd, Fred B. Unk      
Cackley, Clarence Unk      
Campbell, Chester Col      
Carey, Thomas Unk      
Carnes, Eddie C. Unk      
Carpenter, Hobart Unk      
Carpenter, Ted Unk      
Carr, George Unk      
Cartmell Jr, N. T. Unk      
Carter, Buford C. Unk      
Carter, Walker W. Unk      
Cavenne, Claude E. Unk      
Chapman, Stanley W. Unk      
Christian, Guy Unk      
Christian, Price McNutt Unk      
Clapper, Heaton T. Unk      
Clapper, James H. Unk      
Clark, Russell Unk      
Cleary, Cleavie Unk      
Cleaver, McNutt Unk      
Colborn, Christine Nurse      
Compton, James E. Unk      
Comstock, Archie Unk      
Comstock, Boey Unk      
Comstock, Ira E. Unk      
Conley, Walter B. Unk      
Conway, Raymond Unk      
Cooperider, Amos N. Unk      
Coovert, Jerry G. Unk      
Connor, Chester Unk      
Corder, Jewell M. Unk      
Craft, C. A. Unk      
Craft, John Unk      
Crawford, Wm. L. Unk      
Creigh, John Unk      
Crow, Stanley R. Unk      
Cumley, William Unk      
Cunningham, Thos A. Unk      
Curtright, Grace Nurse      
Curtright, Russell E. Unk      
Dailey, Wm. Gwyn. PFC 356 Inf MG Co Mar-19 Hickory Grove
Daniel, Harry R. Unk      
Darnell, Earl Sgt      
Darst, Orville E. Unk      
Davenport, Edgar R. Unk      
Davenport, Harold B. Unk      
Davis, Emmett E. Unk      
Davis, Grover Cleveland        
Davis, Jasper Unk      
Davis, John W. Unk      
Davis, Leo Unk      
Dawson, L. Hugh Unk      
Deaver, J.E. Lt      
Delaney, Ira Tilden Unk      
DeLashmutt, Clifford Unk      
DeLashmutt, Millard Unk      
Dickerson, Richard Unk      
Dierks, Arthur J. Sgt US Army Jun-74 Holy Rosary
Dierks, Walter R. Unk      
Dixon, David Curtis Unk      
Dixon, Philip K. Unk      
Donaldson, Robert B. Unk      
Dooley, Arnold Unk      
Dooley, C. C. Unk      
Dooley, Fred Roscoe Unk      
Dooley, L. L. Unk      
Dooley, Samuel R. Unk      
Dooley, Thomas L. Unk      
Dooley, Uel G. Unk      
Dull, Charles F. Unk      
Duncan, Ernest Unk      
Durr, Rex Unk      
Eads, Marion F. Unk      
Edgar, Harry J. Unk      
Edwards, Rufus Unk      
Ellington, Lloyd Unk      
Ellington, Ralph S. Unk      
Elliott, Robert F. Pvt US Army Oct-72 St Paul
Elzea, Farris C. Unk      
Embree, John M. PFC 31 Inf Co B 1962 Madison
Emery, Arthur H. Unk      
Enochs, Walter Unk      
Evans, Nelson Unk      
Every, Cecil E. Unk      
Ewing, John Unk      
Ewing, Ray Unk      
Excham, John F. Unk      
Eyer, Guy H. Unk      
Farley, B. M. Unk      
Farrell, Roy Unk      
Farrell, Wm. Frank Unk      
Featherston, Harry M. Unk      
Finch, Roy D. Pvt US Army Sep-71 Holy Rosary
Fisher, Jesse Unk      
Fitzgerald, C. Lester Unk      
Flanders, Jerome Ens      
Fletcher, Paul T. Unk      
Flickinger, John M. Unk      
Fohey, Edgar Unk      
Forbis, Charles W. Unk      
Forsythe, Anthony T. Unk      
Foster, William Unk      
Frank, Craig Unk      
Frank, Linnie Nurse      
Frank, Lucian Unk      
Frederick, Benjamin Unk      
Frederick, Carl L. Unk      
Frederick, Leroy Unk      
Garnett, Cyril R. Unk      
Garnett, Stanley M. Unk      
Gatson, Charles M. Unk      
Giboney, Joseph Pvt Inf 89 Div May-18 St Paul
Gosney, Omer L. Unk      
Graupman, Edgar Unk      
Gray, Carlyle Unk      
Gray, Ross C. Unk      
Green, Delator Unk      
Green, Evan L. Unk      
Green, John Unk      
Greenup, Ray Unk      
Griffith, Paul T. PFC 29 Fld Arty Bty C 1965 Madison
Griffith, Wm. F. Unk      
Grigsby, Benj. Wm. Unk      
Grubbs, Fred C. Unk      
Gunther, Albert Sgt      
Guthrie, Frank Unk      
Guthrie, James H. Unk      
Gwyn, Guy C. Unk      
Gwyn, Hugh J. Unk      
Gwyn, Paul B. Unk      
Gwyn, Russell A. Unk      
Hagan, Ernest B. Pvt Co D 161 Depot Bde Mar-65 Holy Rosary
Hagan, Harold J. Unk US Army Dec-45 Holy Rosary
Hagar, Robert G. Unk 18th Rect. Co 1917 St Peters
Haley, Millard Unk      
Haley, Ralph O. Unk      
Hall, Joseph A. Unk      
Hanger, Emmett Unk      
Hannah, Gray Unk      
Hannah, Roy J. Unk      
Hannah, W. M. Unk      
Hardesty, Paul Lt      
Harriss, Estill C. Unk      
Harrison, W. Homer Unk      
Hartman, Bennie E. Unk      
Hartman, Brady Unk      
Hartman, Guy Unk      
Hawker, Edmon Unk      
Hawkins, G. G. Capt      
Hawkins, Grover Unk      
Hawkins, John B. Unk      
Hayden, Claude R. Unk      
Hayden, John Pearl Unk      
Hayden, Phillip O. Pvt Stu Army Trng Corps 1951 Madison
Haynie, Chester W. Unk      
Hays, Alexis Leon Unk US Army May-47 Holy Rosary
Heathman, Marcus J. Unk      
Heathman, Tony W. Unk      
Helmore, Robert Unk      
Henniger, Marion Unk      
Hess, Cecil Unk      
Hewgley, Thomas Unk Co F 32 Eng 1918 Hickory Grove
Hickman, Fred Unk      
Hickman, Wm. Waller Unk      
Hicks, Lee Unk      
Hightower, William C. Unk      
Hinch, Anthony Unk      
Hinebaugh, Wm. R. Unk      
Hoar, Ormand Unk      
Holder, John Unk      
Holland, Scott Unk      
Hollis, Ward Sgt      
Holohan, Claud Unk      
Hoover, Homer E. Unk      
Hornback, John S. Unk      
Hornbuckle, John S. Unk      
Horton, Jesse Unk YMCA    
Horton, Harry Unk      
Horton, Rolla Unk      
Howard, I.L. Unk      
Howe, Arthur B. Unk      
Howe, Orlanda H. Unk      
Howell, Roscoe Unk      
Howerton, Earl Leslie Unk      
Hughes, Clarence R. Unk      
Hughes, Harry Harley Unk      
Hughes, Harry R. Unk      
Hughes, Ruby R. Unk      
Hughley, Birdie Nurse      
Humphrey, Francis A. Sgt Iowa 5 Trng Bn Sig 1961 Madison
Huneryager, I. C. Unk      
Hurd, Harold W. Unk      
Hutchen, Scott Pvt 5 Co 164 Depot Bde Oct-57 Negro
Irwin, Arthur Unk      
Irwin, Paul Unk      
Irwin, Perry Unk      
Jacobs, Ray Victor Unk      
Jackson, James M. Unk      
Jackson, Fred A. Unk      
James, Jesse Unk      
James, William Pvt 13 Railway Engrs Co E 1958 Madison
Janes, David Porter Capt      
Janes, Lorine R. Unk      
Jayne, Edward M. Unk      
Jayne, Franklin M. Unk      
Jenkins, Ive E. Unk      
Jett, Monroe Daniel Unk      
Johnson, Karl L. Unk      
Johnson, Obe Unk      
Johnson, Olee Unk      
