Those Who Still Own Farms of Pioneer Fathers


These Still Own Farms Of Pioneer Fathers


A search of the records by Dr. Geo. R. Poage revealed the very interested fact that nine Monroe county people still own and operate farms their ancestors acquired between February 1821, and August 1830, all prior to Monroe county’s organization. The list is as follows:

Farm Elias Bozarth acquired on February 11, 1821, is operated by a direct descendant, Ed. Bozarth.

Farm acquired by John McGee, July 19, 1823, now owned and operated by Wm. H. and Mike Scobee. (transcriber’s note: not sure if this is an original typo of if both entries – this and the following - are correct).

Farm acquired by Stephen Scobee, May 5, 1825, now owned and operated by Wm. H. and Mike Scobee.

Farm acquired by Richard Sharp, October 28, 1826, now owned by the J.W. Sharp estate.

Farm acquired by John McKamey, October 26, 1827, and April 12, 1830, now owned by Marvin McKamey.

Farm acquired by Simeon Utterback and Abraham Utterback in 1828 and 1829, now owned and operated by A.J. Utterback.

Farm acquired by Samuel Curtright in 1830, now owned and operated by Tom C. Curtright.

Farm acquired by Stephen Dooley, August 29, 1830, now owned and operated by W.H. Dooley.

Source: Centennial edition of the Monroe County Appeal dated 13 Aug 1931; submitted by Mary Beth Kirtlink.