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Of all the sources of research material, nothing can compare with old newspapers. If you want to get a good feel for the lives and times of the families you're investigating, consider reading some old newspapers. The following pages contain numerous articles from Monroe county newspapers.


Bess Kipper Atterbury Collection

Nannie Brown Collection

Frances Kathleen Scobee Henderson Collection

Frances Kathleen Scobee Henderson Collection # 2

Hometown News

News from Middlegrove

News Items from Florida

News from Victor

Stoutsville News, 1905

As Chicago Views Paris

1923 News from Paris

1899 Stoutsville Banner Extracts

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Misc. Old Time News

News from the Past: October 1, 1915

News items from August 1916

September 1909: Selected Events  

September 1919: Selected Events 

September 1929: Selected Events 

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County News

Articles in the Paris Mercuy

Over the County

Monroe County - Jean Valjean

Early Days Around Madison

1878-1879 County Events  

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1871 Article-Newspaper Abstracts

Individual Articles

Clapper Merchant Bankrupt

Santa Fe: Occupant Ejected

Paris: $300 for Fiddle

Bonsall's Gardens Overflowed

William Hord Lost $700

Unwelcome Greeting

Missouri Boy with His Grand Champion Calf

The Lighter Side of News

The Peeping Cow

An Honest Man to the Front

Monster Rattlesnake

The Old Plower

1000 Voters Wanted

Early Morning Easter Episode

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