Johnson, Robert G. Unk      
Johnson, Sterling Unk      
Johnson, Walter E. Unk      
Johnston, Hugh Unk      
Jones, Fletcher Unk      
Jones, Grover C. Unk      
Keller, Alois L. (Twin) Cpl US Army Sep-75 Holy Rosary
Keller, John L. (Twin) Unk Unk Nov-78 Holy Rosary
Keller, Oscar Pvt 354 Aero Sq Jul-44 Holy Rosary
Kelly, Charles F. Unk      
Kelly, Eugene D. Pvt US Marine Corps Feb-71 Holy Rosary
Kendrick, Charles B. Unk      
Kendrick, John R. Unk      
Kent, John Unk      
Kent, Thomas H. Unk      
Kern, Paul Unk      
Key, Roger R. Unk      
Keyser, R.M. Unk      
Kidd, Daniel M. Sgt Quartermaster Corps Feb-71 Holy Rosary
Kidd, Robert H. Unk      
Kindred, David Unk      
Kinley, Frank Unk      
Kipper, Harrison Col      
Kipper, Roxie Unk      
Knox, Edward F. Unk      
Krummell, Harry Unk      
Krummell, Lloyd Unk      
Kuntz, Garrett A. Unk      
Lamboy, Tommie J. PFC 139 Inf Co B Aug-53 Madison
Lamme, Rudolf Unk      
Landis, Clyde Unk      
Laratta, Joseph G. Pvt 163 Depot Bde Nov-65 Holy Rosary
Larkin, Allen James Unk      
Lawson, Everett E. Unk      
Laytham, Hugh Unk      
Laytham, Jeff D. Unk      
Ledford, George T. Unk      
Lee, George H. Unk      
Legrand, Jesse Unk      
Leitch, James E. Unk      
Lenhart, George M. Unk      
Levings, Homer Edwin Unk      
Lewis, Fountain C. Unk      
Lewis, Lloyd Unk      
Lewis. Lynn Unk      
Lewis, T.E. Cpl      
Lilly, Ora W. PFC 37 Btn Co C, USG Nov-55 Phillips
Lindsey, Harry G. Unk      
Loehr, Michael A. Pvt 20 Inf Feb-39 Holy Rosary
Long, Edward A. Unk      
Long, Ruby Unk      
Luntsford, Orville Unk      
Luttrell, Wm. O. Unk      
Lutz, Ira Unk      
Maddox, Paul Unk      
Magruder, Edward E. Unk      
Magruder, Glenn P. Unk      
Major, Howard F. Unk      
Mangum, P. D. Rev YMCA    
Martin, Harold F. Unk      
Mason, Lee Unk      
Matchett, Frank Unk      
McBride, Thomas Unk      
McCann, Edgar E. Unk Bugler, Co L 354 Inf 1918 Holy Rosary
McCann, Pleas Unk      
McCreery, Jesse M. Unk      
McCurren, Robert Hugh Unk US Army Oct-74 St Andrews
McGartland, Clarence Unk USMC 4 Bde 2 Div 1918 Holy Rosary
McGee, Forrest Unk      
McGee, Harvey Unk      
McGee, Jack Unk      
McKinney, C. S. Unk YMCA    
McManama, Willie H. Unk      
McMorris, Lee Unk      
Meals, Fred Unk      
Medcalf, Alfred W. Unk      
Megibben, Joseph T. Cpl Cen Inf Off Trng Sch 1952 Madison
Meier, Russell Ens      
Menefee, Christie S. Unk      
Menefee, Clyde Unk      
Meranda, Clarence Unk      
Meranda, George R. Unk      
Meranda, O.S. Unk      
Miller, Eugene L. Unk      
Miller, J.F. Unk      
Miller, John H. Unk      
Mishner, Elmer C. Unk      
Mitchell, Clarence Unk      
Mitchell, George Unk      
Mitchell, Orville L. Unk Mo F 2 USNCF Sep-50 Mt Zion
Monson, William Unk      
Montgomery, Alphonsus B. Unk US Marine Corps May-47 Holy Rosary
Montgomery, Charlotte E. Unk US Navy Nurse Corps Jan-36 Holy Rosary
Montgomery, Elmer P. Pvt US Army Nov-57 Holy Rosary
Montgomery, Lottie Nurse      
