Landmarks of Monroe County  


Stoutsville County Covered Bridge

Writing Bridge History The history of the former wooden covered bridge at Stoutsville, shown above in this photo owned by Mrs. Ruth Johannaber of Paris, is bring written by Miss Pauline Bryan of south of Paris. It was built in 1856-57 for $5,000 and was taken down in 1931 when the present U.S. Highway 24 bridge was built across North Fork of Salt River at the Jordan service station.

The view is to the southeast, or downstream, and in the background, looking under the old bridge, may be seen the concrete pillars that support the present bridge. This is probably one of the last photographs made of the ancient structure before it was destroyed. Some of the approach stones still rest on the river bank north of the Jordan station.

Source: Undated article from unknown newspaper. Submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.

 Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler