Landmarks of Monroe County  


Stoutsville Covered Bridge

The Stoutsville Bridge was built in 1856-1857. It was built over North Fork of Salt River on highway 24 east of Paris. The bridge was a 120 foot span at the cost of about $5,000.

In 1932 the bridge was torn down to make way for an iron and steel bridge across North Fork. The bridge was torn down by the State Highway Department under the direction of Carl Elliott, then the project engineer for the Missouri State Highway Department. It was his grandfather who built the bridge for the county. Elliott originally planned to take the bridge parts to the family farm in Illinois and reconstruct it, but encountered difficulties in taking it down and keeping it intact and finally gave up on the idea. The bridge remains were destroyed. Many of the original large stones still remain on the site, as do the earthen approaches.

The bridge was known as the Elliotsville bridge. Before the village of Stoutsville was established, when the railroad came through, there was a small settlement just north of the bridge, known as Elliotsville. It included an ice house, a country store building and two or three houses. Some of these buildings were still in existence as late as the early 1920's, but have since all disappeared.

 Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler