Landmarks of Monroe County  


Santa Fe Covered Bridge

The Santa Fe covered bridge was built across South Fork of Salt River in 1859. It was located just a short distance south of Santa Fe. It was built for $2,000 by Elliott because he only had to build one abutment. One end of the bridge rested on the rock bluff. John Bybee was the bridge commissioner. Flood waters washed the bridge down stream on June 19, 1926.

During the winter months the boys of Santa Fe would haul snow and dump it on the floor of the old covered bridge. They could then slide down the hill and across the bridge. Girls were not supposed to use this slide as it was considered slightly dangerous. But one young miss (Lela Davis) when dared by her friend, decided to accept the dare and just slide across the bridge.

Another time the young people of Santa Fe had a coasting party one afternoon. Miss Lela Davis and her boy friend Carl Hawkins, were coasting down the hill and across the bridge. Just as they entered the bridge they saw Sidney Mc Ilhaney riding horseback enter the other side. By this time they were going so fast there was nothing to do but continue on across the bridge, which they did and coasted under the horse between his feet. Miss Davis remembers her head hit the frightened horse as she passed between its feet.

 Graphics courtesy of Rhiossampler