Montgomery, Thos. O. Unk      
Moore, Charles S. Unk      
Morgan, John Unk      
Morrison, Charles F. Unk      
Moss, Alvin B. Unk      
Moss, Frank Unk      
Mudd, Charles Unk      
Mudd, Riley F. Unk      
Mudd, Wilfred B. Unk      
Murphy, James J. Unk      
Murphy, Thomas F. Unk      
Nearm, Ira B. Unk      
Nelson, Caskie Unk      
Nesbit, Charles M. Unk      
Newman, Collis Unk      
Nipps, Paul Unk      
Noel, Floyd Unk      
Nolen, John L. Unk      
Nolen, Olliver Unk      
Norman, Grover Unk      
Norman, Joseph L Unk      
O’Daniel, James Unk      
O’Daniel, Wm. F. Unk Unk Jan-32 Holy Rosary
Orton, Francis O. Unk      
Overfelt, Fred M. Unk      
Pagett, Emmett Unk      
Palmer, Francis A. Unk      
Palmer, Harry H. Unk      
Parks, John J. Unk      
Parsons, J.C. Unk      
Patrick, J.W. Unk      
Patrick, Leslie Unk      
Peak, Fred B. Unk      
Peak, H.R. Unk      
Peck, Kirt Unk      
Pfanner, William C. Unk US Army 1948 Holy Rosary
Pickett, John A. Unk      
Pierceall, Joseph B. Unk      
Pierceall, Thomas R. Unk      
Pike, Lewis G. Unk      
Pilcher, William K. Unk      
Pollard, Frank C. Unk      
Poole, Lloyd K. Unk      
Porter, Leonard Unk      
Post, R.E. Sgt      
Potter, Carl A. Unk      
Potter, William E. Unk      
Power, Charles E. Unk      
Powers, Angus Unk      
Powers, Archie C. Unk      
Powers, Robert T. Unk      
Ragland, John Tandy Unk      
Ragland, Reginald Lt      
Ragsdale, G.M Unk      
Ragsdale, Howard L. Unk      
Ransdell, Morgan Unk      
Ransdell, Samuel Unk YMCA    
Ransdell, Thomas M. Unk      
Ray, Harland Unk      
Reed, Guy Marvin Unk      
Reed, Harrison Unk      
Reed, John Unk      
Reed, Wm. M. Lt      
Reid, Henry Ray Unk Unk 1955 Madison
Reighley, Ben E. Unk      
Rice, Charles Unk      
Rice, Roy L. Unk      
Richardson, Oliver F. Unk      
Richmond, Gene Unk      
Richmond, Vilas Unk      
Richor, David P. Unk      
Ricks, Noah T. Unk      
Rigg, Marvin M. Unk      
Riley, Edward L. Unk      
Ringquist, William L. Unk      
Robberson, Jones E. Unk      
Robbins, Jesse Unk      
Robey, Paul T. Unk US Army Apr-20 Holy Rosary
Rogers, Buford Unk      
Rogers, Charles O. Unk      
Rogers, J. B. Unk YMCA    
Rohr, James Walter Unk      
Rosenstengel, Clarence Pvt 87 Sanitary Sq M D Jan-58 Catholic
Rouse, Thomas Unk      
Sager, Geo. Frank Unk      
Sanders, Ely A. Unk      
Sanders, Wm. Floyd Unk      
Sandifer, Snyder J. Unk      
Schmitt, Iva E. Pvt      
Schwarz, Theodore Unk Unk 1984 Holy Rosary
Scobee, Harry Unk      
Scobee, Robert A. Unk      
Scott, Claud Unk      
See, Gilbert Unk      
Selsor, Leo Unk      
Seward, John Gregory PFC Co A 161 Depot Bde Sep-67 Holy Rosary
Sharp, Curtis B. Unk      
Shearer, Joe F. Unk      
Shearer, Ned C. Unk      
Shearer, Wm. O. Unk      
Shively, E.B Rev YMCA    
Shoemeyer, Richard J. Unk      
Short, Ernest Unk      
Sickles, Robert Unk      
Simon, Oliver H. Unk      
Simon, Paul Henry Unk      
Simpson, Collis Unk      
