Stillbirths of Monroe County  


Monroe County Register of Stillbirths


Name of Mother Place of Birth Period of Uterio Sex Cause of Dead Roll Number Name of Father Residence of Mother Date of this Birth Color

Lou Walkup Holliday 5 months M unknown Walkup, John 20 Aug 1883 W

Iris M. Farrell Holliday 9 months M protracted labor Farrell, Elkanah 02 Jul 1883 W Mrs. R. Hays unknown

Hays, Robert July 1883  Lena Shotsey Paris M diarrhea Shotsey, Fred July 1883 W

Louisa Todd Madison 9 months M long pressure on cord Todd, L. M 25 Oct 1883 W

Lou C. Eubank Madison 3 months M unknown Eubank, William 31 Oct 1883 W

Thomas Addie Megee Union 9 months M unknown Megee, Wesley 05 Nov 1883 W

S. L. Roney Jefferson full-term F Roney, W. G. 28 Nov 1883 W 

Mary L. Dooley Stoutsville 9 months F unknown Dooleey, Thomas 21 Nov 1883 

Mollie Roberson Marion 9 months M convulsions of mother Roberson, Moses 24 Jan 1883 W

M. E. Landcraft Monroe City 9 months M ascites Landcraft, S. P. 26 Nov 1883 W

Nelia Gibson Monroe Co 9 months F unknown Gibson, Nelson 17 Jan 1884 black

Madison 9 months M unknown Scholl, L. M 28 Aug 1883 yellow 

Mary Robison Marion full-term M unknown Robison, Moses 24 Jan 1884 W 

Florence Riley Madison 4 months M unknown Riley, Mont 28 Feb 1884 W

C. Pierceall Jefferson full-term M breech Pierceall, James C. 15 Mar 1884 W 

Mary A. Bremer Madison 81/ 2 months F unknown Bremer, Charles T. 28 Apr 1884 W

Sarah E. Siebert Paris 8 months M overwork Seibert, George 03 May 1884 W 

Minerva Waller Monroe Co full-term M compression of head in pelvis Waller, Lou 15 Mar 1884 W 

Sallie Featherston Union 9 months M Featherston, Thomas 06 Jun 1884 W 

Jane Conyers Paris 6 months F mother fell Conyers, Harvey 03 May 1884 black

Lucy Francis Lipp Ralls Co full-term M unknown Lipp, Elijah Monroe 07 Jul 1884 W

Sallie B. Hoffman Jackson full-term M difficulty in birth a twin Hoffman, John 04 Jul 1884 W

A. F. Saunders Monroe Co 8 months M injury received by a fall Saunders, S. V. 24 Sep 1884 W

Lizzie Adkinson Marion 31/ 2 months M horse back riding Adkinson, Doud 17 Nov 1884 W

Marandia Farmer Woodlawn 31/ 2 months unknown Farmer, Isaac N. Jr. 18 Nov 1884 W

Bancovia Hackley Jefferson 9 months F prolonged labor & age of mother Hackley, Benjion 11 Jan 1885 W 

Kate Hall Jefferson 8 months M not known Hall, Thomas 22 Jan 1885 W

Jesse Million Woodlawn 9 months F prolonged labor, small pelvis Million, Towsend 13 Jan 1885 W

Julia Harthman Monroe Co 8 months M& F unknown Harthman, John 02 Mar 1885 W

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