J. D. Bannister


J. D. Bannister - Old Thresherman


Strange Times to Old Thresherman

J.D. Bannister, veteran thresherman of the Stoutsville vicinity, says the strangest thing he has ever seen is a huge crop of oats and record yield of wheat in his territory and none for sale. Even the dealers in chicken feed, he finds, are not able to get enough to supply their local trade. This, Mr. Bannister says, is because the prices are so low the people would rather keep their grain on the farm, where it can be fed to advantage, than convert it into cash.

Between Mr. Bannister’s home and Indian Creek 300 acres of timothy are waiting for this thresher. The yield is better than in many years and the prices are the lowest ever known, dropping from $1.75 a bushel a month ago to 75¢ last week, following which many buyers quit the market.

Article source: Centennial edition of the Monroe County Appeal dated 13 Aug 1931.

Postcard and article submitted by MaryBeth Kirtlink.