Interesting Facts about the Smith Family


Interesting Facts about the Smith Family


The following facts about a pioneer branch for the Smith family were given by Mrs. Fonrose Keith, who owns the ancestral farm northeast of Paris:

Samuel Smith was born in Frederick, Maryland. He was of Scotch and Irish descent. His son Jadack Douglas Smith moved to Bourbon county, Kentucky, then in late years located in Monroe county, Missouri. He was the father of Robert Thornton Smith, who was born in Bourbon county, Kentucky in 1809, and moved to Monroe county, in 1835, in covered wagons, with his family following in a carriage. He had only one brother, George, and several sisters, one named Kitty Smith Sidener, the mother of Captain Tom Sidener. Thornton Smith entered Government land at $1.50 per acre, and bought land from three families joining his fatherís farm. He built one room of logs and as he prospered added until he had a large colonial home. There were many Indians here but they were civilized. One day Thorntonís wife asked a colored boy to watch over her child while she took a nap. When she awoke an Indian was standing by her side. She was dreadfully frightened, but the Indian was civil and kind. There are Indian graves on the home place.

Hannibal was the nearest market. Many trips during the year were made in the Old Blue Kentucky wagon with a four horse team. They brought back barrels of provisions. Florida was the nearest mill where they took corn and wheat and exchanged for flour and meal. Robert Thornton Smith was a Master Mason, a prominent citizen and an every day

Christian. The estate has always stayed in the family. Fonrose Keith is the only surviving member.

Source: Centennial edition of the Monroe County Appeal dated 13 Aug 1931; submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.