Smelser, Glenn Unk      
Smelser, Joseph N. Unk      
Smith, Albert Lee Unk      
Smith, Alva A. Unk      
Smith, Fred C. Unk      
Smith, Harry L. Unk      
Smith, Hugh PFC      
Smith, J. Lambert Unk Field Hospital 88 Div May-32 Holy Rosary
Smith, John H. Unk      
Smith, Robert C. Unk      
Smith, William S. Unk      
Smith, Wyatt Unk      
Smithey, Leo Unk      
Smithey, Russell R. Unk      
Solinger, Murry P. Unk      
Spader, Ross M. Unk      
Spalding, Thomas A. SFC US Army Jan-60 Holy Rosary
Sparks, W. O. Unk      
Spires, A. L. Unk      
Stanfield, Roy Unk      
Starrett, John S. Unk      
Starrett, Howard R. Unk      
Stephens, John R. Unk      
Street, John H. Unk      
Stuart, Craig P. Unk      
Summers, Wm. Unk      
Swearengen, Cecil P. Unk      
Sweeney, James F. Unk      
Swetman, Edgar G. Unk      
Swindell, Bennie H. Unk      
Swinney, Richard D. Unk      
Taylor, Frank Unk      
Terry, Everett S. Unk      
Tewell, James L. Unk      
Tewell, Joseph M. PFC US Army Jul-75 Holy Rosary
Thomas, Stephen Earl Unk      
Thompson, Emmett E. Unk      
Thompson, Logan Unk      
Threlkeld, Alexander PFC      
Tonsor, John A. Cpl US Army Jan-78 Holy Rosary
Trussell, Richard E. Unk      
Tully, Powell Unk      
Turnbough, Claude F. Unk      
Turpin, Fred E. Cpl      
Turpitt, Homer Luke Pvt 62 Inf 41 Div Oct-32 Madison
Umstattd, James G. Pvt      
Underhill, Ira William Cpl Co B 354 Inf Apr-63 Holy Rosary
Urquahart, W.H. Unk      
Utterback, Ray C. Unk      
Utterback, Thomas A. Unk      
Vanlandingham, Chas. Unk      
Vanlandingham, David Unk      
Vanlandingham, J. B. Sgt      
Vaughn, Alfred Cpl      
Vaughn, Carter C. Sgt Cook, US Army Apr-64 Holy Rosary
Vaughn, Gentry Unk      
Vaughn, Lody Malon Lt      
Vaughn, M.S. Unk      
Violette, Dan P. Pvt      
Wade, George R. Pvt 352 Inf 88 Div Dec-52 Cedar Grove
Wailes, Robert Henry Unk      
Wainscott, Harry Unk      
Walden, John Richard Unk Cook, US Army Apr-64 Holy Rosary
Walkup, Iva F. Unk      
Walkup, Iva J. Unk      
Washington, Roy S. Unk      
Webb, David A. Unk      
Welch, Everett Unk      
Westfall, Geo. S. Unk      
Whaley, Frank H. Unk Unk Apr-73 Holy Rosary
White, Frank Unk      
White, James L. Unk      
White, Joe S. Cpl      
White, John Patrick Cpl Co H 7 Inf 3 Div Jul-68 Holy Rosary
Whitaker, Darrell W. Unk      
Whittaker, Jesse L. Unk      
Wilkerson, Harold Unk      
Williams, Frank M. Unk Unk Apr-73 Holy Rosary
Williams, John Unk      
Williamson, Orville H. Unk      
Willis, Howard McCann Unk      
Wilson, John Michael Captz      
Wilson, Lee Unk      
Wilson, Porter Unk      
Wilson, Willie Unk      
Wimsatt, James A. Unk      
Wolverton, Geurney Unk      
Woods, Claude B. Unk      
Woods, Jack Unk      
Woods, Robert P. Unk      
Wyatt, Mell Unk      
Yates, Charles M. Unk      
Yates, James Roy Unk Unk Jan-66 Holy Rosary
Young, Clarence D. Unk      
Young, Claude Unk      
Young, Roscoe Unk      
Young, Royal A. Unk      
Young, William E. Unk